3 Short Movies on Netflix That Are Worth Watching


Are you looking for a movie that is quick to watch but at the same time leaves you pondering? Are you bored with the same storyline being recycled as a new movie? Do you have a short span of attention? Are you rushed for time but would love to get your money’s worth of entertainment?

You do not need to search any further. Here are three films you will not regret watching. What’s more? They are currently streaming on Netflix and can be enjoyed from the comfort of your couch. And the icing on the cake? All of them are less than 90 minutes long!

  • ‘The Incredible Jessica James’(2017)

This is a beautiful character-based movie with a screen time of mere 85 minutes. Written and directed by Jim Strouse for The Daily Show star Jessica Williams, this is a movie for romantic comedy lovers. Traditional romantic comedy lovers will enjoy this film for its easygoing and relaxed pace. Yet there is much to unearth for those looking for subtle complexities. Jessica plays a fierce and sassy playwright working with children’s theatre. A charismatic and independent-minded woman, the Brooklyn resident goes through a rough patch in her personal life, but things change when she gets set up on a blind date with Boone, played by Chris O’Dowd. Boone’s life is as messy as Jessica’s, and he has his own demons to battle.

The film is a story of Jessica’s struggle with unexpected situations in her love life as well as in her career. The duo makes an incredible on-screen pair and their chemistry is bound to strike the right note with you.

  • ‘Win It All’ (2017)

88 minutes long, this American comedy will have you on the edge of your seat with its plotline from start to finish. Jake Johnson plays Eddie Garrett, a compulsive gambler who is trusted with a big bag of money. Hereafter, much of the story is pretty predictable. However, what sets it apart is the incredible acting of the cast. A complete entertainment package, “Win it All” is a laugh riot that manages to reveal the complexities of the human psyche. What is more, the movie is co-scripted by Johnson with master storyteller Joe Swanberg. Watch it to enjoy their stellar collaboration.

  • ‘Jiro Dreams of Sushi’ (2011)

This is an eighty-minute long documentary with a twist. Directed by David Gelb, the movie takes one into the life and philosophies of world-renowned sushi chef Jiro Ono. Jiro runs a 10-seater sushi restaurant in Tokyo. Despite its size, the place has a 3 Michelin Star rating and keeps the chef and his family busy. Watch this movie to appreciate the simplicity of Gelb’s storytelling as he explores the metaphor of making the perfect sushi to understand Jiro’s passion and commitment. Gelb blends the aging artisan’s life with a sophisticated and tantalizing narrative technique. The end product is delectable much like the perfect sushi Jiro is critically acclaimed for. The movie is a success story -both of the sushi chef and its own craftsmanship.