Some Dads Will Do Anything For Their Daughters


Sometimes life isn’t fair, and many times, the people we think will protect us end up failing us. That is what happened when a father learned the real reason behind why his daughter was singled out in school. As he heard what the administrator was saying, he stood in disbelief.

Of course, he couldn’t take any more berating of his daughter. Instead, the father rolled up his sleeves and decided that it was time to fight back. Here is a complete story of how this father protected his daughter from what the school administrator was trying to do for a long time.

A Successful Investment Banker

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Tony Alarcon is a successful investment banker and in real estate, which is why he is not someone that will take things lightly. After all, Alarcon is used to getting his way most of the time. That is why when the school began saying things about his daughter, he found them to be unacceptable, and rightly so.

Besides that, the daughter was also in a lot of pain, as she was crying after what the school did. When Alarcon saw his daughter’s face, he decided that it was time to do anything to make things better for her, as no one messes with his daughter.

The Singling Out Of Demetra

Schools should understand that it is not good to single out any child. Of course, the situation of Demetra was not unique, but she was still shocked by the behavior of her school. She was embarrassed after what happened and didn’t want to come back to school.

That is because she didn’t see anything wrong with the outfit that got her kicked out of school. It was not a big deal, and she didn’t understand why the school made such a big fuss about it. Of course, sometimes, these things are beyond our control, as schools can do anything.

Dress Code Policy At School

All schools have some sort of dress code policies that students must follow no matter what. Demetra’s school didn’t want kids to wear a uniform, but they still required the students to be a little modest as they entered. One day, Demetra picked out an outfit that she thought was cute, but the school didn’t think this way.

Her clothes caused such a commotion that it resulted in a big fight between the school and her father. Of course, Demetra only picked that outfit because it was incredibly hot, and she thought it was cute, but her school singled her out that day.

The Topic Of The Month

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After the school singled out Demetra, her outfit became the hot gossip topic in school one day. Soon enough, Demetra was caught in a lot of media and public outcries. We don’t understand why this happened because her choice of clothing was not too different from what other girls her age were also wearing.

Of course, Californian summers can also get hot, which is why she is not to blame. Besides all the attention that her outfit got, there was also something that came her way during this time. Unfortunately, that was even worse than all the gossip about her outfit.

The Blue Outfit

Demetra studied at Raymond J. Fisher Middle School in California. During the day that she wore the outfit, it was more than ninety degrees, and the temperature was only rising. Demetra decided to wear a blue romper to school because it was comfortable and didn’t make her feel too hot that day.

However, something about this romper made people lose their minds. During her first class, Demetra was called out by the teacher. After that, she was taken to the principal, who called her father to come down to the school, which was a mistake on the part of the principal.

Only Two Options

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As Tony was called to the school by the principal, he was given two options. The first option was that he could come and take Demetra home, and the other option was that he could bring her different clothes. Of course, Tony was in disbelief as he heard the principal utter these words out of his mouth.

After all, Tony did not see anything wrong with what Demetra was wearing. He had dropped his daughter off at school, and there was nothing too revealing about her outfit that would cause the school to react this way. Tony was in shock as he stood there while the principal said all these things.

A Change Of Clothes

After Tony was given these two options, he decided he would play nice and bring his daughter a change of clothes. That is why he went through her drawers and got her a plain tank top and shorts she could wear. He took the clothes and headed off to the school when he saw his daughter crying at the gate.

That is because the school had not finished singling out Demetra during this day. What Tony didn’t understand at the time was that this battle had just begun. It was time to talk to the school and protect his daughter, as no one deserves such treatment from schools.

Never Ending Problem

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Demetra went and changed into the clothes that Tony had brought for her. However, as she came out in her new clothes, the principal commented again that the clothes were still not appropriate for the school. Of course, such a comment made Tony angry, and he asked the administrator what the issue was.

Tony also made Demetra bend a little to show the school that the shorts were covering her properly, and there was no problem. At this time, Tony didn’t want to hear any more excuses. That is why he told the school he wouldn’t leave until they told him the real reason.

A Furious Father

The school administrator kept on giving answers, but Tony was not satisfied with them because he knew that the school was lying. He emphasized that he needed to know the real reason why the school was singling out his daughter like this. Of course, Tony is a smart man, and he has a suspicion of the reason.

However, he didn’t think it would be possibly true in the times we are living in. He still came prepared, and he got even more furious when the school administrator told him the actual reason behind such behavior towards his daughter.

The Problem With Length

The school administrator finally explained to Tony that they did not have a problem with the modesty of the dress. Instead, it was all about the length of what Demetra was wearing. The administrator went on to tell Tony that the romper and shorts that Tony picked out didn’t pass the fingertip test.

Again, Tony knew that this was not the real reason behind the behavior, and the school administrator was coming up with lies. Of course, he wouldn’t leave till he got an answer. He is a father, and he would always stand up for his daughter, no matter what.

Don’t Mess With Tony

Tony was adamant, and he wouldn’t leave the school until they offered him a satisfactory explanation about what was going on. He argued that other girls were also wearing the same outfits. So, why were these girls not singled out and pulled out from the class?

He also asked the school what was the fingertip test that Demetra’s clothes didn’t pass. Of course, he was getting even more furious with each minute. The school also didn’t know who they had begun messing with, as Tony would do anything to protect his daughter and keep her safe from harm.

The Fingertip Test

The school administrator offered an explanation as to what the fingertip test was according to them. They explained that it was the standard test that all students had to follow when choosing their clothes for school. Tony asked Demetra to relax and keep her arms by her side so that he could see.

As Demetra did this, Tony noticed that her shorts fell below the fingertips, which is why this was no reason to single her out. Even the school saw that Tony wasn’t going to find this explanation acceptable, which is why they came up with another. However, Tony didn’t take that too lightly either.

Tony Couldn’t Believe It

As soon as Tony heard other explanations, he couldn’t believe what the school was saying about his daughter. He even asked the administrator to repeat so that Tony could process what he was hearing. Of course, whatever they were saying made him even angrier than before.

He thought that the real reason had more to do with the boys that were present in Demetra’s class. As he stood there and heard their reasoning, he couldn’t believe what was happening. He didn’t expect such behavior from the school, and he couldn’t be more disappointed with what was happening at the time.

Distracting The Boys

The school administrator explained to Tony that they only did this because she could be a big distraction to the boys in the class. It wasn’t about the dress code or the image, but this was the real reason behind what had taken place. Of course, when Tony heard this, he knew his gut was right as this was the real reason behind their behavior.

Of course, just because the school gave the real reason, it didn’t mean that Tony was going to take any of this lightly. It was still a bizarre excuse and no reason for a school to single a child out like this.

Wear Some Leggings

After explaining the real reason, the administrator of the school went on to say that Demetra would only be allowed to go to class if she wore leggings and covered herself up. Of course, this was unacceptable because it was 90 degrees outside, and the heat was unbearable. Tony couldn’t believe how unfair the school was being.

Even Demetra was not feeling good, and she felt as if the school was picking on her. Of course, even Tony agreed with his daughter. At that time, he decided that it was time for him to teach a lesson to the school.

Breaking Rules

Finally, Demetra told her father that even the boys in her class were breaking the rules all the time, and no one ever singled them out. For example, according to the school policy, it was not okay for anyone to wear hats in class. However, the boys broke this rule many times.

Of course, no teacher ever singled out the boys for wearing hats or ever called out on them. When Tony heard this, he decided that it was time for him to give the school a piece of his mind. After all, no one treats his daughter in this way.

Raising His Voice

Tony decided it was time for him to weigh in. He kept his anger aside and pointed out to the school that other students were also wearing the same clothes as Demetra, and they were not following the rules. He also went on to say that the girls of the school were being watched more than the boys.

Of course, this was not fair to anyone in the school. After all, kids should be allowed to wear what they want, especially when it is so hot. Tony also raised another crucial point towards the school, as he was not done schooling them.

Dress Code Policy Requires Revision

Tony went on to say that the school should revise its dress code policy because it didn’t take into account the hot weather. He said that students should be given some leniency, especially when the temperature is unbearable. Students spend their entire day here, which is why it didn’t make sense for the girls to wear leggings all day.

Wearing light and short clothing is not about immodesty or distracting boys but about being comfortable in the hot weather. Tony didn’t want his daughter to feel uncomfortable just because the school thought she was distracting boys. Of course, he was not going to let this issue go so easily.

What The Girls Think

Tony talked to Demetra’s friends because he wanted to hear the opinion of the rest of the girls. All of them thought that the dress code rules were not fair and the system was flawed. The girls thought they were deliberately being made to feel uncomfortable in this heat.

All of this was happening just because the boys couldn’t control themselves? Of course, the girls and Tony refused to accept what was happening, which is why they decided it was time to make some changes to the system. After all, it couldn’t go on like this for the girls forever.

Time To Bring The Media In

Tony knew that it was time to talk to the media to raise his voice against the school and its unfairness. He appeared on many local news channels and reports, such as Today. After all, Tony had the determination and the money to make his voice heard across California.

Of course, he also wanted to take revenge for how the school made his daughter feel that day. He stated that the girls only want to be comfortable, and the school doing this is unacceptable. Of course, while Tony had begun this battle, do you think he would win against the school?

Time To Fight

The battle had just begun, and Tony was not going to back down no matter what happened. He proposed that it was not up to the teachers to decide what they felt was and wasn’t appropriate for the students. Instead, such decisions should be left to the parents, as they know what’s best for their children.

Tony’s opinion was gaining traction among the public, which is why he decided that it was time to go public with this issue so everyone could weigh in. After all, he wasn’t going to let such behavior from the school slide. It is not okay to make little girls feel that what they wear distracts boys.

A Societal Issue

As Tony began this battle, he proposed that the school’s dress should be reasonable. For example, it should be unacceptable for midriffs and underwear to be visible. On the other hand, no one should wear shirts that include spaghetti straps.

However, what Tony didn’t understand at the time was that he was not just dealing with a school but a societal issue. He had just begun to scratch the surface with this stance. Besides that, not everyone in society is going to agree with what Tony had to say about this issue.

Different Opinions

Of course, not everyone had the same opinion as Tony during this fight. The good news is that majority of the people were supporting Tony in this fight. That is because they thought that Tony was uncovering the issue of how women are objectified, even in school.

Soon, everyone was talking about this topic, and it caused a stir amongst many people. That is because everyone wanted to weigh in and give in their opinion. It became the hot topic of that time, and everyone began talking about it in the area, as they wanted to share their take on this topic.

The Response Of The School

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The school wasn’t going to take anything lightly, and they were going to respond to all the accusations that Tony had put forth. According to the school, they had kept the dress code to create guidelines for reasonable decorum. On the other hand, Tony was adamant that the school was overreacting to his daughter’s clothes.

Finally, Principal Fraser decided that it was time to hold a meeting so that everyone could come together and talk. No one knew at the time what the meeting would bring. However, Demetra is not the only girl that decided to shake up the dress code policies of her school.

Prom Night For Clare And James

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Prom night is always exciting, which is why Clare and her boyfriend James were thrilled to be on their way to prom. The theme of the prom was “Twilight in Paris,” and they couldn’t wait to experience it. They were happy teenagers, and they felt ecstatic to have a great night and have fun with friends.

James even purchased tickets for them in advance so that nothing could hinder their night. As they went to the prom, Clare and James knew that nothing would make this night less special. Of course, they didn’t know what was in store for them as they reached the prom.

Finding The Perfect Dress

Prom night is more exciting for the girls because they go through an extensive process to find the perfect dress for themselves. Even Clare had worked hard to find such a dress for herself. She purchased a silver and glittery dress to mark how special the night would be.

She couldn’t wait to wear her gorgeous sparkling silver cocktail dress to the prom. However, she didn’t realize that the dress would cause a stir and cause things to go awry. Life always has a surprise in store for us, no matter how great we think things will go.

Passing The Fingertip Test

Clare knew that her school had rules, which is why she knew that the dress had to pass the fingertip test. She began saving money to finding a dress she could afford. That is why when she went to buy the dress, she prayed that she could find an affordable dress that would pass this test.

As Clare found the perfect silver dress, she relaxed her arms to the side and prayed that the hem would fall below the fingertips. After all, she didn’t want to give up this dress. Clare had gone through six stores before she came to this store and finally found the perfect dress.

Following The Prom Dress Code

The school released the guidelines for the prom dress code, and Clare noted it was simple. The guidelines asked all the girls to keep the dress semi-formal, and it must pass the fingertip test. Of course, it was a close call for Clare, but her silver dress passed this test.

That is why she left the store, confident that her dress wouldn’t create any issues with the school. However, there was still something about this dress that made everyone go crazy. You never know what is going to happen in school, especially during prom.

Time For Another Check

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Clare was incredibly happy, and she felt as if she was channeling her inner Marilyn Monroe as she wore some red lipstick on her blonde hair. However, before she went to the prom, she had to do a final test so that everything was according to the guidelines. Clare thought that the results would be the same as before when she bought the dress.

However, that wasn’t the case this time because, unfortunately, the results came a bit short. The check lowered her excitement a little bit, but she was still determined to go to the prom. After all, it was her day, and she wasn’t going to let anything or anyone take this day away from her.

Testing The Outfit With Heels

The check was done to ensure that she was complying with all the guidelines. That is why she decided to test the outfit with her heels. However, when she took this test, her fingertips were incredibly close to the hem of her dress.

Clare knew that she had to be careful because if she danced, then the dress might show more of her thighs. However, she knew that as long as she moved with precaution, everything would be fine. She didn’t even need to dance because she was confronted as soon as she entered the prom, which was taking place at the local church.

Administration Approached Clare

Unfortunately, as soon as Clare arrived at the prom, the administration immediately approached her. Ann Duncan was one of the organizers, and she stopped Clare at the door as she told Clare that her dress was too short. Of course, Clare was confident and didn’t fear the administration.

That is why she looked in shock at Ann and asked her what the rule was. Clare was not going to let some organizer stop her from having the time of her life tonight. That is why she decided that it was time for her to stay confident and walk with pride to the prom.

The Dress Is A Red Flag

As Clare had expected, the host had told her that this dress wasn’t passing the fingertip length test. Clare started explaining to Ann that the dress only looked short on her because she was tall and she has long legs. Of course, Ann wasn’t buying any of this, and she told Clare that it was incredibly inappropriate.

Besides that, Ann also told Clare that this dress wasn’t complying with the code that the school had kept. At this time, Clare knew that this wasn’t going to work. If she wanted to have the time of her life at the prom, then she would have to fight to get in.

The Last Warning

Clare still didn’t let Ann stop her from going in. That is because she quickly showed Ann that her dress passed the fingertip test. When Ann saw this, she allowed Clare to enter the prom, but she gave her a warning that her dress better stay pulled down because it was still too short.

Little did Clare know that this was just the calm before the real storm took place. She had just started a battle that she may or may not win as she walked inside the prom. Even we have yet to find out what happened next as Clare entered the prom.

Being Singled Out

As soon as Clare walked into the room, she could see that many other girls were wearing even shorter dresses than her. However, they stood out less in the crows because the girls were not as tall as Clare. She was frustrated that Ann would single her out in this way, as her dress only stood out because of her height.

Of course, Clare still made it inside, and she was ready to begin her prom on a positive note. However, her happiness only lasted a few minutes. That is because Clare and her friends soon noticed someone looming above their heads.

The Line Of Chaperones

According to James, the dance was highly chaperoned this year as compared to the previous years. Many people were just standing in the middle of the dance floor and having a conversation. However, a lot of other awkward things were also taking place.

That is because there was a line of chaperones and dads on the balcony above who were just looking down and gawking. Such behavior shouldn’t be acceptable at the prom. If the students have to follow the rules, then so does the school administration to make it a comfortable experience for everyone.

Feeling Uncomfortable

At that time, Clare and her friends felt incredibly uncomfortable that is because there were a high number of male parents at the prom. They did nothing but watch girls for five hours dance to the music. They were also above the balcony, which is why they were looking down on all the girls.

Of course, Clare and the other girls didn’t pay any attention to the dads above. After all, they were not going to let anyone ruin their night. However, they knew that this prom was doomed from the beginning as Ann came to the girls again, and this time she looked more furious than before.

Provocative Dancing

Ann called Clare over and told her that some of the chaperone dads were complaining that her dress was too provocative and that she was making the young men have impure thoughts. Of course, it is clear that the dads were having such thoughts and projecting their feelings on the teenage boys. After all, everyone was at the prom to have fun, and none of the kids were thinking this.

If anyone should’ve been sent home that night, it should’ve been the male parents. After all, why were so many of them chaperones and gawking at everyone from the balcony?

Not Standing Down

Clare wasn’t going to stand down because she told everyone that saying her outfit was causing impure thoughts is similar to saying that she’s asking for people to stare at her. This is the attitude that comes from people who blame the victims of sexual assault for the incident.

Everyone is responsible for their own thoughts, and Clare’s actions were not the reason for their thoughts. Of course, the school was making Clare responsible for the impure thoughts of the dads and the teenage boys. Clare was determined to fight back such accusations.

Enough Is Enough

Clare was ready to fight back, and she defended herself by telling Ann that she wasn’t dancing. Besides that, her dress was appropriate, too, and she never signed any document to adhere to a dress code policy. She also stated that the dress code policy was communicated verbally, and she followed this.

Clare’s friends tried to take part in the conversation too, but Ann told them it wasn’t their business. Of course, James was also witnessing all of this. That is when he came because he had had enough of everyone pestering Clare about her dress and dancing.

The Refund

James stepped into this conversation and told the administrators of the school to refund the $25 tickets to everyone that was leaving because of this. That is because they weren’t doing anything wrong, but they were still being kicked out. Of course, this required some sort of compensation from the school.

However, Clare thought that $25 was not enough to cover the trauma that she had just experienced. That is why she came up with a better idea, as she wanted to teach the school a lesson. She had enough of their pestering and torturing during their prom night, which was supposed to be a happy day for them.

Time To Finish This

Many negotiations failed during this time, and James tried to involve the manager of the prom at that point. Of course, Ann saw this and became even more furious. That is when she snapped and started saying again and again that she would not debate on this matter anymore.

James was also not standing down, and he began pressing her about this issue even more. Ann couldn’t control her anger anymore, and that is when she went to call a chaperone to finish what had begun. After all, it was time to rest on this matter.

Time For Security

Ann brought security with her so that Clare and their group could be escorted off the dance floor once and for all. Clare was highly upset by this time, and she had tears running down her cheeks. She went on to share that she has long legs and she was wearing a glittery dress, which made her stand out.

Clare was tired of people abusing power to make girls feel ashamed and violated for no reason. It is not the responsibility of Clare or any other woman to control the thoughts and urges of other people. That is when Clare decided that it was time to take revenge.

Others Thoughts

As the security guard was escorting Clare out, she had asked him what he thought of the situation. According to him, Clare’s dress was not inappropriate, but it wasn’t his call to make, which is why they got kicked out. During this time, they were also told that the entire group would get a refund.

However, Clare was the only one who got a refund for her ticket. The rest of the group didn’t receive a refund, and they were also thrown out. None of this was fair to anyone, but the administration didn’t care about what happened.

Time To Use The Power Of The Internet

Clare and her friends felt angry and frustrated as they were kicked out of the prom. However, Clare knew that she was not going to let all of this end there. That is because she knew it was time to let everyone know about this injustice and for everyone to hear this message.

Clare knew that if she took to the internet, then the entire world would hear her message and support her during this time. After all, even the people close to us can fail us sometimes. That is when it is important to use the power of an entire community.

Disgusted At Richmond Homeschool Prom

After Clare posted about what happened at her prom, people from all over the world were angry, and they took to their Facebook pages to express their disgust. However, the administration was working fast, and they began deleting all the comments. After that, they deleted their Facebook page complement.

However, one person stood up for the decision to kick Clare out. The internet will support you and be against you. It is a tricky place to navigate, which is why you must understand what battles you need to pick in your life.

All Sides Of The Story

Clare had a blog, and she took to the blog to write that the entire situation made her feel violated. After all, it is not her responsibility that people equate respect with how women dress. She certainly wasn’t responsible for the way anyone was thinking after looking at her, especially the gawking male dads.

The news spread far and wide, as many people got to know about it. Even major news channels caught on to the story, and they wanted to know everyone’s sides. CBS News pressed Ann for her side, and it was her time to talk about this issue.

Time For Ann’s Side

Ann went on to say that the dress may have been the appropriate length, but the fabric caused the dress to keep going up. According to Ann, when she saw Clare, the dress was just below her butt cheeks. Ann also told CBS News that she didn’t see Clare dance, but the dads were staring at her from the balcony.

Of course, Clare is also sticking to her side, and she also saw what Ann had to say. However, even after this, she released a video to counter what Ann was saying. Clare was determined to fight for this as she did not want to be blamed for her choice of dress.

What Was Happening At The Prom

Clare went on to talk about how there was dirty dancing happening throughout the prom, and no one stopped it. That is because there were many couples who were grinding and making out. Yet, Clare was the only girl that got thrown out for inappropriate dance moves.

A student that went to the dance said that both parties could’ve handled the situation differently. She also said that Clare was grinding too, but Clare continued to maintain her stance. Clare kept on writing about the prom and all the events that took place during it.

The Examination Of Dress Codes

Clare stands by everything she has said in her posts. That is because she hopes her posts receive attention and contribute to the examination of the dress codes in her community and other regions. The case of Clare shows us how we need to change our mindset about certain things no matter where we live.

Such incidents should be avoided in the future, and schools shouldn’t single one person out and make them feel bad. After all, the aim of such institutions is to make children feel safe and not attacked. That is why everyone should be conscious of their behavior.

What Do You Think?

Teenage girls have been shopping for the perfect prom dress their entire lives. Of course, dresses have also gotten more inappropriate with time. So, are we living in a culture that perpetuates the sexualization of girls from a young age?

We would love to know your thoughts on these stories and what you think about these issues taking place. Whose side are you on, and what is your opinion regarding the culture? If you are a parent, let us know how such issues can be resolved.