Caitlyn Jenner and Kris Jenner Still Rebuilding Their Relationship


Caitlyn Jenner is speaking out about her ex-wife Kris Jenner, saying that their relationship is not as good as it should be.

Caitlyn and Kris were married for 22 years and divorced in 2014. Caitlyn admitted that their relationship had been strained since their split, but they’ve recently begun to repair it.

Understandably, their relationship has been strained after such a long marriage. Caitlyn said she and Kris went through a lot together and were best friends, but they’ve had to rebuild their relationship.

The transition of becoming a woman and dealing with the aftermath of their divorce was hard for Caitlyn and Kris, but they’ve made strides towards rebuilding their relationship.

As anyone can imagine, being a woman and being a celebrity is a huge adjustment. Caitlyn said that she’s been working on her new life for a year and a half, but Kris has been with her all along.

Caitlyn said that she and Kris have always remained friends, but it was a slow process to rebuild the trust they once had.

They have four children together

Regardless of what has happened between them, the fact remains that they still have four children together. Caitlyn said she and Kris have always been there for their children and will always be there for them.

While Caitlyn and Kris may not be as close as they once were, it’s great to see them moving towards repairing their relationship.

Despite their divorce, they’ve moved forward with a positive attitude and have been a support system for one another.

There are rumors that Caitlyn is dating someone new, but it’s uncertain if she’s dating someone. If the two have indeed repaired their relationship, then they have a chance to rebuild what they once lost. With that said, they will never be a couple again.

It’s hard to imagine that either one of them would want to be with the other after such a long and complicated relationship.

We can only hope they will find peace and happiness in their lives and continue to support one another through the years.

Caitlyn has gone her way, and so has Kris. After all, they are not the same people they were 20 years ago.

But the fact remains that they will always be parents to four children together. They may or may not be close, but their children will always keep them connected.

It will be interesting to see if Caitlyn and Kris ever work their way back to being friends.

And if they do, it would be great for the sake of their children. They have both gone through a lot and deserve happiness in their lives.

Their grandchildren deserve to have healthy, happy grandparents

Caitlyn and Kris are now grandparents, and their grandchildren deserve to be spoiled rotten by them. The kids have been through a lot and know that their parents aren’t together anymore, but it would be great if they could continue to build their relationship.

Hopefully, their grandchildren will bring out the best in them and spur something magical in them. It will be amazing if they can find happiness in their lives and move forward with a positive attitude.

A happy ending is what everyone wants, and in reality TV, it’s usually what happens.