All-inclusive, Gender-Neutral Dolls released by Mattel


Long gone is the time to sit around with the gender-differentiated toys. Its time for the world gets to decide who they wish to play with. Barbie Dolls by Mattel has been a great representation of beauty since the year 1959 but later we find the creator Ruth Handler, envisioning the dolls to be as such, that the young girls can easily play through with same and get inspiration. Any profession which barbie chooses can be for the girls too but what we see around today is a different phenomenon.

It was not later, when Mattel in 2019 September, introduced around the world the gender-neutral dolls. One can decide the gender as per their toy. One got the way to make the doll a girl, a boy, both or neither. It all up to the kids for what they want to play with.

What are the Dolls about?

Something which can embark the beauty, beyond and above and assure the kids to be playful with same, just as they want is what the dolls represent. These dolls were 6 in numbers which were released by Mattel in the Creatable World collection. They have skin tones, of different types, with clothing choice, etc like before but what they do not represent is the specific gender. They are manicured properly, the lips are not full and neither are the eyelashes fluttery and long. Even the jawline, breasts, shoulders are not at all Barbie-like or Ken-like.

They have short hair, which can be added as per kids, with wigs available in the set. There is an option with a wardrobe which features hoodies, dresses, camo pants, sneakers, etc.

Express but not to impress

The positive impact of inclusivity, this is what the launch of such dolls represents. The collection slogan shows, the dolls as to be designed in a way to invite all in without the labels around.

It’s a means to express freely and helps them resonate stronger with same, as per the vice president of Mattel Fashion doll design, Kim Culmone. Its an encouragement to how one can play using the dolls. It’s a nod towards transgender as well as the nonbinary identities. It’s a representation that the United States is getting inclusive more than before.

Dolls test

It was hard work and talk with around 250 families which made Mattel realise that the Christmas gift dreaded them as for they knew, whatever it was below the tree wasn’t made for them but guess what, now it’s all about them. The dolls can be for anyone. They are one of creation especially around for the adults which consider as nonbinary. 

Molly Woodstock, the gender education commented that the dolls were an unarguably a great step for providing kids with something they can plan along and something which has no neat gender assigned or roles given. 

Take a break

Gender barriers, this started to break since long. Like in 2012, there were engineering toys launched by GoldieBox which than geared towards the young girls. Then came in the STEM toys by LEGO for girls. Changes in the colour of dollhouses, white cooking kits are all an example over such change.

If we look around for Mattel, the gender-neutral doll is a great deal. It was previously criticized for diversity lack and also for portraying women in the line of Barbie doll but the launch of the gender-neutral doll, it is a huge step for addressing such criticism along. It a one for all.