90’s Computer Games: A Nostalgic Look Back At The Classics


Were you into computer gaming in the 1990s? Do you remember huddling over a little gray computer monitor with your buddies, wowed by what you thought at the time was the most awesome technology and wildest graphics? Gaming has changed a lot during the past couple of decades, but when thinking about computer games, it’s often the old ones than make us most nostalgic.

Age Of Empires

This classic game is still sold today, and has to be one of computer game history’s all-time greats! You would start off gathering wood, food, gold and stone, then progress to building houses. Other buildings, such as churches, stables and granaries would come, and you would send out a scout on horseback to discover where the enemy was lurking. From the priests’ chanting while converting the enemy to advancing through the Iron Age, Bronze Age and so on, this game was plenty of fun and has inspired many of today’s similar colonization and war strategy games.

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Duke Nukem 3D

If first-person shooting is more your thing, you might have fond memories of Duke Nukem 3D. This game was at the forefront of gaming technology 20 years ago, although the graphics today in games like Grand Theft Auto and Call of Duty might put it to shame. Many of us remember grabbing some cheat codes and discovering hidden treasures in the game. No list of popular 90s computer games would be complete without a mention of this fine game.

Sim City 2000

Another blast from our computing past is Sim City 2000. Do you remember when the year 2000 seemed oh so far away? This game was all about building up modern residential areas and setting up futuristic industrial zones and seaports. This futuristic game didn’t get everything right, as far as how cities would look at the turn of the millennium, but building them sure was fun, especially if you managed to find cheat codes to ensure you didn’t have to keep one eye on your budget.

Gaming was very different 20 years ago to how it is now. Back then we would load the games on cartridges, CD Roms or even tapes, and consider the primitive pixels to be cutting edge. Today we can look back and shake our heads at how easily impressed our younger selves were with these games. However, it’s fair to say the 1990s were the real heyday of gaming.

Even though today we can carry around tens of games on our phones as well as access to thousands more, the nostalgia for the old games remains with us.

games with our friends were so much more social than solo gaming on our tablets. Yes today we enjoy high speed internet, rapid downloads and more games than ever before, but the games from 20 years ago are still loved all over the globe and reminisced about today. Why not think about other 90s games you loved back in the day? A lot of them can be downloaded and enjoyed again today!