Britney Spears unfriends her sister on Instagram!


Britney Spears made a significant change on her Instagram followers list in a current family conflict and recent freedom from her 13-year conservatorship. 

Britney Spears says, “unfollow me.”

Britney Spears, a famous pop star, is commencing her new year 2022 as an independent woman, and her latest start includes an Instagram Cleanse. E! News has confirmed that Britney has recently blocked her younger stranger sister, Jamie Lynn Spears, from her Instagram account. As of January 2, Sunday, Zoey 101 alum keeps following the “Toxic” artist.

Britney took this step during the ongoing conflict between the sisters that arose in the last months of the legal battle of Britney to finish her conservatorship in 2021; this conservatorship ended 13 years later, in November 2021.

The previous year “Piece of Me” singer took a stand against her relatives, including her father Jamie Spears, her mother Lynne Spears, and her sister Jamie Lynn; her father is the one who dominated her conservatorship for the most part. Her fans charge them of taking financial advantage of Britney, which Jamie Lynn publicly denied, and for not doing anything to assist her in a campaign of #FreeBritney.

Jamie was suspended a couple of months before the end of conservatorship as a co-conservator of Britney’s 57 million US dollars; this move was supported by his ex-wife Lynne and her mother, saying she thought he was incompetent to pursue his daughter’s interests on his own.

He further said in a lawyer statement that Mr. Spears, whether as a father or as a conservator, has been trying to do what’s best for her daughter, Britney, for the last 13 years. Any individual who is willing to assist the near and dear ones dealing with mental problems comprehends a significant amount of daily stress and does the necessary work for it.

For Mr. Spears, it meant cutting his tongue and not answering all the speculative, false, and unverified attacks on him by some members of the media, public, or as recent, Britney’s own lawyer. “

Jamie came out in favor of her sister on Instagram in June after Britney addressed the struggles of conservatorship by presenting shocking evidence in court.

Janie Lynn’s nearby sources informed E! News in October that she has continued to encourage her sister in the background and continue to make their relationship better, which she doesn’t want to make public as people can frame it in their way. The sources further told that her main concern is her family, and she wishes to be an ideal and the best sister, aunt, and mother.

But Britney’s nearby sources notified E! News that at the moment “I wanna go” singer is furious and is in pain, and it seems like her sister, Jamie Lynn, has wholly ditched her and left her frustrated in her life’s battle. They also said that both sisters were closest friends and had everything for each other for a long time.