99-Year Old Woman Sidewalking after Snowstorm, Police officers jumped in to clear


Humanity exists around. No matter how bad we hear every day over the news, there still exists out there a good community sign. Ones who look after one another, to fix something or help along by other means like leaves raking or when someone’s away, looking after other one’s house. A call and probably it is the first responder out there offering along with some assistance.

It is welcoming. A neighbour help is welcomed and the same make the community stronger. Well, one can look upon a recent example in Albany, NY. It was the case wherein the elderly resident out there needed some help during the huge striking snowstorm.

Was the same expected?

No, seems like it was much more than what the predictions said. All those residents knew and expected, white snow fair dusting, which the storm was bringing in after holidays of Thanksgiving. Guess it was time to surprise, there was piling of more than 22 inches. It covered the sidewalks, the roads, backyards and even the driveways.

8th biggest, yes, this was what the National Weather Service ranked the storm in the area’s history.

Need help? Police are one service

Policemen and some other first responders had some fair shared call. There were calls for help after there was such a huge big dump of powder and among these calls, one received was from a 99-year-old woman. She lived alone and seemed like clearing the snow from driveway became one difficult task for her day.

We understand the Police job is not to clear the snow but guess we can’t ignore the fact that helping community member is one of their biggest priority. Three policemen, William Pierce, John Schueler and Christopher Stiles, from the Albany police, were the ones to respond with snow shovels as soon as they received the call. They worked up well and cleared off the lady’s driveway, sidewalks and even the porch, soon.

Big cheer on Facebook for the officers

6000 quick shares in the month, well this is how much the photos of these 3 officers made it on Facebook. There was praise over Facebook while the care within the community was appreciated.

There were words of gratitude exchanged by the Police Public Information office and they did say, they will keep helping the community in any way around they can.

Community services are no stranger to the Albany officers

Community services are like a part of the Albany officer’s culture. It was not the first time they helped out a woman and they keep setting examples for people to look around for. Just like before Thanksgiving, these officers were out there delivering around 500 meals to the residents homebound. It is like an effort to look after the residents and know them with a touch of personal.

These personal or direct interactions with the community, most departments look after for same and aspire to do so. Just like one at Canada, wherein the police officers were out there hilariously making attempts to entertain the members of the community and they did succeed in that with the lip-sync contest.

Well, such interactions foster connections between the 2 sides, the residents and the police. It makes the community stronger and helps prevent problems from coming up. 

For the safety of all, the police are all-ready to take the fall,

Isn’t that wise enough? Serving along like good police work.