Will Smith Gets Real With His Fans


Will Smith does not need any introduction. Some know him as the Fresh Prince, some know him as Chris Gardner, and much more. Recently, the star took to Instagram to get honest with his fans. 

Smith posted a glamorous picture of himself with the caption: “I am gonna be real with y’all. I am in the worst shape of my life.” It takes many guts to admit that we are not in the best shape of our life physically and mentally. 

Smith’s Tough Year 

We have all had a tough time since the pandemic started. However, Will Smith went through some personal turmoil too. Everyone knows the issues he had with his wife this year as they were the subject of many memes and videos. 

So, we understand why he is not in the best shape of his life this year, and we respect him for being real. We appreciate that in the time of plastic celebrities, we have people who are real and not afraid to be human. It is a quality we appreciate the most in him. 

You Are Not Alone 

Smith is not the only one who has gained weight this year. We have all gained a bit of quarantine weight, and many of us are ashamed of it, but not Will Smith. He has gained a few extra pounds, and he is proudly showing that in his Instagram picture.

We love the guts Smith has because he has a following of more than fifty million people. Imagine how many people got also inspired to be okay with their quarantine weight. We know we did. 

So, you are not alone. If you feel guilty for not working out this year, then don’t worry. Even celebrities like Will Smith are not following their workout goals. It is a lesson to everyone that all of us go through ups and downs, which is okay. 

The Comments 

Unfortunately, body shaming still exists. However, the comments under Will Smith’s post were just wholesome. Many celebrities also commented and told Smith that there is no worst in the picture. 

We love that Will Smith broke the chain of body shaming, and his picture went every one to show that it is okay to be who we are. All of us struggle with our bodies many times, and that is okay. Even Steve Aoki commented on his picture with laughing emojis. 

On a serious note, we love that Smith posted this picture and helped people by making them feel a tad bit better about their bodies. He is emphasizing the message that we should feel great about our bodies no matter how we look. After all, it is not the only thing that defines us. 

Final Words 

All the news aside, we love that Smith is living his life and doing whatever he likes. We are not the only ones affected by the pandemic, and his realness touches many people out there. We hope we are as confident as him with our quarantine weight.