20 famous movie stars that are idiots in real life


It is no secret that many famous TV faces, especially movie stars and singers have problematic behavior. Although the audience and the fans may love them because of their talent, their personal issues and sometimes unacceptable behavior make them really undesirable. The list of these people is quite long in fact, but we have summed up the top 20 movie stars that are lovable on the TV, but n real life? Not so much!

Charlie Sheen

Unless you are living under the rock, you must know that Charlie Sheen is not quite as he looks on Two and A Half Man. His behavior is exactly what got him fired from the popular TV show. Accompanied with frequent change of tempter, anger, drinking and drug addition, Sheen is known as the most undesirable movie star to work with. Showing no respect for authority, his colleagues as well as his female partners, Sheen has ended up in many court proceedings which has only brought him negative popularity and labeled him as unstable person.

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Reese Witherspoon

The Big Little Lies and Sweet Home Alabama star Reese Witherspoon appears to be much more different in real life as she is as a character in her movies. The rom-com TV star is especially beloved for her innocent smile and her representation of down-to-earth woman. Well, that is not quite true. On many occasion, Reese appeared to be arrogant and disrespectful, especially towards police authorities. Apparently this type of behavior has made her arrested. However, she still continues to feel entitled and throws her name around like she is some diva.

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Patrick Dempsey

From the moment the female audience became in love with the cute doctor in Grey’s Anatomy, Patrick Dempsey made a negative turn in his behavior and relationship with others. This was particularly present on the filming sets where his co-workers couldn’t deal with his attitude. The lack of kindness and being completely rude to the entire cast and the crew has lead to his end in the extra popular TV show. Namely, it was the producer itself, Shonda Rhimes, that could not handle the erratic and unacceptable behavior and she ended his character.

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Julia Roberts

Considered as the actress with the most beautiful smile in Hollywood and wider, Julia Roberts has proved herself many times that her acting abilities are more than excellent. However, the Pretty woman star has been accused as not the most desirable person to work with. The strongest comment on this topic has come from Steven Spielberg himself, stating that working with extremely emotional people like her is very hard. Namely, that particular state of being overemotional and egoistic has made problem for Julia not only on the workplace but with her personal relationship with her sister too.

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Jennifer Lawrence

High on the top of the most paid actresses of all times, JLaw is known as not being so nice and innocent as her appearances might present her. Starring in different movies and playing different roles has pictured Jennifer as an actress capable of changing personalities, temper and appearances for a role. In her private life, she is considered as an arrogant person, especially towards her fans. She has been mean and angry towards them many times, which was confirmed true and she explained that it’s her only way dealing with fame and being famous. Looks like being nice really goes a long way!

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Spike Lee

Being multi-talented and appreciated for your skills is a huge thing that pays really well. But that usually changes people most commonly in their behavior and attitude. Spike Lee is one of those persons who has let the fame hit in his head. The most outrageous thing that he has done that has turned the worldwide attention was a visit to a university were has was supposed to hold a lecture. Being over his head, he has cut the lecture short by 40 minutes and avoided the scheduled part of Q&A that left a dark mark in the eyes of the fans.

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Tom Cruise

A star of many popular movies and one of the most lovable male actors, Tom Cruise is just another person in the list of TV stars that are weird in private life. Having two failed marriages behind him, Tom Cruise is known as an unstable person regarding his behavior, followed by frequent outbursts. While still being marries to Katie Holmes, Cruise has set some weird rules connected both the her and their daughter. The most outrageous thing was the ban he put on Holmes for no talking with his ex Nicole Kidman. Many close to him blame the Scientology for this.

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Katherine Heigl

The latest new addition to the mega-popular TV show Suits included the lovely blonde Katherine Heigl as the fierce and strong lawyer Samantha Wheeler. After being out of the movie scene for some time, Heigl has made a comeback which also followed by some bad reputation. That is mainly connected and refers to her criticizing many of her own project. Another notable thing was her talking very harsh for her colleagues and other celebrities, that many of them found it unfounded and undeserving. What has been over the top was a nomination for Emmy that she refused because her in her opinion the writing was poor and she would be undeserving of the recognition and award.

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Cameron Diaz

Another blond beauty in the Hollywood that has her own opinion about many things and states them loudly is Cameron Diaz. One of the things that she is most arrogant for and why the fans don’t like her at all is the attitude she has over them. More precisely, she does not like giving out autographs and all those who have approached her for that have had the same treatment – she yells them and even gives the lecture why asking for autographs is stupid and idiotic. Whichever the reason for this decision, there are many different ways of expressing unwillingness of giving autographs than yelling over the fans.

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Christian Bale

The best Batman of all times is known as a hard and very difficult man, considering his personality. His moodiness, tendencies to perfection, undermining the others and being rude has made him the most undesirable person to work with and that title is following him through the years. From the moment an audio tape was released on which Bale was recorded yelling uncontrollably and verbally assaulting one of the directors of set, the entire TV industry and the world-wide audience got the real picture what was behind the face of this talent.

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Mel Gibson

Although there is no doubt when it comes to his acting skills and the recognitions he has received during his longtime career, the personal Gibson’s side is quite no so appreciative. The list of his unacceptable behavior is long. It all started when he was arrested for DUI. Then followed some anti-Semitic comments that very not accepted well from the community. Next in line were the sexist comments that additionally made him quite infamous. While the bad moves followed on, Gibson almost never apologizes for what he has said, which only added fuel to the burning fire of disliking him.

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Jared Leto

Another proof that the marvelous acting skills do not go together with a nice and kind personality is the actor Jared Leto. Although his talent is undeniable, the actor privately is quite an arrogant person. On the top of his list is the utmost rudeness towards colleagues on the filming set. The fellow artists don’t like him in their working team because he is annoying and disrespectful. One incident involved him sending a gift to his colleagues filled with bullets, beads and used condoms. This was the final moment that made him a TV star you would want to avoid working with.

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Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp is one of those stars with whom you do not know where you stand. On the one side, he is quite generous, taking different activities in various charities, promoting and supporting organizations and offering help where needed. But that seems to be just for the cameras. When no one is watching, inside of his home, he is a totally different person. For that, his ex-wife Amber Heard is the living proof. The reason for their divorce was the mental and physical abuse she has suffered while being married to him. Showing up to work drunk and getting into altercations are also part of his bad personality.

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Catherine Zeta-Jones

This beautiful face can be deceiving. Maybe the most unbelievable thing behind this TV star is how she treats the people around herself. The list of people offended by her behavior is long. Starting from not tipping the people at the restaurants and wanting the be only person in the establishment speaks a lot for her personality. She is also known to request an entire shut down of a gym at a hotel where she stays so that she can work out in privacy. This particular event has happened also at the place she lives and the other tenants were affected too.

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Gwyneth Paltrow

Well, Piper from Iron Man is everything but an average person. Looks like the actress decided to become a bit like her character in her private life, but that did not turn quite right. Starting with avoiding consumption of coffee and alcohol, the list increased to dairy, eggs, sugar fish, meat and many other products. Thinking that this might be just enough to promote herself as a lifestyle expert, she saw and turned this into a marketing opportunity. But, in fact, Paltrow has been labeled as nothing similar to a lifestyle expert but a rich, unstable woman who has an evident eating disorder.

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Terrence Howard

Just like in the TV Show’s main character Luscious Lion, Terrence Howard has a dark past regarding his private life. And that is mainly connected to the female persons in his life. The first incident that put him on the radar as a star with bad behavior is when he beat up his first wife for talking to him “real strong”. The second incident was regarding his second wife for punching her. The next in line came another physical moment when she also claimed that he through her across the room and threatening to throw her off the balcony. Not a good picture at all!

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Mike Myers

Well, this is the face that you will not believe can get you fired if you worked for and you assumingly threw a bad look at him. Considered to be narcissistic and controlling, Myers in not the person you would like to have as your boss nor to collaborate with. One toy company suffered negative marketing due to his erratic behavior and unwillingness to sign a toy that was in fact based on his character. Not only he found that “a no big deal situation”, he ordered a rushed delivery to the same toys, without paying for the extra shipping charges.

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Zooey Deschanel

Staring in comedies probably can be hard for some TV stars, and Zooey Deschanel is one of them. Always smiling, fooling around and looking like the kindest person in the world, Deschanel is in fact very hard person to work with. The constant change of mood, throwing around nasty words and constantly being unhappy on the sets reflects a bad vibe along the team she works with. Wanting to have everything go her way and as scheduled has made her a person that is not desirable to be around or work with.

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Zack Braff

From the moment one movie star starts to act weird and request strict food and beverage diet, the audience marks him as unlovable one. Zack Braff might be a comedian and goofy actor, but his outburst requesting special coffee served on a special place with a strict delivery procedure is something over the top of the unacceptable. On top of this exaggerations come the requests and refusals to work with fellow colleagues and people who are not good looking. And all that so that he can be better looking one? So not cool!

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Steven Seagal

Rude, notorious, difficult to work with, undependable and many more adjectives will not be enough to describe how the movie industry feels about Steven Seagal. Even the creator and the producer of the SNL show stated that he has been the worst host the show has ever seen. What goes even further is the relationship Seagal has with his stunt men. Not only he disrespects them and is extremely rude to them, but he also kicks them between the legs. Physical abuse is never justified, especially coming from a TV personality. Not a grown man would ever do, right?

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