The All-New Smash-Proof iPhone


The launch of the new iPhones is always a major event. People all over the world wait for the release of the new phones and their demand sky-rockets as soon as the season starts. 

Finally, the new iPhones have been released, and we are all pretty excited about them. The iPhone 12 holds a lot of new features for everybody. The best thing about this is that while the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 pro ranges are rather big phones, there is also the iPhone 12 Mini that is pretty much the same size as an iPhone 5S. Remember those? 

The Range Of The New iPhone

When it comes to the range itself, there is no denying that the iPhones are surely packed with a punch. They have a range of 4 handsets that people can choose from. These include different and new colors for iPhone users. The most amazing aspect of this series is the iPhone 12 mini that holds all the same features as that of the iPhone 12 or pro. 

The 5.4” screen of this mini is an ideal size for a phone and people are already raving about it. So, you get a variation of three iPhones in this launch that are surely worth talking about. The Apple event showcased all the features that the new iPhone 12 range has to offer, and we’re all blown away by how much it promises. 

What Does It Offer?

The series of this model includes an A14 Bionic processor that allows you to make use of 5G data. But that is not all. You also get better cameras, a different design, and even a new and improved wireless charging option. All of this still doesn’t top the ultimate feature that Apple has decided to add to this new range. And, this includes a smash-free phone. 

We all know how terrifying it is when your iPhone slips from your hand and is covered with cracks as soon as it hits the floor. Well, Apple has done something about this now. Since many people across the world face issues with an easily cracked screen, now, you get to access a different version of the iPhone. 

In the iPhone 12 series, you will find that the phone is made using a ceramic shield. So, it promises that you will not break the screen of your iPhones any longer. The best thing about this is that Apple teamed up with one of the best Gorilla glass-making companies, Corning to create this. 

While this is one of the most essential and eye-popping claims from Apple, people are ready to test it out to see. But this is not the end of what this new series has to offer you. There is more. In the earlier releases of the iPhone 11, the display screen featured LED. Well, this has also changed now. 

iPhone 12 series showcases a Retina display, so your screen will surely offer you much more than the previous models. This feature is available for both the mini version and the iPhone 12 range, so you don’t have to worry about getting anything less in the mini.