Backstreet Boys gets Police Officers Lip-Sync in one of their Musical Video


Police officers, one who work while we are out there resting at homes. Their job is one stress-filled, dangerous and a lot tougher than what we know. But guess sometimes, even the tough-working guys need out to show their light-hearted side and this is what happened in the year 2018, September. In Saskatoon in Canada, the group of police officers joined along with the contest for the Lip-Sync but what was that they have sung?

Well, the answer is all-around favourite ’90 boy band, the Backstreet Boys is the answer and this one video, one hilarious video, it came up to the social media and got so viral around

Back from the past for an amazing last, Backstreet’s back

Back in the time for the iconic 90s boy band which had many of hit songs, “Larger than life”, “Everybody”, “I want it That way”, with the Backstreet Boys love. This one band, the Boy band will have a recognition for the, “I Want It That Way”, which is one classic song of 1999.

If we look around after the Lip-Sync by the Backstreet boys, they are seen to be still creating that buzz and are selling around the globe, some of the best sold-out tours, releasing new of whatever they can. Checking around as per the ladies, all their ages are being swooned by the music of these artists. The Backstreet boys are seen around spreading synchronized dancing, spreading for each other and their fans, the heartwarming love.

So, if you are a one-lover of their work, do not be ashamed to admit as for we are there backing you out as we know, once a fan, is always the same for them.

An amazing elaboration through a music video

Well, the Backstreet Boys music once recorded, is undoubtedly on the viral list but guess this time the police officers in Saskatoon (Canada) took away the spotlight. They lip-synced and also did perform of the best hit by this band, “I want It that way”.

For sure this was not ordinary but in actual an elaborated video for the music with 5 police officers, all lined-up in the start, standing and one by one, they sang to the world, the song’s catchy lines, the memorable chorus. It was later when this video further turned out to be a full music video.

This hilarious video was volunteered by the police officers who happily participated in the same. It seemed they were all out for this one video, filming along at varied locations. Well, this was not enough as for what we know, they practised the dance along with the lip-sync to make it as convincing as they can, with bringing along the police department’s one of K-9 officers.

Towards the end of the music video, the officers were seen dressed as the superheroes. There was a smoke machine, flashing light and a little SWAT touch. The video was also seen around with an officer who had a burst out from the top of the armoured vehicle, as the others tried lip-sync to the most addicting song ever. All around, just have 2 words for their performance- “Nailed this”.

Backstreet, again on a hit

The video went viral on YouTube. The video touched the views at around 5,00,000, as for people loved the touch of the Police, seeing them have fun in the song. Everyone including the YouTubers was impressed with this one little fun video.

Looking around the comments, one such pop up made us realise, that despite our profession, we are all the humans around. the other user’s comment for these Police guys, says, they are just the best.

People all around thanked them for showing their free human side and is considered to be a changemaker towards how the people see the police officers around. Possibly, the intention herein did showcase the other side as these police officers presented and portrayed another picture of the tough and serious personalities.

They are just like one of another we have, dancing, singing, getting along the beats of Backstreet Boys.