Do You Believe In Aliens Or Not? Check Out These 70 Signs Of Alien Existence


It’s been a topic of controversial discussion for years, but what if aliens really do exist? Or, what if they were once a part of our history? And, why are they always depicted in movies as being from mars wanting to take over the world or harm us? Why do we assume they are super intelligent creatures who want to use humans as specimens? What if they were actually friendly? Or, perhaps they are a more simple form of life that somehow ended up on earth and nothing like we imagine. Take a look at the pictures and stories that prove aliens have visited here before.

Most Recent Mystery

In the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey there was a mysterious monolith that appeared. Recently, on November 18, 2020, a similar monolith mysteriously appeared in Utah. A mysterious metal monolith was found in the Utah desert. Almost as soon as it was seen and noticed by reporters, it vanished. It was stumbled upon by bighorn sheep counters and baffled officials. Immediately, word spread that space aliens had returned to remove it. Whoever put it there had done so unlawfully. On December 4, 2020, an artist collective posted information on Instagram suggesting they were the source of the monolith, but nobody really knows for sure where it came from or how it disappeared.

Spaceship Sightings

Since 218 B.C., there have been records of people who claim to have seen spaceships or Unidentified Flying Objects UFOs. While many pass these off as just some strange occurrence, others firmly are convinced that they saw something from another planet. One historian, Titus Livius known as Livy, recorded a number of signs or warnings that something momentous or calamitous was about to happen. He described these portents as “phantom ships that had been seen gleaming in the sky.” Witnesses were said to have seen a group of “shiny round shields of polished bronze” moving across the sky. At the same time, in a separate part of Rome, several people reported seeing mysterious “forms of men completely dressed in shining white.”

Raytheon Infrared Technology Captured A UFO

There are those who allege there to be a Galactic Federation of alien species among the stars. This species apparently do not want humans to be a part of them. Video was recently released that showed an incident from 2015 that was taken aboard a U.S. Navy F/A-18 Super Hornet and captured by a Raytheon Advanced Targeting Forward-Looking Infrared ATFLIR POD. On the video, the Navy pilots exclaim with excited shouts that indicate they had encountered something very special and unusual on this flight. Other high-ranking officials agree. A former head of Israel’s military space program claims that extraterrestrials have, in fact, made contact with officials of the United States and Israel but will not show themselves in public for fear of the human response and reaction to seeing them.

What Does The U.S. Government Know About Aliens?

A high-ranking Israeli official with many impressive credentials has come forward suggesting that President Donald J. Trump from America and the U.S. government knows more than they have let on about alien life. When a group of people took part in a “Storm Area 51” event, many thought it was light hearted and a joke. There were others, however, who take the suggestion of alien encounters very seriously. The U.S. president had made some statements indicating that there were things he knew that the public wasn’t ready to hear. After all, President Trump did form the Space Force branch of the military. A number of Canadians have reported seeing a UFO as well. Others have claimed to have been contacted by aliens.

Humans Aren’t Ready

There is speculation that alien or extraterrestrial life forms do exist but that they refuse to show themselves to humans. The thought is that humans are simply not ready for it yet. Scientists and philosophers have been tossing about possibilities of alien life for years. Several theories have emerged around the subject, including the possibilities that extraterrestrials are out there but do not want to interact with humans. MIT astronomer John Ball called this concept the “zoo hypothesis”. He suggested that we will never find them because they don’t want to be found and have the technology to make sure they remain hidden and have put humans in a space zoo of sorts.

Lights In The Sky

Over the years, many people have been reported to have seen strange lights in the sky. When witnesses come forward and admit to seeing such phenomena, they are typically quickly dismissed as crazy. Others are explained away such as the night Hawaiian residents looked up and saw strange lights. Later, it was discovered that they were the lights from a Chinese rocket booster that was launched for Venezuelan communications satellite in 2008. Still, for some people who swear what they saw was unexplained and real, they are not easily convinced with the attempts at explaining the occurrences away with substantial scientific evidence.

Isaac Ben-Israel Book Claims

Author Hagar Yanai outlined some of the extraterrestrial claims of some of the Israeli and United States government officials in a book called, The Universe Beyond the Horizon: Conversations With Prof. Haim Eshed. According to Isaac Ben-Israel, chairman of the Israel Space Agency, these claims have gone too far. Yet, he didn’t refute the credentials of Eshed. Ben-Israel stated that it has become entirely acceptable over the last decade for serious scientists to believe in aliens, as knowledge of space has increased. He went on to say that while ten years ago most scientists did not believe it possible, but “now believe chances are significant.” In regard to whether or not life exists in outer space, he said, “I also think the probability is quite large.”

Alien Civilizations Exploring Galaxies

A study was released in 2019 that suggests alien civilizations may have explored the galaxy and visited earth already. We just haven’t seen them recently. The Milky Way could be teeming with interstellar alien civilizations without any interaction with earth or humans. This extraterrestrial life could be taking time to explore and harness star system movements to make star-hopping possible or more efficient. These concepts are part of a work known as Fermi paradox which looks into why we haven’t detected signs of alien intelligent life. Physicist Enrico Fermi is known to ask the question, “Where is everybody?” as his way of questioning travel between stars.

Answering The Fermi Paradox

For years, researchers have been trying to answer the Fermi paradox. Several antennas have been put in use as part of the Allen Telescope Array. They are radio telescopes that continuously search for signals from alien life. A 2018 Oxford University study indicated that there is roughly a two in five chance that we are alone in the galaxy and a one in three chance that we are alone in the entire cosmos. In other words, there is more of a likelihood that we are not alone and life in some form exists beyond the stars. Connecting life forms in another galaxy would happen slowly, however, since our galaxy moves as planets orbit stars and star systems orbit the galactic center. This would mean that aliens may be waiting until their star gets close enough to another star that has a habitable planet.

The Music Of Aliens

On October 16-18, 2017, a team of musicians and scientists attempted to send a message to aliens. They did it through radio waves. They transmitted it nine different times to make sure the information reached the intended destination. The message was 33 musical pieces that were each ten seconds long to be used as a tutorial of how humans keep time. The message was intended to reach a nearby exoplanet named GJ273b, Super Earth. Since it’s within its star’s habitable zone it is a good candidate for alien life. If intelligent life exists, we could make contact in about 24 years.

Another Astronaut’s Account On Aliens

Story Musgrave is an astronaut who has flown aboard all five of the space shuttles, Endeavor, Discovery, Atlantis, Challenger, and Columbia. He has been to space on six different occasions. He has also worked as a trauma surgeon. A few decades ago, he made history by helping to fix the Hubble telescope. When asked about his view on the topic of extraterrestrial life, he responded by saying that “There are millions if not billions of them out there.” He went on to explain that we think we are the center of the universe, but there are many planets that could be a host to biological life. He also admits that he has had no personal encounter with intelligent alien life forms and questions why any of them would want to visit earth, with all of our wars and such, if they do exist.

Protesters Convinced Aliens Have Visited Earth

Regardless of whether or not scientists or researchers agree, many people claim that UFOs are real and that they have made contact with earth and earthlings. In March or 1995, a group of protesters marched in front of the General Accounting Office in Washington, DC. They wanted to raise awareness about the agency’s examination of documents that related to a weather balloon crash in Roswell, New Mexico. The event they were raising awareness about happened in 1947. The protesters were convinced that the balloon was actually a UFO that had crashed. So, they took to the streets with signs stating their cause.

Telescopes To Watch For Extraterrestrials

NASA has developed telescopes that are capable of high-technological imaging which leads to new discoveries. The James Webb Space Telescope is made up of 18 hexagonal mirrors. The telescope may be able to see far through space and time. It was designed with a 2021 launch date. In the meantime, the Hubble Space Telescope and Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite are being used as well as the Kepler telescope. The Kepler telescope made huge strides in the search for planets that could potentially host life in our galaxy. Any images captured would provide more scientific data about alien life elsewhere and their civilizations.

Star Hopping Aliens

Most scientists agree that alien life of some sort almost definitely exists in the universe somewhere. Our galaxy have about 300 billion stars or more, and we are now discovering planets that are traveling around these stars. So far, scientists have detected about 4,000 exoplanets just within our galaxy. The entire universe contains about 200 billion galaxies. With all of these planets and galaxies and exoplanets, why would life only occur on earth? Even the most intelligent and high credentialed scholars admit that life of some form is out there. If nothing else, the probability is high using statistics alone.

Astronauts Encounters With Aliens

In a January interview, Helen Sharman, Britain’s first astronaut claimed that UFO sightings or the potential of alien or extraterrestrial life forms are possible. Other astronauts agree. A video captured by NASA’s International Space Station ISS spotted an alien craft that was flying alongside the space station. It showed up as three twinkling lights in a triangular shape. UFO hunter Scott Waring was quick to point out the characteristics that indicated it may be an alien craft. He speculated his findings on its TR3B shape but thought it was most likely modified to be flown by humans as a top secret government ship.

Nearly Half of Americans Believe Aliens Have Visited Earth

Surveys indicate that almost half of Americans believe that aliens have visited earth at some time in history. Scientists tend to dismiss these beliefs since they don’t seem to represent real physical phenomena. In the words of Carl Sagan, “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.” Still, many have claimed to see Unidentified Flying Objects UFOs. Many have been explained away like crop circles that have been credited by some to be aliens. In America, the main event that many point back to is a 1947 Roswell occurrence that turned the New Mexico area into the United States “ground zero.” for extraterrestrial occurrences.

SETI The Search For Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence Institute

Even though it may get brushed aside as crazy talk, the existence of alien life is under constant serious study. The Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence Institute SETI has more than 130 scientists, educators, and administrative staff working full time on the quest to explore, understand, and explain the origin and nature of life in the universe and how intelligence develops within these life forms. SETI’s work keeps delving into the matter regardless of public or scholarly opinions. An astronomer and SETI co-founder, Jill Tarter, has said that because space is so vast, their efforts have only amounted to what would equate to scooping a single glass of water from the ocean.

Human-Alien Contact

For an alien to enter earth’s atmosphere and make contact with humans, both civilizations need to exist at the same time. It is possible that aliens have made contact with earth in the past, but it would have most likely been in the ancient historic or pre-historic times. They may have visited during the same era as when dinosaurs roamed the earth. If the two civilizations never meet or overlap, neither is able to learn from the other. Maybe aliens showed up on earth a long time ago, or maybe they will visit in the future, potentially even after humans no longer exist.

Milky Way Alien Connection

The science of extraterrestrial life in any form is called astrobiology. The concept that extraterrestrial life exists or that it is highly intelligent, has more than a scientific impact. Many scientists take to mathematical statistical probability to make their point that aliens may really exist. The Drake equation is one probabilistic argument used to estimate the number of active, communicative extraterrestrial civilizations in the Milky Way galaxy. Alien life, even if it is as small as microorganisms, has been hypothesized to exist in the Solar System and throughout the universe. Carl Sagan and Stephen Hawking made arguments to such life existing.

Is Earth Inhabitable By Aliens?

Even Winston Churchill has admitted that to think life does not exist elsewhere would be improbable. But, even with the probability that some form of life exists out there somewhere, and they came to earth, would earth be inhabitable for an alien? About 29 chemical elements play active roles in living organisms that survive on earth. Most are built upon only six elements of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, phosphorus, or sulfur. Life on earth requires water. Sufficient quantities of carbon and other elements as well as water might enable life on terrestrial planets similar to earth. Life based on ammonia instead of water may also be an alternative as well as the possibility of life forms whose solvent is a liquid hydrocarbon, like methane, ethane, or propane.

Early Spaceship Sightings

In 154 BC, people documented seeing flying shield-like disks. In 104 BC, two towns in Italy watched what they described as flaming spears and oblong-shaped shields rushing at each other as if they were taking part in a battle in the sky. In 100 BC, a large, round shield-shaped object was seen traveling across the sky. In 91 BC, a huge fiery disk appeared along with a sonic boom-like sound. Later, people in Spoleto claimed to have seen a UFO’s vertical approach and take off which they described as a great “gold-colored ball” rolling down from the sky toward earth and then rising up again. In 74 BC, thousands of witnesses claimed to have seen a flaming object of “molten silver” crash between two armies on a battlefield. In 43 BC, missiles, weapons, and shields were seen rising from the horizon up into the sky accompanied with a loud noise.

Close Encounter Of The Third Kind

A close encounter of the third kind was reported in 150 AD described as a spacecraft hovering and landing in a way later depicted in the 1977 movie by the same name. Documented evidence reports a large UFO about 100 feet across which appeared overhead and moved downward. The object was flat and curved like a huge piece of pottery. The top of the object had many colors and shot out fiery rays of light. It landed, raising a cloud of dust and then an occupant emerged. It was described as something like a “maiden clad in white.” The astronomical meteorologist who analyzed these reports from long ago noted that throughout history, every account seems to be similar in the description of the object’s shape, metallic makeup, and brilliant colors that they see.

Saturn’s Moon Enceladus Harbors Water

Although, most people think of aliens as Martians invading, a real-life Martian would most likely be taller than humans, according to astronomer William Hershchel, which he concluded after studying mars through a powerful telescope in the 1870s. Philosopher Immanuel Kant claimed that extra-terrestrial intelligence was perfectly proportional to their distance from the sun with mercury being the least intelligent environment to Saturn being the most likely to support intelligent alien life. It has been discovered that Saturn’s Moon Enceladus harbors a liquid water ocean underneath a thick icy crust. Perhaps, we could find an alien ecosystem deep in the oceans of Europa and Enceladus.

What About The Space Squid?

Some surmise that the first aliens may have looked like squids. At least, this may be the case with large aquatic aliens. If life exists on any of the watery moons, the rules of simple physics provides fast clues as to how they would look. They might need to move fast in order to catch their prey or to escape from predators, so they would most likely have a streamlined shape. In fact, they would have probably looked quite a bit like a squid, dolphin, or a shark. Astronomers began keeping their eyes out for squid-like shapes in their hunt for space squid.

Solar Sail Spacecraft

Let’s go fly a kite! At least, that is sort of the concept in the solar sail spacecraft. In 2016, a project that was funded by Russian investors and physicist Yuri Milner sought out to reach a star system called Breakthrough Starshot. Their main goal was to develop a proof-of-concept solar sail spacecraft that would ride on the solar wind at 20% of the speed of light in search of extraterrestrials. The hope was to create a fleet of tiny crafts that would take 20 years to reach Proxima Centauri. An additional four years would be required for the data they obtain to be sent back to earth.

Alien Population

Assuming alien life does exist, how many are there? In 1848, a Scottish minister and science teacher named Thomas Dick was determined to figure this out. He decided to attempt to calculate the number of aliens living inside the solar system. Using the population density of outer space compared to England’s population, he began with a number of 280 people per square mile. Using these numbers as the base line, he calculated that the solar system would contain 22 trillion extraterrestrials. Astronomers estimate that 40 billion earth-like planets could exist in the Milky Way. When studying the exoplanets, experts look for bio signatures which are gases such as methane that would be expelled by aliens.

Life Forms In The Universe

When we begin to wonder whether or not life exists on other planets and whether or not they have visited earth, scientists look for a few different signs. They have discovered microbes inhabiting spaces on earth where the idea of survival was previously not thought to be possible. These lifeforms are based on familiar DNA that indicate life as we know it to be. We have found life on earth in places we never thought it was possible. Finding these hints of life on earth have made us wonder what might lie beyond the planets that may also support life.

Bird-Like Aliens

In 2017, a pair of freaky looking alien birds showed up in a shipyard in a port city of Visakhapatnam in India. A worker was quite shocked when he discovered the creatures in the toilet. He began videoing the strange looking creatures who had dark spooky large eyes. The video quickly went viral. Some comments on social media indicated that the birds were humanoid aliens. Fellow workers tried to feed the creatures fruit, but they refused to eat it. The creatures had heart-shaped faces and downward beaks. Soon the curator of the Nehru Zoological park Shivani Dongre identified them as a species of south central India known as eastern barn owls.

Mysterious Pyramids Point To The Stars

The ancient pyramids in Giza on the outskirts of Cairo, Egypt have long been a source of wonder and mystery. They are the most famous of Egypt’s pyramids that rise up from the desert. The phenomena was built more than 4,500 years ago. While they were used as tombs for queens and pharaohs, the mystery lies in how they were built from a time when advanced tools and building machinery had not yet been invented. The other aspect of the pyramids that relate to alien encounters is their astronomical configuration which is said to align with the stars in Orion’s belt. Also, these three pyramids are in much better shape than others built hundreds of years later.

Stonehenge Built By Aliens

There are several historic phenomena that are thought to have been built by aliens. Stonehenge is one of them. A huge circle of stones, some which weigh as much as 50 tons, sit on an English countryside near Salisbury. Swiss author Erich von Däniken suggested that the Neolithic monument was a model of the solar system. He went on to suggest that it was used as an alien landing pad. While scientists tend to disprove this idea, there is no doubt that whoever built it had the skies in their eyes as the stones are thought to be aligned with solstices and eclipses.

Easter Island Sculptures

On Easter Island there are sculptures that are thought to have alien inspiration. Moai dot the grassy hills in the Chilean territory near the southeastern Pacific. The stones are a large fleet of figures that have been there for more than a thousand years. There are close to 900 human figures that are placed along the extinct volcanoes on the island. They are an average of 13 feet tall and weight 14 tons. Though they are certainly mysterious, archaeologists believe that they were most likely placed there as a religious symbol rather than a result of visiting extraterrestrials or aliens.

Roswell Ground Zero

In 1947, a United States Army Air Force balloon crashed near Roswell, New Mexico. When it happened, many people believed it to be a government cover up of an alien spaceship that crashed. Many people still carry on the idea that Roswell was visited by outer space creatures. At the time, reports stated that a flying disc had been recovered. However, by 1994, it was revealed that it was actually a balloon that had crashed. The balloon was part of a top-secret project called Mogul which was testing technology that could detect Soviet Union nuclear bombs. Some staunch believers in aliens still refuse to believe this explanation. They still believe there is an alien craft and extraterrestrials inside Area 51.

Extraterrestrials Held For Examination In Area 51

Many experts think that alien life does exist. That is, it exists in some form somewhere in space. In 1989, a man by the name of Robert Lazar claimed that he had worked on alien technology inside Area 51. He said that he had seen photos of aliens undergoing medical experiments or examinations. The examinations were being conducted by the U. S. Government. Since Robert Lazar did not provide any pictures that would prove his claims, many scientists simply discredited everything he was claiming. However, others who heard of it wondered if he were telling the truth. Maybe aliens really were being held inside Area 51.

United States Air Force Project Blue Book

From 1947 to 1969, the United States Air Force investigated UFOs under the code name Project Blue Book. The headquarters they used for this project was not Area 51 in the state of Nevada, however. It was, rather, an Air Force Base in Ohio. As a result of the Project Blue Book, the Air Force concluded that none of the UFOs they had investigated were a threat to United States national security and that there was no evidence to show that sightings described as unidentified were, in fact, spaceships that had been flown by aliens as the witnesses had indicated.

Brilliant Star In A Twinkling Of An Eye

In an article printed May 18, 1872, a witness reported a brilliant object that suddenly appeared as he was horseback riding. He was riding near the Belford Post Office in Australia when he saw something that resembled a brilliant star about 50 yards in front of him and elevated about 12 feet from the ground. He estimated it to be about three times as large as the morning star and exceedingly brilliant. It was not a falling meteor. It appeared and instantly disappeared without leaving a vestige of fading illumination behind. The horseback rider was not the first one to see it. A sheep-shearing young man named George Moore also saw it on a separate occasion.

1561 Celestial Phenomenon

In April of 1561, residents of Nuremberg saw what they described as an aerial battle. At this point in history, wars fought in the skies was not something that had yet been developed. The battle was followed by the appearance of a large black triangular object. Suddenly, there was a large crash outside of the city. Those who saw it said that they observed hundreds of spheres, cylinders and other odd-shaped objects. These objects were said to move erratically overhead as observers watched in wonder and some in terror. Some of the witnesses were convinced they had just seen the result of aliens. Others dismissed it as an unexplained phenomenon.

1803 Japan UFO Sighting

In 1803, some local fishermen in Japan reported seeing a vessel drifting in the nearby waters. They said that when they started to investigate it that a beautiful young woman with red and white hair dressed in strange clothes appeared. These Japanese fishermen claimed that she held a square box that no one was allowed to touch. She spoke to them in a language they had never heard before. Die-hard UFO believers naturally take the fishermen at their word. Historians and ethnologists see it differently, considering it to be nothing more than folklore. Still, the fishermen insisted what they saw was real.

1883 Zacatecas, Mexico Encounter

In the summer of 1883, an astronomer named Jose Bonilla claimed to have seen more than 300 dark, unidentified objects that were crossing the sun disk while they were observing sunspot activity at Zacatecas Observatory in Mexico. Mr. Bonilla not only claimed to have seen the objects, but he was able to get photographs of them as well. He took several pictures by exposing wet plates at 1/100 second. When he showed off his pictures to experts, it was determined that the objects he thought were possibly an alien encounter were actually high-flying geese. Still, Jose felt as though he had a special connection to the outer worlds.

Alien Abductions

For a couple years from 1896 to 1898, many people reported seeing UFOs in the United States. Not only did they see these flying objects, but they also claimed to have been attempted to be abducted. There were many reported sightings and attempted abductions throughout this two-year period with witnesses claiming to have seen mystery airships. In 1987, an incident in Aurora, Texas even tells of a UFO that crashed and buried its alien pilot in a local cemetery. A local correspondent by the name of S. E. Hayden told the story of the crash and subsequent alien burial in Dallas and Fort Worth newspapers.

Six Finger Alien Prints

After the famous UFO crash at Roswell in 1947, there was reportedly a piece found that had numbers and shapes which were deciphered to read as the Greek word FREEDOM written on it. A video that was uncovered portrays the finding. However, Greeks were upset that the Americans had seemingly held the I-beam, with what seemed to be early renditions of Greek letters, upside down. Also discovered was debris from a supposed control panel board where the imprints showed six fingers on each hand. The UFO had reportedly crashed on a ranch in New Mexico. It was later explained as an air balloon crash, but those who are firm believers in visitors from outer space still disagree to this day.

1883 Sydney UFO

On April 14, 1883, a Sydney, Australia newspaper published a report of a yellowish colored light that was seen flying over Melbourne. At times, it seemed to emit brilliantly illuminated orbs. The report of eyewitnesses explain that suddenly an immense ball of fire of a yellow hue appeared in the sky. The ball of fire gradually moved from the east to the south. It was moving about pitching and tossing much like that of a kite in a heavy wind. It hovered for more than an hour. It was seen from the waters as well as on land. The second mate of the steamer Lindus, Mr. Thompson, stated that he noticed the ball of fire.

1888 Aerial Procession of Vehicles

In 1888, an informant in Victoria described a most marvelous phenomenon. He described it as seen through a rift or opening in the trees that were planted in the street where he lived. His eye was suddenly drawn to several vehicles that were in quick succession following one another on the top of the hill above the ground. Headed downward toward a cemetery. He thought at first that they were simply clouds but soon saw clearly that they were not. He watched the procession for twenty minutes or more. The entire time, it moved along with steady motion. He couldn’t think of anything to compare the sight to except maybe that of a funeral procession.

1902 Weather Observers Encounter Spaceship

In November of 1902, two men were taking weather reports at an observatory. They watched as a slow-moving meteoric object began to fly through the sky. They would have thought it to be a meteor, but it had several peculiar aspects. They watched it for four minutes. It had a planetary disc, saucer shape, and then it changed shape before being lost out of view. Other meteor-like objects had been reported a few years later in separate locations. In 1914, a short note appeared in The Ballarat Courier that described a strange phenomenon in the sky above Queensland that sounded like the Norway Spiral of 2009. The 1914 viewing resembled a gigantic snake.

Witnessed By Thousands

In 1917, thousands of people observed lights in the sky in Portugal. These droves of people observed the sun gyrate and then descend. The phenomena was later interpreted by three experts that is was a possible UFO sighting. However, it was not recognized as an official sighting due to cultural differences. The crowds had originally gathered in the spot in Fatima because of a prophecy that had been made by three shepherd children. Whatever they witnessed at that time, some feel they had an encounter with life from another planet. Others described it as more of a spiritual miracle event.

Foo Fighters And Wartime Sightings

In the 1940s over World War II theaters, small metallic spheres alongside colorful balls of light were repeatedly noticed in the skies. Some World War II bomber crews were even able to get photographs of the objects. The term Foo Fighter was used by allied aircraft pilots to describe various mysterious aerial phenomena seen in the skies above both the European and Pacific theaters. Additional sightings throughout the early 1940s and possibly as a result of wartime. Some of the stories were never made public until their grandchildren told the stories of their grandparents who claimed to have seen alien craft.

1950s Sightings of Flying Saucers

The 1950s seemed to be filled with people who were fascinated with the idea of flying saucers and alien invasions. Many of these sightings took place in small, rural areas of The United States of America. On a farm near McMinnville, Oregon a farmer took pictures of what he thought to be a flying saucer. These photos were the first claimed photographs of flying alien aircraft since the term was coined. In Great Falls, Montana, the manager of a pro baseball team took color film of two UFOs. The film was scrutinized and thoroughly analyzed by the US Air Force.

Washington DC Sightings

In 1951, several lights in a V-shaped pattern were spotted several times flying over Lubbock, Texas. These sightings were followed up by Washington D.C. sightings in 1952. A series of sightings in July of 1952 accompanied radar contacts at three separate airports in the area. These reports made front-page news around the nation and were the substance of what led to the formation of the Robertson Panel by the CIA. In July of the same year, more strange reports of sightings were coming from Virginia where pilots saw glowing red objects, and Nevada where two pilots saw three unusual Delta wing flying aircraft in a V-formation.

Aliens At Haneda Air Force Base

In 1952, United States Air Force tower operators stationed at Haneda Air Force Base in Japan observed a bright bluish-white light that was extremely brilliant in nature. The light alerted the GCI radar unit at Shiroi. This then called for a scramble of an F94 interceptor. GCI ground radar vectored the F94 to an orbiting unknown target. The F94 picked it up on its airborne radar as it tried to quickly pursue and track down what the lights were and where they were coming from. As the F94’s approached and targeted the object, it began to accelerate out of range.

Disappearing Pilot

While much of the 1950s brought about numerous claims from farmers or local farm boys, in 1953 a United States Air Force pilot and the radar operator along with The F-89C they were flying disappeared while they were pursuing an unidentified radar return. The men were Felix Moncla and Robert Wilson. Later, NASA astronauts would have their own encounters with unusual sightings. Some chose to record or captured on video, while others never spoke publicly of incidents they encountered. For the men and women who have had the experience of traveling through space, they have seen things they never discuss.

A Football Game Spaceship Appearance

In 1954, during a football game in Italy, an entire stadium filled with fans and players saw something they would never forget. The game was between Fiorentina and Pistoiese and was well into play at the Stadio Artemio Franchi. Suddenly a group of UFOs were seen traveling at a high speed and then abruptly stopped to hover over the stadium. The crowd of about 10,000 spectators became silent. Afterwards, everyone described the flying object as cigar shaped. Whatever it was had been observed by an entire stadium filled with people. And, the reports were all very similar in their descriptions.

Peering Through A Farmhouse Window

In 1955, a farm family in Hopkinsville, Kentucky reported a very strange occurrence. They claimed to have seen a disc-shaped aircraft followed by a group of strange, goblin-like creatures. According to the family, these creatures kept approaching the farm house and began to peer inside through the windows. There were two families present, and they began to shoot at the creatures but they remained unscathed. The entire encounter continued from the evening hours well into dawn. UFOlogists regard it as one of the most significant and well-documented encounters. Of course, skeptics raise questions of doubt about the details of the event.

First Abduction Claims

In 1957, Antonio Vilas Boas was among the first abduction claims. He was a farmer who said he was taken up into a spaceship and examined by humanoid aliens. The same year, numerous people talked of seeing a glowing, egg-shaped object and a cigar-shaped object that caused their automobiles to stop running. Meanwhile, in 1958, 9 separate sightings and 7 photographs of UFOs were reported in the Trinidad Island of Brazil. By 1959 mysterious deaths were reported in the Soviet Union that was believed to have been caused by an unknown compelling natural force related to some unidentified orange spheres.

1960s New Hampshire Abductions

As the 1960s came into play, reports of abductions continued. This time New Hampshire was seeing unusual sightings and experiences. Betty and Barney Hill claimed to have been abducted after seeing a huge flying disk while they were driving home in their car late at night. They claimed that they were medically examined by small extraterrestrials. Numerous reports of UFOs in New Hampshire continued to be reported throughout the 1960s. From New Hampshire to New Mexico, aliens were reported to have been seen. Even a police officer in New Mexico, Lonnie Zamora, claimed to have had a close encounter when he saw two people next to a shiny object that later lifted into the skies.

President Jimmy Carter’s Close Encounter

President Trump is not the only US president who is believed to have had a close encounter or experience with aliens. In 1969, President Jimmy Carter claimed to have seen a UFO. He did not believe it to be of extraterrestrial origin. What he saw is thought to be the planet Venus, though this is not his admission. The same year, in Finland, seven disc shaped objects hovered in formation and were spotted by air traffic controller and two pilots. When one fighter pilot, Tarmo Tukeva, began to investigate the matter the objects accelerated away out of sight nowhere to be seen.

5-Day Abduction

In 1975, a logger by the name of Travis Walton claimed that he was abducted by aliens for five full days. His six workmates reported to have witnessed a bright hovering large silver disk. They fled away from the scene leaving him lying on the ground. This occurred on November 5, and he did not reappear in a different location until later the evening of November 10. Walton described the entire occurrence and its aftermath in a book, The Walton Experience. The book was later turned into a dramatization film, Fire in the Sky in 1993. In the movie, scenes aboard the vessel were significantly edited.

2006 Chicago Airport UFO

In 2006, a United Airlines group of employees and pilots claimed that they saw a saucer-shaped, unlit craft that was hovering over Chicago O’Hare Airport terminal. The craft hovered for awhile before ascending to leave in a vertical rise straight up. The Federal Aviation Administration declined to investigate the incident stating that the UFO was not seen on radar. They dismissed it as a weather phenomenon. But, the witnesses will forever question what they really saw. Witnesses described the object as completely silent, dark gray, and between six to 24 feet in diameter. It was first seen by a ramp employee who was directing a jet.

USS Theodore Roosevelt UFO Incidents

The Pentagon UFO videos are selected visual recordings of cockpit instrumentation displays. The recordings were taken from US Navy fighter jets based aboard aircraft carriers USS Nimitz and USS Theodore Roosevelt in 2004, 2014, and 2015. The videos were widely characterized as officially documenting UFOs. Multiple UFO radar-visual encounters have been reported by United States Navy pilots. Over a nine-month period, the pilots witnessed and took video of two of the encounters that were released. The Navy took the extra step to verify that the videos were taken by Navy personnel and went on to explain that it had not yet identified the source or nature of the sightings. They classified the sightings as an unexplained aerial phenomena.

Stephenville, Texas UFO Sightings

UFOs were reportedly sighted over a three county area during a four-hour period and were seen by at least 20 witnesses. The event took place in August of 2008 in a small town of Texas. Radar data detected a reflected signal. While you might pass off a UFO sighting as a military aircraft, especially if you live near a military base, the aircraft were identified on radar independent of the UFO. Though, the Air Force did admit that they were doing training exercises in the Brownwood Military Operating Area during the time when the objects were reported as being sighted.

Alien Life Nothing Like We Thought

Some believe humans and aliens have already met and encountered each other. But, for those who doubt, they still speculate. If humans ever do find aliens, chances are they are not going to look like anything we imagine. They would most likely be a simpler form, like an earth microbe. At least, even the biggest skeptics of alien encounters agree that some form of life does exist. Retired NASA astronaut and physician Mae Jemison admitted that she believes simple life exists in other places. There have even been fossils found on Mars, and moon rocks were brought back for extensive research when the astronauts landed on the moon.

Aliens As We Imagine Them

When aliens are depicted for movies or artwork, they are often drawn in a similar way. The heads are often a rounded triangular shape with large bug or cat-like eyes, and small facial features. Why is this the image that seems to be universally accepted as what an alien looks like? Have people actually seen and described creatures who look like this, or is it derived from cave drawings or other artist renditions of descriptions of alien encounters? Maybe it’s because they exist on a planet other than earth, so their features would need to accommodate sustainable life in their separate environment. Maybe because we assume their heads need space for super intelligent brains.

Alien Face Print On Mars

A NASA image of an alien face on mars was discovered and photographed by the Mars Orbiter Camera MOC. The image shows an impact crater in Chryse Planitia not far from the Viking 1 landing site. It resembles a bug-eyed head much like how aliens are often depicted in media on earth. The Viking 1 probe had landed nearby in 1975. The imprint was discovered and the photo released in 2005 but was shared on social media on March 22, 2018 by UFO Sightings & News. UFO hunters dubbed the photographic finding the “Chryse Alien Head”. In reality, it could have been the result of an asteroid, and the eyes formed during a flood on Mars or by wind or water erosion.

Early Drawings Of Aliens

As far back as 12,000 years ago, when ancestors found safety in caves. Archaeologists have since discovered cave paintings that seem to indicate that of flying saucers or strange-looking creatures. In caves in France and Spain, pictures of shapes of saucers or UFOs appeared on the walls of the caves. No one knows for sure where the cave people would have seen these objects that inspired them to find it important to make paintings of them on the walls. They also drew alien-like figures that leave a lot open for debate as to what they saw in their daily life that would look like how others describe extraterrestrials.

Wandjina Alien Rock Art

Wandjina rock art portray pictures of what looks like an alien invasion. These cave paintings are ancient art but can’t help to make you wonder what they saw that made them create the paintings. When they were discovered, they sparked rumors that they had been visited by aliens. Wandjina are actually thought to be spirit figures drawn on thousands of cliffs and cave walls in the northwest region of the Kimberley in Western Australia. These images have been found throughout the region and are marked in red and white ochre. These paintings were traditionally repainted after the passing of each decade to make sure their stories and message were kept fresh and alive.

Alien Cave Paintings

Additional cave paintings discovered and uncovered through archaeological digs and explorations have uncovered paintings that look as though there was an encounter with something other than humans. Some pictures looked like the shape of faces with large orbital objects around their heads. Some suggest that it seems like the figures are coming down out of a spaceship. If they are not paintings of extraterrestrial creatures, perhaps they are the drawings of those who had been visited by some other supernatural being. Maybe the circular objects around their heads is something other than a spaceship. But, there is no doubt that whoever drew them had been inspired by a real life event.

Atacama Skeleton

Ata is the name given to this 6-inch long skeletal remains that is was first thought to be of alien nature. It was found in 2003 in a deserted town in Chile in the Atacama Desert. UFO theorist Steven M. Greer speculated that Ata was an extraterrestrial. His speculation led to the 2013 UFO movie, Sirius. When a DNA analysis was performed, it identified unusual mutations. Additional tests suggested that the skeleton had an irregularly shaped skull and only 10 ribs as well as signs of oxycephaly and suggested it was a premature human infant. Later findings claimed that the skeleton shared human DNA that was of the western region of South America.

Artist Rendition Of An Alien

A couple of artists were asked to draw a picture of what they thought an alien would really look like. They figured it would have to be carbon based and microbes would be involved. They also took into consideration the environment of a planet from which an alien would come from. They figured they would need to be chemo synthetic. They would need to be mobile and able to leave a spaceship to explore. They first came up with a simple life with tentacles that eventually developed into a more human-like figure. Their final depiction looked much like what others have described.

ET Phone Home

Fictional space aliens who have visited earth range from E.T. and his magical finger to a helpful Superman, or the mean, threatening, ruthless martians from The War of the Worlds. While each of these aliens are the result of a creative mind and intended to draw viewers to the movies, at the root of each creation is the desire to know whether or not extraterrestrial life exists and whether or not they have had encounters with humans on earth. One thing that is constant across each alien depiction is that aliens from another planet are almost always depicted as super intelligent or evolved beyond what we know on earth.

Aliens Of Hollywood

Not every alien that has been depicted by Hollywood screen artists are as lovable and adorable as E.T. or Yoda from Star Wars. One such horrifying alien of Hollywood was depicted in the move Alien where a horrific and gruesome monster-like creature erupted from the stomach of an impregnated human female. Other extraterrestrials of Hollywood have taken on a more adorable or at least more aesthetically pleasing form. Whether they are cute and cuddly or horrifically awful, these life forms that show up in movies are only the result of someone’s imagination and have no first-hand encounter behind them. Or, do they?

We Come As Friends

Any signs that aliens exist and have made contact with earthlings are surely not going to turn out little green men who look like the way Disney Pixar presented them in the movie, Toy Story. Still, we can hope that they would respond in awe and wonder with gasps of, “Oooh!” or exclamations recognizing “the claw!” While the idea of whether or not aliens do or ever did exist and whether or not there are signs of their existence, we can only hope that if we ever do encounter one that they will be friendly. Let’s hope they will greet us by telling us that they come in peace.