%1.8 billion- 2019 for Fortnite


Fortnite is one of the top-grossing video game available online. It held its position even in the year 2019.

Apart from Fortnite, there were also other games making money by digital sales, like Battle Royale Video game which made more money by digital sales and topped the list in the year 2018. It was the one to bring in more money than any other game in history in the year 2018.

If we look around the statistics of Fortnite, it had sales of around $1.8 billion. The sales were at a downfall by 25% from the prior year but still stood strong to maintain the position of No. 1, just in 3 years of its release.

There was tough competition for Fortnite. There were billion-dollar games, designed for keeping you spend money over the digital goods, competing. The same included the list like Candy crush, Dungeon Fighter Online, Pokemon Go. The game also beat out some of the major franchise like FIFA 19 together with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare which rivalled against this Fortnite for sales, after the physical sales were considered, which is not the part of the above data.

If we look around for the premium titles, well 2019 was a weak year for them as there were no big hits but still, the gaming collection was strong with an earning of around $120 billion which was 4% higher than the prior-year, as per the SuperData reports.

For the Fortnite, the game does well as for the developers to keep the game fresh keep adding frequently considering the social angle and making sure that the seasonal challenges are like a real-ones. 

If we look around for other areas wherein the Fortnite dwarfed, they came in with the largest PC games in the world. It was League of Legends which brought in around $1.5 

billion last year and had more players than Fortnite.

The continuous updates and the pass subscription service is all served for converting more players and has become one game to make the players a real spender.

Fortnite, in the same, in-game cosmetics are called to have a status symbol. If one tries to load the game while they are wearing an outfit at default, the other players can target them easily, in the survival battle.

There are also in-game events conducted by Fortnite, which make the same keep things lively. The recent collaborations with Disney are one such example. Even the connection with the Star Wars did make the concept to be energizing and for the players around, well this made them fight with each other using the lightsabers. There was also the sale of Star Wars outfits during this event by Epic games.

The virtual black hole, this was where the legions of players were pulled by Fortnite in October. This was done to commemorate, season 10th end and to embark the entry of fresh content. For watching around this, as per Epic, there were around 7 million people gathered together on Twitter, YouTube and Twitch and there was an innumerable login too during the event. Guess the tricks do work.