2010 songs- still on the hold with being “The Most Streamed”


Songs, who doesn’t love them? Well, probably at the decade’s beginning all those song lovers are using the MP3 players for listening to the world-class music and enjoying the rhythm while they match it with theirs’. But wait, do we have to download the same anymore? Nah! Long gone are the times of downloading and listening, it’s time to stream from anyplace, anytime.

Streaming, just surf through the list and find your right artist with the song of your desires. Seems like streaming is not just a way to get through the memory issues of people but has also made the influential artists popular in a long-lost decade. So, was it just or a song or a list of same which joins through the list?

Songs closer to the hearts of decade

  1. Closer- Played all the time, a song by Chainsmoker ft. Halsey is one song which one can find themselves singing along with the lyrics while they try to enjoy the unique rhythm of the same. It is like one memorable song which can be out in a matter of seconds at a parking lot or a shopping mall, nailing along with every single word, sung. One amazing fact about this song is that it introduced TCS and Halsey to the world of music. The first of hit and there you go, a song for a decade.
  1. One Dance- Yes, you heard it right, as for this song blending along with the tunes with beats of EDM-ish is one amazing hit by Drake ft. Wiz Khalifa and Kyla. The 2 rhythm of this song makes it hypnotic bringing along Kyla’s voice which ties up the memorable bars of Drake and Wiz Khalifa. With the followed lovers of and streamers of this song, seems like it might be carried along to another decade too.
  1. Shape of You- Ed Sheeran has given many hit songs amongst which comes this one single simple sing which is high enough to get to your mind and nerves. Well, to be frank, it was written for Rihanna to sing but seems like the loss from her end did make Sheeran glad enough to keep this one amazing money-bringing track for a one which he could be proud of to present.
  1. Thinking out loud- In the series of best of Ed Sheeran song’s, this is one amazing romantic song whose video was first for his productions. The song features Ginger Singer Ballroom dancing and has been featured along with varied wedding videos. No wonder how much of popularity the one-hit got Sheeran. All we can see it be continued along the line of his hits.
  1. Rockstar- A song by Post Malone ft. 21 Savage wherein the 2 parties dive, an NSFW dive. It is like a big-time rock-star whose dive was made into the rock and roll lifestyle, a little of modernized version. If we look further, well, it was among Post’s hit singles, of his first few and is like an earworm which makes the world crave for it, again and again, streaming along with the internet and apps just for one more time.

Hope you are now aware of the ones which are the hit for the upcoming decade too.