38 Hilarious Gym Photos That Will Leave You In Tears


The gym is a genuinely mysterious haven. Filled with fitness junkies, sophisticated machines, funky smells, and outrageous outfits, it can be a bit overwhelming for those who aren’t yet acquainted with its peculiarities. Frequent gym-goers tend to get used to this strangeness over time; so much so that some of them even become part of the landscape – adding their own twist of craziness and making newcomers tilt their heads in confusion.

Next time you hit the gym, be sure to keep an eye out for the hilarious people and funny details around you – the laughs you get may well be the secret to developing that coveted six-pack! To get you started, we’ve collected the most hilarious gym moments ever captured on camera. From a parrot trying to exercise like a human to a guy knitting on the treadmill, we’ve got something for every sense of humor. If you’re ready for a good laugh, read on! And don’t forget to vote for your favorite crazy gym moment.

Gym Twins

Let’s kick off our crazy gym list with a gorgeous pair of identical twins. Though they did use the #twinning hashtag when they shared this snap, and though their coordinated outfits, hair, and makeup are no accident, there’s more to their matching style than meets the eye.

The twin on the right is named Jina while the one on the left is named Gina. Apparently, their parents were determined to leave everyone confused! These super-fit sisters have proven to the world that twins make the perfect gym buddies.

A Pop Of Color

Who needs a pop of color? Obviously, this woman does. Why wear an all-black ensemble if she can rock some loud, sweet pink running shoes at the gym? We understand her fashion statement and we couldn’t be prouder of her confidence. But many people notice a pop of something else when they look at this picture.

This girl’s hourglass figure is so pronounced it almost looks photoshopped. From the cheeky look on her face, we wouldn’t be surprised if she’d stuffed some padding in her tights to create this look. Whether it’s real or not, we still give her points for confidence!

Out Of Proportion

While many people who begin working out have a clear goal in mind for the body part(s) they want to work on, it’s important not to disregard the rest of your body. Maybe you’re keen on abs or big biceps, but you need to maintain balance. Perhaps someone should’ve said as much to the guy in this picture.

This is worthy of being added to the “you forgot leg day” meme pile. We hope he’ll see the error in his ways and dedicate some time to bringing balance back to his body.

Father Of The Year?

It’s nice to know that a baby can be a cute workout buddy. For some exercises? Yes. But for extreme weightlifting? Absolutely not! This dad seems to care much about having bigger and better arms that he’s willing to neglect the safety of his baby.

You have to admit, holding these huge weights above both their heads is not the brightest idea. We bet the baby’s mom went hysterical the moment she saw this photo. Dear dads – never ever try this at home or even in the gym. Just carrying your baby around and maybe dancing with the little cutie will make for a much safer workout.


Even mascots love the gym. This photo is proof that Ronald McDonald’s favorite way of pampering himself is by staying fit. The thing is, it looks like he’s having a hard time lifting up those puny weights. While we know that first-day syndrome can cause weakness, it might be better for Ronald to stick to what he knows best.

By the way, this is not a paid ad to demonstrate that McDonald’s crispy fried chicken and cheeseburgers are actually good for you. But if you do indulge in a sneaky junk food treat, it might be worth following Ronald’s example and working it off in the gym!

You’re Planking Wrong

Planking is a popular and effective way to work out your arms and abs, with minimum cardio involved. Many people enjoy doing planks as part of their exercise routine, and it’s kinda fun to see how long you can hold it. However, this woman’s take on planking has us baffled.

It’s unclear whether she was going for the weights and just gave up or was trying to do a plank and failed. Whatever her motives were, we firmly believe that lying down on top of weights will not make her stronger through osmosis. Wait, is she planking or pranking us?

Creative Planking

“United we stand, divided we fall” seems to be the motto of this team. This has to be one of the most inventive planking methods we’ve ever seen. In all seriousness though, this could end up going horribly wrong if someone loses his strength before the rest of the group is ready to jump off.

We love their innovative concept and we agree that you have to think outside the box when you don’t have much equipment to work with. However, we would recommend less extreme means to strengthen your core muscles than building a human stack. It really wouldn’t take that much to make them all collapse.

Get Your Game Face On

We don’t expect people going to the gym to look their best as they’re running on the treadmill or lifting weights. Workouts are meant to be taxing, so you’re likely to see expressions you wouldn’t normally see. Take this guy as an example – his friend caught him in action (aka activating his game face) and couldn’t resist taking a photo (complete with another gym buddy happily photobombing him in the background).

The man on the machine took it as a joke, laughing with his pals about the hilarious snap – but he never thought it would make the rounds of social media. Sorry (not sorry)!

Man’s Best Friend

Dogs have long-since been recognized as man’s best friend. From guarding our houses 24/7 to lifting our spirits whenever we’re tired from a long day of work, these adorable creatures are simply irresistible. Isn’t it amazing that our pets can even join us in the gym? How about displaying their natural instinct to mimic our every move while we were working out?

This snap of two great buddies enjoying their quality time together is a big mood that sends out a positive vibe. Now that you’ve seen this, do you think it might be time to invite your fluffy, tail-wagging best friend to the gym?

The Multitasker

This old woman proved that age is just a number – she decided to multitask instead of being idle while her hair sets. Needless to say, waiting on the couch is much more comfortable than the exercise machine, but credit should be given where credit is due.

This strong old lady in pink should be commended for making the most of her time, toning up her body and feeling good about herself in the process. Not all women her age have the willpower to stay in shape while maintaining their favorite hairstyle. You rock, grandma! We wish to have your determination when we grow old.

Cycling: You’re Doing It Wrong


The guy in this photo is taking safety to a whole new level. Was his real bike stolen? Or does he just want to feel the outdoor vibes (hence his extra sporty outfit and unnecessary helmet)?

Whatever the case may be, this guy is taking some intense safety measures which are quite redundant considering he’s on a stationary bike. What do you think?

For more laughs, keep scrolling as the best funny gym photos and fails are yet to come!

The Gifted One

Have you ever dreamt of becoming the cool skater gal in your group of friends? Meet this gifted young lady who was able to kill two birds with one stone! Not only is she a gym buff but she is also able to sit on a skateboard while doing sit-ups! Isn’t she amazing?

This is an impressive skill that we have never witnessed before. Look at the confidence and balance she portrays, carrying out her neat trick with a cheeky grin on her face.

New Year’s Resolution: You’re Doing It Wrong

One of the most common new year’s resolutions is to get rid of unwanted fat and achieve a stronger and healthier body. It’s that time of the year again – time to remind yourself to be disciplined enough to religiously work out at the gym.

However, such resolutions are destined to repeat themselves next year since we have a difficult time following through. The woman in red looks pretty comfortable, checking her social media instead of working out. At least we learned something new – apparently scrolling on a smartphone counts asl exercise in the modern world!

Creative And Flexible

This guy clearly knows how to let his inner artist out while getting his daily exercise in. And they say multitasking is a myth! You can’t help but admire how far he’s prepared to take his hobbies, knitting a yellow scarf and at the same time walking on the treadmill.

There are plenty of gifted guys out there and he’s definitely one of them. The skill of doing both things at once is such an incredible talent that we never saw coming. He might want to think about monetizing his skill and teaching a knitting-treadmill class!

Music Is Life

Music is soothing for the soul – it creates a great mood and positive vibes, helping you make a faster transition from machine to machine by keeping your motivation high. In the gym, a lot of people rely on the power of music to boost their energy as they shift into workout mode.

They usually have a list of tracks prepared ahead of time, each one selected for its ability to increase the adrenaline in their bodies and pump up their heart rate. This guy clearly ran out of battery on his phone, but instead of missing out on his music fix, he thought of another way to pump up the jams!

Help Please!

Fitness trainers and other gym professionals are there for a reason – to prevent people from making mistakes and sparing them from serious injuries. The guy in this picture clearly needs a helping hand. Though he has the best intentions at heart, it would be better to consult with professionals than use something the wrong way and suffer an accident while working out.

Who told him that lifting those weights with his feet would be easy and safe? They could have easily fallen onto him and we know he wouldn’t like the results. Lesson learned: don’t be shy to ask for help when needed, especially if it’s a risky exercise.

The Ultimate Workout

We admire this guy’s desire to master the art of engineering, and he’s privileged to pursue his dream course at a prestigious university. Finally, he was able to study the subjects he always felt drawn to and attend lectures led by the most proficient professors in the industry.

Being serious with studies is A-okay. In fact, university students who are dedicated to learning prove to be successful later on. But this guy took things a tiny bit too far. So as not to lose his grant, he had to study even harder, and in order to keep his mind and body loaded with knowledge and skills, he discovered the ultimate workout-study combo!

Not The Incredible Hulk


We’re grateful this photo is not a video since we do not want to see what happens next with the man who thinks he’s the Incredible Hulk. The bulky guy at the bottom of the machine looks unfazed about the number of weights and amount of pressure being applied to his legs.

Despite the bulging muscles and the helpful sidekick trainer by his side, one thing we’re sure of is that this man is not the Incredible Hulk. He’s putting himself at serious risk with the massive pile of weights. Sorry, but we’re not impressed. Pushing oneself is A-okay but exaggerating is another story.

Cupcake Break


Despite signing and paying in full for a membership at their local gym, there are people who show up for the sake of making a joke out of the whole deal. This guy looks like he’s had enough boring workouts and is in the mood to make a mockery of his personal trainer.

He decided to do the opposite of what his instructor told him. Instead of busting out reps, he’s got a magazine in one hand and a cupcake in the other. Perhaps it’s his cheat day? In all seriousness, you deserve to give in to your cravings every once in a while, so long as you stay committed to your goals.

Running Like A Hamster

New inventions in the sports industry are always an exciting matter, especially for those who are living an active lifestyle. These people are dedicated to changing their entire way of living to ensure they reach their goal and break old habits.


This spinning treadmill resembles a hamster’s running wheel. Have you ever wondered what it feels like to run like a rodent? This unique piece of equipment will satisfy your curiosity! Though we have a sneaking suspicion it might be a clever photoshop job.

Ready for more hilarious gym photos? The rest of the slides will have you in stitches. Keep scrolling and enjoy all the crazy stories!

Don’t Force It

When Maria saw the guy in the photo below, who clearly tried his best to display his latest strength gains, she couldn’t help but comment: “You may talk the talk, but you do not walk the walk.” This poor man clearly should have squeezed in a few more one-on-one sessions with his trusty personal trainer before lifting the big weights in front of Maria, his crush.


Had he taken this advice, he would not have ended up smashing himself in the head, pulling that pained expression, and putting himself in danger. In other words, don’t force things. If you can’t do it, let it be. Take your time and master your art before showing off, right?

Dress Code

We have to give credit to this woman for having such dedication to her workout. Determined to have her gym sessions and her after-work drinks too, she didn’t waste a minute and decided to come in a minidress and stilettos – ready to party it up once happy-hour rolls around.


While we admire her dedication, her choice of outfit isn’t exactly gym-appropriate. It’s important to consider safety over fashion, and stilettos aren’t what we’d call safe gym attire. Girl, you’re in a gym, not at a cocktail party or fancy dinner date. We hope you didn’t injure yourself while running on the treadmill.

Put A Ring On It

What we like about this young woman is the fact that she’s not trying to pull off an “I know it all” face while making an effort to swing from the rings. In fact, if anything, she’s rocking a look of pure mortification. This is only natural when you have a go at using a workout tool you have no idea how to operate.


We hope nothing horrible happened after this shot was taken. We have a feeling the person responsible for this picture ran to her aid as soon as they finished laughing. Let this be a lesson to all of us – please exercise safety at all times. Do not try something you aren’t familiar with. And if you do, be prepared that your picture may end up on the internet for all to see!

Selfie Time

Have you ever wondered who the first person to ever take a selfie was? It would probably be impossible to prove with 100% certainty who it was. But the craze they started has reached epidemic proportions. Nowhere is it more virulent than in the gym.


Die-hard fans of selfies, such as this dynamic duo, are clearly more interested in pulling off a cool duck face pout than nailing their workout routine. We can’t blame them if receiving likes on social media is their main motivator to exercise. Perhaps these two are fitness gurus or influencers? Though they’re goofing around now, they do look pretty fit

Are you a gym-selfie lover? If so, we’re cool with it because we’d never have the upcoming photos to giggle at if someone hadn’t started the craze!

As Long As You’re Comfortable

Looking at this photo, our first impression is that this guy is more interested in relaxing and watching his favorite TV show than exercising. It looks like he’s chosen a quiet time at the gym to veg out instead of working out.


Though he’s engrossed in his show, he should remember that his “me” time isn’t “alone” time. What if some other gym members entered the workout area and saw him in his revealing outfit? What if his towel suddenly fell? Comfort has limits when you’re in public!

Brain Training

Do you remember being told in school when you were still a young kid that your brain is a muscle and it requires training just like the rest of your body? Well, it seems these words of caution greatly influenced the man in the photo.


Apparently, he took the concept literally and figured out a way to use the machines at the gym to get his head in on the action. Do we really need to exercise our brains in such a manner? Surely reading and understanding are the best tools to sharpen our brains, right?

A Sweet Challenge

While bulking up is crucial for people who aim to go up a weight class, eating a whole chocolate cake while lifting weights is not the best technique to meet that goal. To be honest, the guy in the orange shirt doesn’t seem to be enjoying that chocolatey cake anyway.


Perhaps he missed some workout sessions at the gym or maybe lost a bet from his workout buddies, hence the punishment of eating his least favorite food. For most people, it would be a sweet challenge. In fact, we are now craving a slice of heavenly chocolate cake ourselves! We promise we’ll hit the gym to make up for it.

I Went To The Gym, I Swear

There are some people who think they are doing others a favor by pushing them to get their life together. Exercising is definitely one way of getting your act together, but it’s not so easy for those who feel unmotivated and depressed.


People need to make decisions on their own. Take this girl as an example – she went to the gym because her family insisted she had to. But once she was there, she just sat down and watched a TV show. She didn’t even bother to change her outfit let alone exercise. Tip: working out requires commitment and discipline. No force should be applied to drag someone to the gym against their will.

Creepy Cat

It’s pretty clear that the woman who took this photo was confused by the guy’s choice of gym outfit. A spandex onesie with a giant cat on it is a pretty bold fashion choice! But who are we to judge?


We wouldn’t be surprised if the ladies in the gym were scared to exercise in his vicinity. Still, if he keeps to himself and doesn’t bother anyone, why shouldn’t he get to rock his cat outfit?

Too Tired

We assume this picture was taken after an intense workout, and not because she was deprived of sleep the night prior. Regardless of the real reason why this woman chose to sleep on the floor as soon at the gym, she should consider a shot of espresso or two before doing any running or heavy lifting, just to be on the safe side.


We may not be professionals in the fitness industry, but we don’t recommend working out when you’re tired from a long day at work! Be careful with the timing of your gym sessions if you want to avoid serious injuries.

The Scare Test

Krispy Kreme doughnuts are a classic favorite of those who have a sweet tooth. However, this dessert is not the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of healthy and nutritious food. So, why did the manager of this gym decide it would be a good idea to fill a table with boxes of Krispy Kreme doughnuts right inside the treadmill area?


The message is clear – it’s an ultimate scare test that would have worked on many. From the picture, it seems the people in the gym were too busy and focused to care for a doughnut or two. We have no idea what happened after the cameras were put away though!

Fitness Inspiration

You might think that this graceful woman looks out of place with her margarita glass and large pearl earrings. FYI, she’s a known figure in her local gym. Despite her age, she enjoys staying young at heart, which is why she rejects the idea of living in a retirement home or joining her friends for bingo.

gym Her passion for staying fit and fab inspires other gym members (and us too)! This woman is a fitness guru who proves that age is just a number. Now we have a new model of poise, strength, passion, and #oldagegoals.

One Of The Girls

This man decided that he was fed up with Instagram models spending their gym sessions in front of the mirrors, taking selfies, getting the perfect angle, and barely doing any real exercise. So, he decided to mock them.

He got what he wanted, and he definitely earned himself some likes on social media, but many of his female followers weren’t happy about the joke. We hope he didn’t receive any intense backlash from hitting back at the girls.

An Undignified Move

Squats can help you achieve strong and well-toned legs but this woman demonstrates that no matter how stunning you are, it’s an awkward-looking move. Is it possible to look dignified while in the depths of a squat?

Apparently the move wasn’t awkward enough for this gym junkie, so she decided to add a resistance band. We’re sure it plays a big part in why her legs are so strong, but it’s impossible to look graceful while strapped up and squatting.

An Ironic New Fitness Trend?

There’s no doubt that escalators are an effective solution for moving people through malls and other buildings. They can accommodate more people at once and take less time than elevators. But the one high-traffic place escalators just don’t make sense is outside a gym.


Escalators clearly defeat the purpose of the gym. After all, they’re designed for you to get moving and break a sweat. We’re curious as to how this gym motivates its members to be physically active and fit. Do their exercise machines do all the work for you as well? Now we’re getting more curious. We’ll take the stairs, though.

Tall Guy Problems

Gyms are committed to providing services and facilities that cater for everyone, regardless of gender, race, or religion. But what about height and weight? Clearly, this gym should have thought more about the height of their ceilings. This poor guy signed up for this Chicago-based gym because the membership deal was too good to be true.


He forgot to check one important detail – whether the super-cheap gym was capable of accommodating his towering height. While the manager did try to fix his problem, we’re not sure about the safety of their solution!

Even Superheroes Need To Workout

Here’s a novel idea to keep you motivated while working out – dress up as your favorite superhero! Who says you need to keep your costumes in the cupboard until Halloween rolls around. This guy came as Batman. Do you think the girls behind him are impressed?


Perhaps the Batcave was getting renovated and poor Batman was feeling less athletic than he was in his glory days. Maybe this is why he decided to get in full gear and run on a treadmill. At least we can say the girls behind him feel safe with a reliable superhero in the house. We just hope Batman is comfortable in that tight and heavy costume.