Celebrities Are Taking on the Wear a Damn Mask Challenge Due To a Surge in Coronavirus Cases


The coronavirus has left the world under lockdown. Just about every country has been affected. However, the United States has suffered the most due to the pandemic. Thousands of people are testing positive every single day. This has alerted celebrities to take on the Wear a Damn Mask Challenge to encourage people to wear a face mask when they leave their homes or when they cannot practice social distancing.


If you head over to Instagram, you will come across selfies posted by celebrities with the #Wear a Damn Mask caption. Some of the celebrities that have posted their masked selfies include Kerry Washington, Tracee Ellis Ross, and Jennifer Aniston. Many other celebrities have also followed suit and trying their best to raise awareness amid a surge in Covid-19 cases. The saying “roses are, violets are blue” is seeing many variations such as the pandemic still rages on while celebrities wear masks too.

Social Media Campaign

The social media campaign titled #Wear a Damn Mask has been trending for some time now. It is a challenge that started when the designer Tory Burch first attempted it to remind people that they need to wear a face mask when out in public to prevent Covid-19 from spreading. 

More States Are Reopening

As more states start to open up, the rate of coronavirus cases is only rising by the day. However, there are still many people who are not taking the situation seriously. Hence, the situation is headed in the wrong direction. It is due to this reason that about 16 states have decided to pause or roll back on reopening. Bars across California and Texas have been ordered to close again. At the same time, beaches in Florida have become off-limits to the public. 

What Are Celebrities Saying On Social Media?

What started out by Tony Burch has taken the world of social media by a storm. The American designer stated that she is afraid of the situation in the US. She wrote that wearing a mask is the only way through which we all can play our part and stop the spread of Covid-19. Tony mentioned that it is our responsibility to be masked when in public. It all comes down to protecting ourselves to ensure that we do not get infected or infect others around us.

There is no denying that doctors are of the view that we need to wear a mask if we want to beat the pandemic in the bud. As there is no vaccine that can help save people from the virus, it is crucial to wear a mask in public. Wearing a mask is not something political. It is a measure that we all need to take if we want to save lives.


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