20+ Examples Of Tattoos That Were Supposed To Look Quite Different


Have you decided that you want to get a tattoo? Well, you should know that it’s quite a big decision to ink your body as it’s going to be a permanent mark on your skin. It’s crucial to do your research before going in for the deal. So, it’s important that you have the right inspiration for them and a great tattoo artist to understand your requirements.

Not everyone is blessed with an exceptional tattoo artist or even a mediocre one. Especially not these individuals who probably went in to get themselves a decent tattoo, but ended up being on the tattoo fails list. Let’s have a look at these hilarious tattoo fails that are surely going to make you cringe.

We Have a Celebrity Favorite When It Comes To Tattoos

Here we go again. We’re not critiquing the choice of celebrity or tattoo for your body. But you could’ve gone to someone more professional so that Marilyn Monroe, the celebrity sensation of her time, didn’t end up looking like this on your body. Just look at the comparisons.

Yet Another Major Marilyn Monroe Flop

We will say this again, it’s difficult to pull off portraits, so go to a professional. Otherwise, your tattoos will end up looking like this. It looks like a knock-off version of Marilyn Monroe. The eyes, the mouth, the hair, and everything else is completely off point. Why would anyone do this?

That’s No Darth Vader

Star Wars characters are quite common when you’re getting a tattoo. People are always getting them done, especially the light sabers. One other common tattoo is of Darth Vader, but not everyone can get this one right. The example is given below. You can see how wrong it all feels, especially if you’re a Star Wars fan.

Is This Darth Vader From Star Wars Or Space Balls?

This looks more like a blob holding a stick rather than Darth Vader. It’s funny when you look at it, the artist tried really hard to make it look like the authentic character, but it’s quite bad. This is surely the work of an amateur.

Is That a Gorilla or a Human Head?

People get funny tattoos on purpose as their sense of humor is on a different level. The same people also regret doing this and ultimately try to get rid of their tattoos. This one, however, will surely be covered by the hair on this person’s head since the tattoo is on the base of his head.

Turn Around And Take A Look At The Gorilla

He got a gorilla tattooed on his head as a joke. Now, the back of his head looks like a real gorilla. Props to the tattoo artist for doing a good job, but this is quite cringe-worthy. We hope the hair grows instantly so no one gets to see this monstrosity.

The Real Spider Man

We’ve all seen animal and insect inspired tattoos on humans, but we’ve never seen something this big, that too on someone’s face. This man truly loves spiders, and we can see it all over his face, quite clearly. If you’ve got arachnophobia, you should look away. This massive spider is quite creepy.

Anyone With Arachnophobia Should Look Away From This Man's Face

We understand the thrill of getting your favorite animal tattooed on your skin, but we never knew someone would actually get this done. We can all unanimously agree that this man is the true spider man, he’s got the looks and the features to prove it. Aren’t we right?

Another Tattoo Lost in Translation

You’ll see many people donning tattoos in foreign languages, especially those that use characters rather than alphabets. Now, if you ask them, most of them don’t really know what it all means. But if a native speaker of the language reads them, they’ll surely be laughing for a while.

We’re sure that this person didn’t want his tattoo to say “Turkey Sandwich.” They must’ve gotten it thinking that it’s cool and probably means something unique. However, once it was translated, it was a mere turkey sandwich. If you love turkey sandwiches a lot, then this is the right tattoo for you.

Fr..ankenstein Mercury?

Freddy Mercury is surely a role model for many as he has played a pivotal role in the music industry. He’s got a large fan base and is loved till this day. So, it’s understable that people want to get his face tattooed on their skin. But let’s look at the history of getting portrait tattoos. Do they work?

Freddie Mercury Has Come Back To Haunt The World

According to our experience, portraits are always a bad idea. This one proves our stance once again. This looks more like Frankenstein than Freddy Mercury. The features are really different as the artist has managed to make him look scary rather than the loved personality.

Leave Tattoo Portraits to the Professionals

Wanting to get your loved one’s face inked on your body is surely a sentimental gesture. However, to make sure it’s don’t accurately, you should head on to a professional who has experience in making portraits on skin through tattoos. If you go to a mediocre, you’ll get results similar to this.

Portraits Are Hard To Do And This One Looks Haunted

This person went in for a portrait of his girlfriend, but you can see how that turned out for them. It looks like an image from the move Insidious rather than showcasing his love and devotion to his girlfriend.  Lesson learned: always go for experience tattoo artists, especially for portraits.

Skittlez, not Skittles

Here, we have a perfect example of spelling gone wrong. While there are many other issues with the tattoo here, but let’s just stick to the mistake of the tattoo artist rather than the choice of tattoo. We’ve all had these rainbow sweets when we were young. But I guess the tattoo artist didn’t. 

Tazte The Rainbow All The Way Down Here

Otherwise, he wouldn’t have gotten such a simple thing wrong – the spelling of Skittles. When you think about it, maybe it was imposed to make it look by the person. But we want to say that it’s a bad job done by the tattoo artist rather than judge the choice of tattoo.

From a Baby to a Grown Man with the Help a Tattoo

Tattoo artists should really know that they don’t have the skills to create portraits so that they don’t ruin someone’s sentimental moments and their customer’s skin. This one is a true example of portrait tattoo gone wrong, that too of a small baby. You can tell just by looking at the tattoo that it’s quite different.

The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button AKA This Baby-Man

The poor baby looks like a grown, old man who’s taking a nap and having a great dream rather than a small, smiley, sleepy baby. We don’t understand why tattoo artists take these projects on, and we wonder how the parents must have reacted.

Another Portrait Gone Terribly Wrong

We know by now that people love getting their loved one’s tattoo made. It’s an act of love as people wish to remember their lover’s face and have it close to them at all times. That’s also what this person thought when they got their loved one’s face tattooed.

A Not So Beautiful Portrait Of A Love One

It’s really adorable, but they should know that portraits go terribly wrong when it comes to tattoos. Now, the girlfriend has weird gaps in her teeth, wrinkles, and so many other extra features on his skin that it stopped looking like her completely. We wonder whether the girlfriend had a good laugh after seeing this.

A True Animal Print Tattoo

People enjoy animal print tattoos on their skin. These are usually small in size that look quite good. For instance, a leopard spots on your skin or zebra stripes are pretty cool and common animal print tattoos that you’ll find. But we don’t think anything tops this one. Just look at it.

An Animal Print Tattoo Has Never Looked So Good

Someone got their entire leg tattooed as a snake print. The tattoo itself is quite amazing. The details and the print is undeniably accurate and feels real. However, it’s the size of the tattoo that threw us off guard. Her entire leg looks like a massive snake. All those scales are giving us the creeps.

What’s This? An Armpit Onion?

We’re a little confused with what this tattoo could mean, but let’s see what we can understand from this. The woman’s trying to say that armpits are smelly, similar to onions if you leave them to rot. We’re hoping this is one of those Shrek references, where you get to know that ogres have layers to, similar to onions.

Show Off All Of Your Layers With An Armpit Onion

The placement of the onion tattoo, however, is quite an interesting and confusing thing. We would like to know more about this. It could be an ode to how armpits are smelly and onions are a true depiction of them. We can’t be too sure of this one.

There’s a New Prome Queen in Town

A prom queen is something you’ve heard of. It’s mostly when a girl in high school gets awarded this title during prom. However, this girl’s got a new version of the title for her, “Prome Queen.” This instantly reminds us of unique characters from the Game of Thrones or other fantastical shows.

This prom queen got her title spelled out all wrong and we want to believe that this is fixable. Removing the extra “e” shouldn’t be a big deal for a tattoo artist. Here’s to hoping she’s able to get rid of it and be the true prom queen. At least for herself.

A Spelling Lesson is Crucial for this One

Getting words of wisdom written all over your arm is common for many people. You’ll an abundance of people who’ve got wide words tattooed on their skin, and it looks quite good. But you need to be thorough when it comes to getting your tattoo right. Otherwise, you’ll get something like this.

Meaningful Words And All Of The Spelling Mistakes

Believing in “yourself” is essential and you should really never lose “hope”. The artist truly did a bad job with this inspiration quote. The spelling mistakes are hard to miss as there’s not one, but two major ones. Someone really needs some spelling lessons before become a tattoo artist.

Get Abs in a Day

Everyone wants to be in good shape so that they look nice. One of the things that many people go for when working out is building their abs and chest properly. If you want to know about a hack to get abs, then here’s the perfect option for you – get yourself tattooed.

Fake It Until You Make It With A Side Of Shading

At least that’s what this man this. He got a tattoo of the perfect body he has always wanted. Look at all the shading, the effort is quite phenomenal but is it giving you a real authentic look? Not at all. These fake abs and toned muscle is making us cringe.

We Really Need an Autocorrect for Tattoos

Having small errors when getting your tattoos is okay if the size of your tattoo is small as well. But when it’s all across your forearm, that’s when things get too obvious. For instance, look at this one. There’s no room for grammatical error when you’ve got this huge of a tattoo.

When In Doubt, Just Use The Spellcheck Or Autocorrect Option

But guess what? The grammatical error is there and it’s massive. There’s should be an autocorrect to deal with these issues because they’re getting out of hand. It’s get better? We’re sure it meant to say it gets better. Now, either this person deals with the error or get it fixed.

Living Life With No Regrets

One of the most common phrases that people go for when getting themselves tattooed is “No Regrets”. The problem is that even though it’s a common phrase, many tattoo artists get it wrong very easily. This one is a prime example of spelling errors that tattoo artists make in this.

Life Life Without Regrets And Get The Tattoo To Prove It

The inked version says “No Regerts” and we’re sure it took the person a while to notice this. That’s because they wouldn’t expect it to go wrong. Another favorite blunder for this one is when they tattoo “No Ragrets” on their skin. Is this on purpose or are these really honest mistakes?

M&M, Eminem, or Both?

Getting a unique tattoo is difficult as there are so many variations of tattoos out there. So, people are left with their imaginations to create something truly different and unique. Here’s one that we’ve never seen before and it includes a celebrity artist, Eminem. His name is similar to something, M&Ms.

The Blue Eminem M&M Does Exist, But Should It?

Someone thought it would be funny to have a blue M&M with the features of Eminem inked on their skin. This is true creativity, but is it really necessary? We understand you want to be different, but let’s not get too crazy. On the other hand, the portrait of Eminem is quite good, isn’t it?

Turtle Head Is The New Fashion Statement

People, in the heat of the moment, shave their heads to make a statement. That’s a cool look, but what’s better than that? Getting a turtle tattooed all over your bald head. We’re joking, we don’t want you to make the same mistake this person made. He really got a turtle on his head.

Why Go Bald When You Can Be A Turtle Head

Getting a tattoo on his head must have been a very painful process, but he did it all for the turtle. This animal looks like he’s staring into our souls. It’s quite creepy if you stare at it for too long. Here’s an advice, don’t get animals tattooed on your bald head.

This Wolf Isn’t Scary at All

When you think of a wolf, you get the image of a sharp animal that’s ready to pounce at its prey. You also imagine werewolves and how they’re one of the most dangerous fiction creatures. So, when you look at this tattoo, you’re going to have a laugh at how ridiculously terrified this wolf looks.

Just A Terrified Wolf Howling At The Moon

Rather than terrifying you, this wolf tattoo looks like he’s terrified beyond belief itself. Howling at the moon, the wolf is scared to a great extent. It’s funny when you look at it. The distant image off it howling looks scary, but that massive wolf head is the funniest thing you’ll see.

Font Size and Design is Important

We never knew font size of tattoos mattered this much till we saw this. You will see that this is a problem of many people. They’ll get their tattoos in different font sizes and designs thinking it’s cool, but it turns out to be quite difficult to read and unpleasant to look at.

Sometimes It Is Better To Stick To One Font And Size

The woman here chose her font design and shape to be done in the shape of an anchor, and that’s where it all went haywire. You can’t even tell that it’s an anchor. Instead, it looks like a mix of words just randomly splattered on her arm. So much for creativity.

Bon Jovi Quotes For The Win

Jon Bon Jovi is a renowned artist of his time and he’s got many hits that people listen to till this day. He’s one of those essential artists you must have heard at some point in your life. And so, you’ll find many people getting his song lyrics tattooed on their skin.

No Time Like The Present For A Bon Jovi Quote

There’s no harm in doing so, as long as you make sure you’ve got it all right. This person got his “It’s My Life” tattooed on their skin, we’re not sure whether you can spot the problem here. Hint: it’s a grammatical error that you might not be able to catch in the first glance. He’s got “is” twice.

Is This the Boogie Man or T-Rex?

As children, we’ve let our imaginations run wild and created scary monsters that come from under the bed. Many would resemble something that looks like this tattoo. But do you know what this tattoo truly represent? It’s a tattoo of an extinct animal, the T-Rex dinosaur. Do you see any resemblance?

The T-Rex Of The Nightmare World Does Exist

While we haven’t ever seen a T-Rex in real, we can surely get an idea of what it might have looked like with the help of their skeletons and, let’s not forget, Jurassic Park. Does this look even remotely similar to that? The proportions are way off, and it looks like scary chicken instead.

Can You Guess the Hollywood Celebrity Through this Tattoo?

We all love Hollywood celebrities, then there are some who are obsessed with them. Here’s a prime example of a person who wanted to have a Hollywood celebrity embossed on their skin. But can you guess which celebrity this one is similar to? Well, if you look closed enough you might be able to tell.

Guess The Old Hollywood Starlet Based Off Of The Tattoo

You will find that this person got a tattoo of the much-loved celebrity, Marilyn Monroe on her arm. The catch is that you’ll have to look hard to find the resemblance, but you’ll be able to catch a glimpse of it. Here’s another tattoo portrait gone wrong.

Are We Looking at A Yankees Logo?

People are quite enthusiastic when it comes to sports. They collect all sorts of things and get tattoos of their favorite sports team. So, getting a tattoo of your favorite team’s logo is not a bad thing. The issue comes when your tattoo ends up looking like this.

Is This A Strange Mythical Creature Or A Yankees Fan?

We’re not sure what this exactly looks like. We took an off bet that this is similar to Yankee’s logo. Rather than the logo, it looks similar to some mystical creature from an ancient time. However, if you look closely, you’ll see the resemblance to the logo. Getting the lines accurate is essential in tattoos. This clearly shows here.

Never Overlook The Placement of Your Tattoo

One thing’s for sure, you don’t want to overlook the placement of your tattoo. Make sure that you pay great attention to the location where you want to get inked. Otherwise, you might have to deal with a very weirdly placed tattoo, pretty similar to this one below.

Placement Is Everything If You Want To Have No Regrets

The bride has a tattoo “Regret” placed on her wrist. Having this tattoo on your wrist showing on your wedding day pictures are truly a buzzkill. Such a sweet, sentimental moment killed by this tattoo. After looking at this, people would surely be wondering whether she’s truly happy or not. That’s sad.

Another Case of Bad Spelling

We’ve seen too many of these, bad spelling in tattoo artists is truly an issue. But we think that’s not the case in this one. The person getting the tattoo chose not to have the last s of fearless. Instead, they went for a heart as they probably wanted to add some sass.

Fearless With A Side Of Heart And Bad Spelling

Tattoos look really bad when they’re spelt wrongly. We’re truly unsure whether this was the artists fault or the person who got this. However, when you look closely, the outfit and the pink nails give it all away. They heart was essential, more so than that s.

She Won’t Have Trouble Telling People She’s Vegan

These days, you’ll find many people trying to follow a particular lifestyle and eating habits. One of the more popularly followed diet is the vegan diet. Now, it’s difficult to tell whether someone’s vegan or not, until they mention it themselves. But guess who we don’t have to worry about?

How Do You Know Someone Is A Vegan?

This woman here got her face tattooed, telling the entire world that she’s vegan. It’s surely a big commitment to have your face tattooed like that, so hopefully she’s in for a lifetime. Every time she walks in anywhere, people will know that she’s got herself tagged as the vegan woman.

Prime Example Of Tattoo Failure

When getting a tattoo, you must think about the text, design, and the placement of it on your body. It’s not easy to make the decision because you need to ensure the right text or image is inked on the right part of your skin. This person didn’t believe in creativity or any planning.

This Person Is Destined To Join The Infamous Tattoo List

She went straight in with “Finaly Famous”, and that too on her décolletage. We understand that she didn’t purposefully go for the wrong spelling, but the tattoo artist’s blunder is too big to be unnoticed. This hard to miss tattoo fail landed her to be famous in an instant.

7 Rings or a Japanese Style Barbecue Grill?

An average person getting a cringe-worthy, lousy tattoo is understandable as they might not have access to professionals. However, when a celebrity goes wrong with a tattoo, it can be quite embarrassing. Ariana Grande is a great example of this. You must have heard her song ‘7 Rings’. It was surely one that you’ll remember.

One Japanese Style Barbecue Grill To Rule Them All

Due to the fame of the song, Grande wanted to do something meaningful for the success of 7 Rings. That’s when she got a tattoo on her palm which was meant to state 7 Rings in Japanese. However, the tattoo is a Japanese style barbecue grill rather than those words.

Ex-Girlfriend’s Selfie Is The Perfect Tattoo On Your Arm

We understand that expressing love for your girlfriend can be done in many different ways. While many people choose to have each other’s names tattooed, the day they met, or some other significant element, very less couples go for entire faces of each other. Guess who didn’t think it through?

The Selfie Game Was Strong For This Ex-Girlfriend Tattoo Reminder

This person though it was okay to get their girlfriend’s selfie tattooed on their arm. Now, there’s no telling where the relationship might end, so it’s best not to have constant reminders of your ex. However, for this guy, every time he does anything, he’s going to see his ex pouting at him in this selfie tattoo.

The Tattoo Speaks For Itself – “Nobodies Perfect”

There’s a standard saying that everyone uses, “Nobody’s Perfect”. We want to know who’s at fault for this tattoo because, clearly, they got the spelling completely wrong. It’s funny when you think about this, she got this tattooed on her chest and it quite a great representation of what it states.

Knowing The Correct Plural For A Word Is Important

We want to believe that it’s a spelling error, but on whose part? Did the person write down “Nobodies” on purpose or was she really unaware of the true spelling? We are really hoping someone pointed it out, and now she knows what the right word it at least.

You’d Want to Avoid this Compass Rose

What do you immediately look for when you’re feeling lost? You’d say Google Maps but we’re not talking about that. A compass was built to essentially help you find your way, but if you look at the compass rose this tattoo showcases, you’re going to be left feeling quite confused.

Do Not Try And Follow This Compass Rose Or You Will Get Lost

The basics of a compass have been taught quite earlier on in our lives. But we guess this tattoo artist got it all wrong. All the directions are all jumbled up, except for the North direction. So, if you think you’ve got your basics confused, you can look at this to feel better.

A Distorted Tiger is Quite a Tattoo

Getting animal tattoos is surely a favorite aspect of people, we’ve come to realize that. But these tattoos should be done by professionals who have experience in making 3D tattoos. Otherwise, yours will end up looking something similar to this. We get more confused the more we look at this.

The Eyes Of This Tiger Are All Over The Place

Does this look like a tiger to you? A very distorted one, sure. It looks similar to something a child would draw, not a tattoo artist who must have some experience in the field. The features, the placement, everything is truly hideous. We’re hoping that a similar reference picture was given to the artist to make it less appalling.

There’s a New Stitch in Town

Disney movies are loved by many and we’ve seen many people getting themselves tattooed with their favorite characters. Ariel from the Mermaid is quite a common one that we see. Here’s one that we all love as well, but this version is quite different from what we’ve seen before.

Here’s a version of Stitch from the infamous ‘Lilo and Stitch’ animated TV show. Now, you’ll say that this looks a little different from what you might have seen on TV. You’re not wrong. The imagery of this tattoo is quite different from the Stitch we’re used to. Here’s to hoping that the text is not an error as well.

Look Closely, Don’t Miss the Real Tattoo

Many people across the world enjoy adding layers and layers of tattoos on themselves. Similar to below, people have tattoos all over their bodies and there’s no harm in getting this done. It just showcases your love for tattoos. However, there are somethings you shouldn’t ever do, which is what this person has done.

You might have missed it, thinking we’re talking about his body tattoos. We’re talking about the glasses he’s got tattooed on his face. They’re hard to miss now, aren’t they? This guy thought getting glasses tattooed on his face would get him out of wearing them. Someone tell him the truth.

Trolls and Their Whacky Hair

Trolls are small dolls with their head hair standing all the way up. That’s probably one of the most unique aspects of them, and there’s even a Smurfs movie made on them. We can understand that this man was truly inspired by these small adorable dolls.

He’s got a patch of hair that looks exactly like the hair that these dolls have. What better option than to get a troll tattooed below? The tattoo is pretty accurate when it comes to the details, but it’s equally cringe-worthy and creepy if you take a close look at it. We wouldn’t advise the same to anyone.

Pikachu, Is That You?

Pikachu is perhaps one of the most loved Pokémon out there, so there’s no surprise when you see people donning this character on their skin. The trick is to get it tattooed accurately so that it showcases the adorable character. This one here is truly far from the real Pikachu.

It looks like Pikachu is going through a very rough patch and needs to get back with Ash to get his things in order. The face expressions of Pikachu are terrible. We really hope there are no more of these creepy tattoos. It’s ruining the image of Pikachu for us.

So, You Ultimately Give Up?

Again, wise words are quite common to get tattooed on your skin. But what happens when the wisdom you were trying to impart to others is sabotaged and gives an entirely opposite meaning. That’s what has happened with this tattoo. The person wanted to get “Never Give Up” tattoo on their biceps, but it went quite wrong.

A Double Negative Does In Fact Equal A Positive

Now, it says “Never don’t give up”, so it’s the complete opposite of what they wanted it to read. Well, two negatives are equal to a positive, so it ended up stating that you should give up. How funny is that? We had a good laugh at this one.

Let’s Just Say That Translators Are Essential for Tattoos

We’ve all seen people getting tattoos in different languages, many times they don’t even know what it means. However, it’s different when you have it translated to your native language. Now, this social media influencer wanted to get a tattoo that said “Only God can judge my mistakes and truths.”

Always Make Sure A Proper Translator Is Used For Tattoos

Well, can you guess what happened next? Her tattoo artist had a different understanding of what it meant, and went on to ink her body with “I can judge a single god with my wrongs and wrongs.” We’re shocked to see how he completely changed the meaning of the entire tattoo she wanted.