Coronavirus, a real hit for Apple’s revenue


With the outcry of Coronavirus, even Apple remains unaffected. Due to the outbreak, there have been extreme shortages for the iPhone supply. Company is losing a lot more revenue than the thought of and this was a real warning which came from the company for its investors.

The expectations were low but now, the business has been affected. Devices are limited and the sale, well, the same went down across complete China.

Updates are received from time to time and one such recent update says, Apple won’t be able to meet its last month’s provided, updated revenue guidance for the March quarter. This is seriously a matter of concern and no matter how much of work starts back, the return will still be slow considering the conditions which weren’t anticipated. It’s seriously a matter of distress.

For ones who are aware, most of the manufacturing operations of Apple take place in China. This is the reason why the Coronavirus outbreak has been such a hit hard for the company. But there is nothing that can be done for now as around half the country’s population are out there, with no permission to travel. The restrictions seem pretty high.

Apple is a company to be looked upon as a leader and for what it holds as its belief is one thing to look forward to. For the company, even before the sales and production, the people working for them comes first and so does their well-being. This is why this is what that makes them remain in very close consultation with all those suppliers and the public health experts in the country. For them the outbreak is like a ramp affecting production, creating shortages for device and revenue, worldwide.

All stores were closed temporarily in China but now, it seems like its gradually reopening. It might be reduced hours and traffic which is very low but guess, the slow start will at-least make a go even after all the disruptions.

They call it temporary and we look around, what we see is that the last 3 months in 2019, the sales of iPhone surged up to around to $56 billion which is 8%.

Well, it’s not just the Apple which suffers because of this deadly virus. Varied international companies are shut too and now, they are reopening. Slow, with losses but they are making the try to get up again.

Considering some of the important parts of China, Huawei, which is the country’s one of the top smartphone maker, did reopen the Shenzhen headquarters. The place employs, 40,000 people, say the sources. These reopening are made as per the authorized business guidelines followed locally by all.

But is it possible to return where you left? Nah. Seems like its way too dramatic for the employees to return. They are asked upon their last 2 weeks whereabouts and all the details like a check over body temperature and office building and parking lots temperature are also being made. Face masks and hand sanitizers, they are like one compulsory part to be dispensed around.

Either way, works are reopening and so is a try made to make it at least a bit of normal. They are trying that the employees who are brought in meet along some of the quarantine conditions which when approved gives them an entry.

Sad, slow, but this is what is today’s China flow and it will take time to get back normal.