Learning To Be Mindful Through Screen Time


We all go through hours and hours of screen time every day. Whether we’re working on a computer or socializing on a cell phone, fixing our eyes on a screen has become a norm. Even though technology comes with many benefits, there are certain side effects too such as extra exposure can cause problems for eyes. There are also non-health related drawbacks such as wasting time on unnecessary things. So how to be mindful through screen time and avoid those drawbacks? 

Time Management Is Important

Time is one of the most precious things for an individual. Using out time efficiently for productive things is important when we’re in front of a screen. Too much exposure to screens can cause certain side effects and loss in productivity. For this reason, time management is the key to using your phone or a laptop. Allocate a certain amount of time for the task and refrain from getting diverted from it. Keep a limited amount of time for socializing and use the remaining time to rest. This will help you stay active and fresh and avoid the negative impact of extra exposure to your eyes.

Avoid Unintentional Usage

How often do we find ourselves scrolling on our phone or watching another episode before sleep? Although we have no intention of watching something, we continue to do so for hours. This makes us lose track of time and stay on our screens for much longer than we want or intended in the first place. Avoid this and take a break when you know your body has had plenty of screen time and needs to rest.

Be Mindful

It is much easier to stay on screens with flashy advertisements and funny videos than letting go. Make sure you keep the task at hand in mind stay completely focused on it. Closing other applications or browser tabs that you’re not currently using can be a great way to avoid getting distracted. Developing a habit like this will help you get used to ignoring the irrelevant and unnecessary stuff on the web. It will also keep you stay focused on off-screen tasks and allocate your time better.

Evaluate The Experience

Is the experience of using time on a specific application, movie, or device worth it? If you rate your experience and how productive an app has been for you, you will be able to judge better if you should spend time using it again. Avoid getting back into apps that you rate as negative and time-consuming as they may be unnecessary for you. This will give you more time for productive activities and help you understand the worth of your time and health.

Screen time has taken a huge spot in our lives. Whether the impact of technology should be positive or negative depends on how we use our time in front of screens. Use your screen time to be mindful and experience new things. Keep track of your precious time and get into enriching experiences while avoiding unintentional use.