Coral Reefs- Is there a Hope?


Coral Reefs, one art of nature, is one important role player in the health of the world’s oceans. They help provide sustenance to around 25% of the fishes and if the documented death of coral reef continues, it will have some of the dire consequences around. 

If you thinking about restoring, well, that idea seemed hopeless-till today. New techniques are being run by the scientists everyday for bringing back the coral reefs which has been bleached. Once a click will bring a turn and any such experiments and research clicks can be a real-life changer for the oceans on the planet.

Coral Reefs are dying

Dying is not good unless the same is to save humanity. So, if we look around, it is one such dramatic and noticeable thing when it comes to reefs structure which these days are becoming pale and there is diminished in life, at large. As per one of the descriptions being provided, all those sedentary animals connected to the reef has died and the mobile ones like lobsters and crabs seem to be escaping and moving up the structure.

Sara Davies, Boston University, Coral expert, speaks about a scene examination by her. She says, “The Coral seemed to be De-skinning as if the tissue of it was falling off. The grey mat of algae, it was guessed sulphur-oxidizing bacteria.”

A Rough Sound, with hope

With changes are seen every day getting severe, the coral reefs are dying and they pose bad to the ocean of the nation. Experts say that they are working to find solution and team from Australia and UK scientists have come along based on past research. They are trying to use some of the innovative techniques which are trying to attract dead reefs for a new life.

Underwater speakers are also being used for playing healthy reef sounds in the bleached coral patches. It was a try to see whether or not the same attracts the fishes, etc towards such abandoned areas which are not getting lives of the reef.

Frankly, this is one hope and the speakers being played did attract twice the fishes carrying around some curious ones as to what was happening. The speakers in dead reef area are like sound in were like appealing and without speakers, it seemed to be a ghost town.

Recovery- Will new fish spark same?

Well, as for now, it is all working on hope. Scientists think the signs of new fish in the abandoned reef will attract life and will help encourage the growth of plants. It will be like a huge attraction for marine organisms which can be used to build back the former life. Even the new fish can help in cleaning the reef’s toxic substance for helping fresh growth of the new reefs.

Single Chance of tool

It is one sound technique which is seemed to be positive in the eyes of science and the scientific community which wants a change in the world’s ocean. As for what we know, this meaningful reef will need the proper presentation of the speaker. It will need some political involvement for a change to be brought in and to reverse the melting of glaciers and also the environment warming which is affecting all around.

Change take time but it’s benign. It will come forward and this will take time, a lot more time. This persistent change system will have a positive impact on the coral reefs and also the ecosystem around.