Pamela Anderson and her apple textiles collection.


Pamela Anderson is releasing a new vegetarian purse collection. The current TV series artist will collaborate with Ashoka Paris to fulfill their 2020 partnership of barbarity apple’s skin handbags. Apple skin is a vegan-friendly option. In 2004, Alberto Volcan created it in Northern Italy from residual apple residue made from apple juice.

Pamela Anderson has a new endeavor in the works: a collection of vegan purses. The recently retired Baywatch actress collaborates with Ashoka Paris to follow the previous 2020 partnership of violence-free apple suede handbags.

Apple suede, a fabric created from the dehydrated peels of Italian green apples, is used to make the handbags, as shown on a live TV show.

“The Pamela handbag has become out!” Ashoka Paris announced it on Instagram. The newest addition to the Apple Touch compact line was the founder, dedicated actress Pamela Anderson. It’s a vast shopping handbag with a unique latch along the outside zipper, multiple interior compartments, and a detachable case. It’s available in four colors: black, brown-orange, nude, and red. The duo donates a handbag to one of the players via PETA, a wildlife advocacy organization.

The following is the rest of the article: “SURPRISE! We’ve partnered up alongside PETA UK to offer you the opportunity to win a Pamela handbag in each of their different shades.

Apple skin is created by grinding the peels of apples farmed in Bolzano, Italy, into a powder and shipping it to a plant in Florence, where it is transformed into leather. A portion of the proceeds will benefit the Pamela Anderson Foundation, which helps individuals and institutions struggle for humanitarian, wildlife, and ecological rights violations. 

Ashoka Paris’s initial collaboration was released in June 2020, with Ashoka Paris describing the supermodel as “a female dedicated to all frontiers.” Their declaration went on to praise her for “altering mindsets, supporting individuals, dispensing justice, and confronting politicians,” among other things. “Pamela Anderson has already been assisting those on the main lines to safeguard people, wildlife, and ecological values for the past 25 years,” they noted.

The Pamela Anderson Foundation supports the work of bold males and females who want to educate and protect the earth and those who exist upon it. Because of her unwavering devotion to assisting someone unable to protect themselves, we decided to collaborate on a program alongside her. ‘Anderson’s new company coincides with the premiere of the show chronicling her career and the publication of her sexual film, Pam & Tommy. The Pamela Anderson Foundation, which sponsors organizations fighting for humanitarian, wildlife, and ecological causes, will get a portion of the proceeds.

The series stars Lily James as Anderson, Sebastian Stan as Mötley Crüe, Tommy Lee, Nick Offerman, etc. The sixth season will be broadcast on Tuesday because there will be two additional programs before the series concludes. Anderson has made a point of stating that he is a vegan.