Accepted- To work at P.F Chang’s, applied Bill Murray


If we look after the fact around, Bill Murray is considered to be a hoot. No matter, he falls off the chair while he is attending the interview over the live TV or is trying to show up to the dorms of the students for washing up the dishes, this one person, one funnyman has been cropping around for his wild antics in the news.

Considering upon the antics as per the news, it is not a surprise if we see or might have heard, Bill Murray applying at P.F Chang’s and getting offered a job therein.

As per the news around, the things went down in a very unexpected manner when Bill was one among the other guest at Amy Schumer’s podcast of the “Three Girls One Keith”. He was at that moment asked if the one job he prefers is something outside of the acting and not in acting. Well, this wasn’t one of the unusual questions but the answer given by Murray was a very unexpected one.

As for what he said, he once applied at the Atlanta airport for the P.F. Chang’s. For him, it was one among the other greatest places and looks the best on the time. Like a real fun if we look seriously, with a lot more happy Hartsfield, the Jackson travellers who are on their way to the holidays for either seeing their family or the friends and just stop around the place for having one of the tasty dim sums they can have before their journey.

So, if Bill Murray would have applied therein, he would have walked up to the table. As for what the news says, P.F. Chang’s was further contacted with such exciting news and the staffs therein confirmed with that they had the best time while they worked there. It was sad to see or for them to say that Mr Murray’s application was not found. Was it because they are popular? But excitingly, they did get Murray a job, considering that he could have been the best while he was the chef in there.

Bill, Bill and Bill, here we have something more exciting about this one person. As for what is known around, Atlanta for him is like a hot spot where he played one of the interesting cameo roles @ Zombieland Double Tap. His comedy, the best deadpan comedy together with a mischievous list of behaviour, is what excites the people and made him famous and airports are one trigger for such mischiefs, like when he is 20 made a jape and got himself in a bother list. He also was seen to be playing funny tricks like one when on his birthday, while he boarded a plane at Chicago, he joked around to the fellow passenger about a bomb in luggage. His bags were searched for and 10 pounds cannabis were found in there which he wanted to sell.

Bill, on the other hand, is a lover of booze and is found at the bar, at some of the different establishments making some of the awful cocktails and some strong shots. He also has made a lot of wedding party-crashes and some bachelors, etc. As for him, these bachelor’s parties are not for the groom but it is for the other guys around.

Either way, with Bill on the list to talk about, this one article won’t be enough to describe along with this one amazingly charmed person whose naughtiness is what talks much more about him.