40 celebrities that actually look worse after a plastic surgery than before


Celebrities are always trying to do something with their appearance that will make them look younger. There are those who do minor interventions that just give a healthy glow and boost to the face, but there are also those who looks like there are never leaving the office of the plastic surgeon. Many of the second group today look nothing like before. Their face is so different, and the corrections have ruined the somehow beautiful and natural look they used to have. Here are the top 40 worst plastic surgery results done on celebrities:

Donatella Versace

The successor of the famous Italian luxury house Versace looks like a monster. And she really does. Since the ‘90s, she started doing cosmetic surgeries that have lead to the look she has today, at 54 years age. A surgery after a surgery has made her look like a wax figure, with the most significant swelling on the nose and lips. Her skin is also very weird, some might even say artificial and she really does not look. As many have said, she most probably is not happy with her look but the damage is clearly beyond repairable. She is a friend of many celebrities and they love her for the was she is, but looks are nothing close to loveably and good to the eyes.


Jocelyn Wildenstein

From a beautiful woman with good face lines, this New York socialite has grown into an unrecognizable human being. Back in 1997, Jocelyn started experimenting with the plastic surgery and we all know that it was not sophisticated then as it is now. This step was triggered by the ending of her 20 years old marriage. Whichever the reason, she has constantly been under the knife and the current situation and look is terrifying, to say at the least. Because of all those surgeries she got the nickname “cat woman”. She really does look like one, but old one!


La Toya Jackson

The sister or the late and legendary singer Michael Jackson followed his footsteps in doing cosmetics surgeries. Although Michael had gone under aggressive treatments that included changing the color of his skin, his sister did not go that far. However, she did love plastic surgery and was not opposed to it. what is evidently changed a lot on her face are cheeks and chin transplants and one very significant thing that is kind a signature thing for the Jackson family and that is the pointy nose. The change in her face through the years is more than evident.


Amanda Bynes

Amanda Bynes is well-known in Hollywood. She started acting at very early age and was present in many rom-coms and TV films. However, the high school sweetheart as many called her, did suffer some mental breakdown and her personality completely changed. She became thirsty for attention and tuned into a psycho girlfriend. Although she looks beautiful and natural, she turned to doing cosmetic surgeries. The one thing that she constantly changes is her nose. That is more evident, and the other little corrections like Botox and fillers are present too.


Renee Zellweger

One of the most lovable actress of our time was Renee Zellweger. That was until she decided to undergo surgeries that completely changed her look. The chubby Bridget Jones that took the hearts of the entire world audience with her nonchalant behavior and clueless appearance became worshipped by the plastic surgeons. The corrections and changes on her entire face make her look completely different from the Renee we knew. In a recent appearance at Ellen’s, she looked a bit aged but one thing that is good is that she had not lost her humor and positivity.


Lindsey Lohan

Looking at Lindsey Lohan’s before and after picture makes us wonder what the hell happened with this girl? The cute and lovable kid from kids’ movies, grew into a troubling girl that was looking for attention and fame. She started doing drugs, drinking, behave unacceptably and when that was not enough, she decided to go for plastic surgeries. Her face looks like swollen and bloated and the skin looks like an old grandmother. There is also a change in her lips and nothing connects her to the beautiful girl she used to be.


Janice Dickinson

Everybody wants to be young forever. That is well-known fact, but being a model and being forever young is impossible. As many models how are barely 40 get retired, Janice Dickinson decided that she will go for plastic surgeries and prolong here career. Well, the results of those plastic surgeries were shocking and she became a model that no one wanted to look at. She now looks scary and unattractive. With aging and being a model it is important when to retire and be proud of the career you have done so far.


Carrot Top

Having a hair color that is natural and different from all the regular hair colors immediately ranks you in a different category of people. Especially if the hair color is orange. With that look, many career options are opened for you, as it was the case for Carrot Top. He is an entertainer and seems that his popularity is big in Las Vegas. He is a big deal there, but what he has done with his makes somehow decreased the common perception of him. The plastic surgeries to his face had made him look very different, and as people say, creepy.


Dolly Parton

On a first look, between the before and now picture, you will recognize her, which means that dolly Parton did not go to the extremes with the corrections. However, the changes are evident. She is a country music legend that was very popular and still keeps her popularity with working on the music scene. Her career began as early as was a kid and it is safe to say that she has had a fruitful and rich career. With the popularity and the fame, came the desire for the artificial beauty which somehow ruined her uniquely beautiful lines on the face.


Joan Rivers

Joan Rivers was a rare person who had a language and ability to insult any celebrity and not feel bad about it. she was a host on E!’s fashion police for a long time. In her youth, she was considered as a woman with remarkable mark and beauty. However, she did orient towards the plastic surgeries which have completely changed her look. She was so deformed and swollen that she become unrecognizable. There was nothing left from the old Joan to compare to the plastic one. However, maybe all those surgeries triggered her death few years ago.


Priscilla Presley

Being the wife of the ultra-famous Elvis Presley, the king himself, has put some pressure on his wife Priscilla. With so much money, fame, new possibilities opened up for her. Instead doing something other for her, she reached for the plastic surgeries. Evidently she was not satisfied with her look, even though she looked beautiful and was much better version of her after the surgeries. From check, nose, lips, eyebrows, Priscilla’s whole face changed, making her look more like a wax figurine rather than a normal human being.


Kim Novac

Another woman who thought that the youthful look can be kept and maintained through the years is Kim Novac. Back in the ‘60s, Novac was a famous and popular model who was considered as one of the most beautiful women at that time. however, later she became actress and the desire to look like she is 25 was stronger that her mind. She had undergone many different plastic surgeries in attempt to keep her youthful face. it is believed that she had done corrections on her face and has had every possible plastic surgery there is.


Celine Dion

Have you seen Celine Dion recently? Since her husband died, Celine has transformed into a whole different woman. As well as the change in the fashion was more than evident and positive, her appearance was not so appoved by the world. what is significantly different in her look and the face is that she has done many plastic surgery corrections. The most visible and evident are the corrections on the nose and the chin. Although, her skin looks much aged and damaged, which is due to the procedures she is undergoing, and not because of the years she has.


Heidi Montag

Starting a TV career and growing into a TV personality at early age opens a lot of door for the young women to see what they do not like about themselves. Heidi Montag, the TV personality which stared in the MTV’s The Hills, from an ordinary girl, became something like a starlet. She looked like a normal girl, with normal body proportions, but she was clearly not satisfied and decided to do some changes. Today, she is also called A human Barbi. Starting from breast implants that are absolutely unproportioned to her body, she has done also some face changes and look totally plastic.


Darryl Hannah

Darryl Hanna is a popular and well-known movie actress that is present on the TV screen for a long time. her beautiful skin tone, eyes and the hair have made her one of the most beautiful actresses in her time. like many others, the desire to fight the ages and natural aging process, she today looks uglier than she would have if she had not done the plastic surgeries. With so many injections and surgeries, her eyes seem to have sunk into her face, and the entire face has changed its natural shape. She looks like she is having an allergic reaction to something and her entire face is swollen.



It looks like Madonna can accept the fact that with her age, she is the category of women called grandmother. Well. This grandmother wants to look the same as she was on the start of her career. As the years go by, Madonna with every new appearance looks more and more different, and not in a good way. her signature features and lines on the face that made her look distinctive are now gone, and she looks like an old scary woman. Sometimes you just have to know when to let go.


Meg Ryan

Meg Ryan was one of the actresses that was considered as most beautiful one. That was on the start of her career. The title she got was in the time between 1980 and 1990. Her natural beauty and looks were adored by everyone, and she became a symbol of what a woman should look like. Aside her acting kills, her natural beauty has landed her lots of important roles and different commercials. Wanting to keep that look, which is obviously impossible, has led her to the plastic surgeons. The results today prove that artificial is not as beautiful as the natural.


Melanie Griffith

Like Meg Ryan, Melanie Griffith is another actress from that time that was considered exceptionally and naturally beautiful. With her hairstyle and appearance, she was the girl everyone wanted to be. Her undeniably beauty was ruined by her desire to look forever young. With surgery after surgery, her look today has changed to the worse. The woman that once was the one of the most beautiful actresses of her time, today, is a scary person, full of Botox, fillers and overdone in plastic surgeries. We certainly do not like this Melanie.



Cher is an iconic singer and she is much appreciated in the music industry. Her looks and styling from the past are an inspiration today for many designers and makeup brands who are trying to create products that are inspired by Cher. This speaks a lot for a person, her achievements and the appreciation she enjoys in the world. But, one thing that you cannot beat despite all that are the years. Trying to keep up with the youthful look, although she is 69 at the moment, Cher has done so many corrections that are not good and do not suit her age.


Mickey Rourke

Back in the days, when he was young and sexy, Mickey Rourke was considered as a heartbreaker. This actor had many important roles and some of those are just what defined him as an actor. The nonchalant appearance was adored by the women and enormous confidence booster for him. As the years passed, he tried to keep up that look with the help of plastic surgery. Unfortunately, the final result is nothing compared to what he looked when he was young. Today, he looks creepy and scary and absolutely not attractive.


Lisa Rinna

Being able to accept the jokes on your account and actually be fine with it speaks a lot for a person. And that is even greater in the eyes of the public if you are a celebrity. Lisa Rinna is the one who takes all the jokes on her, and she knows that even they are jokes they are true. As a n actress and TV personality, Rinna was a beautiful woman in her days. However, her enormous desire for big lips preceeded her in life. Her mouth and her lips are being constantly on the target because they are not natural and they do not look good.


Ashlee Simpson

The little Jessica Simpson’s sister might not be fit for this list because her surgeries and correction were not so extensive and harsh like the others. This one is even good. Ashlee today does not look much different from how we know her, which is a good thing that shows that she still has not gone under a knife. However, there is one correction that she has made and that is on her nose. She did the correction on her nose and that turned out quite well.


Lil Kim

Lil Kim is a famous female rapper. Naturally, she is tiny and not very tall. Over the years, she added volume to her looks but doing extensive makeup and adding lots of hair extensions. But as we are living in modern times, she decided that it is time to change her face that will not make her look tiny. Having done lots of filler, Botox, and different corrections all over the face, this rapper does not look anything similar to how we knew her. The artificially plumped face is a bit scary and unattractive.


Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston is our most beloved friend. At her current age, she is considered one of the most beautiful women today. Her looks and her body are natural and she maintains good figure bu regular diet and sporting. When it comes to her face, a small change can be seen. Again, the dissatisfaction with the nose has made her do a plastic surgery. This one was a success and for now, there are no other evident changes to her face.


Ashley Tisdale

This is case of approved plastic surgery from medical reasons. Many women have problem breathing through the nose because of something happening inside. That can be resolved by doing some surgery, which will both make the person breather better, but will also change the current look on the nose. The actress and singer Ashley Tisdale was having this trouble and she has undergone this type of surgery that resulted with a new nose that was tinnier and smoother. She does not look bad though.


Victoria Beckham

The popular Posh Spice, fashion designer, mother of 5 and wife of David Beckham is one of the celebrities that have also evident changes on their face and body through the years. From the times when she was a singer and part of the Spice Girls band until today, Victoria has made some corrections on her face that are not very big, but still fight the signs of aging. Despite this, she has also publicly stated that she has done breast implants. She still looks good and not very plastic.


Axl Rose

Another man that has come up on this list is the rock star Axl Rose. As mentioned before, there is some desire in men to look young and like they are in their 20s. As Axl started to age, he did not like this natural process and decided to start pulling back his skin. With time, his skin was so straight and plain that there was nothing on his face that suggested that this is a part of human’s body. Many disapprove of this step and call Axl a wax figure.


Lara Flynn Boyle

If she had left her face to change naturally with the aging cycle, we are sure that Lara would have looked so much better than she looks now. Her soft beauty in her youth was a synonym of how a woman should look like. Well, from the pressure in the show-bizz and Hollywood as well as the desire to maintain as youthful look as possible, Lara has filled her entire face with Botox and today she looks scary and deformed. She is still active and present on TV screens.


Michael Jackson

What to tell about the king of the pop that you don’t know? First of all, he was a black man who wanted to be a white man. During the years, he started whitening his skin and become a white man. This was shocking to the world of course and much unexpected. After that, her entire face was reconstructed and the black Michael became a brand new white Michael. Lips, nose, eyes, cheeks, everything was new, plastic and the result was to say at least, scary.


Barry Manilow

As many male singers reach for the drugs in order to cope with the fame or become more recognized, there are those who reach towards the plastic surgeries. Believe it or not, men somehow want to look like they have not aged a day since the first moment they appeared on the scene. Barry Manilow has changed a lot through the years. What he focused on changing was his face, more precisely his cheeks. Over the years, he injected filler and make them look puffier. Not a good look for a man!


Goldie Hawn

Ok now, this is scary and disgusting. The film star Goldie Hawn was very popular in the past and she acted in many movies. Having thought that she can preserve her good looks, early in her career, she started doing surgeries that have left her with the result today. A surgery over surgery has made her look today like some scary grandmother from a horror movie. The lips are horrific, as well as the condition of the skin. The damage of the surgeries is irreparable for Goldie.


Tara Reid

Tara Reid is an American actress. She is known to the world from the role of Vicky in the movie America Pie. This blondie looked like a natural girl with natural attributes until she decided to do some changes on her body and face. First, she did breast implants that were done very lousy and they looked bad. Next in line came the liposuction on her body. The damage from the liposuction was also irreversible although she had tried to remedy it with some plastic surgery corrections. Lets hope she will not do more surgeries!


Kelly Bensimon

Kelly Bensimon is a star form the reality show “The real housewives of New York”. Not happy with the look of her breasts, she decided to have them corrected. Back in 2008, she did undergo a breast implants surgery but the result was terrible. They might have looked worse than they were before. In an interview then, she publicly said that she was not satisfied with the outcome and that maybe she should not have done that. There are also some minor changes on her face too.


Jennifer Grey

Here is another very evident and noticeable change from plastic surgeries. The TV actress Jennifer Grey is nothing similar today from what she used to look when she was younger, and we do not refer to the skin or wrinkles. It is believed that every pay and earning she has, she spends them on plastic surgery corrections that have left her dry. This is somehow an addiction for her and does not seem to stop. It is good that she still has a job.


Tori Spelling

Known to world as Donna from Beverly Hills 90210 and the daughter of Aaron Spelling, Tori is the one who has struggled with many changes on her body and face. From the look today Tori is very different from the one we used to know. The first on the list was the bad breast implant job. Back then, she breast were so deformed that she allegedly sued the doctor who did the procedure on her. After that, she has done many corrections on her face that make her look bloated and not healthy plumped.


Amanda Lepore

It seems that Amanda Lepore was not happy with her look since the early ages. What is known to the public is that she started doing plastic surgeries early in her 19s. From the current look, a lot can be said. There is literally no place that is left in its natural shape. Breast, lips, cheeks, skin, jaw, nose – everything is new on her and if she thought this would make her acting and modeling career more fruitful, she was wrong.


Megan Fox

Megan Fox is considered as one of the sexiest women in the show business. Married to the 90210 star David Austen Green, Megan is a mother of three boys. Her beauty and seductive looks were here signature marks early at the starts of her career. However, she started doing corrections on her body and face. From minor to bigger ones, these surgeries seen to have added more years to her look rather than do the contrary. The whole world is criticizing her for all the changes she makes and that the artificial is not always beautiful.


Suzzane Sommers

Another actress that should have been known for her roles on the TV screen has become overthrown by the plastic surgeries. Doing one after another and constantly striving to look better has not been fruitful for Sommers. Today, she looks completely overdone in surgeries, her face is in bad shape, and like lots of her colleagues, the damage she has done cannot be undone. Sometimes you just have to know when to stop and leave your face lone.