The Secrets Of Tom Selleck From Magnum P.I. To Blue Bloods


Most think of him as the star with the recognizable mustache. But, there is more to this man than that. Here are 70 secrets of Tom Selleck from Magnum P.I. to Blue Bloods and everything before and in between that gave him the star quality he still holds today. He is one of the most well-known Hollywood actors that has stood the test of time and seems to keep getting better with age like a fine wine. While fans watch him on screen and enjoy his talent as an actor, there is much more behind the scenes that you might not know.

Tom Selleck Born For Stardom

Tom was born in the mid 1940s in the upper Midwest in Detroit, Michigan. His parents were blue collar workers. He was the second born of four children. His mother, Martha, stayed at home with the children and worked as a housewife. His father, Robert, worked as a carpenter. During that time, Detroit was a thriving metropolis and the heart of the automobile industry which left little work for a carpenter working with wood and not steel and steam. Soon, his dad would pick up the family and move to Sherman Oaks, California where he would use his savings to invest in real estate. It would prove to be a good move for young Tom’s acting career.

His Dad’s Ethic Lessons Went A Long Way

As a young boy, Tom remembers that his father was extremely strict. More than anything else, he remembers receiving a lot of beatings for his childish antics. But, there are a few things that would stick from what his father taught him. When Tom was older and his dad had died, he realized that there was nobody left to go to for fatherly advice. He realized he was on his own, and it was then that he began to realize how much his dad had instilled in him a strong work ethic. It was that work ethic that propelled him to do his best in every pursuit.

It Had To Start Somewhere

Maybe he was nothing more than a dreamer, but he sure made his dreams happen with gusto. When he was young, his family moved from Detroit to California. His mother, a housewife, and his father, a real estate investor, instilled how important it was to develop a good work ethic. The lesson stuck. In 2017, when his mother passed away, Selleck shared his true feelings about his respect and admiration toward his mother. He spoke of her as a fair woman even when she would discipline him by telling him to “wait till your father gets home.” He admits that she always had a valid reason for everything she did.

From Basketball Scholarship To A Coach’s Recommendation

After graduating high school and attending a local college for a couple years, Tom was awarded a basketball scholarship to attend the University of Southern California. While, he spent time listening to the instruction of his basketball coach, it was a different coach that changed his path. Academically, he had enrolled to pursue a Business Administration program. However, while he was at the university, he worked as a model to earn some extra money. Meanwhile, his drama coach mentioned to him that it would be a good idea to try a little acting. Selleck took his coach’s advice, dropped out of the university, and began studying acting under the guidance of Milton Katselas from the Beverly Hills Playhouse.

Proudly Served His Country

Not even an up and coming actor is above the law when it comes to a military draft. But, Tom is proud to have served and cherishes his time in the military. As the United States found themselves in the middle of the Viet Nam War, Tom received a draft notice. He joined the California National Guard and served in the 160th Infantry Regiment of the California Army National Guard from 1967 to 1973. Today, he is proud of his service and considers himself to be a veteran. While enlisted, he was ranked a Sergeant in the U.S. Army Infantry, National Guard. He later appeared on recruiting posters for the California National Guard.

First Television Appearance On The Dating Game

In 1965, Tom Selleck appeared for the first time on television. He was asked to be part of The Dating Game. He must have made a big splash, because he was asked back to appear again in 1967. His college fraternity brothers and drama coach had encouraged him to audition for the early reality style TV game show. He was not chosen as the dating winner on either show, but after his first appearance, Pepsi contacted him to be a face on a commercial to represent the brand. Between these two appearances, he became an overnight sensation. His career on screen had been launched and was beginning to take flight ready to soar.

Soap Opera Is A Good Place To Start

Tom appeared on The Young and the Restless where he played a small role of a character named Jed Andrews. These were the early days of the soap opera that would go on for many more seasons after his 1974-75 appearance. He had some soapy and steamy shower scenes with co-stars Jamie Lyn Bauer, who portrayed Lauralee Brooks. This actress went on to become known as Dr. Laura Horton on Days of Our Lives. The role seemingly developed into nothing other than a soap-opera written love triangle. But, it was a start for a young up and coming actor who was about to see far more star-studded roles.

Safeguard Commercials Propelled Him In Front Of The Camera

His first TV commercial would feature him all soapy with wet hair and no mustache in a shower. The announcer would voice over how Safeguard deodorant lather is so effective that it doesn’t need heavy perfumes. The commercial then pans to a fully suit-clad Selleck stepping out of an elevator where a girl expresses, “He always smells so fresh!” He continues until he hails a cab with the female cab driver asking if he is married and saying how refreshing it is to have a clean, smelling man in her cab. The final scenes have Tom arriving at the office where two female co-workers swoon saying that he smells just the way a man should smell.

The Role That Almost Wasn’t His

While Tom Selleck embraced the role as Thomas on Magnum P.I., it almost didn’t happen. He was not the first face chosen to play the part. The part was actually supposed to go to an actor named Kevin Dobson. He is said to have declined the role putting Selleck as their next pick. Kevin Dobson is an American film and television actor best known for his roles as Detective Bobby Crocker on Kojak and his role as M. Patrick Mack MacKenzie on Knots Landing. He also played a part on Days of Our Lives. He turned down the role on Magnum P.I. At the time he was working on some TV movies.

Welcome To The Big Time! Well, Not So Fast!

After he had made a few small appearances on TV, including a game show, some commercials, and a soap opera, he landed an even bigger role. At the age of 35, he was offered the role of Thomas Magnum from Magnum P.I. This would be his claim to fame that would make his mustached face recognizable. The show went on to become a huge success with eight seasons of 163 episodes. It wasn’t all smooth sailing, though. After he arrived in Hawaii for filming, all of the production was halted due to a writer’s strike. During that time, he was bound to a contract that did not allow him to take on other projects and had to pass on the lead role of Indiana Jones in Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Another Role Passed Over

He was approached by the production team of the film Victor/Victoria in 1982. Tom Selleck was a bit reluctant to take the role, but as time went on he made the decision that he did want to work on the film. Unfortunately, by the time he made the decision to say yes, it was too late. The production of Magnum P.I. was already starting, and his contract only allowed him to work on that project. Victor/Victoria was an American musical comedy film that starred Julie Andrews, James Garner, Robert Preston, Lesley Ann Warren, Alex Karras, and John Rhys-Davies. Selleck was slotted to play the part that James Garner eventually took over, the role of King Marchand.

Moving Fast In His Red Ferrari

His character on Magnum P.I. was often seen rolling around in a red Ferrari. The Ferrari was not the original choice. He was originally cast driving a Porsche. The director had to do a bait and switch when he discovered that Tom Selleck’s height was not going to fit inside a compact sports car like a Porsche. Selleck stands at 6-foot 4-inches tall and was at the near peak of his young masculine physique. The answer was clear that the Ferrari would better suit the actor’s stature. As for the color, what other choice is there but red when it comes to selecting the best looking Ferrari. The car was a Ferrari 308 GTS and became known as the Magnum Ferrari.

He Finally Arrived At The Hollywood Walk Of Fame With His Own Star!

If you find yourself in Hollywood on the Walk of Fame, be sure to look up 6925 Hollywood Blvd. That’s where you’ll find Tom Selleck’s star. As his career seemed to be on top of a cloud, in 1986 he finally received his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. He was just entering his 40’s with one failed marriage behind him. This was a well-earned achievement and very much deserved for a job well done. His years of work on Magnum P.I. surely paid off after all. But, this was far from the end of his career. He would continue and rise to fame even higher.

Tom With His First Wife

Tom and Jacqueline Ray married after dating for just one year. She was a model. During the 1960s she graced many famous fashion magazine covers. She later landed a role in Magnum P.I. that gave her the notoriety as one of the most talented actresses in Hollywood. While the marriage would eventually end in divorce, they lasted more than a decade together as husband and wife. That’s considered a long-term marriage in Hollywood. During their time together, he adopted her son, Kevin. Kevin and Tom remained close even after the marriage was over. Jacqueline had been married once before she married Tom and would go on to marry again before serving an 18-year prison sentence for hiring a hit man who killed her son-in-law after he had abused her daughter from her third marriage.

His Most Notable Facial Feature Gets Him Mistaken For Another

If it weren’t for the iconic mustache that makes Tom Selleck easily identifiable, he may not have made it so far as a star. However, he’s not the only Hollywood man with a recognizable mustache. Tom Selleck is often mistaken for another star, Burt Reynolds who also has a recognizable mustache. If you asked Tom about the case of mistaken identity that often occurred, he would tip his hat to Burt Reynolds as being the number one star in the world. When Selleck appeared on Stephen Colbert, the two joked that his mustache should have its own agent or that his mustache should run for president.

Oh Baby, But It’s Not His!

By 1987, Magnum P.I. had turned Tom Selleck into an iconic star. That same year, the movie Three Men and a Baby turned him into an on-screen dad. He shared the position with Ted Danson and Steve Guttenberg. He played a bachelor architect named Peter Mitchell. The movie eventually became the biggest box office hit that year. He would later do a spin-off of the movie in 1990 with Three Men and a Little Lady. Selleck would continue doing movies and has been in more than fifty films and television roles. Besides the big screen, back on television would lead to recurring roles as Monica Geller’s love interest on Friends and later Blue Bloods.

Second Wife Is A Keeper

Also in 1987, Tom Selleck married Jillie Joan Mack. The two became parents to daughter, Hannah on December 16, 1988. They currently live in Thousand Oaks-Westlake Village, California on a 60-acre avocado ranch in Hidden Valley. The ranch was previously owned by Dean Martin. Tom had apparently caught Jillie in a London showing of Cats a few years before they wed. Later, Mack would be seen in two episodes of Magnum P.I. playing the part of Sally Pointing and English Girl at the party. Mack dipped her toe in acting but never made it as big as her mustache-clad husband. She has appeared in several small roles, including Frasier, ER, Hooperman, Fired Up, The Queen’s Nose, and a couple others.

Keep Your Political Opinion To Yourself

While Hollywood elites tend to either keep their political affiliations quiet or back the democrat party, Selleck takes a different staunch view of things. He has made it known that he is a proud Republican. He once endorsed John McCain vocally. He is also a member of the National Rifle Association. In fact, he was on the Board of Directors. While he has previously been open about his politics, he never expressed who he supported during the 2016 election when Hillary Clinton and Donald J. Trump went head to head for a shot at presidency. He did, however, take a stance when he wrote a letter to Dallas Police Department Chief David Brown to express his appreciation for Brown’s leadership during the Dallas police shooting.

Net Worth Not As Much As You Might Think!

It may come as a surprise that after all of his successes, he is not a Billionaire. Though, he has made it to multi-millionaire status. He has appeared or starred in more than fifty films and television shows. In spite of all of this success, his net worth may not completely reflect his stardom entirely. He is estimated to be worth about $25 million. He’s reached millionaire status and stayed there to only increase his wealth. While multiple millions sounds like a dream to most people, when you consider his stardom position in life, it doesn’t compare to some stars of his rank.

Baywatch Near Miss

Remember the popular show of the 1990s called Baywatch? Who could forget the buff star. Think about how it would have been different if Tom Selleck would have landed the role of Mitch Buchannon. Tom Selleck came very close to being the famous face on the beach lifeguard show. Even though he had a really good shot at the role, he turned down the notion. He was offered the lead role in Baywatch, but he said no thank you. The reason why is because he did not want to become a sex symbol. Because of his convictions, the part was assigned to David Hasselhoff.

Everybody Wants to Be His Friends

Tom Selleck played the role of Dr. Richard Burke on the 1990s TV show Friends. He played the ophthalmologist that Monica Geller dated for several episodes. Fans must have thought he was pretty realistic in the role. Once when he was at a real-life eye doctor, the receptionist couldn’t figure out where she knew him from. After running down the list of possible commercials, TV shows or movies she may have seen him in, she finally realized it was his role as Dr. Burke that she had connected with. He ended up receiving an Emmy nomination for the Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy Series award.

Tom Selleck Is The Third Favorite Of Fans

While Tom is known for Monica’s love interest on Friends with many viewers loving him in the role, he is not a fan favorite. That is, he is not the fan’s first choice. He comes in third as favorite guest character on the show. He took the backseat to the fan’s all-time favorite guest stars, Brad Pitt and Paul Rudd. Still, let’s be honest, falling in the top 3 fan picks is nothing to be upset about. There are not many stars who are able to continue to span decades on television and still be widely accepted and loved by viewers like Tom Selleck does.

When Your Blood Is Blue

More recently, he has become known for another very iconic role. He takes to the television screen every week for his part as police commissioner Frank Reagan on Blue Bloods. He fully embraces every role in which he is cast. Either that, or the casting directors have an eye for success. Officers are supposed to salute every police commissioner, and it is not unusual for him to be saluted by actual officers when he is off set. This just goes to show what an amazing amount of acting skills he displays to be mistaken for a real officer even off camera.

The Mrs. Selleck That Never Was

Tom Selleck has currently been married to his second wife for more than three decades. It appears to be a marriage meant to last a lifetime. This doesn’t take away from the fact that he was once a single man and up and coming star. He once dated Mimi Rogers who would eventually marry Tom Cruise, and in Hawaii on the set of Magnum P.I., he met Marie Helvin. According to her memoir, he and she had a steamy relationship. Seems that she had visited Hawaii when he was shooting for the show. A relationship was sparked, and Tom later visited her in London. The two had dinner and headed back to a nice hotel. The next morning, she apparently sent him a letter to break it off. It was that same week that he would visit the musical Cats backstage where he met his first wife.

Stepping Back From Acting

As his acting career had taken off, his true values rest with his wife and family. At one point, he decided he needed to take a break from working to devote more time to his wife and daughter. He had been spending time on Magnum P.I. from 1980 to 1988 and then he decided to quit the show. He knew where his priorities should be placed high, and it was with his loved ones. He chose to step back and choose his loved ones over his work. Not every married man is willing to stop everything to focus attention on his wife, but Tom is. This devotion is admirable.

Family Man With Daughter Hannah And Wife

Next to his wife, his daughter and grown son are his main loves. He absolutely adores his daughter Hannah. He and his wife wanted her to experience as much of her childhood as possible out of the limelight. They were determined for her to have a regular childhood. This takes great skill to evade the public eye when you’ve already spent years trying to capture it. Hannah spent most of her time on the family’s farm where she developed a love for horses. She later occasionally dabbled in modeling for sponsors and for friends. Hannah is now in her 30s and is a champion equestrian who regularly competes around the world.

He Lives On A 60-Acre Avocado Farm

If you’re going to live on acreage, why not choose to live on a working farm? Tom Selleck and his family live on a 60-acre avocado farm. It is not unusual to see him getting his hands dirty at work. He much prefers working odd jobs around the farm than hitting the gym or going for a run. He did, however, cause alarm at one point. California had experienced a drought one year. When you’re growing avocados you need plenty of water, so Tom paid a truck to transfer water to the avocados on his farm at a price tag worth about $1.4 million. The problem is that he got the water from a water hydrant that authorities were not too happy about.

Even The Man Who Plays A Private Investigator Is Not Above The Law

Once it was discovered that Tom Selleck had paid to have $1.4 million worth of water pumped onto his 60-acre avocado farm during a drought, authorities were not happy. A lawsuit was filed by the Calleguas Municipal Water District against him in 2015. A bit of a private investigation against this on-screen private investigator was launched. It was discovered that he hired a tanker truck to transport water from the town. He had not just done this on one occasion but 12 times over the time span of two years. He had been sued before, but Selleck chose to ignore the case.

This Time The Lawsuit Would Be Different

The lawsuit that ensued over the squabble about whether or not Tom Selleck had legally transported water from a nearby town during a drought had been filed against him. Previously, the actor had been sued for the same infraction but chose to simply ignore the proceedings. This time would be different. The water district agency hired their own private investigator at a cost of $22,000. As with many court cases, he was given the opportunity to choose to settle the case, which he did. He settled and paid $21,000. The final fee was not even enough to pay the town’s private investigator.

Worries About His Stepson

During his first marriage to model Jacqueline Ray, Selleck adopted his wife’s son Kevin Shephard. Kevin was born in 1966, and turned five the year his mom and Tom were married. After the adoption, Kevin even took on Selleck’s name and became Kevin Selleck. Tom loved being a dad to this boy. The two were reportedly extremely close with each other even after the marriage fell apart. Sadly, Kevin began to face problems in his adult life. His music career wasn’t taking off as he had hoped, and he fell into a great deal of financial difficulties. All of these issues began to cause a strain on the father and son relationship.

Tom Selleck No Longer The Ladies Man

After his first marriage to model Jacqueline Ray ended after more than a decade in 1982, Tom eventually remarried. He married Jillie Joan Mack on August 7, 1987 and remains married as of this writing. Upon marrying for the second time, however, Tom became more aware of his interactions with other women. Jillie was apparently a bit worried when actress Sophia Loren moved in next door. He learned to avoid even the appearance of infidelity or wrong motives between the two. Tom explained once about how he would casually avoid any questionable encounters such as times when he may be getting in his car to leave, and Sophia would be out on the driveway in her bathrobe inviting him to share a cappuccino.

Tom Selleck’s Strong Moral Code Of Ethics

While, Tom Selleck may have had a few scandals here and there show up in the headlines, the actor actually follows a very strong moral code of ethics. He tries extremely hard to conduct himself in the most ethical manner possible. He explains that keeping to this code of ethics that fall in line with his moral beliefs is very important to maintaining stability in his life. He feels that our culture is so self-centered and individualist. He firmly believes that there should be more to how we act than making decisions on a whim or how we feel at the time. Of course, nobody is perfect.

Raspberry Awarded To Tom Selleck

He may grow avocados on his ranch, but he relished a raspberry moment. In 1993, he had made a guest appearance on The Chevy Chase Show. During a comedy sketch on the show, he was awarded the 1992 Razzie Award for the Worst Support Actor for his portrayal of King Ferdinand in Christopher Columbus: The Discovery. He played along to the point of asking the audience members to blow him a raspberry kiss as a joke. The Golden Raspberry Awards hands out Razzies to the worst films of the year. Actors don’t typically attend the award ceremony to receive their Razzie, so Chevy Chase had decided to make it part of his show.

The Actor Gives Back

During the last season of Magnum P.I., Universal Studios handed a hefty bonus to Tom Selleck in the amount of $350,000. The bonus was given to him to treat himself to whatever his heart desired. He immediately decided to give back. He handed out $1,000 bonuses to every cast and crew member he had worked with from the show that had been a running success. He did also buy some extravagant items for himself. But, the actor could have kept the entire large bonus. Instead, he chose to share it with those who helped to make him a success over the years.

 Selleck Refused Movie Offer

The idea was once in the works to create a movie version of Magnum P.I. Tom wanted nothing to do with this venture, however. When he was asked during a 1980 interview why he refused to appear in the film, he simply replied that he loved Magnum. He went on to explain that he has loyal fans whom he treasured. His fear was that the film maker would simply take the television show titles, add some special effects, and then make fun of the actors or make light of what the show meant to these loyal fans. They would do this at a multi-million dollar price tag and then try to get the actors to do a ridiculous cameo to prove to the audience that it is perfectly alright. He explained how he wanted nothing to do with that.

Tom Selleck Never Gave Up His Love For Sports

While Tom was in college, he had been accepted on a basketball scholarship. But, that’s not the only sport he played. He also played both indoor and beach varieties of volleyball. He was an outside hitter of the Outrigger Canoe club. Tom is described by teammates as being a great team player, appreciative of being included. He took practice seriously and played hard whenever his filming schedule permitted him to do so. He was very patient with the rest of his team. The entire team enjoyed the huge crowds that he would draw at national volley tourney matches that he would compete in.

Say Goodbye to the Mustache

That iconic mustache that gained him notoriety and easy recognition as Tom Selleck, would meet its demise. In1997, the actor shaved it completely bare revealing his upper lip for the public to see for the first time since starting Magnum P.I. It was a memorable year for fans who would see the unfamiliar face. Why did Tom Selleck remove the hairy lip that made him easy to recognize? It was all for a movie, In & Out. His role in the movie required a clean-shaven face. So, he obliged. No reason to worry, though. When the movie was done filming, he grew it back and refuses to shave it ever again unless a role so requires.

Tom Selleck On Broadway

While Tom’s iconic mustached face became known onscreen, he has also performed off screen on Broadway. He played the main character in A Thousand Clowns which was a Broadway production. Unfortunately, the production received harsh comments from critics. Critics seemed to be under the impression that Jason Robards, Jr. would have been able to give more justice to the role that Selleck played. Not everyone was dissatisfied with his acting ability, however. The playwright Gardner defended Selleck’s acting skills saying that Tom portrayed Murray the way he imagined the character to be. Others felt Tom did a better job on camera.

Tom Selleck Marksman And Gun Owner

Selleck is a vocal firearms collector. He also is a skilled marksman and outdoorsman. These off-camera interests and skills have made him perfect for roles in Westerns. He put his gun-toting knowledge to good use when he was cast in Crossfire Trail, Quigley Down Under, The Sacketts, and The Shadow Riders. Crossfire Trail was a 2001 American made-for-television Western film based on the 1954 Louis L’amour Western novel. Quigley Down Under was a 1990 Australian-American Western film that featured Selleck as the lead, Matthew Quigley an American cowboy. The Socketts was a 1979 American made-for-television Western film where Selleck played Orrin, a former lawman. The shadow Riders was a 1982 American made-for-television western film.

Inducted Into The Mustache Hall Of Fame

Since you’d be hard pressed to think of Selleck and his mustache apart from the other, it comes as absolutely no surprise that he was honored for this facial feature. Tom Selleck was inducted to the international mustache Hall of fame in 2015. He was inducted under the film and television category. Then again, it probably comes of more of a surprise that the International Mustache Hall of Fame is an actual organization. Most probably are not even aware that it exists. Selleck joins other luminaries such as Dr. Martin Luther King, Salvador Dali, President Theodore Roosevelt, Rollie Fingers, and other notable mustache wearers of the past. His mustache is also said to have its own Facebook page with more than 40,000 followers.

Tom Selleck and Ellen DeGeneres

Tom Selleck was asked to be on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. As most actors are honored and excited to be asked on the show, Tom obliged with an acceptance. He made his appearance, but when he arrived there would be a bit of a surprise waiting for him. Anyone who has seen the show or knows Ellen has come to expect such surprises throughout her filming. As to be expected, the crowd that had gathered to be part of the audience came prepared. This audience was prepared with a special surprise. When Tom arrived on stage to be interviewed by Ellen, he peered out to the awaiting rows of people to see the entire audience to be wearing mustaches as a special tribute to the Magnum P.I. star.

Tom Selleck And Dolly Parton

No, this isn’t about a scandalous love relationship. But, it is about a special encounter and friendship. Dolly Parton used to be part of a show in 1987 called Parton. One show featured a surprise mystery guest who posed as an audience member and even took Dolly by surprise. A mystery guest stood up to ask a question. When dolly realized who the mystery guest was standing there in her audience, she quickly asked him to come up on stage. The surprise mystery guest was Tom Selleck. The two immediately exchanged jokes with an audience in an uproar of laughter.

Tom Selleck And His Close Calls

Early on in his career, he had just signed the biggest deal of his life as the star on Magnum P.I. Part of the contract made it so that he could not take any other work as an actor while filming for the show. This should not have been a problem at all. The only thing is, an actor’s strike hit. Just about that time, Tom found out he was considered for the lead in Raiders of the lost Ark. He could have breached his contract and gone for it, but he stayed loyal. In addition to this close call at stardom, there was another iconic character that he almost got cast to portray. This one would have landed him in the role Arnold Schwarzenegger was awarded in The Terminator.

Tom Selleck And Philanthropic Work

Tom is not only larger than life on screen. He also has a larger-than-life heart off screen in real life. He has shown a great deal of kindness to people over the years. He is known for his philanthropic work as he loves to share whatever he can with others. And, he’s got a great deal of kindness and money to share. He has been known to contribute his time at the Joseph & Edna Josephson Institute of Ethics, Character Counts Coalition, the National Fatherhood Initiative, the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, and New York City’s Student/Sponsor Partnership Program.

The Female Version Continues His Legacy

The long-running television show Magnum P.I. has come to a close, but there was an idea on the table to create a new one. Before you get too excited, no Tom is not plotted to star in it. But, it is a brilliant move for an interesting endeavor. This time around, the idea is to have a female star. Eva Longoria started efforts to spin off the Magnum P.I. show in 2016 with a story line that follows Magnum’s daughter Lily as she heads up his private investigation firm. The plan was to have Lily return to Hawaii to take up the mantle of her father’s PI firm.

Take The Ferrari For A Spin

Magnum was known to drive a red 1984 Ferrari 308 GTS in Hawaii during the show’s 1984-85 season. So, whatever happened to the iconic red Ferrari that Magnum drove and was known to be almost as famous as the actor? Turns out, there were more than one car, but one of the originals that had been driven by the actor Tom Selleck was sold at auction by British auction house Bonhams. It went up for auction in a bidding event in Arizona. The asking price was to be set at $250,000. When bidding started, it only managed to rise as high as $181,500 to be sold to a lucky winner. The winner of the auction was then able to take it home with an authentication certificate.

Tom Selleck As Jesse Stone

While Tom Selleck may have become well known and recognizable through his role on Magnum P.I., he has moved on to portray other characters who are recognized in their own right as well. Since 2005, he has been expressing himself as the character Jesse Stone on the television movie adaptations of Robert B. Parker novels. There are currently at least nine films that have been finalized. Selleck began producing these episodes. Some of the stories of the character he portrays tell a bit of a personal story. The fifth TV movie entitled Jesse Stone: Thin Ice was a story that was Tom Selleck’s own.

Tom Selleck And His Many Commercials

Over the years, Tom Selleck has been approached by many brands asking him to endorse their product. His first commercials were for Pepsi. His likable, recognizable mustached face and warmth of personality that draws in viewers is what these companies want associated with their products. His soft spoken, confident and kind demeanor is no doubt what won him spots on commercials for brands such as AT&T, American Advisors Group, and Florida’s Natural Orange Juice. He has also been the face of Salem cigarettes, Revlon’s Chaz cologne, and appeared in a Right Guard commercial with Farrah Fawcett. He has also been seen in Close-Up commercials, aperitif Dubonnet, and Safeguard.

The First Celebrity on The View!

On August 11, 1997, Tom Selleck made a very special appearance on a television show. The actor was the first celebrity to make a guest appearance on The View! The now extremely popular ABC daytime talk show was just getting its start. The show debuted on the day Tom came on the show. The concept was created by Barbara Walters. It has now been going strong for more than 23 seasons with many hosts over the years, including Meredith Vieira, Joy Behar, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Rosie O’Donnell, Whoopi Goldberg, Rosie Perez, Candace Cameron Bure, and Meghan McCain to name a few.

What’s My Sign?

Not that the star puts much weight in how his birth date aligns with the stars in the sky, but he was born on January 29. To be specific, he was born January 29, 1945 in Detroit, Michigan. In the zodiac, this makes him an Aquarius. As far as horoscopes are concerned, this birth date ranking means that, as an Aquarius, he should display such characteristics as being born shy and quiet, but on the other hand eccentric and energetic, deep thinkers and highly intellectual who love helping others. They tend to be able to see both sides of a story. Although they easily adapt to the energy that surrounds them, Aquarius-born people are expected to have a deep need to be sometimes alone and away from everything to restore power.

Tom Selleck Holds A Strong Faith

While to some, your horoscope sign is more meaningful, Tom holds a strong faith elsewhere. While he is admittedly not particularly religious, he attributes his fortune to Jesus Christ and strongly believes that although it is an individual’s heart that makes plans for a lifetime, it is the Almighty who guides him through them. He also follows the wisdom passed down from his dad that everything worth doing required hard work and good ethics. His family is his first priority, and he ultimately remains true to his personal values in every aspect of his life on and off of the screen.

His Many Awards

Tom Selleck has received or been nominated to receive numerous awards throughout his career so far. For his work on Magnum P.I., he won an Emmy and a Golden Globe in the category of Best Actor in a Drama Series. He won a Western Heritage Award for his work in Quigley Down Under, several People’s Choice Awards, and he received an honorary doctorate degree from Pepperdine University. He also received a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1986. In addition to these, he has also received a number of Emmy, Golden Globe, and People’s Choice Awards nominations. Of course, he also received a 1993 Golden Raspberry Award.

Montecito Casino In Las Vegas

Tom Selleck has appeared on many television shows besides the ones that made him most well known. In 2007, he appeared as A. J. Cooper on the TV hit show Las Vegas. He played the part of a new owner of the Montecito Casino. This would be his first regular acting gig after the success of Magnum P.I. Las Vegas first aired on NBC on September 22, 2003 and ran through February 15, 2008. The show focused in on a team of people who worked a fictional resort and casino and dealt with issues that arose within the working environment of running a casino, everything from valet parking, restaurant management, to security.

Awarded Honorary Doctorate

When Tom Selleck went to University, he received a sports scholarship. It wasn’t long into his attendance that a drama coach encouraged him to pursue his talent. As he began to realize his passion was on stage or in front of the camera, he signed up for acting lessons and dropped out of college. He never finished the studies required to earn that degree. That didn’t stop Tom, however, from skipping right over Bachelor’s and Masters to holding his own personal Doctorate degree. In 2000, Pepperdine University awarded him an honorary Doctorate thanks to his great personality and acting skills.

Sports Team Owner

Seems nothing can stop a celebrity who is on top of his game from doing whatever his heart so desires. It turns out that Tom’s heart so desired owning a sports team. He had always been a fan of the Detroit Tigers. This makes sense seeing as how Detroit is his birthplace. Aside from his Hawaiian-style aloha shirt, he is also known for wearing a Detroit Tigers baseball cap. In the spring of 1991, he put on a Detroit Tigers uniform and spent three weeks at MLB spring training. Well, he was preparing for a role in the film Mr. Baseball, but the training was real. For some time, he became a minority owner of his favorite baseball team.

Tom’s Recognizable Voice

Tom Selleck, while known for his mustached face, actually did some voice over work as well. He did a natural history series entitled North America. The show was aired in 2013 with 7 episodes for which Tom Selleck was the narrator. He also narrated a 2014 Arnie for 3 episodes. North America was a miniseries that aired on the Discovery Channel. The series included topics of nature and its beauty on the continent of North America. It was the first natural history landmark series on the Discovery Channel that was internally produced. It was also aired on Animal Planet. Arnie was a Golf Channel show that ran for three nights reflecting on the life of golf legend Arnold Palmer.

Tom’s Shirt At The Smithsonian

The Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History displays Tom Selleck’s iconic Hawaiian shirt that he wore on the infamous show that made him famous. The Hawaiian shirt worn by Tom Selleck is a short-sleeved rayon shirt that is printed with a colorful parrot and tropical foliage pattern on a red field and has carved wood buttons. He wore the shirt during the 1980s crime detective series. The measurements are 30 ½ inches by 24 inches with an ID Number of 1988.0409.03 in the subject of Television. Tom and Universal Pictures through Kerry McCluggage gifted the shirt to the Washington D.C. museum.

Tom Selleck Joined Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund

Tom Selleck joined the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund in 2009 to be named the Education Center’s new national spokesman. His passion in regards to the Vietnam War is a personal one that he has lived first hand and taken on in at least one acting role. In 1967 when Selleck received a draft notice during the Vietnam War, he joined the California National Guard. He served in the 160th Infantry Regiment of the California Army National Guard from 1967 to 1973. On Magnum P.I., his character played the part of a U.S. Navy Officer, a veteran of a Special Operations unit SEAL in the Vietnam War.

Tom Enjoys His Role On Blue Bloods

Not many actors are able to go from a role that made them famous and break out into a completely new role later in life. Tom has done just that. He portrays New York City Police Commissioner Frank Reagan. The show was renewed for an eleventh season in 2020-2021. The series follows the Reagan family of police officers in New York. His character is a staunch Catholic. Tom says he enjoys the role. He has been quoted to saying how much he feels a long felt kinship to his onscreen family. It is also important to him that all of the actors enjoy a camaraderie on the set.

Where Tom’s True Love Began

After Tom’s divorce from his first wife, he spent a lot of time in London watching Cats. Sounds like a strange way to spend your time, unless of course you realize why. He had caught the eye of one of the actresses, and would begin dating her. The two would eventually marry and remain married today. Her name, of course, is Tom’s second wife Jillie Mack. She and Tom chose to relocate to Hawaii and made quite a beautiful sight whenever they were spotted on a red carpet. They always appeared to be completely head over heels in love with one another.

This Marriage Is Meant To Last

Tom and Jillie have now been married for more than 30 years. It has been a great and lasting partnership for both. The two do not do anything or make any decisions without consulting each other. If one of them makes a parenting decision regarding their daughter, the other one is in complete support even if they are not in complete agreement with the exact decision made. It looks like this time it was a true love connection. Tom cashed in his ladies man title in exchange for a committed relationship and fatherhood. His wife and his daughter are the only two important women in his life.

Even His Dog Is A Star, Well Almost!

Even Tom’s dog is a star, well almost that is. The dog was up for an award for which he was snubbed, and he’s only Tom’s dog in the sense that he works with him on camera. There is an award called The Golden Collar awards. These are awards that are given to pets based on their performances during movies. Selleck’s dog co-star, Joe, came in second place one year when they were handing out awards. The dog who took first place was a famous dog named Uggie from The Artist. Tom expressed that he felt Uggie simply looked cute with no acting skills, while Joe who plays Reggie in Jesse Stone, played into character.

Tom And The NRA

Tom Selleck has been known as one of the National Rifle Association’s most recognizable and beloved celebrity endorsers. In late 2018, however, he abruptly resigned from the NRA board of directors. He became an NRA member at the young age of 8. Since then, he has served on the group’s 76-member board starting in 2005. According to his publicist, his move to step down was nothing more than the fact that his work schedule makes it so that he cannot contribute his time to the organization. He has kept his membership with the NRA with not further comment in regards to whether or not he supports their politics, policies, messages, and mission.

You Gotta Bomb Somewhere

When late night talk show host David Letterman finally landed Selleck on his show, he was not going to cut him any slack. Selleck had finally granted Letterman an interview in 1993. Of course, in true David Letterman style, the interview would not focus continuously on fame and roses. Instead, Letterman was quick to point out Tom’s lack of success he was having in Japan. Picture a tall, mustache-clad American trying to make it big in the Japanese film market. There is something humorous about that image. Selleck did say that aside from sharing that he felt very lonely during the four months he had spent in Japan, he also acknowledged that nobody seemed to recognize him there.

Sense Of Humor Is More Like Dad Jokes

Selleck’s fellow actor Donnie Wahlberg has said that Tom can be funny. However, his sense of humor does not show through until after he is assured that everyone understands what is important. Then, he lets loose. Letting loose, however, means a series of dad jokes. Wahlberg describes it as Christmas on a Tuesday night in August with his dad sharing jokes. He said Tom has an oddball sense of humor and has a weird rhyme in which he tells the jokes. When he begins to joke, though, everyone in the room starts to feel a bit happier for some unknown reason.

Ashton Kutcher And Tom Killing It

Ashton Kutcher and Tom Selleck starred together in a 2010 film entitled Killers. The movie centered around a young woman who meets the man of her dreams, Kutcher, who turns out to be an assassin. Selleck played Mr. Kornfeldt. Kutcher spends a lot of lines in the movie saying, “yes, sir” to Selleck’s character, Mr. Kornfeldt. When Kutcher got the part, he kept wondering who was he going to be calling sir. He thought, “who is a bigger guy, who has got an intimidating thing, but doesn’t have to try to be intimidating?” He immediately knew who that would be, nobody but Tom Selleck could pull that off.

Tom Selleck Ghost Busts The Rumor

Apparently, there was a rumor floating around that when they filmed Three Men and a Baby, there were some spooky behind-the-scenes happenings. It was rumored that a boy had died in the house where they were filming, and his ghost was haunting the production. When Selleck appeared on Jimmy Fallon’s late night talk show, Fallon questioned him about the story. Turns out, it was nothing but a rumor. Selleck had the audience dying of laughter, though, as he began to expose how the movie was actually shot on a set that had been specifically built for the movie on a sound stage. The mysterious figure that looked like a boy ghost was actually one of the cardboard cutouts belonging to the character played by Ted Danson.

Tom Made It His Role

When the part was written for Magnum P.I., the writing team had the character written as a charming debonair, sort of a James Bond symbol. Selleck landed the role and quickly made his vision for the part known. Tom spoke to the writing team and persuaded them to make the part come off more as an average Joe. This was completely different from the one that was originally intended. It is a good thing he spoke up and added a bit of himself to the process. Otherwise, his mustache-graced face may never have made it into the hearts of his viewers.

How The Mustache Began

We all know him for that iconic mustache that seems to have been around since the beginning of time. But, the truth is that the mustache had to grow on us. His face was not always graced with a hairy upper lip. Nowadays, the mustache has probably owned its own Star of fame in its own right. Many probably wouldn’t even recognize him if it were not for the dark, thick mustache. It’s actually unclear at what point he decided to grow the mustache, but he had the look during his rise to fame and is almost unrecognizable without it.

The Actor Has Earned Respect

It turns out that the actor who portrays honest characters actually lives up to much the same standard. When his co-star Larry Manetti published a memoir entitled Aloha Magnum in 1996, fans rushed to the pages to see what dirt would be conjured up about the stars they loved throughout the book. As readers began to turn the pages, they quickly realized that there would be no scandals regarding Tom Selleck. Manetti apparently had a great deal of respect for Tom. He had absolutely nothing but good things to say about him. He expressed his admiration for Tom’s amazing work ethic and talked about what a great friend he was to the cast and crew.