Gigi Hadid Is Donating Her Earnings To Ukraine


Supporting the noble cause like other celebrities, Gigi Hadid has decided to give the full of her fall 2022 fashion show revenues to families and children suffering in Ukraine due to conflict between Ukraine and Russia, following the footsteps of fellow citizens supermodel Mica Arganraz.

The 26-year-old supermodel appeared on Instagram on Sunday, March 6, 2022, to notify and let her 72 million followers around the globe on how she intends on donating to humanitarian efforts and noble causes.

“Having a regular Fashion Month calendar and time has meant that my colleagues and I frequently showcase new and trending fashion designs at devastating and painful eras in history. We don’t have control over most of our job routines and timetables, but we would really like to walk and work ‘for something,'” she wrote on her post at her Instagram handle. “I am committing to dedicate all my earnings and revenues from the Fall 2022 gigs to help families who are suffering from the war between Ukraine and Russia as well as continuing to actively support those facing the same sort of situation and crisis in Palestine and other parts of the planet.”

She proceeded further: “Our sights and hearts must always be open to every human injustice around the globe. May we all regard each other as brothers and sisters, above political ideology, above race, above religion.”

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The Tommy Hilfiger ambassador’s statement was responded to with kind words and encouraging remarks from her friends and followers. “Beautiful, G,” stylist Mimi Cuttrell replied, while Diane Von Furstenberg added, “Peace for ALL!” Helena Christensen incorporated: “Establishing a gracious example, my darling friend.”

Hadid and Arganãraz do not seem to be alone in their support of Ukraine in this hour of need. Balenciaga’s creative director Demna devoted his whole fashion exhibition to the nation.

In addition to delivering poetry while the walkers walked the icy ramp, he also placed t-shirts in the shade of the Ukrainian national flag on every guest’s chair. On the front of every t-shirt was the following message.”

“The war and conflict in Ukraine had revived the anguish of a previous trauma I had carried along with me since 1993 when the same occurred in my native country, and I became a lifetime exile. Forever, because that’s something that remains in you. The terror, the despair, the understanding that no one wants you. But I also discovered what truly counts in life, the most vital things, like life itself and human kindness and compassion.”

Demna went on clarifying that even though putting on a fashion show this week was “extremely difficult,” he didn’t want to cancel the exhibition and so bow “to the evil that has already affected me so much for over 30 years.”

“This exhibition requires no explanation. It is a commitment to boldness, to resistance, and to the triumph of love and peace,” he ended.