40+ Photos In Which Things Didn’t Go As Planned


We all love taking photos, don’t we? And the reason for it is very simple: photos are the best way to immortalize memories. And later we can come back to those pictures to remember the moments we might have forgotten otherwise and to think about the ‘good old times’.

However, some photos are just more entertaining than others. Like the ones that we have brought for you today. What do these photos have in common? They are all normal, everyday scenes that most people would not think twice about. However, there is one tiny detail that changes everything. Can you spot it? Take a few minutes to look at each photo and see if you can find the difference. Once you do, you will never be able to see these photos the same way again!

Flying Horror Is Approaching

One’s weakness is another’s strength. This is the literal representation of what we are seeing here. If you’ve ever thought about what it feels like to suffer from lepidopterophobia – extreme fear of butterflies, well you can see the lady in the back suffering from the phobia.

The lady in black is enjoying playing with a butterfly while the other is paralyzed during an encounter with it. However, this phobia can be deadly if they have such a close encounter with them. Hope the lady has recovered from the shock she just received!

‘Elmotional Damage!’

This is how time has changed and left many heartbroken. In the past, Elmo and other Muppets were the talk of the town and they made everyone love them. However, with time and the introduction of new cartoons and characters people have forgotten the good times Elmo has given to our childhood.

No doubt Woody from Toy Story is one of the most loved characters. However, we shouldn’t be our childhood heroes. All they need is a hug and appreciation for the work they have done in the past years and gave many people beautiful memories of their childhood.

I Want A Selfie Too!

The best photobomb done by a spider we have ever seen. The panicked reaction is justifiable by having a spider right above them in their bed. It would scare anyone, but such a close and random encounter can be lethal for some people. Thank god, she noticed it in time.

Is it a coincidence that they had white sheets on? Even if it is a coincidence, it is for the better. There is no way they would’ve noticed it if they had dark sheets on. And in the next picture, the spider would’ve been on any of their foreheads.

A Toothy Doggo

At first glance, this dog looks like Cujo, the wild and insane dog we all saw in the 1983 movie Cujo. Its teeth look so sharp that they could bite off anything with ease. However, as you look closely you would see that those aren’t actually the dog’s teeth.

It is actually the wooden fence at the back that is making it look like the dog has a sharp set of teeth. So there is nothing to worry about. It’s not a wild dog-like Cujo, it is just someone’s friendly pet that happens to be in front of a fence that has given us this unique photograph.


An angle is the most important factor in capturing the right picture. Just a slight change in the angle can turn a good picture into the worst. She really needs a photography class and needs to understand how to look at the screen and surroundings before clicking a picture.

No, this is not edited at all and is as it was captured. However, this can be a perfect way to show off your sleek nose. But she should’ve at least cleaned the small mirror as clean the big mirror is to give a better look.

It’s Not A Lawn Mower You Genius!

Grass can be comfortable to sit and walk barefoot on. However, after a few drinks, you can be found doing many things. But doing yoga stunts should be the last one. Not only it is dangerous but can seriously injure you. That is why mats were invented.

Acrobatic stunts should be only done in training halls or on a mat. How can these girls abandon their friend and click pictures like nothing is happening? The stunt girl can easily injure her neck, she is not even using her hands to support her stand.


In recent times, we have seen many futuristic features that a car can actually possess. Be it an ejection seat, voice-activated car or guns attached. We have seen many things in movies and different series. However, a levitating car has been seen in real life.

It looks like this SUV just came from a Transformers movie to get some groceries. One may think that. However, it is all a trick played by the shadow of the next car park. Sorry Batman, we hate to disappoint you but better luck next time!

A Normal Hot Day

Not everyone enjoys a hot day and especially if you are out in the streets on a motorbike. The man can be seen enjoying the freedom. Don’t worry, he is not misusing the freedom, all he did was take his shirt off to beat the heat.

The angle the picture is captured may be confusing you a bit. However, the man riding the bike is just shirtless. It’s the girl who is wearing shorts and creating all the confusion. It is all an optical illusion that is giving this picture a different meaning.

Celebrating Black History And Who?

When thinking of the influence of Black artists on the mainstream music industry today, there is an enormous amount of influence. In certain music categories, Black artists have a much more profound presence and a lot more talent to execute that genre of music perfectly.

This magazine almost had it, now go back and look closely. In the midst of celebrating black history in the context of music, this magazine celebrated an artist who had no business being on the list. Someone should surely introduce them to artists, such as Athena, Dizzy, and more.

Wait, Is That Drake?

You just got a photo clicked with your old friends and then later say that the person behind you photobombed it. Did they leave a gap in the middle so he can photobomb them? Oh wait, that’s Drake photo bombing them, so yes it can be a possibility.

What a casual way to show that Drake is having dinner right behind you and you actually got his attention. This picture is going on all their feeds and making others think that they were unaware of Drake sitting in their background and having dinner.

Show Your Smile To The World

One doesn’t have to dress up to go for a fancy dinner; you can always show up to your local grocer with a full outfit. This is an ideology that many live by. Well, this shopper proved another ideology: you can also dress up what the people can’t see.

Underneath the unforgiving fluorescent lights of any corner store, you can see a hidden smile peeking through from underneath the yellow maxi dress. So, if there’s one thing to learn here, fluorescent lights can reveal something you don’t want to in the first place, particularly with light fabrics.

One Plan Two Guys

When planning a proposal, we’re sure that everyone wants a serene, unique, and unforgettable location. Well, the world isn’t a stranger to public proposals, and we sure do enjoy a good one. So, a good way to create an unforgettable and original moment in public would be to scout the area before you pop the question.

Well, this man proposing to, someone we hope now is his wife, would have benefitted from scouting the area out, particularly the area behind him towards the right. Well, we can’t deny Disney is a magical place and that these two share the same idea.

‘I Will Enjoy Anyway’

The social norms have led many people to feel embarrassed sometimes. For example, bringing a date to prom is a must and singles don’t feel belonging at all. This is heartbreaking but sadly it is a mindset that has set in mostly everyone in our society.

Mad respect for this guy who had the confidence to dance with himself in a crowd full of partners. What a brave act by this guy. He was grooving by himself and surely enjoying the vibes. Not only that, but is an inspiration for singles who avoid going to prom as they don’t have a date with them.

This Is How You Smile, Boys!

The cops were definitely clueless about what was going on behind them. The pony is undoubtedly not only a service horse but also a professional model. All it needs is a runaway to show his modeling skills to the whole world. Looks like the horse is having good dental care at the precinct. 

Jokes aside, what a cute memory the cops have captured with the horse during their duty. It looks like they have a great bond with their four-legged friend. This horse is going place with its cuteness and looks very proud to serve the community and his nation.

Ma’am, You Forgot Something!

We all know how stressful mornings can be. The tiredness can make us absent-minded and distracted in other thoughts. Not only stress and being in a hurry can alone cause many problems. We don’t know what was going on in the lady’s mind but she needs to be careful next time.

We can accept the fact that she left the keys hanging on the lock but one thing is going to bother all of us. How did she start the damn thing if the keys were there in the door lock? Don’t you need the keys for that?

A Double Bunny…

You may have seen the inkblot test, well then you know that people see different things when looking at black spots on a white canvas. Well, this black spot on this white bunny requires no individual interpretation. In fact, you can even call it a happy coincidence. 

This rabbit is unlike any other because of how Meta its fur is; you can quite literally see a bunny on top of this bunny. Statistically speaking, who knows what the chances of such a thing happening are. One thing is for sure; this bunny is most definitely one-of-a-kind.

Not Only a Mural

Did the mural was done first or was the security camera was already there. It doesn’t matter, it was a clever idea to create such a beautiful art piece around a security camera. The choice of a sea turtle and underwater landscape is a perfect choice.

With only a close look a person can notice a camera in the eye of the turtle. For burglars, it is the perfect place to set the camera. During the dark, it would be impossible to know where the camera is. The security camera is the best working eye of the turtle.

Great Nail Art

Halloween candy and other gummy worms can be harmful for health. The amount of sugar added to them not only erodes your teeth but can also cause high blood pressure and increase the risk of diabetes. The excess consumption of sugar can develop obesity and other diseases.

That’s all we’ve heard about candies while growing up. But who knew they go perfect with Fuscia nails. Create your best Halloween look by using the orange and green striped candy. This is one of the best use of this candy and will not pose any risk to your health.

What The…

Respect for this man who is living a special life with such a passion with three legs. He hasn’t let anything stop him from going out and proving everyone wrong. It may be a bit difficult for him but is an inspiration for many people.

Some people may think it is advantageous for having three legs but using a fork or a spoon would be a difficult task. However, practice makes a man perfect and he may have learned that. This may make others feel grateful for being in a good and healthy condition.


There’s a whole myriad of accidents that happen when attending parties with alcoholic drinks. With all of the cameras around, you’re bound to capture a few of them two. Take a closer look, and you’ll see a sorority girl tumbling down on her own journey to what could be a great fall at the party.

Of course, alcoholic beverages and a staircase are a match made in hell for anyone. At an even closer look, you might sight worrying about the lack of attention to detail the kids have put into their costumes for this Halloween party.

Why Are You Naked, Charlie?

Not being careful with cutting and trimming a gift wrap can turn your good intentions into something quite strange-looking. Half Charlie Brown and half Snoopy has given this gift wrap and new look. However, it takes ultimate talent and creativity to create something aesthetic like this.

It may be impressive and make someone a bit uncomfortable. We just hope the one receiving this gift opens it quickly and doesn’t notice the wrapping error. Seeing Charlie with a tail may amaze the gift receiver and make them think of a new character that has been introduced and they are unaware of it.

The Chewbacca Dog

This cat is enjoying a relaxing sleep time however we can’t help but notice that this cat actually looks like Chewbacca mask placed sideways. We are sure that this is why the person took this photo. The clean and well-combed fur adds more to the Chewbacca look.

We can only hope that this cat wakes up before any Chewbacca or Star Wars fan tries to pick them up thinking that it is a mask. The resemblance is just uncanny. Whether a cat or a Chewbacca mask we would love to hold it in our hands.

He Just Can’t Accept It

The best moment for a bridesmaid is when the bride flips the bouquet and sees in whose hands it will land. Something like that happened here. The girlfriend who just caught the bouquet and now the boyfriend is terrified to know that they are going to tie the knot next.

Not only the boyfriend but is the dad recalling the same moment he had with his wife and thinking how time has turned. Anyways the look on the boy’s face is still something we can’t get over. We can only hope that he accepts the fact soon and gets over it.

Be Careful!

Banana peel is the last thing you would want to slip by. Therefore, watch your step next time you encounter one ahead. You can easily break a bone or dislocate your elbow if you fall by a banana peel. Always watch your steps and be alert.

However, in this case, it is just a 3D painting on the floor. How clever it is. This isn’t the first time that shopkeepers have played this trick. According to them, it keeps the buyers focused on their surroundings. It can be a good laugh for those who try to reach down to pick it up.

Is My Eraser Broken?

Everything on this earth has an expiry date, and so does this eraser. Now, we usually lose or use up our eraser before its final day arrives but not for this one individual. This eraser is so old that it now leaves black smears instead of doing its job.

Well, we’ve got to give it to him; finding an eraser that’s older than our parents is not that easy to do. Perhaps, it could be sold off as an antique? Perhaps it’s time to hit the stationery shop and purchase stationery that you can actually use, one that would erase rather than do the opposite.

The Importance of Proofreading

How many of us educated folks have gotten into the habit of proofreading every bit of all of the assignments we hand in or are presenting? Well, Steve from Harvard proved the importance of proofreading, and we don’t think he intended to do so.

After reading through the passage, you probably went over the title again and realized what mistake Stevie made. Well, to be fair, the letters ‘s’ and ‘d’ are quite close to one another on the keyboard. However, when it comes to presenting a topic for Microsoft, a simple mistake could be your downfall. Not to mention the MacBook behind the Microsoft logo.

A Fish’s Nightmare

Do fish have dreams and nightmares? Well, if they did, then this little fish’s nightmare is about to come true. Movie directors and directors of photography for horror films could only dream of getting a shot like the one you have before you. This photograph perfectly encapsulates the feeling of impending doom.

At face value, it only looks like a picture of an adorable little fish but looks closer. Is that the look of fear on the fish’s face? Well, yes, it is because just beyond the fish, in the background, you can spot a feline just waiting to pounce.

‘Come Flyy With Mee!’

Ever heard of flying debris? Well, this surely takes it to a whole new level. You might think that this picture of the levitating boulder was captured during a tornado, where significantly sized things can fly all over the place, trees can be uprooted, and boulders can fly. Well, it surely would seem so.

The interesting thing is that this is not the case at all when it comes to this levitating boulder. After looking at the picture carefully, you’ll realize that the boulder isn’t levitating at all. It is simply in a pool of water that is hazy.

No Free Rides!

When it comes to horizontal stripes, the verdict of the fashion world has been all over the place. Some say they could be slimming; others say they make you look wider. Well, whatever it may be. They can definitely make up some very awkward illusions when shot from the right angle.

This woman on her vacation had no idea that she had a freeloader on her back, quite literally, or at least, that’s what the picture says. What’s funnier is how everything aligns, such as the wood paneling and the stripes on the black shirt, which perfectly create the best black slacks.

Stop it, Marilyn!

They may be unaware but the shirt of the girl on the right has some other plans. She should back off and create some distance otherwise, the bite would be complete and no one would want to see that. The angle has played its part.

What a coincidence it is. No one would’ve thought that it would look like it. Was it planned? People may think that but it is merely an act of coincidence. This Bette Davis picture on the shirt is already famous and now it went on the next level through this.

Looks Weeeiiird…

Someone should inform this striped sleeves person that impaling an innocent kitty is extremely unacceptable. Not only unethical but how can someone capture it and post it on social media and let others see their unlawful act. Other`s reaction would be something that the striped sleeve person has to be careful of.

However, you don’t get furious after looking at this. All this is actually an optical illusion. The kitty has a very fluffy tail that easily fits an arm and covers it. No unethical act was carried out here. The kitty is safe, happy healthy.

Just Ink But Looks Cool!

Looks the person has been attacked by a flesh-eating virus. Beware, people, it can be contagious and you can be its next victim. Therefore, be careful of the person who has fingers like this and ask them to get themselves treated as soon as possible.

With increasing viruses in the environment, anyone can easily be scared of a finger looking like this. However, it is an unfortunate writer who had to face this by the mishap created by his pen. The ink just flowed through his skin and made it look like venom is entering his body.

Where Is The Rest Of The Puppy?

The first thing that comes to mind when people look at this picture is where the rest of the dog is. Well, if you are one of those people then we can assure you there is nothing to worry about. This dog is not cut in half.

In reality, what seems to be a wall is actually a door and the rest of the dog’s body is behind that door. Talk about interior designing. If you don’t want such weird yet unique photos of your pet then it is better to have a different paint for your door and your walls. And if you take our opinion, it will also look better.

The Evil Cattree

Is it a cat? Is it a tree? Or is it a hybrid of both? This photo looks like the tree has a face of an angry cat.  But it is actually a cat staring through a window towards a tree and the reflection has ended up in this unique photograph.

In addition to the uniqueness of the photo, we can’t help but notice how angrily the cat is looking towards the tree. May it has a beef with the tree or maybe there is another cat in the branches that our furry friend here in the picture does not like.

The Perfect Shot

This woman will be really angry when she sees this photo. It is a perfect hair whip photo with water making a unique curved shape. The only thing that could make this photo better is the great background which this photo seems to have. Or does it?

Well if you look closely in the back you would see two women, one in the black dress and the other one in a red dress. Their dresses might be beautiful but what they are doing isn’t. Well, let’s just say they are scratching a very private part of their body. Hey, you can’t control when you are feeling itchy but what you can do is make sure you don’t have any extras in the back when you are going for such a beautiful shot.

Just Cram Up All Together

So this one is a tricky shot, we don’t know if these are two different groups or just an innovative way to cram a lot of people in one single shot. If they are a single group then it would have been better if the groups had moved a little closer or if two separate photos were taken.

We have one other theory. What if this photo was only meant to be taken for the four ladies in the front and the family in the back just coordinated with each other really well and decided to photobomb the smaller group’s photo.


You might have seen videos on the internet where a whale comes out of the water and then dives back in. It is one of the most beautiful sights that one can see. It actually shows how majestic of a creature a whale actually is. These two ladies did more than just see the whale on the internet.

They were taking a photograph while being in the middle of the ocean when this whale just randomly popped out of the water and decided to photobomb their picture. It is definitely one photo that these ladies will always remember for the rest of their lives. Well if I was in their place I would regret watching the wrong way when this event happened.

Huge Yarns?

When you look at this picture; what do you see? If you are like us then you might have seen large yarn balls on the floor. One can only imagine how involved this person actually is in knitting and sewing. The person might have a huge passion for knitting which shows why they have such a large and big collection of yarn.

Well in actuality, they are small yarns placed on a table. The tabletop looks like the wooden floor which makes it look like the yarns are big when they are actually small and just placed on the table. For a better perspective, you can also see what can only be called a yarn knitting machine on the table.

Someone, Feed This Beluga Whale Please!

We all know that dolphins are considered one of the most intelligent and friendly species in the world. They are considered very playful and this family got to experience this first hand when they took their child to a local aquarium. They might have seen a lot of fish but this might be a unique experience that they will never forget.

This girl was standing in front of the glass of the aquarium when this dolphin decided to come and catch the child from her head. The picture makes it feel like the dolphin was going to hold the kid in its mouth; thankfully the glass was there. But we believe that the Dolphin only wanted to play.