Have you heard about Quibi?


Have you heard about Quibi? If not, then you’re going to be hearing a lot about it soon. Quibi is going to take the world of media by storm. How? Quibi is a subscription-based service that specializes in small television-like shows with a high-quality movie-like picture. The quality is stunning, and so is the content. Nowhere else can you get content this good that displays correctly on your smartphone or tablet.

Quibi is going to be a hit with the young crowd

The content is geared towards the pivotal 18-25 year crowd. Well, maybe it goes all the way up to 35. How old is too old to watch MTV? The answer to that question is what’s the oldest demographic that Quibi appeals to. The content is very hipster-friendly, and they have their finger on the pulse of what millennials want to see. Plus, it’s a streaming service geared towards only smartphones, which means no one is expecting to watch it on television. Come on, everyone knows that today’s youth don’t want to watch the same device as their grandparents.

What type of content can you expect to see on Quibi?

There are cooking shows, court shows, and even shows about flipping murder houses. Yes, we’re talking about homes where people were once murdered. A group of people come in and renovate the house and put it back on the market. Who doesn’t want to watch someone buy the house of their dreams that was once the stage of a bloodbath? This is exactly what the young people of today want to see as it plays on a device that fits in the palm of their hand.

It’s all about the length of the shows

The main problem millennials have with content today is that it’s too long. They don’t want to sit through 22 minutes of content like the youth of the past. Who has time for that when you could watch several YouTube videos during the same period? Quibi knows that menials don’t want to wait around, so their shows are super short. All of the shows on Quibi must be ten minutes or less. Yes, only ten minutes. No longer must you sit through and watch an entire hour of something and wonder where did the time go. Now you can get the meat of the show without having to sit through any filler.

Could Quibi be the future of entertainment?

Will the public pay for ten minutes or less of entertainment? That’s the real question. If anyone can pull it off, the good folks over at Quibi can. It’s all about the quality of content and delivering a product that people in the demographic want. Is ten minutes enough time for Chrissy Teigen to hear a case and come to a fair conclusion as the beautiful judge in a robe? If that doesn’t keep you on the edge of your seat, then maybe Survive will. The thing that is on Quibi’s side is that more people are now turning to the internet for content. With the lockdown and quarantine, who’s to say if ten minutes is the ideal length to keep people occupied long enough to make paying a fee worthwhile.