Megan Stallion Turned Emotional While Talking about the Accused Shooting of Tory Lanez


In a discussion with CBS Mornings, Megan Stallion addressed the alleged shooting of her foot by Tory Lanez in 2020.

The 27-year-old actress broke down in front of Gayle King, the co-host, during an appearance on CBS Mornings, which will run on April 25. She relived the circumstances leading up to her claimed shooting death in July 2020 by Tory Lanez, her ex-boyfriend. A month after the confrontation, Megan first discussed it on Instagram Live, where she decided not to prosecute assault and weapons charges.

After an event in the Hollywood Hills, the two allegedly got into an argument in their car.

“It was an incident because I was prepared to go, and everyone was not eager to go,” Megan said on CBS Mornings, according to a teaser broadcast on April 24. “So, I exit the vehicle and realize that everything has happened quickly. There is nothing else but the screams of this one individual. ‘Dance, bitch,’ he screamed. He then began firing. My first thought was, “Oh my Goodness.”

She went on, saying, “He took a few shots. And it was terrifying because I was so afraid.”

Megan was terrified when she heard that Tory, actual name Daystar Peterson, was hanging over the balcony and firing.

She said, “I did not even need to move.” “I was careful not to make a hasty departure. In the event that I make the incorrect move, I fear that he may miss an opportunity to capture anything crucial. His ability to shoot me and kill me is not clear to my knowledge. Because I had never been fired at before, I was terrified.”

According to Megan’s Instagram post from the morning of July 15, 2020, she would “continued to suffer bullet wounds as a consequence of a crime that happened against me because achieved with the specific intent to assault me physically,” and also that the police had driven her to the hospital. She had surgery to remove the shot from her body.

On Instagram Live the following month, Megan claimed that Tory shot the rifle that injured her foot.

In a video in August 2020, she claimed that her ex-boyfriend Tory had shot her. “You fired me, and now your PR and scumbags are lying and s—t on these blogs. Put an end to the lies and distortions.”

As she explains later in the interview, Tory was the shooter, but she did not notify the cops because of previous police brutality in the area.

I would not want anyone to go into any further problems that I did not inform the police anything. “

Tory, 29, denied shooting and injuring Megan, as alleged. Instead, he rapped, “I would not ever throw you in danger,” claiming he was “trapped” for the event on his next album Daystar, due out on September 25, 2020.

It was announced in October 2020 that Tory had been “accused of assaulting a friend” following the July event, which the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office stated. Armed assault with just an automatic weapon and one count of transporting a loaded gun in a vehicle without registration were among the allegations brought by the prosecution. The accusations against Tory were dropped the next month.

He was put back into jail earlier this month after he violated two different kinds of stay-away orders related to Megan. According to an NBC News spokesperson, one injunction was a “temporary criminal restraining order,” while the other was a “discovery protective order,” according to an NBC News spokesperson.

The trial is slated to commence in September.