Outrageous Online Products That Look Nothing Like The Display Picture


The online world sure can be a confusing place, offering us amazing value for money at a fraction of the offline cost. And while many deals online are excellent value for money, some are…less so. If you are someone who is on the lookout for some top quality online bargains, though, you need to be wary.

Why? Because not every item that is solid online is quite how it looks in the image. Don’t believe us? Then take a look at this list of downright hilarious products sold online that look “quite” a bit different from the products that actually turn up at your doorstep.

We’ve all been there – you buy something online because it looks great in the image. Then when it turns up, it looks an absolute fraction of the product that was such a “bargain” when you made the purchase in the first place!

What, then, are some of the worst examples of comical online products which have been bought online?

The Cat Coat From Hell

When you buy a coat online, the hope is that whatever arrives is in pristine condition. Well, this cat coat manages to break the immersion a little bit too much!

The photo shown above shows you the grandiose, glamorous coat that is supposed to arrive. The picture on the right shows you the poorly woven, triangle-eared monstrosity that arrived in the post. You can see a massive difference in the quality of the material, the stitching, and the overall strength of the jacket.

It’s like comparing a tabby cat to a lion, isn’t it? Absolutely incredible!

The World’s Skinniest Tank Top

A picture containing person, holding, person, person

Description automatically generated

Look at the image on the left and then compare it to the one on the right, and you’ll probably nearly collapse in laughter. The tanktop on the left is one that looks in bright, smart condition and gives the pecks plenty of space to breathe.

The reality, of course, is a pathetic looking tanktop that barely fits the body of the recipient. The image shows a tanktop that looks nowhere near as loose-fitting, nowhere near as comfortable, and nowhere near as impressive. In fact, the only similarities in the images are the build of the two men!


A small child is sleeping in a bed

Description automatically generated No wonder the dinosaurs went extinct! Look at the crazy difference in reality compared to what was advertised versus what actually arrived.

The hilarious nature of the mix-up would be funny if the buyer wasn’t being left with what is essentially a cheap-as-hell pillowcase. Somehow, this is being charged at around $28 for the purchase and it would be safe to say that, given it has a relatively high rating on Amazon, it must be a good enough buy because so many people seem delighted with it!

Why you would want what is essentially a printout of a random kid sleeping on a dinosaur pillow, though, we will never know.

Silly String Blanket

A person sitting on the floor

Description automatically generated When you buy a blanket from the internet, the aim is to get something nice and comfortable. This string blanket showed in the image a happy family of three sitting inside something that almost looked tent-sized. Perfect for a big family picnic, right?

Well, the reality is actually just a tangle of string lying on the floor. It looks like something the dog has had a fight with, in truth. This image is probably the absolute definition of ‘not as advertised’ right? We can’t believe it’s real!


A picture containing clothing, standing, person, person

Description automatically generated

If you fancy picking up a pair of Yeezy shoes then you should expect to pay hundreds of dollars for the pleasure. You might, though, fancy something that is quite like Yeezy’s without the massive price…these shoes, though, might be quite the letdown when they arrive!

They look like the kind of toy shoes that you would buy for a cuddly toy or an Action Man. These comical shoes are sure to cause a few laughs. Given the fact that the Yeezy company is worth as much as €3bn, we suspect they won’t be copying this design anytime soon.

(Not An) iWatch

A hand holding a toy gun

Description automatically generated

Remember when you were younger, and some kid would claim to have something ridiculous like a PlayStation 6? Well, this is what we all expected them to rock up to school with. At around $399 normally, this cut-price ‘iWatch’ comes with…well…nothing like the real thing. It’s basically a normal watch on a cheap as hell strap with an Apple design (badly) copied onto the clock face.

Surely the kind of cheap product that you would buy for someone as a joke. This might be cheapest take on a ‘smart watch’ we’ve seen yet.

The World’s Smallest Face Mask

A close up of a couple of people posing for the camera

Description automatically generated Buy a facemask, and you expect to get some kind of naturally inspired full-facial covering that covers from forehead to chin. As this image shows, though, the developers might have assumed that we all have heads the size of a piece of fruit!

As you can tell from the face of the recipient above, she isn’t exactly impressed. And as funny as this is, just watch out; most cheap facemasks can be terrible for your skin, giving you a chemical influx that can be harder to get rid of in the future.

The Most Literal Small Swimming Pool Ever Sold

A picture containing blue, table, frisbee, grass

Description automatically generated Buy a swimming pool, and you don’t always expect it to be quite the size that the website claims. This pool, though? It can barely even fit a few feet – human feet – into the size of the pool itself!

The image on the left shows a grandiose big pool that you could easily relax in all day. The reality is a tiny pool that would probably float in most sinks. It might be a swimming pool meant for babies or for the smallest pets in the world. For an adult, though? Not a chance!

Halloween Tights

A picture containing indoor, laying, pair, lying

Description automatically generated

They say that you want tights that fit your legs carefully and look great whilst doing so. Well, these tights were supposed to be pretty much the ideal choice for anyone creating a Halloween outfit. The reality is the only fright you will get is the size they arrive in.

As the image on the right shows, one man has essentially found that he could fill the tights almost entirely using just his big toes. We know that tights are supposed to be form-fitting, but most of us would struggle into these tights before we even were an idea, nevermind conceived!

A Dustpan Fit For An Ogre

A person posing for the camera

Description automatically generated

Buying a dustpan to sweep up with? Then make sure you avoid this giant dustpan. There are dustpans, and then there are dustpans. This giant pan, shown to be almost the same size as the person holding its body, is sure to cause much laughter if it arrives at your door.

You might wonder why that dustpan you ordered online has arrived in a box the size of one reserved for a car. Well, now you know why – at least you can sweep away the box into the most grandiose pan ever seen!

Flamingo Dresses (Suited to no adult)

A child posing for a picture

Description automatically generated

Buying a dress online is always risky behaviour because who knows what is going to appear at the end of the day? Buying from AliExpress, though, is like playing Russian Roulette with your expectations at times!

Take this Flamingo Dress. The image on the left shows you the grandiose, charming summer number that was supposed to arrive. The only thing that is similar on the product that actually arrived is the flamingo design. The actual shape of the dress, the build around the body and the shoulders etc. couldn’t be any different!

Probably suited to a toddler, not an adult – but even then!

‘You Tried Your Best’ Prom Dress

A person posing for a photo

Description automatically generated

Whilst buying a prom dress online is always a risky move, buying something like this would drive most people to despair. The total shapeless nature of the dress makes it almost impossible for anyone to wish to wear in good confidence.

Add in the fact that it’s suspiciously less glamorous and detailed than the image – not to mention the massive cups around the bust – and you are left with a dress that looks almost nothing like the image that it was ‘sold’ with!

Scales Suited For Snails

A picture containing graphical user interface

Description automatically generated When you buy a pair of scales online, you might expect something to arrive that isn’t exactly 100% accurate – especially if you buy cheap. These scales, though, were sold for under $1 and it is clear to see why; they provide you with scales that would barely fill the palm of your hand!

Unless you like to weigh out every individual grain of rice or piece of cheese, these would be useless. Would you be shocked to know, though, that this was actually a set of scales that were meant to be used in a dollhouse or similar setting?

Father Easter

A picture containing indoor, photo, different, holding

Description automatically generated

Buy someone a tasty chocolate treat and the hope is that they’ll get something really nice to eat with a nice festive theme attached. Well, it would be say to say that this does not exactly live up to the expectation that we would all have of a good quality Christmas product!

Instead of being Father Christmas, this appears to be an Easter Bunny that has been re-wrapped and re-packaged for a sale at Christmas. Devilish and evil, and very un-festive!

Not Very Berry Loaf

A picture containing indoor, plastic, bag, food

Description automatically generated

Buy a beautiful loaf of bread off the internet and you expect it to turn up looking like the thing that you have bought from the web. As this image shows, though, not everyone is going to get the same quality or quantity as they have paid for online!

This berry loaf shows someone who has wound up with a literal single berry in the whole of their loaf. Compare that to the image on the box, and you might be led to believe that this is supposed to have more berries included!

Fittingly Alien Balloons

A picture containing green, photo, small, colorful

Description automatically generated

Another fine example of this kind of madness is the alien balloon that very much looks like an alien. Compare it to the picture on the box, though, and they are clearly supposed to take an almost aubergine-like shape. However, you will soon find that these are simply not going to look very good when you blow them up!

As the image shows, they tend to take a rather weird shape, turning more into a standard balloon with a tiny alien face printed next to where you fill-up and tie the balloon. Spooky and scary, but not for the intended reasons.

The worlds scariest pillow

A person making a face for the camera

Description automatically generated

Ever thought of buying your partner a picture of you to have on a pillow? You know, something that he or she can look at in the morning and be happy to remember that you are part of their life?

Buy them this monstrosity, though, and you’ll probably wind up absolutely terrifying them as they go to sleep each night. It’s a haunting image, and something that should give you plenty of fear. Definitely the kind of thing that would put you off someone, as opposed to love them more!

Pocket Chairs

A picture containing indoor, room, table

Description automatically generated

Similar to the item above that was for a dollhouse, we *think* this might not be for a person to sit on. Given the size of the chair when the image was posted, it does not take genius to work out that this $10 chair might not be the amazing saving that it sounded when the person first decided to buy the chair in the first place!

Still, we all love a touch of comedy and this is sure to leave you convulsing with laughter. Look how small it is – you’d barely fit a toe!

The wrong kind of thriller fiction

Text, letter

Description automatically generated

Buying an erotic thriller novel online and want it to arrive without anyone knowing what it is? Then a disguised delivery is one thing. However, we think this might be someone who has taken the name of the book, 50 Shades of Grey, a touch too literally.

We know that some people can get off on colours and the like…but we think even this might be stretching their love of colours and shades if you can try and class a Word document printed off as akin to some super-popular erotic fiction!

Sorry, what does your charm say?

A picture containing text

Description automatically generated Buy a little charm bracelet like this, and you are more or less always going to be looking for some kind of wisdom. You might even keep it simple and get something that says your own name. However, we would suggest that the recipient of this particular charm bracelet probably didn’t expect to be receiving this in the post!

The spelling mistake is not only hilarious, but it isn’t the exact kind of message you would want to walk around and tell the world, is it? Another fine example of rushed, misplaced ordering faith.

Piñata Punchbag

A picture containing indoor, table, sitting, room

Description automatically generated As this hilarious image shows, laying into a punchbag and giving it all you’ve got is only a good idea if you know it is a legitimately good one. Buying a half price punchbag that is coming from afar is probably not the good idea that it sounds when you bought it ten beers in…

As the image shows, too, you probably won’t get too long out of a punchbag that appears to be filled with the same consideration and consistency as a pinata! Definitely a punchbag you’d want to pull your punches for, anyway.

The least innovative workplace tool ever seen

A picture containing furniture, chair, sitting, person

Description automatically generated

Pick up this saw and you’ll probably take a few seconds to work out what is wrong with this picture. You know how people like locksmiths and tradesmen will use a workplace tool like this to try and shave though a lock or a chain? Well, this appears to have been somewhat misunderstood by the developer.

You see, instead of being able to cut through a chain, this is able to act like a chain. Probably the single most useless product we’ve ever seen; how did the manufacturer not stop and think!?

Two Left Feet Sneakers

A pair of feet wearing blue shoes

Description automatically generated Buy shoes and you hope that they send you the right size, or that they look like the image provided. This poor online shopper definitely got something for their money, it was probably just not what they would have expected when they went to the store and bought this. One of the oddest pieces of shopping we have ever seen – imaging if this turned up for you in a shoebox!?

We know that it can be pejorative to say that an athlete has two left feet…we never thought anyone thought it was possible!


A picture containing light, dark, lit, sitting

Description automatically generated

Choose to buy a speedometer today and you are pretty certain to want something that can at least be 90% accurate. As this image shows, though, an AliExpress-bought speedometer seems to be rather, uh, guestimating the kind of speed that you might be doing.

And while having a rough idea is always useful, you do kind of want to know within a close ballpark just how fast you are going. Imagine using this as your justification for going over the speed limit; you’d end up sectioned by the law enforcement who seen you doing 120 in a 20 zone!

All-in-one Yeezy’s

Graphical user interface

Description automatically generated We mentioned Yeezy’s a few posts ago, but in truth this one felt too amazing to leave out. You know how some people who actually pay for Yeezy’s will say things like “oh man, they are so comfy I could sleep in them!”

Well, now you can give it a try for real….imagine having the gall to create this, nevermind actually send it to someone in the post!

It’s a pretty galling piece of invention from someone who clearly knew the ‘Yeezy’s’ they were selling were perhaps meant for a giant instead of a human.

The least fashionable shoes ever seen

A pair of feet wearing blue shoes

Description automatically generated

Shoes are supposed to be modern and fashionable, especially when they literally have the word FASHION written on them in the product description image. So, when what appears to be a pair of novelty slippers turn up in the post instead, you have every right to be more than a little miffed at what turns up!

That’s why you might wish to look at these hilarious shoes. They might be the single least exciting and fashionably designed shoes that we have ever seen; you wouldn’t even wear these for a joke!

The mug that is too polite

A cup of coffee on a table

Description automatically generated Buy a novelty mug that is supposed to spell out a profanity word and you often feel pretty smug as you take a sip from your coffee. This F*CK shaped mug was supposed to use the F as the handle…but the person making it obviously got confused with the typography when they took it off!

Instead, it appears to say FNCK. We don’t know if this is some kind of rip-off brand or if this clearly someone who isn’t an English speaker, but we do find it hard to fathom how you make that mistake.


A picture containing necktie, indoor, object, table

Description automatically generated

When you order some multivitamins from the web, the worst case scenario is that a massive, unmarked bag of pills is going to arrive. When you order those same multivitamins, though, you do kind of expect an actual vitamin set to arrive.

As this seller shows, though, you can never have too low expectations when it comes to the internet. Instead of some health-boosting vitamins, the recipient was sent some stress-boosting finger traps that are sure to give anyone who buys them an absolute nightmare. We’ve seen incorrect orders and then we’ve seen this; how do you even get that mixed up!?

What’s the worst that could arrive?

A picture containing food

Description automatically generated

Fan of Dr. Pepper? Then you might wish to stroll around in the snazzy and funny ‘Don’t worry, I’m a Dr.’ t-shirt. Sure to get a few laughs out in public, right?

Well, somehow, we think that wearing the t-shirt that actually arrived might just make people give you a rather quizzical or concerned stare if they see you out and about in the street. It’s definitely not the t-shirt that was shown online, that is for sure: in fact, it’s not even that close to it at-all!

Not quite summer swag

A person standing in front of a group of people posing for the camera

Description automatically generated

Order some stylish summer attire online, and you would be forgiven for hoping that something even vaguely like what you paid for turned up. Well, as this poor person found out, that is not even the kind of expectation that you can have these days.

The image on the left is the sexy, stylish item expected to arrive; the one on the right is the shapeless, see-through monstrosity that turned up. We hope the poor lady was able to get something back in return! That’s an absolute shocker compared to the shown-off image.

The Cover-Up

Graphical user interface, website

Description automatically generated

Order a phone cover online and you expect it to look just like the thing that you paid for. Sure the material can sometimes be a bit off and the shape might not be 100% perfect, but at the very least you expect the image to be spot on!

This ridiculous item, though, shows us without any doubt that we don’t always get what we want when it comes to even a pone cover. The kind of comical, ridiculous item that turns up and leaves you wondering WTF the seller was thinking when it was sent to you.

Well, it does say ‘boys’….

A person sitting in a room

Description automatically generated

Choose to buy a single seater chair and you might have to be very careful about the wording and the terms in the order. You see, this does say ‘boys’ in the wording of the title…but you could be forgiven for thinking it’s simply slang terminology.

As the recipient shows, though, they were sent a chair that was maybe a touch too small for them when it turned up. Comical, sure, but also kind of annoying when you just want a nice chair to kick back and relax in to watch your TV.

Low-cut blow-up dress

A person standing posing for the camera

Description automatically generated

When you choose to buy from a fashionable place that is selling new attire, you can often find yourself caught up in how the design looks in a professional shot. Still, even the most daring of professional touch-ups should never turn this figure-fitting dress into the reality that turned up for the recipient.

The dress looks like it is a blow-up body suit that needs to be given ample air just to try and fit the shape of someone. If you are going to buy a tight dress for its confidence-boosting qualities, it had better fit!

Dining chairs for apparitions

A wooden table

Description automatically generated

Buying items to use to fill out your dining room? Then you should always double and triple check the kind of image that is being sent to you. For the most part, you are going to need to look for something that is entirely safe for you to sit on, something that can take your weight….

We would suggest, though, that these chairs might be a touch too small to take your full weight. With that in mind, you *might* wish to look for something a touch sturdier and taller for your dining table!

The worlds tiniest playing cards

A picture containing person, indoor, holding, table

Description automatically generated

Sick of playing poker with friends and knowing for a fact that someone is peeking at your cards? Then you should absolutely take a look at this hilarious set of tiny playing cards. They are so small, that even you will probably struggle to have a clue what kind of cards you are holding!

Still, if you find that the risk of someone watching you as you play is making it hard to get your game on then you might just find that these do the job that you had in mind. Maybe?

The Eiffel Tower of London

A person in a sweater

Description automatically generated

Choose to go down the route of getting a t-shirt that is supposed to show off your cultural knowledge, and you need to make sure it is spot on. So, unless you want to break necks as people view your t-shirt with utter confusion you might wish to avoid buying this London t-shirt!

You see, instead of the artistic take on the city skyline this just…throws in a photo of the Eiffel Tower?

Now, as far as we know, the Eiffel Tower is a part of Paris. Paris isn’t in London, right?

404 Snapbacks

A picture containing photo, sweater, player, snow

Description automatically generated

Ever bought some custom attire online and asked for them to include a few images? Then you probably know just how up and down the quality can be. This, though? This takes the cake by a few slices!

They have literally just copied the URL of the image onto the hat and sent it out. Like, it’s crazy to think that any company would feel comfortable putting that together, printing it, packing it, and sending it. you would assume eventually someone might go “Hey….we should maybe click on the link, see what it actually is?” No?

Statements of intent

A person holding a sign

Description automatically generated

In the modern world, we know more than ever how important it is to stand up for those who need protection from an unfair society. The only problem is that most of the time it can lead to making statements through fashion. And if you are going to do that, you need to make sure the statemen is readable!

As this hoodie shows, you could be out showing that racism is often hidden behind the veil of patriotism…the only problem is that the public will just see you wearing a hoody with RACISM written on it. Awkward.


A group of people posing for the camera

Description automatically generated

Buy a stylish mint dress of the internet, and you expect something modern and very cool to arrive in the post. This is the kind of stylish dress that any lady would feel awesome wearing. Just imagining how good it’ll look should make opening the box so exciting!

Then you open the box, and you see something that looks like it is made from wrapping paper. It looks like the single worst Tinkerbell cosplay we’ve ever seen, in truth. It’s not even cut properly; almost every part of the dress looks inconsistent and out-of-sync. Awful!

Cut-price iPads

A picture containing indoor, table, sitting, computer

Description automatically generated

Choose to buy an iPad from a third party and you really are leaving you fate in the laps of the gods. What the problem tends to be is that you might get something arriving in the post that, uh, looks nothing like the actual product you bought.

Take this crafty sale as a good example. The seller has just thrown in what looks to be a kids calculator into an iPad box and then sent it off. You could probably buy that calculator for about $5 online. So, always try and avoid these third party iPad sales!

Swing Set (for squirrels)

A hand holding a blue object

Description automatically generated

Buy an adorable swing set for your kids, and you might just find that they tend to be what you are looking for. Buy this set, though, and your kids will be lucky to fit a single foot into the model that is sent. Clearly, this is supposed to be part of a tiny playpark for action figures and toys…not even the smallest baby in the world could fit in that swing set seat!

It’s the kind of ridiculous purchase that, once it arrives, leaves you questioning everything you know about commerce.


A plastic container of food

Description automatically generated

Buy your kids an awesome set of little dinosaurs for them to play with, and the hope is they’ll have fun and learn something along the way. Buy them this set, though, and they’ll soon be wondering why cats and dogs are still around. After all…didn’t the dinosaurs go extinct?

Because according to this crazy packaging, cats and dogs are dinosaurs. And not very happy looking dinos either; look at the faces of these creatures. It’s as if they have captured their face about three seconds before the meteor that wiped out the dinosaurs hit the planet.

Non-climbing climbing rope

Buy something to help you go climbing, and you might just hope that something sold specifically for climbing will be, you know, suitable. As this rope shows, though, it is not suitable for climbing…despite showing you a man climbing something with it on the packaging.

Now, put aside just how ludicrous that is for a moment and you will soon also appreciate just how ridiculous the marketing for this. How can something that is ‘high strength’ climbing rope not actually be good enough to help you climb?

How can this product actually exist, honestly?


A picture containing doughnut, donut, sitting, cup

Description automatically generated

Buy a themed ice cream and you expect it to have a similar shape to the product on the package. Sure, you aren’t always going to get something identical but it should be 90% or so similar. However, as this shows, sometimes the advertising on the packaging can be way out from the actual reality of the product that has arrived.

Once you stop laughing, though, you might still find that the ice cream and the chocolate tastes pretty good. Still, if you ever seen a panda that looked like this, you’d call the zookeeper for help immediately!

Get a (literal) bite to eat

A picture containing indoor, cabinet, food, kitchen

Description automatically generated

Going to cook up a storm? Then it helps to have something that you can actually cook on, right?

As this ridiculous image shows, though, you are going to be lucky to get a bite to eat onto the plate with this tiny little thing. The kind of mad arrival that turns up in your shopping list and you wonder how you ever made the mistake. Another fine example of someone who has bought an item clearly meant for display and roleplay purposes hoping it was a good price on the real thing!

The wedding dress of horrors

A person in a wedding dress

Description automatically generated

Buying a wedding dress can be crazy expensive if you choose to buy from a designer. Many people choose to avoid the high costs associated with buying a big name wedding dress, but this online order was supposed to give you something classy and charming for a good price.

What turned up, though, looks like a happy mixture between a cheap as chips night out dress and some deflated bubble wrap attached with a few staples. No wonder the lady in the photo looks so angry – you’d be furious if this was your big day dress!

Living room rug (for your feet)

Graphical user interface, website

Description automatically generated

Buy a grandiose rug online and you expect it to be very close to the size of the advertised image. Sure, perspective and the like can make an item look larger in an image than it is in reality…but we don’t think that the size difference spotted in this photo could ever be defended by anyone.

An absolutely outrageous choice; something that looks like a joke that was sent as part of an April Fool’s prank. At least the recipients appear to have taken it in good humour and grace!

Please sir, can I have some more?

A hand holding a large bowl

Description automatically generated

Got a family event coming up and having to play host when serving out dinner and drinks? Then you need a good, reliable ladle to make the job easier. As this poor fella found out, though, sometimes you don’t need a ladle that could fit your own head into the bowl section!

While you could use this to end drought in about an hour, it is probably not suited for anyone who is making soup in a pot. Unless, of course, you happen to be making your soup in a witches cauldron!

Princess Who?

A person standing in a room

Description automatically generated

Most of us who have even a passing interest in science fiction will know how Princess Leia is. However, if you choose to buy a ‘sexy’ Princess Leia costume for Halloween one year, you might wish to check the small print. As this image shows, it isn’t quite likely to cling to you in the same that it does for Carrie Fischer in the movies!

This is a ridiculous example of what a product can look like out the box compared to the image on the front.

Hiking heels

A pair of legs wearing shoes

Description automatically generated

As the image shows, this is someone who is clearly into their athletic experiences and likes to take on the rough and tumble. To buy the image in the top-right, a pair of stylish and functional hiking boots, and end up with a pair of snappy heels seems like quite the drop down in functionality, correct?

I mean, have you ever tried walking even on a flat pavement in heels? It’s an absolute nightmare. We think that it might be somewhat tougher to get up a muddy, steel hill when wearing a pair of fashionable high heels!

Thigh high bin bags

A person posing for a picture

Description automatically generated

Trying to find some sexy and appealing thigh high leather stockings? Then you might want to avoid going too cheap in your search. As this fail shows, someone bought a pair of these ‘leather’ thigh high stockings’ only to wind up with something that looks like Catwoman had to make her next outfit from some bin bags.

It’s comical and the buyer obviously took it in good enough grace to show off the comedic results. Still, it’s just crazy how something this low quality could actually be posted to someone in good faith!

That’s not our leader!

Graphical user interface, text, application

Description automatically generated

For many political junkies, wearing t-shirts and clothing showing your love and support for your chosen political leader is common. However, for those who are big fans of (now ex) POTUS Donald Trump, you might find this a bit of a slap in the face.

The image clearly shows a Trump t-shirt that is supposed to arrive, full of many takes on the TV stars face. Instead, you get a t-shirt arriving with a big face of the North Korean leader instead. Talk about a kick in the teeth for any true Trump fans out there!

The tortured teddy

Graphical user interface, website

Description automatically generated

Looking to buy an amazing gift for a kid? Then you might decide to go down the classic route and buy them a big cuddly teddy bear. Great idea, you might think until this turns up in the post. It looks absolutely terrifying for a start, but the fact that its legs are about the size of a tall child should really put you off buying it!

Compare it to the adorable big friend on the grass in the store image, too, and you could be forgiven for getting excited about its arrival!

See-with-your-eyes One X

A picture containing person, person, book, holding

Description automatically generated

When you buy a games console off the internet, you obviously expect something to turn up that you can actually play. OK, so most pre-owned games consoles might come with a coffee stain on the console or a shaky pad…but you kind of do expect something electronic to turn up, yes?

Well, this poor punter bought an Xbox One and ended up with a terribly scanned picture arriving in the post instead. Absolutely horrible thing to do; this isn’t even bad advertising, it’s just a scam. Hope he got a replacement.

Purple Pain

A group of people posing for the camera

Description automatically generated

Again, buying snazzy dresses from the internet can be a good idea…if it looks anything like the thing that you actually spent some hard-earned money on. It can be tough to buy something from the web only to have some weird Frankenstein style thing turn up in its place.

With that being the case, this dress is probably one of the worst examples we’ve seen. From the form-fitting and flowing dress in the original image to the pair of bed sheets that turned up in its place…you would be absolutely fuming with the seller, wouldn’t you?

The saddest lion plant ever seen

A vase of flowers on a table

Description automatically generated

Many people today will choose to buy artificial plants and décor for their home so they don’t need to worry about upkeep so much. Still, when you look at the precious and proud lion in the first image and then compare it with the second image, it is almost impossible to even see the similarity.

The product that arrived looked like what the first product would if it went through a steam pressure machine for about thirty five years. Absolutely crazy how things like this can be sent out in the post!

The cat scratching post for a kitten

A cat lying on a bed

Description automatically generated

When you want to buy your cat some awesome items to keep them busy and entertained, it is only natural that we will look to things like scratching posts. When this tiny thing turns up in the post, though, your cat is probably going to look at you with a fine mixture of hatred and bemusement.

Offer even the most patient and mature of cats this to play with, and you’ll probably find they’ll go for the sofa that you love most just out of pure irritation for even buying this.

The worst reversible mug in the world

A coffee mug on a table

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Buying festive treats for someone? Oh! We know! Why not buy them a novelty mug to try out?

Just, you know, make sure it isn’t this mug. God, you would feel like a mug if you bought this thing – look at it!

It’s the single worst example of a reversible mug the world has ever seen. It quite literally is just a copy paste of the image (badly, in low resolution) onto the ceramic itself. One of those kind of half-assed web sales that you just wonder if the seller does it out of spite.

Welcome rug (for your book)


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Thinking about buying a rug for your home? Then you might find the classic style of this rug to be quite appealing. For sure, it is a beautiful design…the only problem is that it’s actually a bookmark.

It’s the kind of classy look and style that one would expect of a rug, but the price should have been a giveaway in the first place. Make no mistake, a welcome rug this is not – it’s a tiny bookmark that, from the looks of it, only just covers head-to-toe for most normal books. Barely even big enough for that!

The “watch it yourself” TV

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When you buy a TV, the hope is that something will turn up that enhances your viewing experience. As this poor buyer found, though, they’d essentially bought a piece of wood that was wrapped up in protective film and had a few stickers hastily slapped onto it.

Feels more akin to a prank that you would see online, but we think you might notice from the sheer weight of the product. It would weigh as much as at able, which even the heaviest of TVs tend to avoid being these days! Definitely one worth sending back, we’d say.