Sam Elliott And The Truth About His Career


Let’s face it, Sam Elliot isn’t easy to forget. Distinctive traits like his deep, rich, commanding voice, dignified, imposing stance, ruggedly striking appearance, and his iconic mustache makes him anything but forgettable. Through his talent and natural charm, he has been able to win the hearts of Hollywood fans, both men and women alike. His name will forever be etched in the minds of the masses as one of the most unique actors of his time.

If you’re not familiar with his name, you’ll certainly recognize him the moment you see his face or hear his voice. While his achievements seem to be a little bit lowkey compared to megastars like Harrison Ford or Clint Eastwood, his appeal on and off-screen makes him deserving of a spot in the Hollywood Hall of Fame, especially with all the prominent roles he won throughout the course of his 50-year career. As much as we’d love to talk about how good looking Sam is or how much his deep baritone voice soothes our souls, he deserves so much more than to be objectified. So, read on if you’d love to know the truth about how he lived his life on and off the silver screen!

Disobeying His Father

Born in northern California in the summer of 1944, Sam Elliot had a pretty chill childhood. His mother was a fitness instructor and a high school teacher while his father was a government employee. He grew up seeing his dad working in the wild as he was an animal control specialist. At first, young Sam would seek advice from his dad about getting a college degree and following a traditional career path. Deep down though, he knew that being an actor was what he was meant to do.

When Sam finally revealed his dream, his father wasn’t impressed, thinking Sam was too young. When he realized it was more than just a passing phase, it didn’t sit well with him. Indeed, this was the start of a lifelong conflict between the two. They never met eye to eye about Sam’s acting career; so much so that it permanently damaged their relationship, even after Sam rose to success. While the dispute remained unresolved, Sam still gave credit to his dad for teaching him an excellent work ethic. In fact, the actor neve once blamed his father for trying to force him into a career path that he didn’t want.

There Are Some Things You Can Never Take-Back

Sam was a pubescent teenager when his dad experienced a fatal heart attack. He was at a point in his life where he was trying to figure everything out and was nowhere near reaching the credibility and fame that an actor needs to make the profession profitable. Rather than holding him back though, the painful loss pushed him to reach for the stars. Shortly after his father’s death, Sam dropped out of college and started pursuing the thing he wanted most: acting.

Elliot claims that the thought of his father thinking that he was choosing the wrong path oddly gave him the drive to work hard and prove that he could make a decent living from the arts.

Beginner’s Luck?

Sam Elliot’s first official recognition came when a city newspaper gave praise to his performance in a local production of Guys and Dolls. There, the writer stated that he should consider acting professionally. It was Sam’s first appearance and given that he has to deal with college and his father’s disapproval, those kind words were just what he needed to hear.

To aspiring stars, such encouragement serves as fuel to move forward and become who they want to be. Young Sam took those words to heart and decided to relocate to Hollywood in the hopes of pursuing his dream. Elliot’s was a case of hearing the right words at the right time, but will it be smooth sailing from here on out?

Trying To Survive

Of course, every artist knows that they have to take a day job until they finally get the recognition that they deserve. Thankfully, Sam’s rugged personality thrived in the situation he found himself in when he arrived in California. A stereotypical choice amongst budding actors and actresses were to wait tables for survival, but Elliot was way too brawny for that. He wanted to do construction, and the city was booming with work during that time, so he never had a problem finding a job.

Sam’s choice to enter construction was, oddly enough, pivotal to his success in acting as most of the roles he became famous for were strong, tough, and outdoor-ish characters.

The Go-To Actor For Military Roles

Sam Elliot played numerous military roles through the course of his career. He was the perfect actor to portray such characters with his towering height, strong stance, and manly presence. A casting agent of the time would have been crazy to say no to Sam for a soldier role.

Let’s not forget that Sam matched his looks with mad talent. Whether in films or on stage, his performances always had a sense of gritty reality to them. This most likely came from his real-world experiences. The actor spent a short time in the military, working for the California Air National Guard during his college years. In fact, Sam saw this short stint as one of the main reasons why he was able to develop the level of discipline and skills that helped him land projects.

A Rising Star

Once Sam was in Hollywood, the roles just kept coming in. It seems that small town newspaper reviewer was right: Sam Elliot was so talented he quickly became one of the most promising actors of the time. His modest start in showbiz didn’t guarantee his star would shine bright overnight, but it sure did help him reach the milestone he is experiencing right now.

One of Sam’s earlier movie appearances was an uncredited one in a Douglas Western flick entitled The Way West. His next significant stint was in a few episodes of the hit TV police procedural show, The Felony Squad. This was followed by minor roles over the next few years, each of which helped him hone his skills as an actor while connecting with the right people.

Sam’s Silver Screen Debut

The first major role that Sam Elliot got on a movie was, technically speaking, a minor one. However, it was responsible for making many movie-goers fall in love with him during his time. This fateful role was in the classic Robert Redford and Paul Newman film, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Sam’s character didn’t even have a name (appearing in the credits as “Card Player #2”). Despite the fact that his character was nameless, this was one of his most significant breaks as millions of people watched the movie.

What’s amazing about this is that the woman who played one of the lead roles in the film, Katharine Ross, ended up being Sam Elliot’s wife. Who could have imagined that this was going to happen when the two didn’t even share any scenes in the movie? Nearly ten years after making the film, they got to know each other and then tied the knot in 1994.

Slowly But Surely

Sam Elliot was landing jobs from the 1960s to the 1970s, which was a good sign. He wasn’t yet a household name but was starting to receive a steady stream of income from acting. While the small roles were keeping him busy, the best of his career was yet to come.

In this phase of his life, Sam starred in a few TV shows like Land of the Giants, The FBI, Lacer, and Bracken’s World. He also made an appearance in a moved entitled The Games.

Gradually Working Towards Success

Sam Elliot credits TV for giving him the platform he needed to hone his skills while getting a steady stream of income through acting, especially at this point in his career. Despite making a name for himself on the television side of showbiz, he never stopped auditioning for movie roles. This was truly where his dreams were pushing him, and he did manage to land a few supporting roles on the silver screen.

As time went on, Sam started playing more important roles, like his 13-episode recurring role in Mission: Impossible wh. His rise to fame was finally given a massive boost when he played the title role in the biographical TV film Evel Knievel. From 1976 to 1977, Elliot’s career soared. He landed the leading role in Once an Eagle, a seven-part mini-series based on a best-selling war novel.

Finding True Love

Along with his rise to fame came an unexpected chance at finally finding true love. He got to work with his co-star from nearly ten years ago, Katherin Ross, in a horror movie entitled The Legacy in 1978.

Starring in this horror film certainly added to his wealth and fame. However, it had far more value than that for Sam Elliott. The movie will always have a special place in his heart because it allowed him to find the love of his life.

A Secret Crush

As it turns out, Sam Elliot developed a secret crush on Katherine Ross the moment he laid eyes on her, way back when they were filming Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid in 1969. Sam oozed such cool, charismatic confidence that it never occurred to anyone that he might be harboring a secret crush like this. While it may have been out of character, it was definitely cute!

Sam eventually confessed his feelings to Katherine, telling her he didn’t have the confidence to try to talk to her back when they first met. After all, she was the leading lady and he was just a nameless extra.

The Legacy

Playing the lead role in The Legacy made a significant impact on Sam’s career. It was his first foray as the star actor in a major production. It also gave him the chance to get to know the woman he’d had a crush on for the last decade or so.

He also gave his fans a treat by getting undressed in the movie! The Bare Facts, a printed guide to nudity in the film industry, gave him 3/3 stars for his performance.

Romancing Katharine

It’s unsurprising that the ever-so-dashing actor eventually romanced Katharine. No woman could have resisted his kind and straightforward personality, rugged good looks, iconic mustache, and deep voice. In an interview, Katherine said that while those might be some of the reasons why she fell in love, there’s a lot more to him that people don’t know.

Well, we’d agree with that! Love isn’t about being able to pinpoint one thing; it’s always a multitude of things, most of which you just can’t put into words. How do you see their relationships? Do you think it was serendipitous?

A Relationship Full of Controversy

Screen Shot 2019-08-04 at 9.10.54
Just like many other celebrity partnerships, the two ran through some obstacles almost immediately after letting the world know that they were official. Katharine was still married to a movie set tech named Gaetano Lisi during that time. Though she claims that the two of them were already headed for divorce, people at that time still saw her rapid switch into a new relationship as a scandalous thing to do.

Katharine eventually got through the issue and finalized her divorce. She didn’t have any problems doing so as it was her third time. Sam, on the other hand, had never been married to anyone else.

An Unwanted Reputation

The press was all over Katharine and Sam after they went public with their relationship. They were both in the prime of their careers, so everyone wanted to know everything about their love life. The “mooning” scene in The Legacy didn’t do anything to help ease the media craze. It caught so much attention that the two were splashed all over the cover of Playgirl magazine in October of 1979 as “Hollywood’s Sexiest Couple.”

At this point, all hope for enjoying a private love life was gone, and Sam hated it. The actor wanted to be known for his talent and work ethic, not because he showed his backside to the public and had a controversial relationship.

Calling In Sick

Sam Elliot was going to play the lead role of a lawyer in the 1982 TV movie entitled The Ambush Murders. Inspired by a true story, the film told the story of a black activist who was convicted wrongfully for the murder of two white police officers. His lawyer then does everything in his power to prove that the activist is not guilty. The whole nation was waiting for its release back in 1970 as everyone knew about that historic event.

Unfortunately, Sam caught an illness while they were filming. James Brolin had to step up and replace him for the role. He did well, but many fans felt robbed as they had been waiting to see Elliott play the part.

Officially Tying The Knot

Sam and Katharine spent six years together before finally deciding to marry each other in 1984. Katharine was the more experienced one when it came to marriage as she has been there multiple times. Elliot, however, was as inexperienced as you can get, having never been married before. To everyone’s surprise, their love was so strong that they built one of the most stable and long-lasting unions the entertainment world has ever seen.

It didn’t take long for the two to make their legacy (pun intended). Katharine got pregnant with their first and only child, Cleo Rose Elliot, within the same year they got married.

An Opportunity Missed In The Name Of Love

When a role that could have cemented Sam Elliot’s name into the Hollywood hall of fame came along, he had to turn it down. He would have worked with Grammy-winning singer and Oscar-winning actress Cher in a film entitled Mask. Elliot was cast as a gruff-with-a-heart-of-gold character who was romantically linked with Cher.

Why on Earth did he say no? He was on his honeymoon with Katharine when his agent called him to tell him about the opportunity. It was probably the hardest “no” of Sam Elliot’s life. But love conquers all.

Supportive Wifey

Fortunately, Katharine wasn’t the kind of wife who demanded all the attention for herself. She wanted Sam to be the best that he could be and enjoy the career of his dreams. So, the moment she heard of the opportunity, she immediately called his agent and told him that Sam would be on the next flight home to make the test screening happen. Katharine knew the weight of this role for Sam’s career and seeing their life today, it’s clear that she did the right thing.

Cher, who was at the peak of her career at the time, didn’t outshine Sam. In fact, he was able to steal a generous number of scenes, making it a hit movie. Every major Los Angeles publication wrote about how well Elliot portrayed the compassionate biker, Gar. He received the same level of praise as Cher and Eric Stoltz.

Living The Cowboy Life

Sam Elliot was indeed one of the best and most flexible actors of his time. But his best performances, the ones that seemed to suit his personality the most, were in the western genre. He is a living proof that if you’ve got the looks and can back that up with talent and charisma, you’ll go far in life.

Sam’s most prominent westers include Tombstone, The Hi-Lo Country, The Quick and the Dead, The Desperate Trail, and You Know My Name. He has become such an icon that in 2007, he was inducted into the Hall of Great Western Performers by the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum.

The Secret Behind Sam’s Work Ethic

Sam Elliot belongs to a select roster of Hollywood stars who share the same unique mix of sexy outdoor ruggedness and a world-class work ethic. He had the looks, the voice, the facial hair, and talent, just like many other aspiring stars of his time, but what made him rise to the top was how he carried out his work.

Sam mentioned in an interview that his secret was cultivated as a young child. Sam claims that he would always hang out around his dad and friends who were all hardworking, outdoorsy types. Sometimes, it’s all about how you were brought up and the influence of your family.

Sam’s Deep Baritone Voice

Sam’s profoundly unique baritone voice has also scored him a fair few narration and voiceover gigs over the years. Even his co-star in The Ranch, Ashton Kutcher, said that he wanted him to narrate the whole movie!

But his voice wasn’t always as deep as it is today. The actor claims that his voice just kept getting deeper as he aged.

Career Longevity in Showbiz

It feels like Sam Elliot’s career has been going strong for as we can remember. His secret? Be picky with the roles you accept. Well, that advice worked out for him as he has he remained accessible, marketable, and relevant even after all these years. He would often tell younger stars not to jump at role offered to them, even if they really needed the work, as this cause personal burnout and alienation of your growing fanbase.

Sam wanted to become an actor ever since he was nine years old, and the only way to make it a primary source of income was to stay relevant and maintain his integrity so he could stay strong in the industry for a long time.

Sam Almost Didn’t Take The Wade Garrett Role

The movie Road House is one that remains in the hearts of millions of people as their go-to (though often secret) guilty pleasure. While it didn’t get a lot of respect from movie critics, it was an overall fun movie which introduced Sam to a whole new generation of fans. He played Wade Garrett, a kind of adviser/guru/mentor to the movie’s lead character, played by Patrick Swayze.

Sam almost didn’t take the Wade Garrett role as he was initially considered for the part of the head bad guy, Brad Wesley. But he didn’t feel a connection to the character, so he took his own sage advice and turned the role down. Luckily, he was offered the Garrett part instead, and the outcome was marvelous!

A Smash Hit Movie: The Big Lebowski

Sam reached a point in his career where he was inspiring movie creators to make parts with him in mind. Writer-director pair, the Coen brothers used specific script descriptions like “the voiceover sounds not unlike Sam Elliott” or “like a drugstore cowboy, looking not unlike Sam Elliott” amongst many others.

The actor has proven that it is possible to make yourself stick in people’s memories, even when playing the smallest of roles. Case in point: Sam’s part in the smash hit Coen Brothers film, The Big Lebowski.

Big Little Roles

Sam managed to make his minor role in The Big Lebowski one of his career high-points. He had such great on-screen chemistry with co-star Jeff Bridges that directors, writers, and producers wanted to recreate the chemistry in another movie. He was then cast as the president’s (Jeff Bridges) Chief of Staff for the film The Contender.

Sam was surrounded by an odd kind of controversy when the world heard that an actor associated with western movies got a role in a modern-day political drama. The typecast-driven conversations were taken by Sam as a cue to give his best performance, which eventually brought him much critical acclaim.

Even Famous People Can’t Escape Family Drama

No amount of fame, money, or professional success can protect you from experiencing family issues. Sometimes, even if our homes are filled with love and respect, disagreements can happen and sometimes they turn into your worst nightmare. Sam and Katharine’s only daughter, Cleo, who was 26 at the time, tried to stab her mom, Katharine with a pair of scissors. Elliot’s wife was forced to file a restraining order against her own child as the death threats got worse. The court ordered that Cleo should observe a minimum 100-yard distance from her mother.

We can imagine the pain and anger that both Sam and Katharine felt after what their daughter did to them. At this point, fame wasn’t on their side as the news was dragged into the public eye by the press.

Fixing The Mess

Just like most family dramas, the worst of it comes and goes fast. When mother and daughter were able to fix their differences up, the family chose not to show up to court for the restraining order’s extension hearing. The case was automatically voided, and the family was back to normal.

Ever since the incident, they focused on strengthening their relationships. Today, Cleo resides in California and works as a professional musician and a model.

The Iconic Mustache Man

Apart from his looks, mannerisms, and talent, what made Sam Elliot so unforgettable was his iconic mustache. Despite being asked to shave it off for movie roles in the 1960s and 1970s, he staunchly refused and was always seen donning the manly ‘stache. His facial hair has become so iconic that he was one of the early inductees to the International Moustache Hall of Fame.

While Sam’s attachment to his mustache may come across, at first glance, as being all about physical appearances, Elliot has proven himself to be more than just a ruggedly handsome fellow with perfect facial hair!

The Western Connection

Sam Elliot’s Hollywood career has always been linked with the Western genre. We could attribute that as much to his attitude and mannerisms as his physicality. But having a successful career in this genre suggests that there’s more to it than talent and appearance alone.

The actor has a family history that might be one of the reasons for his affinity towards the Old West. He had a relative in the Alamo and was familiar with the famous battle.

Can Sam Do Everything?

The success of Sam Elliot’s career in Hollywood showbiz is an undeniable representation of what passion can do. So much so that there was no actor of his generation who could come close. But did you know that Sam didn’t only work in front of the camera? He also tried his skills in writing, production, and even singing.

Back in 2006, Sam made a cover of the song “I Won’t Back Down” by Tom Petty for the hit animated movie entitled The Barnyard. He also produced and starred in The Ranch, an 18-episode Netflix series.

A Love That Lasts

Many people were doubtful and skeptical about Sam and Katharine’s relationship. After all, short-lived marriages are kind of the norm for Hollywood stars. The fact that Katharine had been married four times before tying the knot with Elliot didn’t help. However, many years have gone by and their power couple status remains the same. Thirty-three years and still going strong is a pretty impressive feat, Hollywood stars or not!

Elliot said in an interview that their marriage has had its fair share of problems, but the two of them have managed to look past the small issues and solve the big ones before things escalated. The fact that they share the same sensibilities and just click when they’re together is a big plus.

All-In-One Guy

Sam Elliot is a guy full of gratitude for everything life has thrown his way. He has been very vocal about his thankfulness in interviews and even in small talk with friends. The actor claims that he dreamt of having a movie career, a loving wife, and a happy family. In a fortunate string of events, he was able to have everything he ever wished for.

When he first entered the cut-throat Hollywood environment, and even when he rose to the top of it, Sam never let the glitz and glamour get in the way of nurturing true connections and finding meaningful happiness. Elliot thanks his supportive wife for the strength of his career and his loving daughter for giving him limitless joy.

Sam Elliott’s Net Worth

For Sam Elliot, it’s not about the money and the fame… but we all know that he’s loaded! It’s hard to talk about Hollywood celebrities without thinking of the cash they’ve raked in over the years. In Sam’s case, reports claim that his net worth is around $16 million.

Sam’s fortune didn’t only come from acting. He has a diverse résumé, having gotten involved in voice overs, producing, and other roles. Though of course, these have all still revolved around the world of showbiz.

Does Sam Have a Secret Formula For Success?

Sam Elliot’s Hollywood career grew at a time when the industry was dominated by a studio system that more often than not, controlled every aspect of production, including the acting talent. His humble introduction to the acting world came thanks to friend and fellow western legend, Tom Selleck, who remains one of his closest pals to this day.

The would try to take a peek at new promising scripts every chance they got. If Sam spotted something he liked, he would immediately contact casting agents directly so that he could try and get the part. He was doing the best he could to survive in the industry, and look at him now!

His Best Voice Role Yet

The best thing about Sam (apart from his mustache and acting skills) is his deep, manly, baritone voice. His iconic voice means he’ll never be short of work. In fact, he has been enjoying a recurring voiceover role that’s been going on for ten years. Sam is the voice of Smokey Bear, a public announcement voice that always ends things by saying, “Only you can prevent wildfires.”

This gig was quite an easy one for him as he grew up hanging around his dad who worked for the Fish & Wildlife Service. With his deep voice and a background in all things outdoors, Elliot was the perfect candidate for the project.

Sam Elliot As A Perfectionist?

You would think that years of being in the limelight and enjoying monumental success would have placed Sam in a state where he would think highly of himself, right? As it turns out, it’s the total opposite. He is his own worst critic and always has something to pick at when it comes to his skills, performances, and decisions in life. The actor would often express regrets about performances that got positive feedback.

Probably one of the regrets he’s most vocal about is the fact that he didn’t undergo any formal training in acting when he was young. Sam believes that if he had done so, he would have developed much more depth as an actor.

Creative Freedom

Sam Elliot is one of those actors who’s very picky when it comes to the roles he accepts. He is known to put so much of his energy into whatever he is filming that he will even get involved in writing screenplays when the situation calls for it. There have been a couple of incidents where he argued with his director because he disagreed with the approach being taken.

The actor believes it’s better to get in an argument if it means creating better art. He’d rather be a pain in the ass than get mediocre results.

Sam’s Natural Affinity For The Western

Sam’s affinity with the western way of living has always been evident through his deep baritone voice, physicality, and his iconic mustache. We could also attribute that preference to the way his family raised him.

However, there’s another factor that’s one of the critical components to his seemingly naturally western aesthetic. Indeed, it’s something Sam has been vocal about in interviews – he likes to portray characters with integrity. He feels right at home when he plays men who stick to their word and have strong moral values which they always adhere to.

Why Did He Pursue Acting?

It wasn’t a secret that Sam didn’t see eye to eye with his father about which career path he should choose. His father was vocal about his disapproval towards the actor’s interest with the arts. Despite this, Elliot claims that his father was one of the main reasons why he pursued and fought for the career he has today.

The star stated in an interview that he’s not sure if his father would be proud of him for his achievements as an actor or not.

What’s Keeping Sam Busy?

In the past few years, Elliot has been preoccupied doing a Netflix series he produced and starred in: an 18-episode show entitled The Ranch. Adding to that, he also had a starring role in The Hero way back in 2017. But his most recent role was in the critically acclaimed smash-hit movie, A Star Is Born (2018), probably his biggest film yet. He received several nominations as well as awards for his stellar performance.

But Sam isn’t the only one who has experienced the limelight. His wife, Katharine, was also a famous star back in the ’60s and ’70s. Despite accepting fewer and fewer roles as the years went by, she doesn’t plan on retiring anytime soon.

Going Back Down Memory Lane

Sam loves to talk about the conditions and the crews he’s worked with over the years. What he remembers more than the roles he played in the many films he made were the people that worked behind the scenes. In an interview, the actor stated that his favorite set experience happened when he was doing The Hero.

He praised the whole cast and crew of The Hero for their incredible ethics and attitude towards work. The movie, after all, was written just for him and that’s probably why he had such a great time filming it.

A Role That Fits Like A Glove

Sam Elliot was the perfect actor to play Lee Hayden, the main character in The Hero. The writer and director of the movie, Brett Hatley, had so much fun working with Sam when they filmed I’ll See You in My Dreams, that he created a whole movie just for him.

Sam Elliot claimed that having a movie made especially for him was both humbling and flattering. It must have felt extra good when the film became a successful hit in the cinemas.

Sam’s Biggest Influences

Sam Elliot considers his parents to be the biggest influencers of who he is today. Everything that he is – how he moves, talks, and thinks – was a result of his dad rubbing off on him as a child. Then, of course, his mom boosted his confidence as she was always the one to support him in whatever he wanted to do.

The actor never fell into the trap of becoming a jaded Hollywood star. He has always had this sense of realness which is probably one of the reasons why his star continues to shine bright until today.

He Doesn’t Feel Typecast When Offered Western Roles

Sam never felt threatened by the fact that his roles were mostly about western iconolatry. He thinks that westerns always carry simple truths in them that are appealing to people from all walks of life. The actor shows no signs of having any insecurity about being trapped or typecast only as a one-dimensional character. Cowboys are a valid form of cinematic expression, and the archetype is one that he connects with deeply.

Just like any other genre, westerns have their archetypal classics. And with actors like Sam Elliot to give justice to these characters, the film-making word remains a great place to be.

Not Everything Is About Money

Don’t get us wrong; Sam Elliot likes money, just like 99.99% of the world’s population. Sam claims that he treats his voiceover jobs in commercials and whatnot as a medium for him to have financial security and freedom so that he can carefully choose which movie roles to accept.

Sam is an actor known to have a strategy of not always accepting whatever roles are offered to him. Other great masters of the art, like Daniel Day-Lewis, back Sam up in his belief that this is the secret to a long and fulfilling career. Same loves sharing this technique with younger actors and actresses as he doesn’t want them to make the mistakes so many struggling artists do.

Katharine’s Career

For more than 30 years, Sam and Katharine have been happily married. We know for a fact that there are longer marriages out there and couples who have also withstood the test of time, but for two famous Hollywood actors to remain strong after all these years is very scarce. Katharine had already established her career and was considered a megastar by the time she met Sam. One of her biggest leading roles was in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid where she worked with megastars, Paul Newman and Robert Redford. Then there was The Graduate with Dustin Hoffman.

Back then, Sam was considerably inferior when it came to career and reputation. Sam’s star would soon soar high though, and stay entirely consistent amongst the brightest of stars. In recent years, Katharine chose to slow down a bit to focus on her family. Despite this, her name remains well-known and loved by her many fans.

Beef. It’s What’s for Dinner

Sam’s smooth baritone voice is probably one of the lowest and most velvety ones you could ever hope to encounter. People might not know his face, but the second you hear his voice (which is all over TV commercials), you feel a sense of familiarity. One of his favorite and probably most reputed voiceover gigs was when he did a series of commercials for the beef industry. Yes, he was the guy saying ‘Beef. It’s What’s for Dinner.’

Sam didn’t renew the contract as the agency who hired him became increasingly demanding over the years. Indeed, he only agreed to do that project in the first place because he wanted to help the ranchers and folks working in the industry.

Notable Changes in Hollywood

Sam has proven himself in the industry and has become one of the most respected actors of his time. He also heavily influenced how movies are made. People truly should be thanking him, along with other legends, for contributing to significant improvements in the industry.

While Sam and fellow A-listers have done a lot to tweak the industry and improve it over the years, the biggest game-changer came with technology. Today, special effects have revolutionized film, right down to such technicalities as the placement of microphones and the tools used in the editing room.

Baby Steps

It is not like Sam Elliot to obsess and worry about what’s going to happen next, nor to linger on what has already happened. No-one could mistake him for the worrying type, especially when it comes to his legacy in the filmmaking industry. While he can be self-critical, Sam has a mantra of living in the present and focusing on the tasks that are currently in front of you.

That’s probably why he has been able to maintain such a healthy attitude through his years in an industry that’s known for chewing people up and spitting them out. Sam says that if you can’t enjoy the creative, artistic process of filming as well as the hard work that comes with it, then you’re doing it wrong.

Battle Of The Mustache

One of Sam’s closest Hollywood friends is megastar Tom Selleck. Apart from the fact that they started out together as unknown hopefuls in the industry, they share quite a lot in common. Their careers have both been linked to the western movie genre, and of course, they wouldn’t even have been considered for some of their biggest roles if it weren’t for their iconic mustaches.

For many years, the pair’s facial hair stylings have been pitted against each other by fans. When asked about this, Sam always has the most diplomatic of answers, saying Tom could definitely out-compete him in the mustache stakes, he just chooses not to.

Sam’s Most Recent Work

Sam was part of the remake, A Star is Born, which was one of the most raved about movies of 2018. His performance in the film brought him several nominations from major awards. The actor also got to work alongside Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper.

Sam played the supporting role of Bradley Cooper’s brother and manager in this story. He enjoyed doing the movie, describing it as a fantastic experience.