Pete Davidson’s Tattoos for Kim Kardashian


She left a mark on both his skin and his heart. Pete Davidson has several tattoos, including one dedicated to Kim Kardashian.

The two had been friends for a while, but when Kardashian hosted Saturday Night Live in October 2021, sparks started to fly. In a scene where they parodied Disney’s Aladdin and Jasmine, she and Davidson, a cast member at the time, appeared together on television, and their on-screen kiss was adorable.

They were introduced shortly after her appearance on the NBC comedy, and they still enjoy thinking back on the joke. Kardashian shared a photo in July 2022 with a New Yorker who was not wearing a shirt. On his collarbone was a tattoo that said “Jasmine and Aladdin.”

Davidson gave Kardashian a different way to remember their first lip lock, even though he decided to tattoo a reminder on his body. The Kardashians star acknowledged that the Disney parody was their first kiss when she appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! in April 2022.

The reality TV actress admitted to Jimmy Kimmel that her boyfriend had given her the rug, the entire costume, and the little genie lamp for Valentine’s Day. I do own the rug.

She left a mark on his heart as well as his skin. The tattoo Pete Davidson has on his body honors Kim Kardashian among others.

Despite avoiding getting tattooed, the native Californian is a fan of Davidson’s tattoo tributes.

During a March 2022 episode on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Kardashian remarked, “He got a few cute tattoos, some of which he got [especially for me].”

She acknowledged having a specific favorite item at the time. The creator of Skims said, “I think my favorite one, it says here,” pointing to the left side of her collarbone. According to the text, “My girl is indeed a lawyer. That one is too cute.”

The model said that Davidson could not get rid of a single item of body art. The tattoo that says “Kim” is not one. At the time, she noted, “It is branding.

The once famous Kourtney Kardashian thought the man was just stating, “I want something permanent, like my tattoos, something I can not get rid of. He only wanted it to be there, like a scar.”

Davidson had several tattoos, but he just got them all removed. As his movie career progresses, he is lasering off several arm and neck tattoos to spend less time in the makeup chair.

But in August 2022, our internet news correspondent revealed that the author of Selfish and the Meet Cute actress broke up after just a few months of dating. A source at the time claimed, “They peacefully parted.”