Beyonce Trolled Her Newest Adidas x Ivy Park Collection Subtly — and It’s Bringing All the Teenage Girl Vibes.


We’re at it now! Instead of releasing a dramatic video or making a huge deal regarding her recent update, Beyoncé has indeed been sending mixed signals regarding her forthcoming Ivy Park series quite so gently.

While there is still little information regarding the setlist, the title was officially revealed through Ivy Park’s Instagram. “Happy to invite TO THE Great hall OF IVY,” the company wrote an Insta photo of the 40-year-old artist modeling a two-piece tartan outfit on Tuesday, November 23.

Given the name and the uniform-inspired outfit, it’s reasonable to assume the collection will pay homage to classic schoolgirl wear.

For any further evidence, check out Beyonce’s Instagram profile, where she’s been teasing the selection for a whole week. On Friday, November 19, she posted a photo of herself wearing a midi skirt as well as a grey short-sleeve sweatshirt. She accessorized with tall stockings and shoes.

Despite the reality that the outfit didn’t immediately shout Ivy Park, the fashion designer still mentioned the company’s Instagram profile. Shortly after releasing the whole ensemble, she returned to social networking sites to show off her accessories to her admirers.

Ivy Park was scribbled just on the corner of her big shoes. She is accessorized with Gucci stockings and a pearl bracelet with a “B” symbol.

Supporters are eagerly anticipating the release of the next series and are already talking about how they can get their fingers on the stunning looks.

“Oooh I’m sooooo readyyy to go and get my Chuck Bass on,” one person said, referring to the protagonist on Gossip Girl. “Happy Christmas to me again and me alone since all the money I’ve been collecting are for this gift,” someone else commented.

While there isn’t much more known about the latest release, you can count on Us Weekend events Timeless style to keep you informed.

The above new range follows the company’s Peloton Park collection, which featured Ally Love and Cody Rigsby as Peloton teachers in a commercial.

There were 29 distinct types to choose from, with prices ranging from $45 to $200. Everything from cycling shorts and exercise sets to windbreakers and sweatshirts as part of the range debuted on November 10th. The program’s main attraction was a scarce IVP Ultraboost in olive green featuring fluorescent green striping and bottoms.