Building New Bee- A hope for saving the world with Argentinian Start-up


It takes a low to showcase creativity and innovation but when business and minds do, even the Silicon-valley gets stunned by the same. one such stunning creativity can be seen in the new agricultural technology start-up, Beeflow. The start-up serves seeking to address around the bee population around the world, like one hive at one time.

Beeflow in the 2 short years of its start, took a move towards the San Francisco to native Argentinian lab. They were invited by IndieBio, a biotech incubator.

Such invitations are all because of the results obtained. As per CNN, with such interventions, the almond, blueberry, Argentinian Kiwi and also the apple crops yielded better. There was 90% haul in the same and even the size increase by 22% of the blueberries, was remarkable. They also said that the California which is home to the 80% world’s almond farms, has seen an increase in demand too.

But no matter how many happy results we get, there will always be someone unsatisfied by it. The CEO Mathias believes that the California farmers won’t be satisfied by the Argentinian results, as he explained to Danny Froston from the Sunday Times. There are also some tests being made by using the support of Beeflow and the IndieBio for market-testing the products of the almond industry, which is one among California’s blooming business.

Business of Beehive

A trend which starts is disturbing and so was this one trend in 2013 which was noticed by the farmers and the beekeepers. Many bee colonies ceased to function even after the presence of a healthy queen and a food supply. Such collapse was named as Colony Collapse Disorder by the entomologists and the disorder seemed to be like an apocalypse of the looming bees. But the question is, what killed them or what can bring back such functionality, etc?

It was Beeflow which was able to address 2 major reasons behind such declines. Variable climates affecting pollinators was first. Bees in no way ready to leave their hives below the temperature of 55 degrees and this is what made Beeflow create a compound. It was nutritional and fortified bees for colder weather, making them productive for long period. 2nd problem addresses were the natural preference of bees for sweeter fruits which had abundant nectar, which instead of attracting pulled them away from crops like berries, which caused the yield to degrade. These issues have been conditioned with the flower essence supplements as the bees like Pavlov’s dog, associated flower smell with nectar source.

Bee’s Brain

Beeflow birth was not just a thought of head. It was a group influenced to give the world something better than what they were able to provide by the failed attempts of Brazilian version TrueCar being launched. Viel, the Argentinian entrepreneur with his group looked for a new venture and guess in 2016, the Beeflow became an amazing thing for them.

They learned along varied things like Bees can be trained. Researches also showed that the bees could learn and have better retention of new information. Their memory is like 2 weeks long and this is why the Beeflow has been feeding the hive the supplement every took week during the season of pollination. This is one successful means to direct the bees towards appropriate flowers and in the end, getting farmers better yield. If we look around the start-up functioning, they are like the forefront of the bees’ survival and supply of science of food.