Do You Remember Octomom? Her Story Is Truly Remarkable!


Natalie Denise Suleman, also known as Octomom in the media, is an American media personality who rose to prominence after giving birth to the world’s first surviving octuplets in January 2009. They are still very young in this 2017 photo. The pregnancy set several records and sparked debate about the methods used to get Nadya pregnant in the first place. Her physician was also chastised. People either adored or despised Octomom, but she made the best use of the resources and never decided to give up on her young kids, regardless of how dire the circumstances became. The octuplets born to Octomom are those that were born alive as well as to survive the first week. The delighted mother was eager to show them off to the family’s other six children. People all over the world had questions about it. Today, we’ll look at Nadya and her family’s current situation.

Nadya’s Big Wish

Nadya Suleman has always wanted to be a mother to many people. She was an only child, and growing up without siblings made her feel alone and disconnected from everyone else. Her parents were immigrants, her mother from Lithuania and her father from Iraq, and she yearned for the bonds that siblings would provide. Because she couldn’t change her single-kid status, Nadya resolved to have her own family and make those ties for herself. Nadya had no idea what her life would turn out to be. Things went quite differently than intended as she pursued her desire of having a big family, and her entire life would be transformed forever. Nobody could have imagined her eight babies’ miraculous delivery, let alone how contentious it would be.

Nadya’s Journey to Motherhood

Nadya Suleman began her journey to become a mother as soon as she reached adulthood. She finished high school in Southern California and opted to become a single mother there. She was set on making her goal a reality as quickly as possible. Like other young ladies her age, Nadya intended to attend college. Her yearning to become a mother, on the other hand, was overwhelming. Be cautious about what you wish for… after all, Nadya was foolish and innocent enough to fulfill her dream and ended up with more than she asked for. Her decision on how to become a mother, on the other hand, was what caused so much uncertainty in the end.

The First Job of Nadya

Nadya married Marcos Gutierrez the same year she graduated from Mt. San Antonio College as a psychiatric technician. She took a position at the Metropolitan State Hospital in Norwalk, California, working with mentally ill people. The mental hospital was excellent, but the young woman’s work was far from simple. While Nadya had a solid intention to establish a family, she also had a fantastic job in mind. Working with mental patients, on the other hand, would drastically alter her life, and not in a positive way. Her encounter there placed her on a rough road in life. Thus, her life was filled with numerous unexpected happenings.

The Mishap

On September 18, 1999, a disturbance broke out at the mental clinic where Nadya worked. She worked with mentally ill people at the Metropolitan State Hospital in Norwalk. Her profession required her to soothe the patients, and she plunged straight in. A patient flipped a wooden table over in the middle of the brawl, landing on Nadya’s back. The table produced a significant injury, a herniated disc, forcing Nadya to petition for worker’s compensation. She was compensated $170,000, which she utilized to get by for the following few months. However, her back condition was far from the only problem she faced at the time.

Broken Dreams

Nadya had difficulties working following her hospital accident and was in bodily agony regularly. While she got the cash from worker’s compensation, the young woman had a deeper problem. She was suffering from the agony of knowing her career had been lost by a minor back injury, but her desire to become a mother was now jeopardized. By the time Nadya and Marcos celebrated their third wedding anniversary, it was clear that something was amiss in the family. They’d tried and failed to have children during their marriage. It was time to see a doctor and figure out what was wrong.

Worrying News

Several physicians advised Marcos Gutierrez and Nadya Suleman to have a child, but nothing worked. They listened to every piece of advice and tried to conceive a kid. The constant failure began to impact Nadya’s psyche, and together with the back discomfort, she became depressed. As attempting to conceive became more complicated than enjoyable, depression set in. Finally, a doctor revealed the truth to them. Gutierrez was sterile even though they were doing everything correctly. The pair now had to make some choices. They would never be able to conceive naturally. Therefore, they would have to pick another route.

Even more bad news

Nadya decided at this moment that they could have a kid differently, utilizing a new procedure. Her husband disagreed, and they began to debate whether or not to attempt another childbirth technique. Nadya’s desire to have a child was more incredible than ever, and she was not about to give up on her goal. Finally, Nadya advised they try in vitro fertilization, sometimes known as IVF. The egg is fertilized in a test tube or petri dish before being transplanted into the woman using this procedure. Marcos warned Nadya that he would leave her if she opted for the operation. It was the final straw.

The Most Difficult Decision

With Marcos issuing the injunction, Nadya Suleman was forced to make a difficult choice. She was left with many choices upon which she had to choose what would be the most appropriate. Should she abandon her desire to have children and remain with her spouse out of love? Or would she abandon him and have children on her own? Ultimately, she chose to pursue her lifelong ambition of being a mother. Nadya left Marcos Gutierrez in 2000 and began the process of conceiving through IVF. She was finally ready to make her fantasy a reality, but it didn’t go as quickly as the newly divorced woman had hoped.

Motherhood Comes at a High Price

IVF is becoming more prevalent, although it is still not totally successful. In reality, it fails frequently, and people don’t use it as much as they might because it is expensive. However, neither of these issues was a massive deal for Nadya, who was sick and weary of failing to conceive. In most situations, physicians advise fertilizing several eggs during IVF. Some of the eggs will not hatch correctly, so it is better to have a variety of alternatives. This posed another issue for Nadya to consider and make a choice on. Was she up to the challenge?

Elijah has arrived

Many childless couples dream of having twins or triplets. Thus having multiples isn’t necessarily regarded as a danger. It might even be the realization of a dream. In Nadya’s instance, she was content with whatever she got, but the results surprised her. The initial treatment was a big success, and Nadya had her first child, Elijah, in 2001. She was finally a mother after years of planning and battling. But it wasn’t the end of her… she wasn’t content with just one baby and wanted more. She wanted more children, as having one child was seen as not realizing the dream.

A Life-Changing Choice

Because six children weren’t enough for Nadya Suleman, she took a risk to propel her to prominence and give her the moniker Octomom. In 2008, she returned to the same doctor, Dr. Michael Kamrava, to request another IVF operation. He’d done all of her prior ones, so he knew how many kids she had. Nadya has always been pro-life, and her prior therapy resulted in six fertilized eggs freezing. She didn’t want to squander them by throwing them away, so she decided to put them to use. She requested that Dr. Kamrava implant all six embryos in her uterus.

Dr. Kamrava’s Selection

Initially, the doctor advised implanting fewer eggs. After all, doing so many things was dangerous, but Nadya insisted. She knew she needed all of the embryos, so none of them went to waste. Finally, Dr. Kamrava decided to respect her decision, advising her that she would very certainly have multiples. While Dr. Kamrava constantly said that he was hesitant to implant six eggs, he ended up injecting a total of 12 eggs. Because the standard recommendation is just two, it was a significant departure from the norm, with potentially disastrous consequences. Nadya was prepared for anything that came her way.

Surprise! Octuplets!

While Dr. Kamrava would face significant criticism for his extraordinary implantation of so many embryos, Nadya Suleman was thrilled with the outcome. Eight of the 12 embryos were appropriately implanted, and she became pregnant with octuplets overnight. While having eight infants at once may seem like a pipe dream to someone preoccupied with having a large family, the reality of what the body can take is sometimes very different. Is Nady capable of carrying eight infants long enough for them to survive? She’d already given birth to six children, so the test was finally here. It was very unusual as she carried eight infants.

A New Surname

The media rapidly covered Nadya’s supposedly miraculous pregnancy, earning her the moniker Octomom. Her story attracted people since carrying eight infants at once was more than any normal mother could or would want to do. Despite her newfound celebrity, Nadya was physically exhausted from bearing many kids. While this single mom’s massive pregnancy may appear ludicrous to some, many individuals wanted to follow along with her. And having eight infants at once is often quite different and challenging to carry. It would set records and impact the rest of her life. Regrettably, not all of these impacts were favorable.

Octomom Has All Eyes On Her

The report of an octuplet pregnancy and healthy delivery shocked the globe, particularly the medical community. It didn’t take long after the infants were delivered for physicians to attempt to examine her. At this stage, few individuals knew that Dr. Kamrava had implanted 12 eggs or that IVF was being used. Everyone was amazed that the human body could handle such a large pregnancy. How had Nadya managed to have eight healthy children? There were several questions, and scholars proceeded to do an extensive investigation. Everyone was curious about how a single mom could physically give birth to eight children simultaneously.

Octomom Notoriety

Nadya was famous even before her children were born. From websites to news networks and newspapers, as well as all of the day’s publications, everyone was keeping a close eye on her pregnancy. She was a household name, or at least her moniker was, and everyone recognized her face. She had a strategy in place to try to handle the narrative as it spread. Her grand idea was to profit from her celebrity. She engaged a public relations firm after the octuplets were delivered as soon as possible. However, her plan to manage the narrative and restrict its spread proved more difficult than anticipated.

The Dark Side of Fame

The Octomom tale was not going away once the media got its hands on it. Fame can alter a person, and it indeed did for Nadya. Many people thought she meant to be famous her whole life, which is why she had so many children. In any case, Nadya found herself as a parent to 14 children and Octomom to the general public. Octomom gradually took control as time passed. More details regarding her pregnancy were revealed, and many people were outraged. She was chastised for spending government money and being reckless and seen as the personification of everything wrong with society.

Nadya Communicates

Her effort to influence media coverage suddenly became out of hand, and Nadya was chastised by the media. She couldn’t keep up with the shared stories, so she would inform the public about her issues in the hopes that they would support her. Nadia Suleman responded to the public portrayal in an interview with an online magazine “I hardly get two or three hours of sleep a night,” she said. “However, I’m continuing to live my life and strive to be the best mother I can be.” Nonetheless, Octomom’s apparent acceptance of the public exposure she received caused many to be skeptical of her.

Octomom reaches rock bottom

For years, the media followed Octomom and her children. The media circus continued long after it should have ended. The octuplets and their mother captivated the public’s attention. Unfortunately, the stress was getting to Nadya, and she had difficulty caring for her children. It was one of Nadya’s lowest times in her life. She was straining to care for 14 children and eventually ended up on assistance. By this point, she felt as if the entire world was against her, and despite having the large family she craved, she felt more alone than ever. Things became worse when the welfare also refused to assist her.

The CPS is Involved

Rumors spread that Nadya abused her children. This began with tremendous media coverage, but whispers began to spread once all 14 children returned home. Nobody believed a single mother could care for 14 children, so CPS was brought in. They decided to check in on Octomom and see if her children were being neglected. When Child Protective Services visited Suleman’s house, they found no evidence that her children were being abused or neglected. Her house was deemed child-friendly. All 14 children were safe and happy. That should have been the end, but someone disagreed with the CPS conclusions and chose to intervene.

Evicted with 14 Children

Nadya Suleman’s landlord wanted to evict her since not everyone thought her residence was suitable for her children. He was one of the few individuals reading the papers and watching the media circus who had the power to injure her. He allegedly accused her of violating her lease. The landlord went directly to the media with his stories about her living circumstances, resulting in her eviction and her entire brood. Nadya had struggled her entire life to become a mother, and now she was on the verge of being homeless. Octomom was prepared to go to any length to ensure the safety of her children.

Extreme Measures

No matter how hard she tried, Nadya couldn’t persuade her landlord to let them stay in the house where she would have to relocate her large family. The media may have portrayed her as a caricature, but Nadya worked hard to be a loving mother and argued that this was the real Octomom. Nadya had no money at this moment. She needs a substantial sum to relocate and find a suitable home for her family. That means finding money quickly. She attempted a few things, including a brief singing career, a film part, and a few other things. Did they have any effect?

Beginning Again

With so much media pressure, Nadya Suleman knew she wanted to break free from the character she had become. She needed to rediscover her authentic self and make some significant adjustments to be the mother she desired to be and live a happy life with her family. Things have to be done differently. Nadya quickly turned over a new leaf after making her decision. She changed her name to Natalie in a beautiful symbolic act. She then went to school to complete her degree and began working as a family therapist. Things were looking suitable for Octomom… but what about her 14 children?

The Octuplets Have Arrived

Nadya’s octuplets are now 9 years old and exceptionally healthy, well-rounded children. She keeps them on a strict vegan diet, which they are all prospering on. While a vegan diet isn’t easy for youngsters who enjoy junk food, Nadya appears to have done an excellent job of keeping her family healthy. Octomom, now known as Natalie Suleman, has been extremely honest with her children about the entire process of regaining her identity through the media. She believes that being honest with your children is critical. She started an Instagram account called Solomon Family, where she discusses her challenges and life as a single mother of 14 children.

But aren’t there 14?

A fan inquired on an Instagram post about the other children in one of her most recent family photos, wondering why we didn’t see them. The response was exactly on, but also a little melancholy. She replied: “Yes, we are all still together, and our bonds are more vital than ever! Most of my older children do not use social media (which I don’t blame them for because it can be poisonous!) and seldom allow me to post about them, haha… The right to privacy is treasured and maintained. Thank you for your interest in my family! God bless you “.

Putting Her Faith in Her Angel

Natalie Suleman is now in her forties, but she has cleaned up her act and abandoned the belligerent occupations and acts of her past. She has stated multiple times that a guardian angel provided her the fortitude to keep going forward and leaving behind the seedier aspects of life. Her meeting with her guardian angel occurred in February 2013, while she was still working in the adult film industry. She realized she had to alter her life and stop doing what she was to be the best mother she could be for her numerous children. After all, it was her dream, and she didn’t want to give it up.

Reflecting on Life

Natalie’s life improved in 2013, and she has subsequently recognized that having so many children without contemplating how she would support them was “foolish, irresponsible, and selfish.” She hadn’t considered the entire procedure then, but she doesn’t regret having her children for a second. Natalie has dedicated her entire life to raising her children, making them her top priority. She is so preoccupied with her children now that she wants to be single and celibate for the time being. Her social media profiles show that she has truly changed for the better. She also discusses the ideals she instills in her 14 children.

Living a Low-Key Life

It’s not easy parenting 14 children alone, but Natalie is doing a terrific job. She has a two-bedroom apartment for her family and survives on her meager wages and food assistance. Natalie has progressed from self-doubt to becoming an inspiration to others. She now shares her experience with other women to inspire them to improve their lives and those of their families. She’s discarded the Octomom identity, which she believes was harmful to her family and self-esteem. “I didn’t want to live anymore.” I felt less than human as the figure I pretended to be to love and care for my family.”

Living for the Children

Natalie Suleman, a mother of 14, is in a better place now. She can enjoy spending time with her younger children, the octuplets Makai, Josiah, Isaiah, Jonah, Noah, Jeremiah, Nariaya, and Maliyah. She wants every child to grow up proud of their mother, free of the Octomom character she was known for so long. She told the online magazine that she did various things because she was afraid of being unable to maintain and provide for her children. Natalie has had several significant issues and challenging moments after the birth of her children. She’s constantly struggling to make finances meet.

The End of a Social Life

Natalie doesn’t have time for a social life because she is a hands-on parent to all her children. She tries to get to know each of them and spend time with them. Her children range in personality from timid to gregarious, with a preference for socializing. Aiden, one of her children, is autistic, but his siblings adore him, and Makai has a unique relationship with his elder brother. Natalie’s children know that their lives are very different from the usual family in their nation, but they have been trained to believe that being different is a positive thing. She has taught children much more than just appreciating their family’s variety.

Have a Merry Christmas!

While raising more than a dozen children in a small house might be difficult, Nadya remained content. Natalie has worked hard to instill principles in kids. She utilizes one strategy in which she only gives each child one present for every occasion, including Christmas. “I’m focused on raising the kids to focus on serving other people, to get out of their own heads,” she said in an interview. Natalie believes giving her children only one Christmas gift teaches them to appreciate even the tiniest things. Her circumstances also prevent her from purchasing extravagant presents, but her gorgeous children are enough.

Return to School

Every parent is concerned about the back-to-school season, but Natalie has 14 children to get to school. She recently shared a photo of the octuplets getting ready to leave for school with their backpacks and expressed her concern on social media, writing, “”Have any other parents been particularly concerned and overwhelmed by the first week of school?” Natalie has ready models in her eight younger children, but her older children decline to participate in the picture shoots, preferring to keep their lives more private. Natalie is kept busy shuttling her multiple children about town as the official bus driver with all the pick-ups and drop-offs.

Mother’s Day

Being a parent is tough, and having 14 children adds to the pressure. Natalie Suleman has a few coping techniques for dealing with stress, including going to the gym daily, working out, and scheduling “me time.” Natalie may be seen on Instagram posting pictures with phrases such, “I would want to tell about how I manage with exorbitant stress, after being questioned how I keep sane haha.”” She believes that working out is the greatest way to channel any tension she feels as a mother of 14 and that sweating it out is the best way to help herself cope with everything she’s been through.

Family Night Out

Natalie enjoys having fun with her brood even though she is vegan and a strict mother. She often organizes family fun nights and spa nights with her girls. She takes pictures of them having a good time trying out new goods. One of the most challenging aspects of raising 14 children is providing them love and attention, which Natalie tries for. She has girls’ nights in and watches scary movies with her boys. She regards them as her first priority and makes them known to the rest of the world. Nadya enjoys every moment she spends with her kids during family nights out.

Speaking with Dr. Oz

Natalie Suleman appeared on The Dr. Oz Show in 2018 to tell her tale. In that show, she discussed why she chose IVF, how she ended up with 12 embryos implanted, and how she transitioned from Octomom to Natalie and became a happy, healthy mother to her 14 children. Natalie discussed her path from being a desperate, struggling mother of small children to creating her new self on the show. She created a new YouTube channel with her children, whom she refers to on social media as the Solomon family, and used the chance to promote that as well.

Genetic Luck

While some people appear pretty similar to their siblings, others may look very different. That is what occurred in Natalie’s household. Genetics have shown their individuality and affected how their 14 children appear and act. She describes her family as different, and she is correct. Natalie Suleman appreciates how unique each of her children is. She appreciates each child’s distinct appearance because they received DNA from her and their donor. The two youngsters above, Nariyah and Noah, are octuplets. However, they seem remarkably different, although they are siblings. They tend to have some similar habits, but by looking at their appearance, it can be seen that they are distinct.

A Happy & Healthy Family

The octuplets are reared as raw vegans and lead a very healthy lifestyle. They also enjoy running marathons and being active. In February 2018, the octuplets were photographed shortly after finishing the Russ Miller Memorial 5km Run. All students appreciate being healthy and participating in fundraising events like this. It’s just one of the ideals Natalie tries to instill in her children. So far, she’s done an excellent job raising these tiny beings to appreciate being a part of something greater. However, this isn’t the only thing the octuplets have been up to lately. Plenty of more healthy activities have been started by Natalie’s family.

Miniature Heroes

While marathons are enjoyable, and the octuplets like running them together to raise funds for charities they support, they are also hard workers regarding school tasks. They were requested to create a poster about their idols at one point, and they came up with some outstanding creations. Natalie likes telling others what her children say and do, but she is not one to brag about them. Those who follow her social media profiles know that it is possible to raise 14 children well if one so desires. Natalie’s children clearly appreciate all their mother does for them, as they often remind her.

Everything is fine

Nathalie posted a photo of herself and three of her lovely angels leaving their church after a new teaching series on depression and anxiety in the ministry. She was so taken by it that she wanted to contribute to it by offering some wise words in her post: “Much of our emotional discomfort and misery are caused by cognitive distortions (maladaptive ideas, self-defeating, illogical beliefs) that overwhelm our brains and can spiral us into a dark, melancholy condition.” She wants her children to be raised more healthy and friendly, embracing both spiritual and social principles.


Nothing makes a mother feel more unique than her children’s affection for her, and Natalie is surrounded by it. She notices it daily as well as on special occasions such as Mother’s Day. She photographs and distributes the beautiful cards and letters made for her by her children, which give her that particular feeling of love. Natalie’s children have also encouraged her to achieve more with her life. The book is finished, and she has used her expertise to teach her children about autism, but it has yet to be published. She intends to have it published sometime to share her tale with the rest of the world.

The Four Sisters

Only four of Natalie’s family’s 14 children are female, and Natalie enjoys spending time with her daughters. Despite their ages (16, 11, and two 9-year-olds), they enjoy a great time together and make time for girl time. This shot was taken on Amerah’s birthday. The oldest daughter enjoys a close relationship with her siblings. You can notice how much the girls resemble and are clearly linked. Natalie makes it an effort to have special moments like these regularly. However, she really appreciates spending time with all of her children, which is a rare occurrence. Above is the picture that shows all four sisters enjoying the moment.

A Lovely Young Lady

Amerah turned 19 in this photo and was surprised with a trip to Disneyland! Fun, fun, fun. She was then driven to the beach for a family barbecue. “Happy 19th birthday to Amerah, my darling baby girl!” Nadya wrote in an Instagram post while posting a picture with her Daughtered Amerah at Disneyland Park. She also stated in the caption, “To be honest, I’d rather be at the dentist than at Disneyland… But there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for you, Amerah! I adore you more than words can explain! I hope you had a wonderful, fun-filled week to commemorate your important day!!

Creating Memories

Natalie values family traditions and ensures that her family participates in the Saturday Family Fun Night she established years ago. It’s an excellent opportunity for her to bond with her children and make memories that will last a lifetime. Every Saturday, the family gets together to do something enjoyable or informative. They occasionally watch a horror movie or play board games together. Chess is a major hit in the house, but the older four kids tend to flee to hang out with their pals since they think it’s a cringe-worthy habit. The younger ten children have a lot of pleasure playing with their mother.

On the stage

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The octuplets are highly involved in the community and know they are unlike other families. They have a lot of fun together, and there’s no reason they shouldn’t know when so many siblings their age are available to play with. These youngsters have multiplied, from tiny newborns who stole a nation’s heart to rambunctious nine-year-olds. She recently shared a snapshot of her octuplets having a good time in their roles for a school play. While they may appear tiny angels in this shot, kids aren’t always this quiet and cute, yet even botched photos may be treasured memories.

The Natural Way of Life

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While Natalie’s eldest six children are not interested in eating vegan, the octuplets and their mother are content to eat primarily raw vegan cuisine, with the odd sprouted lentil or quinoa meal cooked. Raw smoothies, organic kale or chard, bell peppers, and beets are common ingredients in regular meals, along with green apples and raw almond butter. Since she was raised vegetarian, Natalie found it very simple to transition to a vegan diet. She still has health concerns due to having eight infants for over eight months, but the vegan diet keeps her healthy. She also believes that treat evenings are much more thrilling due to their strict lifestyle.

Family Photographs

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It’s not easy to capture all 15 family members in one shot, but you can guarantee it’s a special occasion when it occurs. Shots like the one above, in which everyone is gathered around (save the three eldest, who are camera shy), smiling and having fun, are uncommon and provide a terrific insight into the family’s existence. “So THIS is what happened when we tried to snap a fun family picture with as many family members as possible,” the caption on the Instagram photograph said. “As usual, Elijah, Amerah, and JJ are not in the picture.” Still, the most significant aspect of her sharing is showing a happy family together.

V blogs and Other Resources

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Natalie works part-time as a counselor for those addicted to drugs, and she decided to create her own YouTube channel. Her first video was a film of her daughter, Amerah, reciting a Mother’s Day letter on stage to a women’s group in Long Beach, California. After Amerah concluded her speech, all of Natalie’s children arrived and presented her with a gift. Natalie launched the channel to share her personal narrative. Still, she intended to allow the kids to post their own movies about their hobbies and everyday lives, including exciting challenges and artistic interests. However, the Youtube channel is no longer active but was used to show a happy family.

Keeping the Balance

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Nathalie developed an Instagram account to express her thanks to the individuals inspiring and supporting her on her unique parenting path. She discusses the pleasures and exquisite trials of parenthood. Her Instagram account has over 400 posts, and she and her children have over 62 thousand followers. This lovely woman is delighted to share her fitness routine. She had always felt that exercising was a terrific way to unwind and refresh. Nathalie had always enjoyed going to the gym, even before the octuplets arrived. It was her treatment, she said. We can see her sweating out the tension on a Saturday night in this post she posted in May 2016!

Beautiful Beach Moments

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Whether you have been a longtime follower of Nathalie’s Instagram account or are simply browsing for the first time, it is not difficult to see that the family lives a basic existence. The family celebrates several events with laughter and delight. Nathalie attempts to share every moment with her admirers so they can see how happy she and her partner are. Nonetheless, this does not imply that they never had the opportunity to appreciate the outdoors. In this image, we can see how much the children enjoy being outside. Nathalie posed with her darling children and described the scene as “home away from home.”