All Disney Characters – The Original Ones VS Their Revamped True-To-Life Version


There are some iconic Disney characters who just got re-imagined. 28-year-old Finnish artist Jirka Vinse Jonatan Väätäinen grew up watching these animated characters. For the past couple of years, he has been working hard to create portraits of these characters, only there is a twist. He has re-created these images as portraits of the characters as if they were real people. He started playing around with Photoshop to see what certain Disney characters might look like if they were live and in person. He continued to re-envision these characters. So, what do you think? Following are the original characters followed by the revamped new 3D version.

Moana From Moana – Original Painting

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This adventurous and strong-willed 16-year old girl, who according to the Disney story, lived in an ancient Polynesian village. One day, she found herself in the middle of a very important turning point for her people when she found a mystical relic. Moana is the curious daughter of the village chief. Her name means ocean. This lovely Disney movie character is chosen by the sea to return the stolen heart of Te Fiti. Moana is a young and somewhat feisty girl on the brink of facing a transition from her childhood and adolescence into adulthood and responsibilities that belong to the village chief.

Moana From Moana – New 3D Painting

If Moana were standing right in front of you as a real-life person, this is how the Finnish artist has re-imagined her to be. In this revamped image of Moana, the artist captured her Polynesian heritage of a free spirited young girl on the brink of not only discovering who she is but what she can do for her village. The image really expresses her strong-willed curiosity through the look in the eyes. It also reveals a soft determination through the closed lipped and confident smile. He seems to have captured everything this girl embodies as well as skillfully displaying her youthful struggle.

Belle From Beauty And The Beast – Original Painting

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She may come from a poor provincial town and considered to be a little odd, but her bravery, persistence, and true loveliness would change her life forever. While she is beautiful, Belle is the princess for every girl who likes to read books and look a little deeper to find beauty. Belle proves to us all that how a person looks on the outside should never matter. When she took a look into the eyes and with selfless acts of compassion, that is where she found her unexpected prince. This brave, intelligent bookworm of a princess wins the heart of a prince through true love.

Belle From Beauty And The Beast – New 3D Painting

This re-imagined portrait of Belle from Beauty And The Beast expresses a lot about her character. Though, it may be difficult to see her in any other light than the way Disney chose Emma Watson to represent the live-action Belle. It’s arguably very close, yet the on-screen actress seemed to display a bit more confidence in her eyes. Still, even though Belle was the ultimate in bravery, standing firm with true love for her dad and for what is right driving her, she was bound to have moments of feeling a bit sheepish, which is captured and displayed well in this picture. And, leaving the hair a bit unkempt was a stroke of genius expression.

Captain Li Shang From Mulan – Original Painting

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In the original Disney portrayal of Mulan, Li Shang is a tritagonist. He is the son of an army general. He aspires to succeed his father as the leader of China’s greatest troops. And, his dreams are realized when he is appointed the head of a ragtag group of soldiers that must defend China from tyranny. Captain, or General Li Shang from Disney’s Mulan is a Chinese Army captain. He is a highly capable leader with a strong dedication to his cause. He often sacrificed kindness in exchange of going exactly by the rules and putting his duty above any feeling. His character was meant to be very much in contrast to Mulan’s. Captain Li Shang was portrayed as being extremely handsome with a strong physique. He is nicknamed Pretty Boy because of his outward good looks.

Captain Li Shang From Mulan – New 3D Painting

When Disney decided to turn the animated film into a real-life version, they made a very controversial decision. Disney chose to leave the character of Captain Li Shang out of the movie entirely. So, when the artist of this re-imagined image of Li Shang began working on what he thought the Captain might look like in real life, he only had the animation and the character description to go on. What he came up with for this final result is possibly how every viewer of the original animated film envisioned Li Shang to be as if he were standing right next to you in real life.

Prince Eric From The Little Mermaid – Original Painting

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He may be down to earth, but he is a lover of the sea. Prince Eric is the prince on the surface land of Atlantica in the original rendition of The Little Mermaid by Disney. He must be a merchant prince, because he seems to be working aboard the ship. He is also a skilled helmsman. When his ship was wrecked in a storm, a mermaid named Ariel saved his life. Of course, the story in the movie progresses until the two eventually marry. He is the protagonist in the Disney version and is based on the prince character from the Hans Christian Andersen’s original story.

Prince Eric From The Little Mermaid – New 3D Painting

Take one look at this re-imagined image of Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid, and you will see a rugged young royal sailor of a prince who has a lifelong future filled with adventure and love. He just may not be aware of what all of that entails just quite yet. This version of how a real-life Prince Eric would look seems to capture every essence of who he is. The youthful adventure is characterized quite well in his eyes and gleeful smile filled with a hope for the future and all it entails. His frame is trim and muscular like a sailor.

Princess Anna From Frozen – Original Painting

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While her sister got all of the attention, Princess Anna is a very important and strong character in Disney’s Frozen. She represents the younger sibling who feels left out and forgotten. She has a strong will, though her youthful naivety is her potential downfall. The original character is portrayed as a confident, determined young lady who doesn’t realize that she has the ability to help her sister and ultimately save a kingdom. Many relate to her tom-boy-like qualities, while others enjoy her innocent frolics and struggles. She is an extrovert who has been locked up for far too long and is unknowingly already equipped with all of the character necessary.

Princess Anna From Frozen – New 3D Painting

If anyone were to bump into the person displayed in this picture, they would immediately know they were in the presence of a unique princess. This artist rendition of Princess Anna re-imagined as a true-to-life person hits the nail on the head. The image expresses that of young royalty who is a bit mischievous. Look into the eyes of this image, and it reveals it all. Her eyes tell the story of everything she is feeling and thinking. Her turned-up nose, freckles and sly slight closed-lip smile tell the rest of the story of the character this artist has captured well to release it as a portrait revamped into reality.

Eugene Fitzherbert / Flynn Rider From Tangled -Original Painting


If you are a thief on the run, you couldn’t run into a better person to change your life than Rapunzel. Rapunzel is actually the long lost princess of Corona. Eugene Fitzherbert doesn’t even reveal his given birth name until after a bit of trust is established between the two. Before that, he goes by Flynn Rider. He tries to present himself as a suave and skillful young man, but he more than often comes off as more of a klutz who fails to see traps hidden and set before him. Thankfully, he has stumbled on a love interest who would change his life for the better as he assists her back to learning who she really is as well.

Eugene Fitzherbert / Flynn Rider From Tangled -New 3D Painting

How would you capture the image of a wanted thief who is really just trying to find his missing piece in life? He would probably look something like this picture painted to look like how a true-to-life Eugene Fitzherbert/Flynn Rider might look. The question is, did he get the nose right? Or, does it look like it did on all of those Wanted posters of Flynn? Either way, this rugged lost soul looking for his way would probably really look like this in real life. While he is known to be a thief, thankfully Rapunzel sees through his rough, bad-boy facade and the rest is history.

Cruella De Vil From 101 Dalmatians – Original Painting

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Not everything is as clear as black and white, but Cruella De Vil from 101 Dalmatians exhibits the evil side. Everything about her is selfish and wicked. On top of it all, she has an obsession with furs. The villain of a movie about prized Dalmatian bred dogs has absolutely nothing lovable about her character. She is a high-fashion designer with evil intent in everything she does. And, she’s used to getting her way. She plots to steal Dalmatian puppies so she can make an extravagant black and white fur coat. Little does she know that her horrible scheme is about to be foiled. She is the main antagonist during this original 1961 animated film.

Cruella De Vil From 101 Dalmatians – New 3D Painting

The artist captured both the rich fashion designer’s style along with an underlying sinister look. Her eyes and stance exudes evil, but her smile is almost too friendly for such a horrible antagonist. If anything the artist was kind transforming this true-to-life version of the villain Cruella De Vil into a portrait of what she might look like if she were real. Though, she was a fashion designer. Taking this into account, she would probably be able to present herself to look like high fashion enough to fool an unsuspecting dog owner. The fur is appropriate, especially since she never succeeded in obtaining the Dalmatian black and white fur. The eyes do exhibit her scheming thoughts, however.

Ariel From The Little Mermaid – Original Painting


Ariel is independent, headstrong, and very determined to go after her heart’s interests. The problem is that her passions go completely against her dad’s desires. Loosely based on a character in the Danish Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale by the same name, the Disney version turns this red-headed star into a relatable icon. Oh, what a struggle it is to grow up. This is especially true when you are a mermaid who longs to be a human so she can marry the prince of her dreams. Ariel is a mischievous teenager protagonist in the Disney 1989 animated feature film. Her passions lie just above the surface of the deep, on land.

Ariel From The Little Mermaid – New 3D Painting

It may be difficult to imagine a live mermaid, but the artist of this revamped Disney character has done a great job trying to express how Ariel would look. Though mermaids don’t really exist, to our knowledge, if they were real this portrait painting would be an exact replica. The 3D rendition of how a true-to-life Ariel from The Little Mermaid would look involves movement with open and closed eyes. The artist got this character spot on. The re-imagined pictures side-by-side show how her eyes look wide opened and dreaming next to a picture of her with closed eyes and lashes a plenty.

Jane From Tarzan – Original Painting

Jane Porter | Disney Wiki | Fandom

“Me Tarzan, you Jane!” This is one of the most famous lines form the original Disney animated film. Jane is lovable and a bit eccentric. But, did you know that Jane has a last name? In the original Edgar Rice Burrough’s novel that the Disney film was based on, her full name was Jane Porter. Though, she was also referred to as Jane Clayton, or Lady Greystoke. She is considered to be the deuteragonist in the film and is an ethnologist, the daughter of Archimedes Q. Porter. The two traveled to Africa to study gorillas. Little did she know she would encounter her husband-to-be.

Jane From Tarzan – New 3D Painting

Did the artist capture the reality of Jane from Tarzan? The character is kind and likable, albeit eccentric. It looks like this true-to-life picture captures the essence of who Jane truly is and what she may actually look like. Her eyes are perhaps the most important feature. It’s through her eyes that she was able to look into the soul of her husband-to-be and know where her heart belonged. The artist seems to have also expressed how Jane’s hair would probably be as well, simple and pulled back but a bit unkempt. The same is true with the choice of outfit.

Esmeralda From The Hunchback Of Notre Dame – Original Painting

Esmeralda | Disney Wiki | Fandom

Esmeralda is a complex character with a great deal of depth and beauty. She easily attracts the attention of at least three men. She is one of the first to look deeper than physical appearances and befriend the Hunchback. She is a wonderful heroine. This Disney deuteragonist, Esmeralda from The Hunchback Of Notre Dame, is streetwise and on a mission. Her heart’s desire is to see Quasimodo and other outcasts, like her and the gypsies, to be accepted and treated as human beings. She is also fearless and outspoken with a tad bit of sassiness that makes her irresistible and heroic.

Esmeralda From The Hunchback Of Notre Dame – New 3D Painting

If you were to open your eyes and see Esmeralda from The Hunchback of Notre Dame standing right in front of you, this picture would be what you saw. The artist really captured her sultry, spirited beauty. He didn’t need the help of all the fancy gypsy baubles and garb. He opted to display her in a simple outfit instead. In this true-to-life picture rendition of Esmeralda, you can clearly look into her eyes to discover complexities of a heroine who knows how it feels to be discarded. This character would most likely look exactly like this re-imagined picture if she were in front of you right now.

Ursula’s Alter Ego Vanessa From The Little Mermaid – Original Painting

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Vanessa is evil Queen Ursula’s alter ego in the Disney story of The Little Mermaid. She is very beautiful and quite seductive. The purpose of introducing this character is to brainwash Prince Eric into falling in love with her instead of Ariel. It is a thin disguise that almost works. Vanessa is the main antagonist in the animated film. She is utterly gorgeous in a sensual manner. She wants nothing more than to marry Prince Eric, and to do so would require trickery. Her beauty, however, would not be enough. In the end, the truth would become known with Eric falling in love with Ariel as hoped.

Ursula’s Alter Ego Vanessa From The Little Mermaid – New 3D Painting

While she is so beautiful on the surface, look a little deeper. A better portrayal of a real-life Vanessa does not exist. This is exactly how a live alter ego Vanessa would look. The artist re-imagined her to the tee, perfectly! While she is drop-dead stunningly gorgeous, her pursed lips and fake slight smile only offset the look in her deep blue eyes that hold nothing but trickery and lies. This 3D artist made this evil villain’s alter ego come to life. If you see her on the street, or in a boat, don’t be fooled. Run away as fast as you can.

Queen Elsa From Frozen – Original Painting

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Loosely based on Hans Christian Andersen’s, The Snow Queen, this Disney recreated beauty has something to hide. No one with such beauty and special talent should be isolated from the world. Queen Elsa of Arendelle is a fictional Disney character whose story unfolds in the film Frozen and Frozen II. She was born with a secret power so great that she stayed alone in her fear of using it improperly. Her powers were hidden until one day she let it go to cover the land with ice and snow. She was the first born daughter of King Agnarr and Queen Iduna and the older sister of Princess Anna.

Queen Elsa From Frozen – New 3D Painting

If you got chills looking at this rendition of what the true-to-life Queen Elsa would look like, it’s because the artist got it right. This picture is seen through the eyes of the artist who did such a good job portraying Elsa for who she really is. He also exhibits her warmth that is inside through the accented blue eyes and turned up closed-mouth smile. This re-imagined picture really encapsulates how Elsa would look if she were alive and real. Just be careful if you reach out to shake her hand. Don’t be surprised if there are gloves hiding her hands that are not seen in the picture.

Hades From Hercules – Original Painting

Hades | Disney Wiki | Fandom

Clothed in an appropriate dark toga with hair ablaze, an antagonistic character enters the scene. Hades Disney style takes a Greek mythological figure and transforms him into one of the most popular villains. In the 1997 Disney animated film, Hercules, Hades is the main antagonist. This blue-haired, fast-talking character rules the Underworld with a temper that is fierce and fiery. His main issue is against his older brother, Zeus. He secretly comes up with a scheme to take over Mount Olympus and the cosmos. That is when he learns that there is a hero who is going to rise up against him and put an end to his reign.

Hades From Hercules – New 3D Painting

If Greek mythological gods looked like men, this painting is exactly on fire. It hits the nail on the head in capturing the sinister yet somewhat comedic look of this Disney villain. Look at how the artist even captured his bony fingers and deep-set lines in his face. Even the flaming blue hair is presented in a subtle, very realistic manner as if he got a hold of some cheap hair dye. Surprisingly, his eyes are done in blue when it would seem more fitting to be a golden hue. His eyes are circled in dark which only adds to the realistic look.

Kristoff From Frozen – Original Painting

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He may be a bit of a fixer upper, but this Disney character plays a pivotal role in the story line of Frozen. He is an outdoors man who harvests ice. Until he meets Princess Anna, his main friend seems to be a reindeer named Sven. If you think that’s a bit strange, just wait. It gets better. He was raised by trolls. Of course, Princess Anna would warm him up to the idea of true love. Their adventure would lead to he and Anna falling in love. Kristoff is the real deal and has now been welcomed into the royal family of Arendelle.

Kristoff From Frozen – New 3D Painting

What do you think? Did the artist nail this one or what? He seemed to capture Kristoff’s youthful yet untrusting demeanor well. There is a hint of ruggedness, and he looks a little rough around the edges as far as potential princes are concerned. This is exactly how he would probably look in real life. Look closely to note that while his hair is white, or blond, as snow, there is a bit of warmth in his eyes with the soft brown color. There also seems to be the light of hope, and his eyes are what draws the viewer into this revamped photo that depicts how Kristoff would look if he were real. Now, if he could only do the same for his reindeer Sven.

Ursula From The Little Mermaid – Original Painting

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No one quite comes close to creating the scariest, most wicked villains as Disney. Ursula is perhaps one of the most evil of them all. While she may appear to be letting her dark side show, her color is actually more of an ultra violet to represent the purplish ink spray of an octopus. Though, some argue that she is originally drawn with only six tentacles which would make her more of a squid. Either way, she is a sea witch who is nothing but deceiving and cunning. She goes about her trickery throughout the entire Hans Christian Andersen based, Disney recreated film.

Ursula From The Little Mermaid – New 3D Painting

This Photoshopped recreation of the original Ursula may look a bit more like a painting or an animation than the rest. Then again, if she is this scary as a photograph, imagine if she really were true to life. The artist does capture her deceitful plastered-on toothy grin and those eyes filled with evil plots. The portrait is actually even a bit kind to what her appearance would really look like should she be real. Whatever you do, make sure you steer clear of this one, because she looks like she’s got her tentacles ready to spring into action with blinding poison oozing out of her very being.

John Smith From Pocahontas – Original Painting

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This Disney character is one that was based on a real, live human being that was part of the history of the United States. In the original Disney film, Captain John Smith is portrayed as an Englishman who arrived to settle Jamestown in America. The 1995 animated feature film portrayed him as an English explorer who took part in Governor Ratcliffe’s expedition to Virginia. This is where he would meet and fall in love with Pocahontas Disney style. He was presented to be a blonde, blue-eyed, muscular, fair skinned, slender Englishman. In fact, the animated version of him would completely contrast the features of Pocahontas.

John Smith From Pocahontas – New 3D Painting

The rough yet tender look is captivating in this image. He appears handsome, confident, yet slightly mistrusting. This portrait is stunning, but the truth is that there really was a living, true-to-life John Smith. The Disney story and animated film was based on the real historic figures of a man named Captain John Smith who was captured by Powhatan’s brother Opechancanough. Though, in the real historic event, John Smith did not fall in love with Pocahontas. The historic version is actually more interesting than the Disney depiction. Check your history, and discover if the artist portrayed John Smith as he really was.

Prince Naveen From The Princess And The Frog – Original Painting

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Prince Naveen from Disney’s animated film, The Princess And The Frog, is the oldest prince of Maldonia. He takes pride in knowing how handsome and charming he is perceived as being. He gets a bit of a dose of humility when he visits New Orleans. In true Disney villainous style, a wicked witch doctor transforms him into a frog. It is not clear where his kingdom is located, but his name has an Indian meaning that means, “New”. If he is near India, he may be prince of a country near Monaco. However, he is fluent in French and Italian, which would put him closer to a Mediterranean country.

Prince Naveen From The Princess And The Frog  – New 3D Painting

The artist seems to have captured fairly well what a true-to-life Prince Naveen might look like. His hair is thick and styled to look like it falls into place with just a little shake of the head. He believably incorporated an arrogant look that may fool the onlooker since he is looking down. Don’t be mistaken, it is arrogance you see. This prince has long passed confidence and is very full of himself. The big, conniving smile communicates that quite well. It’s time he needs a little dose of humility. If only a human really could be turned into a frog.

Mother Gothel From Tangled – Original Painting

Mother Gothel | Tangled mother gothel, Disney villains, Tangled

If Disney has taught us nothing else, it is that beauty is far more than skin deep. One thing they do well, besides creating and displaying princess characters, is contrasting good and evil. Disney does an amazing job at crafting villains. Mother Gothel is no exception. This woman who discovered her own private fountain of youth digs a never-ending pit for herself when she kidnaps the princess for the power of eternal youth contained in the baby’s hair. Like a lie that spins and spirals out of control, Mother Gothel ends up needing to pile deceptions upon more lies to keep the truth from the princess as she grows.

Mother Gothel From Tangled – New 3D Painting

If you were to close your eyes and picture a true-to-life Mother Gothel standing before you, when you opened your eyes this image is what would appear. The artist really captured her youthful appearance that she has fought to the death to retain. He also displays a deep emptiness in the woman’s eyes. Maybe it’s the darker lines that are ever so subtle around her face that give the hint of a struggle and angst or fear of losing what she has stolen. Her hair is also very cleverly portrayed as thick, wavy and dark, like Rapunzel’s hair turned to when it was cut.

Prince Adam / Beast From Beauty And The Beast -Original Painting

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Most Disney fans have heard of the story of Beauty And The Beast, but many have no idea that the beast has a name. He is really a prince who has been cursed to be trapped inside the body of a beast. But, his name is Prince Adam. The character is in the form of a beast throughout most of the animated film. It is not until the end that viewers discover his true identity. It took Belle looking deep into his eyes to see that he really was capable of loving another. Once he expresses true love, the curse is broken, and the trapped Prince Adam emerges right before the beauty’s eyes.

Prince Adam / Beast From Beauty And The Beast – New 3D Painting

If you were to imagine Prince Adam being a real-live person, this artist has captured his features believably well. He would have, no doubt, come out of the enchanted curse with wildly long and untamed hair that holds a rugged beauty to it. He also would be muscular and strong. In this artist’s portrayal of what a live Prince Adam would look like, he chose to keep his eyes closed. As realistic as the photo looks, it was not until Belle took one look into his eyes that she realized it really was him. The beast was a man, and the two had learned to love each other.

Princess Jasmine From Aladdin – Original Painting

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This spunky little beauty is an official Disney princess. She is a fictional character who appeared in the 1992 animated Disney film Aladdin. She is spirited and, even at her young age, has grown tired of her royal lifestyle. She feels confined by the palace and all of its demands, especially the requirement that she marry by her next birthday. Her determination to marry someone she loves and her restless feelings lead her to run away. This is when her adventures begin. The Disney story is based on Badroulbadour, a princess who appeared in the One Thousand and One Nights folktale Aladdin and the Magical Lamp.

Princess Jasmine From Aladdin – New 3D Painting

This image is a very believable portrayal of how a real-live Princess Jasmine might look. She not only looks like a photograph of a woman who is real, but she depicts and embodies all of Jasmine’s characteristics. Look at the confidence yet uncertainty and determination that the artist was able to depict through her eyes. Of course, other characteristics are those that would be typical for a woman from the middle east. Though, being of royal descent, she probably would have been a bit more covered in her clothing choice. The artist did a fantastic job at re-imagining this fictional character to bring her to life in the image.

Lady Tremaine From Cinderella – Original Painting

Lady Tremaine | Disney Wiki | Fandom

When the Disney animators are not dreaming up a beautiful princess or evil villain, they combine the villainous traits into a wicked step mother. The creators of Cinderella did this well. Lady Tremaine is also known as the Wicked Stepmother. And, wicked she is. While she somehow was once upon a time able to fool Cinderella’s father into marrying her, she will not trick Cinderella for long. She is abusive to her step-daughter in the most horrific psychological ways. Little did she realize, however, that when a person is as pure-hearted as Cinderella, she has some powerful allies on her side. Ultimately, love would conquer all leaving Lady Tremaine to receive her just punishment.

Lady Tremaine From Cinderella – New 3D Painting

Aging, dignified, but evil to the core. This describes the character that Disney set out to portray in Lady Tremaine. When the artist of this re-imagined photo went to work, he amazingly brought this dominating, psychologically abusive step mother villain to life. Shivers! Not that anyone really wants to run into a real-live Lady Tremaine. But, if you were to meet her on the street, or at a fancy ball, this would absolutely be how she would look. Knowing her true character and evil scheming heart, who could honestly fall for her sleazy attempts to gain status as a socialite or as the mother of a princess.

Tarzan From Tarzan – Original Painting

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Disney did a believable job in animating a human who was raised by gorillas in the jungle. Tarzan was Disney’s 37th animated film. In 1999, they chose to base a movie on a novel entitled, Tarzan of the Apes by Edgar Rice Burroughs. The character Tarzan was abandoned as an infant after his mother and father were attacked and killed in the rain forest. The attack comes after they had survived a burning ship on which they were explorers. Meanwhile, two gorillas have found themselves to be childless after a leopard kills their son. The gorilla mom and abandoned human baby find each other, and Tarzan is taken in as one of the gorillas to be raised as if he was born for rain forest jungle life.

Tarzan From Tarzan – New 3D Painting

Yes, the artist did a great job expressing how a human raised by apes might look if he were real. Even his spine is a bit curved with a very muscular body. There is not an ounce of fat on this real-life Tarzan. His hair would absolutely be wild, woolly, and long if he had been raised in the jungle among gorillas. But, it is the eyes that really draws you into this re-imagined photographic depiction of a true-to-life, living, breathing Tarzan. The artist captured the innocence along with all of the questions one would have if they recently discovered they are not who they were raised to believe they were.

Prince Charming From Cinderella – Original Painting

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One of the first classic princes drawn and created by Disney’s animations, Prince Charming doesn’t even seem to have a name. He is drawn as the traditional tall, dark, and handsome model. The story was actually inspired by a fairy tale called Cinderella by Charles Perrault. This Disney version of a generic prince has broad shoulders, muscular body, fair skin, dark brown hair, and brown eyes. Besides his regal appearance, he has some depth to his personality. He is humorous, romantic, and is quite adept at ballroom dancing. He stands his ground when he discovers that he must marry a princess. He insists that he wants to marry for love. When he finds the lost glass slipper, he exclaims, “It’s not about the slipper. It’s the girl in the slipper.”

Prince Charming From Cinderella – New 3D Painting

The artist really knows how to express the image of royalty in this re-imagined portrait. This is how he sees a real live Prince Charming to look. Does he look a bit like the way Disney chose to display him when they created the live-action Cinderella movie in 2015 by casting Richard Madden to play the part? Maybe, there is a distinct resemblance after all. The artist of this 3D painting accentuates the regal appearance with a look of authenticity in the eyes and slight closed-lip smile. The way he is portrayed looking off into the distance only adds to the effects of the overall revamped image.

Hercules From Hercules – Original Painting

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Hercules would be forced to live out his days with humans, yet his true identity belonged with the mythological gods. He would not learn the truth until later in life. He is very muscular and quite a bit top heavy. He is extremely handsome with orange hair and eyebrows. His eyes are blue The audience first is introduced to Hercules when he is displayed as an infant. He is the fictional and mythological son of Zeus and Hera. He was stripped away from his home on Mount Olympus and changed into a mortal by his evil uncle, Hades. In spite of this unfortunate turn of events, he maintained his immense strength throughout his lifetime.

Hercules From Hercules – New 3D Painting

Strong, handsome, muscular, yet with a look of wonder and not belonging is what is revealed in this artistic rendering of Hercules. He spent most of his life feeling as though he didn’t fit in. If Hercules were to be re-imagined as a real person, this is probably what he would truly look like. The artist expresses the muscular build quite well, though the real version might actually have broader shoulders than this. But, broader shoulders are a bit unrealistic to imagine. The look in his eyes and on his face really express how Hercules would most likely feel, especially how he would feel before understanding his true identity or strength.

Captain Hook From Peter Pan – Original Painting

Captain Hook | Disney Wiki | Fandom

When Disney released their animated film Peter Pan in 1953, audiences were greeted with the on-screen villain of Captain Hook. Did you realize he has a first name? His name is Captain James Hook. He is a swashbuckling, bloodthirsty commander of the ship known as the Jolly Roger. He is dead set on getting revenge with Peter Pan, who cut off his hand and fed it to a crocodile. Hence the name, Hook. Captain Hook is a Disney villain in every regard, but he is actually quite emotionally vulnerable. He often makes himself out to look like a fool without any help from Peter Pan.

Captain Hook From Peter Pan – New 3D Painting

There is no drifting off to a happy, carefree island of Neverland with this angry sailor. Maybe it’s difficult to draw a real-life, believable portrait of someone so mean and has a hook for a hand. But, the artist really captured Captain Hook’s entire personality and persona. From the deep-set facial lines, long, jutting chin, and quirky open-mouthed smile that oozes evil schemes. Even his eyes couldn’t sit still long enough to have his portrait painted. They are darting off to the side in search for the next horrible plot to capture and do away with his arch enemy Peter Pan.

Aladdin From Aladdin – Original Painting

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In 1992, when comedian Robin Williams stole the show as the voice of the Genie, there was another character who audiences would get to know. His name was Aladdin. Aladdin was a former street rat who daily would scavenge for food. He was quite agile and adept at ducking the eyes of guards who were constantly on the lookout for him. During his outings he would capture the attention of Princess Jasmine. Only, this street wise kid had no idea that she was royalty. Aladdin was a young man who was regarded as the lowest form of life, but there was more to him than met the eye. He was optimistic, fun-loving, and charming and would win Jasmine’s heart.

Aladdin From Aladdin – New 3D Painting

A man in the making, but still a boy. This 3D rendering of how Aladdin might look if he were real seems to capture the true essence of his personality. He may appear to be worthless and a creature of the street, but when you take a look deeper into his eyes, you see more. The artist created the look of a near smile with just a hint of teeth showing. This says more than even the artist may realize. It reveals a bit about how Aladdin approaches life. He is only willing to display what is necessary. The important characteristics remain hidden behind those youthful eyes.

Jafar From Aladdin – Original Painting

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If you’re going to be one of Disney’s evil villains, you may as well play it up right. Jafar is the epitome of rotten evil. He somehow has wiggled his way into becoming the Sultan’s adviser. Seriously, who would honestly trust a man like this? But, the Sultan does until his eyes are open. His character is loosely based on the wicked sorcerer and vizier from the original Aladdin folk tale. This Disney version of Jafar would attempt to present himself as charming and respectable. But, everyone knows it would require hypnotism to get the Sultan close to agreeing with his evil schemes.

Jafar From Aladdin – New 3D Painting

Oh how this picture sends shivers up and down the spine. As it should, since it is a re-imagined photograph of what Jafar would look like if he was standing before you in the flesh. It doesn’t appear that a pair of eyes can look more sinister than the ones portrayed here. Even the spindly fingers only serve to add to the illusion. The bags under his eyes are so cleverly added to show how this man keeps himself up in sleepless night after night crafting more evil schemes to suit his desires. The slight mustache dipping down into a goatee is a perfect expression to outline a completely sinister face.

Peter Pan From Peter Pan – Original Painting

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Peter Pan refuses to grow up. Yet, he constantly wrestles with remaining a child. He refuses to be called a coward and is not afraid to fight even the likes of the evil Captain Hook. Peter is very adventurous and daring. He loves to battle pirates, take part in friendly wars between the Indians, and he loves to listen to Wendy’s bedtime stories. He is youthful but far from innocent. He often displays childish antics and impractical ways of thinking, yet also is quite a bit conceited. However, if you find yourself in need of a rescue and have befriended Peter, he will be one to rush to your rescue with a clever plan.

Peter Pan From Peter Pan – New 3D Painting

Yes, this picture is an amazing portrayal of what Peter Pan would look like if he were to truly visit your bedroom in the middle of the night to whisk you away to Neverland. He is boyish yet has a mischievous look with a hint of manhood in a far off distant glance. His impish smile and turned-up nose is a great depiction of how Peter Pan would probably look. The artist even chose to display him in a slouched, unkempt body language position to add to how his personality truly would be if he were sitting there right before your eyes.

Gaston From Beauty And The Beast – Original Painting

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No one’s slick as Gaston. No one’s quick as Gaston. No one’s neck’s as incredibly thick as Gaston’s. So the song goes anyway. But, it’s true. This Disney character is a villain in the form of a handsome villager whom girls swoon over. His character is full of himself, pompous, selfish, self-centered, and shallow to the core of his being. All he is concerned with is how he looks and how he comes out on top, mostly in the physical sense. He may be handsome, but he is rude and conceited. He is an egotistical hunter who becomes vengeful when Belle declines her hand to him in marriage.

Gaston From Beauty And The Beast – New 3D Painting

It’s difficult to create a portrait of this fictional character since he is abnormally disproportionate in body build. But, this artist manages to do just that. This real-live-looking Gaston has super broad shoulders and muscles to spare. The artist also captures Gaston’s annoyingly arrogant sideways toothy, open-mouthed smirking grin. With raised eyebrows, slicked-back well-groomed dark hair, and a taught-skinned face, Gaston seems to think no one is better than he is. The artist captured all of these pompous traits so well that you almost believe Gaston is standing right in front of you when you look at the photo that has been re-imagined.

Evil Queen From Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs – Original Painting

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This is the Evil Queen who started it all. She was the horrible villain portrayed in Disney’s very first animated film in1937, Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs. She sent shivers up and down the spines of viewers as they were introduced to just how wicked Disney animators were able to portray a character. She was so evil, in fact, that she wasn’t even given a name. She simply goes by The Evil Queen. To be fair, she is also referred to as the Wicked Queen, the witch in her disguised form, or simply The Queen. Either way, she was audience’s introduction to good versus evil when she was paired next to the pure Snow White princess.

Evil Queen From Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs – New 3D Painting

You wouldn’t want to come across her on the roadside. Her roots in evil go way back, and this is a perfect photographic depiction of the real Evil Queen. Looking at this re-imagined photo, you might feel as if you have been transported into a museum or a hall displaying queens of the past. The artist did an amazing job at capturing both her royal status and the look of deep-seeded evil that is seething from behind her deep-set eyes. The fact that he kept her mouth pursed and lacking a smile was no accident. This queen has nothing pure or redeeming about her.