Military Women from All Around The World


The armed forces play an essential role in the safety and stability of countries across the globe. Their primary directive is to protect their home from any hostilities. At a glance, the military is heavily populated by men, but more and more women are finding their calling in service to their country. Females can excel in any sector of the military, from ground soldiers to air force pilots.

It’s impossible to apply a stereotype to military women. Though the one thing they seem to share in common is an ability to look beautiful while operating jet fighters and firing automatic weapons. To honor these women who went against the grain in order to protect their homeland, we’ve compiled a list of beautiful military women from across the globe. Read on to meet these stunning femme fatales.

Russian Vixen

Everyone knows Russia can be ruthless when it comes to warfare and political endeavors. They protect their own fiercely and will do everything in their power to hold their position. Though everyone might not agree with the actions they’ve taken in the past, there is no denying the fact that they have some of the most beautiful women in the world.

Let’s take, for example, this Russian Soldier with the features of an angel. Do you think you could compete with her on the battlefield? More to the point, would you have the heart to do her any harm? Honestly, we doubt you’d even get the opportunity. Russian soldiers are highly skilled in all aspects of combat.

Not Twins

These two beautiful Israeli soldiers might appear to be twins or at least siblings, but they aren’t. It just so happens that they look similar to each other.

They have similar hair, eyes, and features. The only thing that separates them from each other is that the girl on the right has a beautiful set of freckles on her face.

Wonder Woman Herself!

It looks like Israel is on a roll and might be dominating this list with yet another heavy hitter in the military beauty scene. This one could be arguably the most beautiful on this list. Well, it’s none other than Wonder Woman herself, Gal Gadot!

That’s right, folks! Before Gal Gadot became everyone’s favorite superheroine, she was fighting for the Israeli Defense Force. That’s why her fight scenes in Wonder Woman appear so realistic – she’s been on the battlefield!

From Soldier To Supermodel

This young lass can turn it up on the battlefield as much as she can in the world of civilians. From holding a gun to wearing high heels, she’s got what it takes to look like a boss doing both. Now, that’s a trait not everyone possesses.

Can we also talk about the shoes she’s wearing in the right photo for a second? She’s not only stunning, but she also has great taste. That’s something you don’t see every day! You go, girl!

Another Blue-Eyed Entry

Don’t get us wrong, we love all eye colors. There is beauty to be found in every variation. But you have to admit, blue is a pretty stunning color, especially when it’s well-captured in a photograph.

The girl in this photo has surreal eyes. The shade almost seems too bright and sharp to be true, but it is! Her blonde hair and amazing complexion match her features, making her one of the most beautiful on this list.

Fiery Fighter

There’s something about women with red hair that’s so charming and enchanting. But what if you saw them on the battlefield? Would you be intimidated or allured? We think the answer would probably end up being “both,” and that alone could mean victory to a redhead in a skirmish!

The girl you see in this photo is none other than @emilyisonline, but what’s really amazing here isn’t just her red hair, stunning bone structure, dark blue eyes, and beautiful freckles – it’s the fact that she can transition from civilian clothes to military uniform and not lose her charm.

Anonymous Beauty

Everyone knows that Americans are quite good looking, but the girl in these photos looks like she could be a superstar in the entertainment industry. That face would fit in perfectly on the runway too.

That’s probably the reason why she asked to remain anonymous – she didn’t want a huge level of attention when she has an important job to do. Though we don’t know your name, we thank you for your service to the country!

Yet Another Stunning US Soldier

It looks like Team USA is leading at this point with yet another entry on the beautiful soldier list. How many women do you think the army has recruited over the years? We’re guessing the number has been growing steadily.

You would never guess she works for the army with her civilian clothes on. And with her bright smile and innocent eyes, it’s hard to imagine her holding a gun and actually firing. Despite seeing her in her military gear, we still can’t picture her on a battlefield.

Top Military Secret

What’s all this about a military secret? Judging by her IG handle, @_torias_secret_ isn’t your run off the mill beauty because she’s interested in more than just posing for selfies. Sources say she’s currently on active duty as a US Navy sailor.

Her face is the perfect mix of soft and sharp features that’s stunning enough to capture the hearts of anyone – friend or foe – who lays their eyes on her.

Go Team USA!

Another one from team America is this beautiful, strong woman who owns the IG handle @elisestephlewis. She looks hard as a rock in her military uniform but quite alluring in her civilian clothes. That’s the good thing about being a woman: you can work both worlds.

Elise works in the US Air Force, serving her country and risking her life in exchange for everyone’s safety. On the side, she loves powerlifting; a hobby that has gifted her with an amazing body.

A Ruthless Woman

If you think the battlefield is no place for a woman, then you have to meet the woman in the photos below. She isn’t just beautiful and smart, but she is also quite terrifying in skirmishes. If you take a closer look at the image on the left, you’ll see that she’s holding a large gun. You may not be able to tell from the photo, but she has already experienced battle, and that can make or break a soldier’s mental state.

It takes a strong mind to emerge victorious from war, and she did that with ease. With all that in mind, take a look at how beautiful she is and how innocent her eyes appear to be. What a combination!

Battlefield Stunner

We’ve seen a lot of beautiful soldiers at this point, but for many of us, this photo is the winner so far. With those innocent eyes, no-one could have ever guessed that she’s a brilliant sniper.

With her incredible mix of talent and beauty, we’re sure many people are falling head over heels for this woman. Strong, smart, and extremely beautiful – she’s got it all!

Israel’s Pride

If you’ve met a few Israelis in your time, you’ll know they all seem to have amazing genes when it comes to physical beauty. People are often as captivated by their good looks as they are by their country’s history. Take this woman for example. She managed to make a military uniform look like an enviable OOTD!

Israeli’s are just straight-up interesting individuals who can turn even the blandest of situations into a colorful spectrum. This Israeli soldier is now famous on Instagram because of her stylish posts.

Israel’s Pride Part 2

Yes, this is the same girl from the previous slide. We think she deserves to have two slots on this list simply because she makes a military uniform look so fashionable and trendy. Not everyone can do that!

We forgot to tell you that this young lady belongs to the Israeli Armed Forces, and we’re betting that she’s not the only stunner who belongs to this group. Let’s read on to meet more!

War Makeup

Honestly, we’d rather see these women wear any kind of makeup other than what they’re wearing. Unless, of course, they were heading out for a few rounds of paintball, in which case, have at it! When it comes to real war, however, no-one truly comes out a winner.

The photo you see here is of a crew of beautiful Russian soldiers preparing for war games. Do you think they would still be smiling this broadly if it was a real battlefield they were going in? You’d have to be heartless to be able to do that.

Fashionable Gunner

Just when you thought that this list couldn’t get any better, this girl appears. A stunningly beautiful gunner complete with a high ponytail, uniform, and perfectly groomed eyebrows. We’re guessing her fellow soldiers are stunned every time they see this face.

This photo leaves us wondering if her enemies think twice whenever they see her on the battlefield. But our guess is strongly leaning towards yes! What kind of person could possibly want to harm such an innocent-looking young woman?

Israeli Delight

Israel is now beating the USA with the most entries on this list so far. Their newest representative is this beautiful woman who could easily be a model if she wasn’t so keen on serving her country.

With this, a question comes to mind: Why does Israel’s army have so many beautiful women in its ranks? Is it because everyone is beautiful in this country? Well, we’re about to prove that right in the next couple of slides. Read on to see what we’re talking about!

Terribly Beautiful

Well, at least that’s what her IG handle says! This tough but beautiful woman’s name is Tara, and online she is known as @imtarable (as in ‘I Am Terrible’) We don’t think she is though – just look at her hair, makeup, and fit body! She has a crazy amount of followers on Instagram because how could you not want to know what she’s up to?

We are living for her beautiful brown locks and her cheeky grin! But we also have to commend her on-duty look as she is clearly stunning without makeup and a fancy hairstyle. Her enemies must be quaking!

Three’s Definitely Not A Crowd

Well, it can be. But not with these three girls! These three aren’t your typical soldiers. They are doing something vital and unique for Israel’s army.

They are Israeli cartographers and beautiful ones at that! This photo was taken as they were touring around the countryside, making topographical maps and pinpointing locations for tactical purposes.

Norway’s Best

Norway isn’t only a beautiful country; it’s also filled with lots of stunning women! Take, for example, this Norwegian officer who goes by @juliesletten on Instagram. Can you believe that someone so soft and feminine would work and thrive in the army? It goes to show that beauty doesn’t mean you have to be a damsel in distress.

If you check out her page, it almost looks like she lives on the beach. She’s strong, sexy, smart, and beautiful: the complete package! Especially considering she knows her way around weapons as well as she knows her way around a camera.

On-Duty Selfie

We’re not sure if soldiers are meant to take selfies on duty, but if you were as good looking as this woman is, it’d be hard not to! Call it narcissistic, but you have to admit, she does look amazing.

We won’t judge her. In fact, we’re happy she took the risk because she makes an excellent addition to this list of military beauties.

Israel’s Bombshell

Though it is at the center of one of the world’s longest conflicts, Israel is also home to many stunning locales, amazing food, and beautiful people. It’s no surprise that it’s where Gal Gadot – the actress who played Wonder Woman – was born.

But she’s not who we are referring to as Israel’s bombshell. Known as @eden_ben_baruch on Instagram, Eden doesn’t quite fit this list as she isn’t a military soldier. She’s a police officer. But she’s still a badass who’s serving her country. So, should we count her in? Definitely!

Another Entry From Team USA

Here we are with yet another military beauty from Team USA! Only this time, the lovely lady from The United States Marine Corps! It’s good to know every division is well represented on this list. Look at that bright smile and that clear complexion.

Actually, if there’s one thing we’ve realized about military women across the globe at this point, it’s that they all have fantastic complexions. Maybe it’s all the physical training that they get? They have little choice but to eat healthily and sweat a lot, right? I guess it’s time we hit the gym too!

Beautiful Under Pressure

No-one wants to be photographed while in the midst of an exhausting training session. In fact, we wouldn’t have thought it possible to take a mid-workout snap without looking like a hot mess. After looking at this photo, however, we stand corrected – it’s hard but not impossible!

Just take a look at this beautiful young lady – her appearance is impeccable despite the fact that she’s in the middle of what looks like a grueling training session. From her facial expression, we can tell she’s tired and exerting a lot of effort. Despite this, her face remains as beautiful and as charming as ever.

Dangerous Beauty

People automatically assume that when a woman is beautiful, she’s also delicate and in need of protection. That is how the patriarchy has stained the image of women throughout the years. Fortunately, more and more ladies are proving this assumption to be wrong.

The strong and beautiful young woman in this photo is a shining example of what a female can be – someone who excels in whatever field she wants to lend her skills to, regardless of whether it’s traditionally male-dominated.

Scandinavia’s Finest

There’s a lot going on in the countries that comprise Scandinavia. But the beautiful people who populate it make this region extra-special.

Let’s take a good look at this female Scandinavian soldier. Amazing hair, sleek sunglasses, and a body that makes her uniform seem like a bomb outfit? We love every inch of her look!

Stunning Blue Eyes

There’s something about a person with blue eyes that makes them stand out from the crowd. The striking color can make it feel like you’re staring at little windows into the ocean.

If enemy soldiers saw this girl on the battlefield, we’re pretty sure they’d think twice before firing at her. She looks so innocent and sweet. How could you possibly do anything that might endanger her life?

American Beauty

Known as @jbnetti on Instagram, this girl deserves the American Beauty title. Her all-American look is undeniably striking. With her blonde hair, beautiful blue eyes, and sweet smile, she’s a recipe for destruction. Literally!

It’s good to know that we have some heroes like her protecting the country. She works as part of the US Coast Guard and is thriving in her action-packed role. What a show stopper, go Team USA!

The Last Girl

Closing off this list is a beautiful young woman with blue eyes and a smile that could light up a whole town. Don’t believe us? See for yourself! This girl has perfect features, and there’s no denying it.

With such a happy face and innocent smile, it’s hard to believe that she has walked the battlefield and trained to defend herself and her country. But since she has, we thank her for her beauty and service… and for being the final face on our list of stunners!