Everyday Hair braided by her Bus Driver- The loss of little girl made her find comfort with someone


Losing a parent is like losing a part of oneself. It’s really hard to get through the same and especially if you are a very young age. None to be wished to face such a situation is best to pray for. But sometimes, life is harsh and so was it with this 11-year girl named Isabella Pieri. 

The little girl lost her mother because of a rare brain illness 2 years ago and being a single parent, her dad found it hard to style her daughter’s hair. But then, just like angel’s watch, Tracy Dean, Isabella school bus driver, noticed this one little girl who needed help, she helped her out. She braided her hair and made her look perfect. For sure she was one sweetest person to be in her life.

Pieri was just 9 when she lost her mother and this loss was really hard to return to the daily routine. It was not long enough when this little girl realised she had no idea how to style her hair as her mother was the one who was always helping her through the same. Her dad, Philip, who worked at a convenience store tried to fix it. He tried but then he knew, he is not the right fit to do it perfectly like his wife.

He tried to pull her hair but then his daughter would get mad at him for not knowing how to do it like a perfect ponytail. Wasn’t the ideal situation for the family but they had to go through the same until the day when Isabella returned home with her perfectly pulled back hair into a very beautiful braid. 

It was surprising. For Philip one day after she returned, it looked perfect and beautiful and she just looked like a perfect princess. Philip had no idea how his daughter managed her hair but then she told him how her bus driver helped her out. It was a hard one to believe but it was amazing.

Will she help her every day?

Tracy has been working as a school bus driver in the Alpine school district for 10 years and seeing this young girl struggle, she wanted to help Isabella by all means. So, what did she do?

With every morning with the arrival of the Isabella elementary school bus, Tracy used to braid Isabella hair before she went off the bus to make a start of her day. sometimes it was 2 and sometimes just 1. Dean also taught Isabella how to brush her hair and make it look good.

Dean is a mother of 4 and doesn’t find any discomfort to help the little girl every morning. For her it was a part of growing up, to be nice to all and to spread the love by giving chances. But some kindness is taken back even before it spreads out large.

Dean was diagnosed with cancer 7 years ago and with Isabella, all she thought her to be like her child and helped her every day by braiding her hair. With cancer in mind, she just thought someday her children might also need help and someone might help them too. It’s painful but it’s true.

It’s a thing to go viral

Her kindness spreads over social media and varied thoughts were put upon this act of kindness. People loved her and praised her for being one wonderful reminded of spreading kindness and they knew, a little is what makes a big change.

But do you know what Isabella got to say for Tracy? She says, she amidst the whole galaxy is the best bus driver. For sure she is and she will always be helping Isabella until she’s around her.