50 Perfectly Timed Pictures That Will Blow Your Mind


Ever seen a shot so perfect that you couldn’t stop looking at it? Such pictures can be captured if you have an eye for detail, precision, and great photography skills. Sometimes it’s also just pure luck!

If you have ever taken such a picture then you know how accomplished it feels. This is because pictures speak a thousand words and everyone has the liberty to attach their meaning to it.

What may be seen by you may not be seen by another individual looking at the same picture. Let’s discover 50 of the most perfectly timed pictures you will see today!


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‘What is THAT over there?! Gosh! Oh no! Dory! Come and save me from this weird looking fish! Let’s get out of here quick!!!’

Well, ok, it’s just a joke, and we understand that, strictly speaking it isn’t a ‘perfectly-timed picture’, but a ‘perfect demonstration of wit, sense of humor and creative thinking. Think about it, really: it’s not so often that we see someone watching a movie or a cartoon and suddenly thinking something like ‘Oh, that is a perfect moment to pause the video, lift my top and show this shocked little fish all I’ve got underneath it’.

Sweet and Soft Little Baby Feet

8 baby feet.jpg

Nothing quite so sweet and yet disturbing and funny at the same time in this picture. Poor baby doesn’t even know the picture of their innocent feet has gone viral.

Of course, you can also make the analogy that his feet look the same as the thing that created them. Isn’t that wonderful? Because the miracle of birth surely is.

It is a wholesome picture that can be both funny and wonderful at the same time. This depends on your perception of the picture. Everyone has a different lens through which they look at the world and this is a perfect example to explain that.

Keep pullin’…

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This tiny little puppy you see over here has no idea what he is doing, he’s just playing and not suspecting what this nice little rope is a part of a bathing suit and, if he pulls a bit harder for a bit longer, something interesting is going to happen.

But the person taking the shot, whether it’s a man or a woman, is fully aware of the fact that the puppy’s little game is going to end in a very interesting way. The only question left is whether ‘the victim’ is noticing that something is pulling the string on her bra. That will stay a mystery forever.

A Picture That You Will Definitely Need To Take a Double Look! The Girl Has Her Leg on Her Boyfriend


One of the perfectly timed shots that fall more towards the cringe-y side. Of course, the couple must have realized it too after seeing this picture and their friends probably made endless fun of them too.

After all, what is not hilarious about this picture? We certainly couldn’t stop laughing and feel bad for the couple at the same time.

They thought they were taking a cute couple picture showing their affection but the guy’s misplaced fingers have ruined it all. Of course, it is not all bad. We are sure they had a good laugh about it too once they saw it!

It Just Struck Me That…

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… that walking in the middle of an open space during a thunderstorm is not an amazing idea, first and foremost, otherwize this can happen for real.There were cases of people struck by lightning who suddenly as a result of that found that they could speak another landuage that they never even remotely knew before. that is extremely rare.

There were also cases of people who just survived being struck by lightning. A bit less rare, but still.

In any case, this beautiful lady is not just walking on the line between water and land, but also on the line between safety and danger. Sorry for making this part of the article so serious, the next one will be less so, I promise.

I Didn’t Even See the “LOOK” Sign at First


We are sure you were looking before you even saw the sign. The mind instantly goes towards the two women standing without even realizing what the board in between says and that is the funniest thing about this picture.

These people saw a great opportunity for a funny picture and instantly grabbed that opportunity. It is a perfectly timed picture that is clearly staged but it is still extremely hilarious.

They are flawlessly covering the two boards making only visible the words that they need to show in the picture. Of course, credit goes to the photographer too that took this great shot.

Mid Rally Haircut?


The upper picture seems perfectly normal as it looks like the guy has perfect curly hair. As you scroll down, you immediately see the illusion that was being created. The woman behind him has perfect curls but her face got perfectly hidden by the guy in the front!

It is amazing how everyone was focusing on Obama in this picture. However, this photographer captured exactly what was going on in the background making it a perfect blooper for the times you need a laugh.

We certainly could not stop laughing for a few minutes, we hope you laughed as much too!

David Attenborough Goes Like This: 

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‘And in this part of our wildlife documentary you see a pair of truly intimidating, evil creatures protecting themselves from predators that are higher than them in the food chain.

Generally, their tactics is the following:

  1. group together (if they aren’t lucky, they pair up),
  2. make horrible-looking figure (in this shot they are pretending to be a venomous millipede)
  3. change color (red, yellow and blue in this case) in order to show that their bodies contain poison and therefore better not eat them
  4. Open their mouths and produce a long, deafening shriek that will make a potential predator run for its life.’

Yeah, guys, better not eat them, that’s for sure…

Bruce Wayne: Ever the Playboy


Batman is just blown away by the beauty of the inflatable woman beneath him in this picture. He can’t stop looking and who can blame him? After all, woman superheroes are strong, beautiful, bold, and brave!

He looks as if he has gawking at her and can’t get enough of what he is looking at. Clearly, Batman is taken aback and this shot is an accurate depiction of that.

He could have at least done it subtly but obviously, Batman doesn’t care about societal norms. All he cares about in this picture is what is he looking at and admiring!

The Perfect Magazine


Imagine coming back after a while and noticing that the wife you left sleeping has a man’s face suddenly! We would be shocked and the husband was too.

Of course, he would have realized that she is sleeping beneath a newspaper that has a man’s face on the cover. Making it the perfect time for capturing a shot that makes you think twice!

It certainly took us a few minutes before we figured out that it is not a picture of a man with a woman’s body. Did you also think this before you realised what the picture actually was?

Bubble Glasses


One of those pictures that is so perfect that it is oddly satisfying to see. The bubbles are placed perfectly on the eyes of the kid making it look as if he is wearing glasses. Probably one of the best pictures that came out of this event.

The kid is rocking these bubble glasses. After all, normal glasses are just too mainstream to be worn at festivals aren’t they? We can’t help but envy as we want these glasses too!

Of course, that can’t happen so we can only wish to have friends who take such perfect shots of us when we are out!

Perfect Placement! This Picture Will Make You Look Twice

5. shoulder.jpg

This is one of those illusions that takes a minute to comprehend. The first thing you notice is that the guy in the background has his hand extended on the girl’s shoulder.

Of course, after a minute you realize that is not possible because the man is too far. He is simply minding his own business with his arms crossed but the picture makes it seem as if his hand is extended.

The poor man doesn’t even know he is third-wheeling in the picture like this! Although, the people in this picture will be looking back at it and laughing at the coincidence.

Perfect Puzzle Piece

6 see through cat.jpg

This picture is proof that cats are liquid. Jokes apart, it took us a minute to understand what is happening in this picture. The cat’s ear and the spot there match the head of the owner exactly and for a minute you can see this perfect alignment.

It is as if the cat made up for the blocking by making sure that the guy still looks like himself! It is proof that humans and cats are the same even if we may not be able to see it.

Of course, this is just a rare coincidence that you just had the pleasure of seeing!

Shadow Precision! The Dragon Fly Knew Where To Land

dragon fly foot.jpg

If this isn’t the coolest picture ever then we don’t know what is. The dragonfly found the perfect spot to align with its tattoo-self and it looks even better than the tattoo doing it.

It is the perfect mirror image and no one could have done it better than this. The tails of the tattoo and real dragonfly are almost touching and this just goes to show the perfect symmetry it has aligned itself with.

If this isn’t the most satisfying picture you have seen today then we don’t know what to tell you. It doesn’t get any better than this!

I Hoot!

woman marries owl.jpg

It took us a minute to figure out what is going on in this picture. First, it seemed to us that the man was wearing an owl mask. However, upon closer inspection, it seemed that the owl was too big to be a mask.

So, we ruled that the owl was flying by while taking this shot and it perfectly covered the face of the man getting married making it seem like the woman was marrying an owl person!

Kudos to the person who took this shot making it the most perfect and funny picture you will have the pleasure of seeing today.

Fury of Cloud Dragon

cloud dragon.jpg

Many believe that the sky is God’s canvas. You need to have an eye to notice the art that is present in the sky. This shot describes that God is an artist perfectly.

Of course, kudos to the photographer as well who found the perfect time to take this shot. You finally get to see a dragon breathing fire in the sky! Better than Game of Thrones right?

No, it’s not but it’s close. Everyone can make anything of this shot. It’s like Rorschach’s inkblot test in the sky. What you may see, the other may not. We see a dragon breathing fire. What do you see?

Breakdance On Water

7 jesus breakdance.jpg

What would Jesus do? Breakdance! We can see the action live in this picture. The person who perfectly timed this picture is a genius. It takes a millisecond to fall into the water so imagine the precision of timing that went into this shot!

It gives the illusion that the person is falling on something solid when it is water. His hand seems to fall perfectly on top of the water and that is the beauty of the timing of this picture.

Sad for the guy falling though, he would have never stopped hearing the end of all the Jesus jokes!

The Princess and the Frog: Gone Wrong

13 froggo.jpg

The story of the princess and the frog live in action with a plot twist. The frog didn’t become a prince but instead became an overly attached boyfriend who clung to the girl’s face!

She probably didn’t even see it coming but the photographer captured this fail moment perfectly. Not all stories have happy endings and clearly, this one didn’t. Not for the girl at least.

If you want to see more perfectly timed shots that are hilarious and mind boggling then keep on scrolling. There is a lot more left!

The Patriotic Side of Physics

10 glass table.jpg

If you are looking for a glass of freedom and independence then here it is! A glass that signifies both these things without even trying. It looks like a surreal painting that looks too good to be true. Of course, it is true and is a mix of photography skills and perfect object placement.

The flag is creating an illusion that looks more than real in the glass. The glass is then reflecting the flag perfectly on to the table. That is the beauty of science that you don’t get to see every day. This picture is just proof of that.

Calm Down, It’s Just a Sprinkler Fountain

11 right moment.jpg

Poor guy doesn’t even know he just got caught peeing by a photographer and now his photo is viral. Of course, that is not true. He just happens to have the unfortunate luck of sitting in alignment with the fountain.

However, someone looking at the picture will take two minutes to fully comprehend what is happening. If his mother saw this picture she would be proud he is not using any hands for this!

Jokes apart, this is probably the funniest picture you will see today. It brightened up our day and we hope it added a little brightness to your day as well!

This Lady’s Ghost Friend


This picture has the ability to make someone laugh and freak them out at the same time! The mother has no idea that the cloth she is trying to hang on the balcony looks just like another person.

It seems as if a ghost is wearing it because it provides the silhouette of an actual person. The picture makes it seem as if the mother is shaking hands with a ghost on his way up in the air!

The daughter did a stunning job in randomly capturing a great image without even knowing. Of course, none of us want our parents to shake hands with ghosts.

Apparently This Guy Is Champagne Proof


We feel bad for this guy for getting his face covered in champagne, that too at the worst possible time. From the looks of it, he has just won something important. That is of course ruined by the giant shower of champagne shooting straight at his face!

Who said celebratory drinks have to be boring? This is the perfect example of a great victory. A victory with recognition and the added bonus of champagne.

Of course, it would have taken him ages to get clean from this mess, ruining his celebration and day. We feel for his tough luck!

The Real Catwoman


Catwoman is that you? No, it is just a woman who’s furry companion photobombed her at just the right moment! How cute and wholesome is this picture again making us think that cats and humans are one?

We would love to be photobombed like this. The cat is also confused as you can see from her wide eyes. The poor creature is also worried and confused about what she is looking at on the screen.

These are the kind of perfect pictures that make us feel wholesome while also making us laugh at the same time! Keep scrolling for more!

Balloon Implants


The woman has no idea what she looks like to other people. Even the guy sitting next to the balloons has no clue where they are headed and that is the funniest thing about this picture.

We burst out laughing when we first saw it and we are sure you did too. We just hope somebody told the woman and man what was going on!

This is the beauty of perfectly timed shots. They can happen just about anywhere to anyone. Although, one should have an eye for detail to capture these kinds of moments while they are happening around them!

That Beard Looks Dashing On HER


How perfect is this picture! Firstly, the face is perfectly aligned with the beard picture below. Secondly, the color of the beard exactly matches the color of the girl’s hair. This makes it look even more natural!

You have to adjust your eyes after a few seconds to realize that it is not a girl with a beard. It is just a girl who has a picture of a beard right across and beneath her.

Whoever took this photo was a genius as he saw an opportunity for a perfect shot and quickly took it before the girl moved her face!

Devil in the Flame? Some Would Say So


So this picture freaked us out for a second. How perfectly there is the shape of a human face between the flames? It looks as if a fire ghost is living between the grills that just wants to be let out.

We are sure the people who were at this barbecue would have gotten freaked out too after seeing what lies between the flames and the grill! The person who took this shot did not see this coming in the picture.

It is amazing how nature can make shapes without even trying that can either make us feel in awe or scared!

Celebrity Cats! Hey Look, It’s us on the T.V.


And why not? Cats are furry, gorgeous, and the perfect companions out there. It is as if these two cats are looking into their future into the TV. The best part about this picture is that the colors of all the cats match with each other flawlessly.

There is one white and orange cat on the TV. Meanwhile, there is one white cat and a beige cat (almost orange) on the sofa! It must have been like looking in the mirror for these cats who would have gotten confused for a minute about what they are seeing. We did too!

That Is Some Strong Hair Gel


Ever seen gravity lose its abilities for a second? Now, you just did! The person who took this picture could not have done a better job as this is an outstandingly perfect timed picture.

It seems as if he is dancing on thin air even though that is not the case. He is just doing this thing, changing moves, and he is caught in the action of his amazing skills.

Don’t you want to learn how to dance this well too after looking at this picture? We certainly do. Of course, we will also need someone to capture such an amazing shot!

Mist Blanket


Again we see a picture that shows us how perfect nature can be. It looks as if the mist is a scarf that is slowly wrapping itself around this beautiful building.

It is an extremely subtle picture yet brilliant at the same time. The photographer behind this picture did a stunning job in capturing this moment that many may have missed out on.

It sets the mood for an extremely calm atmosphere that is shown through the mist and the way it is around the hotel. Definitely a picture that looks as if it is straight out of a postcard!

I Wouldn’t Mess With This Man!


This man has some magical powers that stopped the goat right when it was about to charge at him. Or that is what it looks like at least through this picture. Maybe the goat rammed into the guy right after this picture was taken? Who knows?

All we know is that it is a brilliantly timed picture that provides the man with magical abilities! Only a few people can create such magic on the camera so kudos to the photographer on doing a magical job.

We hope to have such magical abilities soon too one day. We hope you do too!

A Painful Thank You


We don’t think this woman would have foreseen that her day will be ruined with a biting pigeon. By the looks of it, this woman was probably feeding the pigeon when she got bit. What a way to say thanks?

The pigeon is biting the hand that fed her. Imagine doing a good deed for someone else only to get stabbed by them! The expression not only shows the physical pain of the bite but also the emotional pain of being stabbed.

Probably that is why the woman looks so much in shock in the picture! Perfectly timed picture of a day gone bad!

Real Angel at Work, Saving People’s Lives


Now all heroes wear capes. Some wear orange fireman suits that come with amazing gold wings! Isn’t that a great costume for a well-deserving hero? Because that is exactly what this fireman deserves as he is on his way to save many lives after a disaster.

This perfectly timed shot is a great tribute to all those heroes who go out of their way to save the lives of other people. They keep their own life at stake to help others.

That is true selflessness and not everyone is capable of that. Let’s take a moment to appreciate all such fighters and this amazing picture.

Is It Written On My Forehead? Well, Yeah!


Somebody help this substitute teacher who just wants to get out of a class but he can’t. It is an accurate description of an exhausted substitute teacher. It seems as if he has gotten an extremely difficult to handle class and he wants to get out. At least, that is what the expression on his face and the sign show.

Even the universe heard his cry for help and decided to provide the perfect opportunity for him to ask for help. Of course, none of the students took it that way. Instead, they took this brilliant picture to show off on the Internet!

Right Place, Right Colors, Right Time


The woman in the picture has a stroke of amazing luck. She is covering the exact part that is making her look as if she has wings. On top of that, she is wearing the same color scheme that the angel wings are painted with!

Talk about having the perfect day, picking out the perfect clothes, and randomly getting a perfect picture while walking on the street. Why can’t everyone’s luck be this amazing all the time?

We want such luck and such amazing pictures too. It feels as if everything has fallen perfectly in the right place and at the right time!

That Is One Divine Flush


Ever seen a toiled get blessed? Well, now you have so you can tick that off your bucket list as well. The light is shining bright. It is also shining at exactly the right angle that makes it look as if the toilet is being blessed by the sun.

It looks as if the toilet has just gotten new light and life inside it waiting to burst out. Look at that glow inside the bowl! Whoever took a dump in this toilet definitely got blessed as well.

After all, it is a toilet that is approved by a higher power by the looks of it!

Face To Face With an Eagle


Is it an eagle? Is it a man? Oh, it is a man that is taking a picture of an eagle through the window. The eagle doesn’t even know the beauty it has gotten captured in through the phone of the man that has taken this shot.

It looks as if both are reflecting themselves in each other making it the perfect illusion to anyone who will come across this picture as we did!

Definitely a moment worth capturing and the man has executed the shot perfectly. One of the most perfectly timed shots that is extremely satisfying to look at.

Let the Music Play


What a perfect day to listen to music. The guy who has his headphones in has no idea of the musical note his headphones are making naturally and perfectly.

The person who has taken this photograph on the subway clearly had an eye for detail as almost everyone would have missed out on this. It is just the kind of satisfying content that we look forward to viewing every day.

We hope it made your day as much as it made ours. We can’t take our eyes off at the perfection of this shot! Truly one of the best among the rest!

Hurry! Stop That Truck from Stealing the Sun


Oh, look! The truck is trying to steal the perfect sun that we look forward to every day! Actually, no it isn’t but we love being overdramatic. It is just a great shot taken at the exact time that the sun perfectly aligned with the back of the truck.

It is amazing how beautiful some pictures come out of the most random moments in life. Moments that we think are ordinary and mundane. However, it is all about finding beauty in the smallest of things.

This is exactly what the photographer did. They took an ordinary moment and made it extraordinary through this picture.

Real Life Bojack!

9 yawn.jpg

Bojack is that you? If you haven’t seen Bojack Horseman then you need to find it to know what we are talking about. This horse is an exact representation of that!

The horse is probably sleepy and just wants the man to stop horsing around (pun intended) so he can go back to his sweet slumber. Of course, this perfectly timed shot is worth whatever the horse was waken up for.

The head of the horse aligns perfectly with the rest of the body of the man who is taking care of him. This is what perfectly timed shots are made of!

Tree Hair, Tree Hat or Just a Tree in the Back


Do you see a tree? Do you see hair? Or do you see hair that looks like a tree? If this would’ve been a real hairstyle this person would have probably gotten the award of having the funkiest hair ever. After all, how cool does it look? The person is rocking it effortlessly without a care in the world.

The person in the picture does not even realize how fabulous their hair looks in this picture. They seem as if they are rushing off somewhere. It takes sheer luck to get such a perfect shot in a few milliseconds and this random passerby did it perfectly!

Dads Are The Best!


This dad is our hero. He single-handedly saved many people from getting hit by a baseball bat in mid-air! This is what heroes look like. They don’t wear capes, they sometimes just wear caps and are called dads!

He effortlessly blocked the bat meanwhile the kid next to him and the people in the back are panicking that the baseball bat will hit them. Who else can say that they saved many lives during a baseball game? None of us can at least.

This dad can and he has the right to because he stood like a rock in the face of panic!

Wind Turbine Flower: Perfect Alignment


Wind turbines in a row or an extremely cool weapon? The upper portion of this picture looks as if it is an extremely sharp weapon that can cause disasters. Of course, once you check the bottom part you can see that there are many wind turbines lined up neatly in a row.

In fact, they are all so perfectly aligned that in the pictures it makes it look that there is only one turbine with a variety of sharp ends sticking out.

That is just an illusion that deceives the eye at first. You only notice once you take the time to look at the picture.

Rainbow Bolt


Ever seen lightning and a rainbow at the same time in the sky? Today, you just witnessed that as well and it is an extremely aesthetic picture to witness.

The photographer perfectly timed his shot as the lightning is completely in line with the rainbow making it look as if they both go together.

A perfect picture that can be taken as a perfect metaphor for life. After all, every one of our lives has both rainbows (good times) and lightning (bad times) sometimes.

If you ever want to show someone that beauty and destruction coexist then this is just the ideal picture for it!

Homer Can’t Stop Looking At Marge


Look at Homer checking out Marge as she drives away on a van. This picture is just pure luck. The person seized the perfect opportunity for a picture that we don’t get to see every day. Both cartoon characters perfectly aligning at the same time in different dimensions. A complete coincidence too!

Even the expression on Homer’s face perfectly fits the situation. It seems as if he is looking at Marge driving away without him knowing and Marge has no idea that Homer is looking at her. These are the kind of pictures that memes are made out of. Perfectly timed and utterly hilarious!

The Ostrich Queen


You have probably seen this picture on the Internet before as well. It is a picture that went viral a while ago and is the subject of many hilarious memes. The way this picture is taken perfectly covers the face of the girl and so we don’t even see the girl at all on the ostrich.

It is not until we see below and look at her legs that we realize there is a girl. Otherwise, it seems as if the ostrich has extremely luscious and long hair. This hilarious fail and the perfect picture made our day today with its sheer absurdity.

Celebrate With a Beer Towel


Do you want a beer towel? You can have it, but we can’t promise that you will not get wet! Jokes apart, this man doesn’t even know the amount of beer that is about to hit him. He is casually looking ahead without a care in the world.

Little does he know that in a second, beer will come sloshing all over him and his clothes. Of course, while we are at it why not appreciate the beauty of the shot? The gas of the beer is so smooth that it looks like a towel in the picture. Only when you see the glass above you realize what it is!

This Cat Is a Fitness Freak


This fit cat is slyly looking at us through the bag reminding us of the years we have missed out on the gym. It is mocking us with its insanely ripped six-pack and making us motivated to go to the gym too.

This is the kind of motivation everyone needs from their pet and this cat is doing it perfectly. If this doesn’t make you want to go to the gym and get fit then nothing well!

After all, the cat has spoken and you must do what it says. Get six-packs and show this cat what you are made of!

Vitamin Water Headgear


This man looks exhausted of all the burden he has been carrying on his back and rightly so. After all, not everyone can carry so many vitamin bottles at the same time on their back.

Of course, this is just sheer deception. The picture is taken in such a way that it seems as if the old man has a back of vitamin water bottles lined up, giving it the illusion of a dinosaurs back!

It is extremely hilarious and cool at the same time. A perfectly timed picture to mark a perfect moment where the man was in alignment with his background.

Suntan Gone Wrong


A suntan gone wrong? We think so. This is what happens when you roam around shirtless all summer and then one half of your body doesn’t match the other half. This is why one should always tan evenly.

Of course, that is not at all what has happened. The man is just hanging with a female friend and their bodies seem to align in a perfect way to create the illusion of one body.

Her lower body and his upper body are making the perfect deceptive picture of a mismatched body. Whoever took this picture made use of this moment brilliantly!

Dilma Rousseff Has Seen Worse Days


Aah, that hurt. Well, not as much as it would have hurt Dilma Rousseff but almost the same. The picture did give us cringe in the beginning as we thought that the sword is going right through her. Her expression is painful too but that is just the art of good deception.

Of course, she is just casually walking ahead and looking down while the man is doing his own thing with the sword. For a moment, they come perfectly together and that is when this picture is taken. All it takes is a millisecond to get that perfectly timed shot that blows everyone’s minds.

Don’t Worry It’s Just a Ballerina in Mid-Air Dance Pose


It’s a dancer, it’s a ballerina, and no it’s a foot head watch out! Who would have thought this would even be possible? For a minute, we did not understand what we saw.

After looking at it for a few seconds you realize that it is actually a dancer in mid-air and just when she pointed her foot up she moved her neck back giving the photographer a perfect illusion and the opportunity for a brilliant shot!

We are amazed at how deceiving this looks to someone suddenly coming across this picture! We are sure it took you time too before you realized what it was.

That Kid Is Going To Hate This Photograph


This poor kid is about to be woken up by his clumsy mother. Her face has panic written all over it meanwhile the husband has no idea what is happening as he is sheepishly smiling at the camera. What a perfect family.

Jokes apart, he would have heard the end of it after this picture must have been shown to him. After all, who smiles at the camera when their kid has a drink dropped all over their face while they are innocently napping?

Parents of the year award go to this couple that is extremely concerned about their child!

The Man Heels


That boy is rocking those boots better than any of the girls out there! Just kidding, he is just wearing normal boots but his feet are at such an angle on the chair that it makes it seem as if the legs of the chair are the heels of his boot!

It takes a minute of adjusting after you see the picture to understand what you are looking at. The color of his boots matches the legs of the chair perfectly and this is why the picture looks even more deceptive and real. Credit goes to the photographer that timed this right!

Is It Bird Or Is It A Plane?


It’s a bird, it’s a plane, and it is a bird pretending to be a plane! Jokes apart, this is probably one of the most pleasing pictures you will see today. The bird perfectly covers the last plane in this shot and yet somehow the picture still makes perfect sense.

After all, the idea of planes came from a bird’s ability to fly didn’t it? This bird is showing us what it is made of as it can fly as high as any other plane we have made out there. Nature is the perfect engineer and architect and this picture is a reminder of that fact.