Following Susie’s arrival, Clayton Echard sends Gabby and Rachel home.


An unexpected change of mind. Clayton Echard seemed eager to trust his instincts during the second half of the season 26 Bachelor finale on Tuesday, March 15, but admitting his emotions for Susie Evans drew ire from Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia.

Susie reappeared somewhere at the beginning of the show. Although she couldn’t decide whether or not to offer Clayton another opportunity, he felt compelled to be truthful with Rachel and Gabby and end the relationship with both of them. Clayton returned to the resort to inform Gabby & Rachel because his heart and mind were already with Susie since he understood he couldn’t adore all 3 among them simultaneously.

Gabby rushed out the door, followed by Clayton. He asked her to remain because Susie’s departure had damaged his pride, and he didn’t care about her at all. Clayton informed Gabby that he still couldn’t acknowledge he was mistaken. “You seem silly,” she replied as he tried to explain himself before stating that he couldn’t remedy the problem but would take responsibility for it. Gabby walked away after declining to let Clayton accompany her.

Clayton immediately walked to Rachel, who had broken down in grief. She stated she had been the person who battled for their relationships and that he’d end up letting her leave. Clayton claimed that he envisioned their trip concluding dramatically. At the same time, Rachel questioned regardless of whether he could have appreciated her at all, given his lack of feeling as she walked away.

Clayton had earlier pleaded with Rachel & Gabby to remain after revealing that he loved all three of his remaining ladies and had shared personal moments with each of them during or after a flower festivities. Although feelings were running high in the aftermath of the discoveries — and Gabby originally turned down a rose from Clayton — the last two ladies eventually decided to stay and meet Clayton’s family throughout part one of the show concluded, which was broadcast on Tuesday, March 15.

Despite dismissing Susie during their dream suite date, the leader said he was still in love with her after presenting Rachel & Gabby to his parents. After she found that he would have slept between both Gabby and Rachel and declared his love for them, the couple had a meltdown argument during the dinner part of their vacation. After the Bachelorette season, 18 alum said that he tried to continue his relationship with her. Presenter Jesse Palmer reminded Clayton that Susie was always in Iceland at the close of Monday night’s program.

Clayton told our news correspondent in an exclusive interview before the finale because he was “terrified” by how they carried out his season’s final episodes. He stated, “I walked into it, attempting to make it as smooth as possible.” “This was the nearest approximation to a train wreck I’ve ever seen.”