Rita Ora & Taika Waititi Engagement Rumors


As the showbiz industry’s most talked-about couple, Rita Ora & Taika Waititi are rumored to get engaged over the holidays. Rita Ora recently did a photoshoot in a black crop top and sports bra. She was working out in the gym and thought it would be a great time to take some photos for her Instagram. She looked really happy and in high spirits which made the fans think more about her engagement.

Taika Waititi is a very well-known director who has directed movies like Thor and has also won an academy award. Since the couple first met they have been inseparable. They seem to be really happy together however they haven’t been together for a long time now and some people may think that an engagement in the coming days would be a little early. However, the couple has been happy together and Rita is expecting that Waititi will pop the question over Christmas.

The couple has not yet confirmed these rumors, so these are just speculations shrouded with mystery if it will happen or not.

Rita Looked Amazing in Her Workout Photo-shoot

She looked absolutely stunning in her photoshoot however it was her smile, happiness and positivity that made the pictures even better. It was definitely the happiness of someone who was going to get engaged. Not everyone can look this good while working out but Rita Ora is one of the most beautiful singers and models in the world she can make everything look good. The photoshoot also highlighted her tattoos along with her fit and healthy body. She also included a video of her benching two weights while her personal trainer was also there with her at the gym. She wasn’t warring a lot of makeup but still had that hot pink shade on her face around her eyes. Which showed that she planned on making her photoshoot memorable. With her personal trainer there it seemed like a routine workout session but one that she planned on making memorable because of the big news that was going to follow in the holidays.

The Best Christmas Gift: An Engagement Ring

Some people say that the best Christmas gift is an engagement ring and in this case, it might be true. If Rita Ora & Taika Waititi are engaged then it would make a great Christmas present not just for Rita but for all of their fans as well who can’t wait for the news to be true. As of right now, nothing has been confirmed but we will just have to wait and see what happens over the next few days.

The fans will definitely be disappointed if the rumors come out to be false. Christmas is a time of happiness and joy for everyone so it is great that the couple is rumored to be getting engaged.

Only time will tell if these two lovebirds will get engaged over the holidays or not but we sure hope so! Merry Christmas everyone!