Wedding Day Memories You Will Never Forget

Your wedding day is something that only comes once in a lifetime. That is why it is important to think of all the beautiful moments that will make this day special and capture them. After all, our memory can become hazy or fade away, but pictures are always there to remind us of such times in our lives. So, if you are wondering about all the beautiful moments you must capture on your wedding day, you have come to the right place. Here are the best moments from other people’s weddings that made their day and will make yours too.

Always by your side

A picture containing grass, person, outdoor

Description automatically generated Marriage is a beautiful celebration of two people coming together and beginning a new chapter in their lives. Most people are happy for newlyweds and give them all the attention in the world which they have waited for all their lives but sometimes the bestie can end up feeling a little sad and jealous over losing their friend and things changing. Here we can see the happy couple pose for a picture with their friend who seems to want some more attention and so she lifts her leg up for the picture with a little help from her two friends.

The Three Musketeers

A group of women posing for a photo

Description automatically generated with medium confidence Bridesmaids by definition are there to help the bride out however she needs them to, pick up after her, be there for her and make her look better as well as help her feel as special as she is on her big day. However it’s probably not hard to imagine why these three bridesmaids were the center of attention at the wedding, dressed from head to toe, in pale baby pink dresses with super cute, eye catching accessories and makeup that compliments their individual features, all eyes were without a doubt on these three musketeers of beauty

Fun with Nature

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Description automatically generated Everyone loves a great big wedding outdoors, in the woods with Mother Nature, where they can take pictures with scenic backgrounds of beautiful trees and the greens and browns compliment the wedding giving it a rustic and hauntingly beautiful theme. However sometimes it can be more than you bargained for as the outdoors also come with everything that resides in them from poisonous plants to animals, this bride seems to have learnt that lesson the hard way as she is seen screaming in fright while a squirrel jumps onto her shoulder as the groom watches from afar not doing anything.

Spotlight Imagine wearing your perfect wedding dress and looking beautiful for your wedding, only for you to be blurred out and your bridesmaid getting the attention instead. Well, this bride must have been really upset after looking at this picture. Instead of taking pictures of the bride, the photographer ended up taking solo of the pretty bridesmaid, who herself was absolutely ready for her picture to be taken. You can see the girl smiling right at the camera as if she was made to be in the spotlight. Well, we hope that the bride didn’t get offended when she saw this picture.

Going Bananas In Style

A person and person in wedding attire

Description automatically generated with low confidence While weddings are almost always upheld to their original traditional values, not all couples believe in what the tradition dictates our society to do. Some couple like to add their own unique touch to the wedding and ensure that they stand out as a couple and give the spectators a wedding that they will never forget. In the case of this happy couple the groom chose to lighten up the moment by donning a funny gorilla mask for the wedding photoshoot and while some may find it quite unconventional, his wife seems to love it as she smiles at him.

Where Do I Look? It’s very confusing when you’re taking a picture with your friends, but there are a lot of cameras around, and you don’t know which one to look at. These two bridesmaids experienced the same thing when they were posing for a group picture but ended up looking at different cameras. You can tell by the woman who is looking at the camera in this picture’s face that she realizes she’s probably looking at the wrong camera. If it’s ever happened to you before, you will understand how it feels, just the way it did for these two girls.

Handling All the Fabric If you have gotten married, you know how challenging it is to handle your dress as there is a lot of material that you must handle. Of course, it is not a job for one person, which is where bridesmaids come in to help you out. One thing that becomes a nightmare while wearing the wedding dress is going to the bathroom. As you can see from this picture, this bride had to ask other bridesmaids to help her go to the toilet. But, of course, such moments are the stories of a lifetime, and even you will remember them for a long time to come.

The Fairytale Love Everyone wants their wedding to be one of a kind, and looking at the picture, and we are sure this couple thought the exact same thing. Instead of the usual white dress with a veil that women wear, this girl decided to copy the dress and tiara Fiona wore in Shrek the movie with her husband matching her with his proper Shrek outfit. They were very committed to their roles as they painted themselves completely with green color as well. They even got their guests to come in costumes of different characters such as snow-white, jack sparrow, and many more.

Relaxing Wedding days are tiring, and by the middle of it, you probably feel like lying down in the venue and taking a nap. Of course, that is not socially acceptable, but it looks like this couple got to relax on their wedding day. However, the picture is more than what meets the eye. In this photograph, the couple tried to help their grandmother find a seat when they fell with the grandmother and lay on the ground for a few seconds. After all, even the bride and groom need to rest after having such a busy day, and rightly so.

Horsing Around We are really curious to know what was going through this couple’s head when they decided to get their picture photo shopped like this. Maybe these newly-weds are a huge fan of horses or always had a fantasy to be a centaur? Guess we’ll never find out. One thing for sure is that they managed to create a very rare picture for their wedding that chances are you will never see again anywhere else. Although the picture does seem pretty weird, the couple look super happy together in their imaginative centaur world, so good for them!

Let’s Get Ready To Tumble

A person and person dancing on a beach

Description automatically generated with medium confidence No wedding can be memorable without something big happening that people can look back on. At every wedding it has become an unspoken custom now, someone almost always has to fall however no one really expects the bride to be the one to do so, especially into water. In the unfortunate case of this bride and groom, we can see the bride falling backward into a pool of water as the groom tries his best to grab her feet and somehow save her from falling but judging from the looks of it it’s safe to assume he was not successful.

Mirror Image

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Description automatically generated On the day of the wedding, you constantly hear as a bride how good you look, from the guests to your friends and family and then of course the person you are getting married to. Even while looking at yourself in the mirror, you end up thinking how you have never looked this good in your life how you look good enough to be eaten. Well, someone took it literally by making a life size cake of the bride who does not seem amused, but the groom seems to enjoy this as he can be seen chuckling in the background.

Are we There?

A group of people running in water

Description automatically generated with medium confidence It isn’t new that the boys at the wedding try new things and do everything to make it a memorable day for everyone. The photographer asked them to put on their best smiles but they had to stand out. So why not pull down their best pants. Therefore, the boys are standing out in the water. What a chilly way to enjoy a wedding. This one is surely going down on each of their walls. We all need friends like them to make our life memorable and fun-filled. This is definitely going to impress some bridesmaid as well.

Camouflage at its Best

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Description automatically generated We all know that the entrance at weddings is a big thing and of the most memorable moment for the couple. Couples try new things to make their entrance stand out from others and in a way every guest remembers. Little did this bride know that her idea on climbing and entering with a horse is a great one? The groom walking the horse to the entrance is such a cute moment. But did you notice that the white dress of the bride completely blended in with the coat of the horse, making it difficult to differ.

Head Over Heels

A group of people lying on the grass

Description automatically generated with low confidence Looks like the couple took the phrase a bit too seriously. Somebody had to tell them it was just a metaphor that was said. But now I guess it is too late for anything. Let’s just hope that they didn’t get any grass stains on their clothes. The grooms black dress can be in saved but the white dress of bride is something that needs extra care. Ask someone to pick the bride right away; otherwise her dress is going to be ruined. No matter what happens, this is something they are going to remember for their life.

Oh, Hello Genie

A person in a white dress

Description automatically generated with low confidence Just like every couple has a unique sense of style that distinguishes them from all others and sets them apart, similarly every photographer has his own personal style too, while some stick to the conventional style of photography others like to mess around with special effects and tap into their creative side to make the photographs special and different. The bride and groom seem to be into it and are enjoying this fun shoot. While it is applaud-able what the photographer is trying to do most of us are glad to be rid of this style of wedding photography nowadays.

The Creative Wedding Dress Do you know what the best part about the wedding is? You can become as creative as you like with the dress and show off your personality to others. As you can see in the image, this person has a popping personality as it looks like her dress will pop at any second. While it is great to be creative, you must make sure that you don’t go overboard with this. That is because it is your wedding day and you don’t want to end up looking like a fool. So, be sure to have a creative wedding dress while remaining elegant.

Almost Gone With the Wind

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Description automatically generated The traditional piece of bridal attire has been worn by brides for centuries now and the veil is an important part of it as it is a symbol of the bride’s innocence and purity and gives them a fashionable edge since the veil is more about fashion and looking pretty nowadays. These lightweight material veils however are definitely hard to imagine especially on a windy day as is the case for this bride who is seen trying to enter a church as her maid of honor helps her hold onto the veil, so the wind does not take it away.

A Dolphins Blessing

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Description automatically generated Many like to have their late family members of friends watch over them while they tie the knot. It is something which means a lot to the couple and their family and the best way to pay respect to the loved ones. Let’s see what this couple did in the aquarium. However, this couple just took this in another way. There was literally someone watching over them while they tied the knot. Just look at how happy the dolphin is looking at them. They surely got the blessings they were looking for.

Hanging around

A group of women posing for a photo in front of a river

Description automatically generated with medium confidence When everyone is just hanging out after the wedding ceremony, catching up with each other, meeting their friends or family members, there is never enough room left for a clear background where people can take pictures without one or the other person interrupting them and disrupting the background for the picture. In this poor woman’s situation, she simply seems to have awful timing as she attempts to jump out of the background so the bride may have a memorable moment with her friend, but she mistimes her jump and ends up interrupting despite her best efforts not to do so.

Excitement on the Swings Funny moments make the day memorable, which is why you must embrace such moments with open arms. For example, this couple decided to have the most exquisite beach wedding. As you can see, they even had swings so that everyone could enjoy them during the wedding. However, the bride and groom got so excited that they instantly fell as they got on the swings. The photographer was right to capture this moment as it would make an incredible story to tell to other people. So, even if you have such moments at your wedding, brush them off and enjoy the party.

Taking a Nap If you have attended a wedding and have not been directly involved in it, you know that it can be boring sometimes. After all, you just watch other people doing different things, then you eat food, have some drinks, and leave. It looks like this man was bored of the festivities, too, as he is taking a nap in the middle of a wedding. We wish we had the guts to sleep like this without anyone saying anything to us. After all, sleep is important, and it is never enough. We just hope someone woke him up later and did not forget him there.

No, I’m The One!

A person in a white dress and a person in a tuxedo

Description automatically generated with medium confidence Be it in a house or at a wedding, attention is what kids are still fighting for. It is an ongoing war for decades and there is no winner till now. Children doesn’t like when some other kid steal their thunder and fight for their right. Looking here we can assume that the flower girl didn’t like the fact that the page boy was getting all the praises. Therefore, she took the matter in her own hands and tried to fix it for once and all. Kicking him to the ground and leave him there is just next level rivalry.

The Unconventional Gifts As you can see in the image, this is what happens when you don’t register for gifts. People bring you unconventional dancers and completely change the vibe of your wedding day. If you are someone that does not like surprises, you will not enjoy getting such gifts, even if they are something to remember. So, don’t forget to register for gifts for your wedding day or you will also end up with such dancers. After all, friends and family need a reason to embarrass you even on your big day. That is why you must have everything in order to avoid such disasters.

The Funny Moments It is important to be aware of what is happening around you, especially on your wedding day. As you can see, this couple is busy taking their own picture, and the flower girl has lost balance as she is about to fall. We can’t believe the perfect timing of someone as they captured this hilarious moment. Of course, it is not so hilarious for the flower girl, but we hope that she was okay. Nevertheless, it is a memorable moment and picture that the couple will remember for a long time to come. It is moments like these that give such events more character and personality.

Coming Down the Staircase Coming down the stairs is a majestic moment that all brides remember. That is because it finally makes everything real as it reminds you that the day to get married has come. Many photographers also love capturing this moment as the bride is a mix of emotions, such as anxiety, happiness, etc. Remember that not everything might go according to plan as somebody dropped something in this shot, and all the bridesmaids began finding out what was dropped. However, in the end, it will all work out. So, even if something like that happens, be sure not to fret about it too much.

Don’t Steal My Thunder Everyone knows that the bride wears a white dress on her wedding day, which is why it is important not to wear this color. Furthermore, it is a common practice that other people will not wear white on someone else’s wedding day. After all, no one would want to confuse the audience. The photographer at this wedding captured a moment between a guest and the bride as they are both wearing white. The dress of the guest looks like a wedding dress too. If someone wore this on our wedding day, we would flip as no one else is stealing our thunder.

Pretending To Be In a Romantic Movie If your wedding day is about to come soon, don’t forget to pose creatively as this woman has during her photoshoot. She is looking out the window and pretending to be in a romantic movie. In the same way, you can do many other poses that represent who you are. The key is to get creative and take a few cues from your photographer so that you can have memorable pictures. After a few years, when you look back on the pictures, you will crack up at all the poses you did and the memories you made in no time.

Catch The…Cake? Normally at a wedding, you get to see one of the bridesmaids catch the bouquet when the bride throws it back, indicating that they’re next to get married. However, this wedding had a different turn of events when the groomsman dropped the cake right in front of the newly married couple. How exactly did he manage to do that? We don’t know, but maybe he tripped over a rock or stick as they were standing outdoor, but one thing that is for sure is he will be teased about this moment for the rest of his life!

Theme of the Wedding: Titanic One thing that everyone wants in their wedding is for it to go smoothly. Sadly, this wasn’t the case for the couple, as you can see in the picture. All the bridesmaids and the bride herself stood at the edge of the wooden path over the lake for a memorable picture, but they never thought they’d end up almost sinking in the water instead. The plan should’ve been thought through as clearly; a few pieces of wood can hold a limited amount of weight only. On the bright side, everyone will remember this moment and laugh about it after a few days!

Send Help This picture got viral online, and people had different kinds of reactions to it. You can see that this groom was trying to joke around by putting the word “HELP” on his shoes using tape for all the guests to see during the ceremony. Some people thought it was a horrible idea as it was insensitive towards his wife; however, others believed it to be a harmless joke that shouldn’t be taken seriously. It could be that instead of the groom, the groomsmen played a prank on him? We do wonder how his wife felt about the joke when she noticed it.

A Veil for Two Having the wind flowing perfectly through your hair with a beautiful background when your photography is being done during your wedding is a dream every girl wants to experience. However, things did not turn out the way she wanted for this woman. The wind had other plans and made her veil wrap all over the face of her husband. Maybe it’s the new fashion for men to be wearing veils at the wedding too? But, as you can see in the picture, the husband doesn’t seem to mind it while the wife is dying with laughter. The photograph still turned about to be gorgeous, though.

Wedding Games It seems as if the guests in this wedding had a little way too much to drink, or maybe it was a way to make the wedding party livelier. These friends and family of the newly-wed couple decided to create a human pyramid which obviously didn’t work out the way they wanted it to. It may have started off alright, but soon after, the girls on top are seen to be falling right down; hopefully, no one got any injuries due to this. The take-home message from this picture is never to make human pyramids at a wedding.

Who Got the Guns There are various poses a photographer makes a couple do for their wedding album; this excited couple decided to think out of the box for their pose. At first glance, you’ll think, “wow, this woman seems petite, but her arms are extremely muscular,” but with a closer look, you will realize that’s not her arm; instead, it’s of the man she just married. You can see his face hiding behind the veil while the woman herself poses as if it’s actually her arm. Everyone will let out chuckles when they see this picture as it’s, without a doubt, hilarious.

Lifting the groom up!

A group of men posing for a photo

Description automatically generated with low confidence Most people value having their friends as groomsmen at their side on their wedding day since these friends have supported them through everything in life, from their first girlfriend to their now-wife, from their first heartbreak to the day when they celebrate the eternal love they have discovered. However, this does not come without a certain amount of cheekiness, and the groomsmen, of course, enjoy teasing their friend. During the wedding picture shoot, three guys, all dressed up, annoy their friend by hoisting him up sideways while they stand in front of the camera and pose, celebrating the happy moment.

Presentation Matters!

A group of people dancing

Description automatically generated with medium confidence Presentation and detailing are what set a great phot aside and make them instantly memorable for everyone. Every person in this phot was truly invested in giving the photographer something they will never forget. Even though we’re all well aware that this is intended as a joke to audiences, the way that this group showcases their dedication is marvelous, from the tiny droplets of blood in the corner of the camera, to the fist with the ring and the man pretending to get hit as well as the man on the left acting like he has been hit quite badly.

Unpleasant Stenches

A person and person posing for a picture in front of a cow

Description automatically generated with medium confidence Often, people anticipate something for their wedding, but it does not come out the way that they had originally intended. Farmyard weddings may appear pleasant and charming to some people, but they are unaware of the numerous downsides that come with them, one being that animals smell a certain way, as seen in the image above. The husband and bride clearly underestimated the foul odor that would accompany a farmyard wedding. The smell appears to have shocked the bride, as the groom tries hard not to chuckle at the scenario as they both realize, they got more than bargained for.

No PDA Please

A picture containing person, outdoor, people, group

Description automatically generated Some couples believe that if you fall in love, why should you conceal it from everyone else, why should you not express it without fear, why shouldn’t you flaunt the fact that you have been blessed with true love? These bridesmaids and groomsmen, on the other hand, appear to be done with the newlyweds and their brazen shows of emotion, as they pose in front of the camera eyes closed, faces hidden pretending to be disgusted, holding their hands up to say a big, fat NO to PDA while the bride and groom kiss without a care in the world.

Mounting the Steps

A picture containing tree, outdoor

Description automatically generated Veils are a traditional part of the wedding attire that brides wear on their big day. Veils have been used since ancient times to ward off evil and protect the bride’s innocence; however, this has been modernized and is now a fashion statement for brides while preserving a hint of tradition in their look. While veils made of net or other similar light fabric are exquisite, they can also easily fly off, as was the case for this poor bride, whose relatives can be seen hurriedly bringing a ladder to help reach the tree branches and retrieve the bride’s veil.

Growing Up

A group of people in formal wear

Description automatically generated with low confidence Wedding days are accompanied by a mix of emotions for the newlyweds’ loved ones. Of course, on one hand you’re so very happy for your friends or family to find the love that they had been looking for their whole lives, on the other hand it’s so hard to let go and accept the fact that things will definitely change now, and it will no longer be the same as before. In this photo, the bride and groom’s friends seem to be having a hard time letting go and so they decide to stick close to each other quite literally.

Any room for the single one?

A group of people standing together

Description automatically generated with medium confidence It’s often said that weddings are the one place you should never go to if you are single. They’re flooded with couples, families, newlyweds, aunts, and uncles asking you why you are here alone, prying into your personal life, and basically any and every other reason that exists which can make you feel lonelier than you already are. In this photo the poor guy gives his take on this situation with a pretend sad face as his parents and his brothers and their wives stand next to him while they kiss and pose for a photo on this happy occasion.

Light and breezy is the way to go

A person and person kissing

Description automatically generated with low confidence While most brides wish to have a big lavish wedding where they can fulfil all of their childhood fantasies, with a big white dress, a picturesque wedding venue and a traditional ceremony. This was not the case for this bride and groom who chose to make their day as unique as they could and had the wedding tailored to match their own style. Everyone is dressed in casual t shirts and skirts for the girls, jeans for the guys with a custom blue graffiti on the whites of their outfits to give that one hint of personalization that was needed.

There’s a dog on the loose

Many couples opt to have cute dogs present on their wedding day, partly because they are so adorable and partly because it makes the event so much more wholesome. We do not believe that these furry little babies were invited by the bride judging by the background of this photograph. They can be seen locking her veil in their teeth and try to rip it out while she tries to keep hanging onto the veil as the groom looks on with amusement and can be seen laughing at the hilarious ongoing tug of war between his bride and the dogs.

A Memorable Fall

This may not be planned by him, having a fall on the day of his wedding is going to be memorable. Falling on stone step in such a way is definitely going to hurt a lot. However, hats off the groom for how he smiled through it. It is funny how the groom is one the floor and the bride just don’t seem to look at her side. Well, this is going to be the best memory they are going to cherish for their life with their kids. This picture is definitely going in their living room.

Mr. Nibbles

Having dogs as the ring bearers is very common now and everyone do that. Or they walk their moms down the aisle; it is a great way to make them a part of your best day. However, sometimes they need to be watched; otherwise they may do something that might upset anyone. Just like here, the bride is definitely going to some of the flowers that the dog has a bite off. Well who could ignore such pretty flowers and we can understand why the dog felt puckish and did this. We hope the bride doesn’t notice it.

An Ultimate Photo bomb

Many couples tend to marry without any guests and like to get done with it without anyone by their side. On the other hand, there are people who can’t even imagine having no one on their big day. Having family and friends at wedding is a must and is once in a lifetime moment that you would cherish in the future. Just like here, while the couple though they are getting their pictures done and at the same time a friend was busy photo bombing with an ultimate plank in the background without any noticing him.

A Happy Family

Having your kids attend your wedding is not something everyone is blessed with. If you get married after having kids then it is must to have them onboard with you at the wedding. After all, who wouldn’t want to see their parents getting married? However, that doesn’t mean they are going to be in a good mood the entire day like you. As hours passes by, kids get grizzly and forget that they have to stay in a good mood. Well this is when the real test comes in for you. Let’s see how you take it.

Bling Bling!

A ring may be a small part of getting married or engaged, but is the part that gets everyone excited. We do see girls getting exciting about the rings they get but here seeing the boys excited is such a cute moment. A wedding ring symbolizes that someone has dedicated their lives to someone else and is a big deal. Wedding ring is keeps the girls away from your boy, so make sure to give him such a ring that can be noticed from distance. Thanks us later for such a useful piece of advice.

Clocking Out

Weddings are sure to be the one night that most couples wish they could relive over and over again, the one night, the one celebration they can never tire of as they revel in the attention and love that they are showered with all day long, this however might not be the case for some couples who know that while weddings are fun happy occasions they can also be rather tiring and draining since you’re expected to be on your feet all day long. Here we can see the groom dozing off on his wife’s shoulder on their wedding day.

Peter Parker Who?

A person and person dancing

Description automatically generated with low confidence Every couple has a unique style which they want to bring out in their wedding so that when they look back, they know they stayed true to themselves and made memories instead of boring pictures like every other couple all over the internet does. This photo we can indeed say is quite impressive as the groom brings out his inner hidden peter parker by somehow attaching himself to the beams and bending down to give his MJ a little smooch on their big day, the bride seems to love it as she looks up smiling making for a great photograph.