Dutch method and its simplicity to get calm


Calm has become the new trend. Yes, it is hard to get but once you do, you experience the life of a kind. If we look around Scandinavians, they have their priorities straight. Uitwaaien is the new craze Dutch word which has grown since the year 2017 on Twitter. It is a happy phrase for Holland. The word grown out to 80,000 usages on social media and still grows to describe different vocabularies around the world.

Uitwaaein- the new Blow-Out

Yes, this is what the word means. A blow out just like a wind. It is one important key to manage the chaos of life and the situations which life throws. Just use a little Uitwaaein, whenever you feel confused, overworked or anxious around.

The world might be sounding strange as per the English but it is one among the closest one can get to translation and one which already all of us did. If we look around, there is a varied translation of the word, that makes sense. One such is “walk with the wind” or even “be at one with nature”, etc. All one need is a simple walk and feels the wind over the body which just clears the mind and makes feel simple and free.

It is a practice which can be done anywhere or anytime or with anyone. The simple logic behind this is to have a relaxation of mind and have a clear state of the same. Just go out and get Uitwaaien with all those you want around. One can even head out solo or with a dog If feel like to be undisturbed.

Either way, the word is well suited for all your body clock needs. This term is like one to be outside and the foremost. But if you want to feel the actual benefits and real pleasure of word, go out and feel the wind which moves through the hair. It can be seaside or a country, just go as you like, with small walks and no rush. Just walk through the concentration and imagine the wind blowing away all the troubles around.

“For let, the thoughts pass away, for it will find another way, someday.”

So, focus on breath with a clear head. Just let the essence of word serene and de-stress you inside. Just be happy to have the word Uitwaaien and wrap up free.


There’s a lot to learn around from Dutch. One another important word is Voorpret which means a feeling of excitement together with anticipation which one gets before a holiday or party. 

It can be specifically said as per Dutch people, to be “Ik heb Voorpret”, meaning “I have positive forward expectations”. Just like the unique word of Voorpret we have Gezelligheid, which is similar to the meaning of Hygge. It means coziness. The word Gezelligheid as per Dutch use means something which can be described as fun, amicable or jovial situation. It defines personal comfort and a sense of togetherness.

Happiness down the line

There are so many words which can describe exciting, calming, serene. These words as defined around is why the Netherlands, has been voted one of the happiest regions in the world. It’s not possible to be there for all but definitely, such terms and words used by them can make you feel a feeling of their life and happiness.