Designing the original car in China, Model Y will be made in Shanghai- Tesla


New plans have been declared by Tesla CEO Elon Musk. As for the news, they plan to make at the all-new Shanghai Factory, Model Y, which is a lower-priced SUV. Apart from the same, the company plans to have a new design centre in China wherein produced will be Original cars as aimed.

As for now, Tesla has started delivering around Model 3 cars, made in Shanghai to the general public, as on Tuesday. This was a much bolder step taken by the CEO for making the company world’s biggest market.

If we look around, with new plans, the demand for Model Y will be more than all other cars developed by Tesla, as combined. So, investments are to be increased in China for the development of future models and Model Y.

On the ceremony of the Shanghai Factory, 10 Chinese owners of the Model 3 cars, they walked up and received their car keys directly from the CEO and soon received the delivery of same, on the site.

For Musk, opening a design centre in China is super cool for him and this will make them create original Tesla cars for selling the world. As for him, China owns the best of art in the world and this is meant to be appreciated worldwide. With this statement, Musk wants to use this opportunity and get-go with further projects.

Shanghai city government was thanked for being such a help and for helping through a rapid factory completion.

It was a year back when Tesla broke the ground in Shanghai and within 10 months, the plant was completed. For the Model 3s, Shanghai, October 25th was the date since when the company started taking orders. The first batch of the cars has been delivered in Shanghai to some of the Tesla employees.

The starting price was then slashed by Tesla, for its Model 3 Sedan from 355,800 Chinese Yuan ($51,260) to 323,800 Chinese Yuan which comes to $46,650. The price can further drop down to 299,050 yuan or $43,080 after government subsidies being received.

As on now, the Shanghai factory was built for business growth and for pumping out more cars and make the Chinese customers the direct target. Even the production cost could go down soon.

Well, for the Chinese market, Tesla isn’t new. Since the year 2014, they are delivering cars.

Musk considers the Shanghai Factory as a template for future growth. They aim to make 500,000 cars in a year, which as on today’s date is 3000 model 3s in a week.

Shanghai owns the first Tesla production plant which was built outside the boundaries of the United States and further plans to enter Berlin, for taking a flight towards the future. 

Step by step the company is moving forward for competing as one of the biggest leaders in the market and making sure that the same is accepted in every place it plans to set up the factory in.