Break bad habits with a Shock-Bracelet


People look around for breaking their bad habits but guess, something we are addict to, is hard to let go. Even when we are away from the same, we still have it in our unconscious mind. But guess what the new Shock therapy and retail therapy combined smart bracelet named Pavlok, is a great help for breaking it. Whether it be a bad shopping habit or one like smoking, drinking or biting nails, just use the Pavlok and get a shock every time you try to overcome your control. Pavlok shocks you, every time you try to overspend or drink more than one cigarette, and helps you breakthrough with an unaccountable number of long trend habits.

If you are serious to get through a habit, just set through the goals and set your device and the device will help you remain on the line with the good habits and will help break the bad ones by a simple jolt of electricity around.

Working of Device

Willpower and a strong determination, this is what Pavlok is set to trend your life through. It is no magic but is just a monitor sensor which helps one to keep control over some of the bad habits by detecting every time you try to break some. If we look around for its working, the bracelet marks yours eating motion after midnight if you have a bad habit for same and shocks you by just a simple button press which the user will need a strong will for to stop such habits around. So, if there is any thought or speech or any kind of habit, just press the button and make it feel the responsibility to shock you when your habit deserves.

If you are looking around to understand the bracelet better, use the smartphone app which helps set the bracelet and track down the progress. It is a great help towards breaking the habit by the goals set initially, as optional. Using the apps, users can also keep control over others as to when they are shocked and if we look around the feedbacks, there are a lot of people around who took help from friends and relatives to shock them as and when needed to break their ongoing trend with a habit. Making someone accountable for such, does help a lot with the type of bad habit.

Scary Shocks

None like to get shocked. It is scary as hell and this is the reason why the website of Pavlok uses the word Zap for a 340-volts of shock. It’s an intimidating word and better to be used one instead of a work called shock. 

Before you use the Pavlok bracelet, make sure to consult the doctor for the usage of the same as with any kind of serious health issue, the use of such a device can be dangerous. But if you own a healthy body, such shocks are no danger. Although the same can be a little painful for breaking such habits. If you wish to see the results, YouTube reveals many such users coming from all walks to break such habits.

Scientific explanation

Yes. The device has used a behaviour therapy which is called Aversive Conditioning. It doesn’t reward but for sure punishes for bad behaviour. A simple shock can help build a connection between the pain associated with shock and the habit as for the brain the same will become a negative influence and will help control the same. This connection is the reason why there are such effective experiences out there for which Pavlok is the key to start a new life.