5 Celebs That Got Attached To Their Pets On Set


It is easy to become attached to a pet, especially if you spend a lot of time with them. That is why celebs that have done movies with pets have also become attached to them with time. After all, celebrities are just like us and they grow close to the people and animals they work with.

So, here is a list of all the celebs that got attached to their pets on set.

1. Lily Collins And Redford

Everyone is familiar with Lily Collins and her new Netflix serial Emily in Paris. For this part, she had to relocate to Paris for the shoot and she was able to bring her pup during the filming. Even the pup took his first international flight and relocated with Lily to Paris.

France is incredibly welcoming to animals and you can bring your dogs anywhere. Collins enjoyed the entire shoot time with Redford and took him everywhere with her.

2. Sophie Turner And Zunni

Unfortunately, we all remember the untimely death of the dire wolf Lady on Game of Thrones. Because of that, Zunni was left unemployed and homeless. Of course, Turner got attached to her on the set and she took the first opportunity to adopt her.

According to Turner, she had always wanted a dog, but her parents did not want it. However, she fell in love with Lady on set, and then Turner’s mother persuaded everyone to let her adopt Zunni. Now both Zunni and Turner are incredibly happy.

3. Rachel Brosnahan

The star of Marvelous Mrs. Maisel cuddled up with her dog Homer alongside Luke Kirby, her costar. It happened during an Instagram picture on March 2022. Both Homer and Brosnahan got attached on the set, and are incredibly happy to have one another.

We couldn’t be happier for the celeb and most importantly Homer. They both deserve all the love and cuddles they can get.

4. Zendaya And Lexi

Zendaya shared a picture of her dog on Instagram in February 2022. During this time, they were filming scenes of season 2 of Euphoria for Lexi’s play. The star got attached to Lexi on set and she is always there to cheer for her.

Even the snaps she has shared are adorable and we loved seeing more of them. We just hope that Lexi is happy and thriving.

5. Bradley Cooper

Finally, Bradley Cooper is so attached to his dog that he doesn’t like going anywhere without his furry companion. During the shooting of A Star Is Born, Cooper brought his dog, Charlie on the set to become his costar. No wonder the chemistry between Cooper and Charlie on the screen is amazing.

Final Words

These are the top five celebs that became incredibly attached to their pets on set. Some also brought their pets to play various parts. We wish nothing but the best for these celebs and their dogs as everyone deserves a happy and healthy life, especially furry companions.