The Most Bizarre Pictures Caught By The Google Street View

You need to be careful of what you do on the streets now as you don’t know when a picture of yours might end up on the internet! Although a lot of people try to grab the attention of the Google Street View camera by doing weird and bizarre things, some people unknowingly get captured as well. Whatever the reason is, these pictures are clearly one hell source of entertainment for the viewers! What makes these pictures so interesting and unique is the perfect timing on which they are captured.

If you are also interested in viewing these perfectly-timed pictures captured by the camera of Google Street View cars, then keep scrolling. You are certainly in for a treat!

#1. When People Decided To Get Creative!


This is surely one of the strangest decorations that we have ever seen. We are not sure what must have led people to do this. There can be a lot of reasons why Google employees found the house in this condition. Maybe it was the Halloween season and the house owners decided to go for some creepy decorations or maybe it was just a prank set out by the children of the area. Whatever the reason was, it was a highly creative idea to cover the house and its garden with toilet paper as we have never seen anything like this before!

#2. Leslie Would Surely Say Yes After This!


There are many cases in which people would know that the team of Google employees would be taking a picture of a specific place and this picture looks like one such case! This man surely utilized this chance well. He tried to make up for his previous proposal which we think must have been a disaster since the girlfriend refused. But, the man has up his game now. Anyone would melt on this proposal and the unique way that he has chosen to propose. We sincerely hope that Leslie, his girlfriend would have said yes to this awesome proposal, and they are living happily now!

#3. Things People Do To Get Famous!


Did you know that horses eat bananas? If no, then you would surely know by looking at this photo! It appears that the bananas are the favorite of this horse or should we say the man. Or maybe he is just trying to grab the attention of the Google camera. Well, if that’s the case then it is a job done well for sure! It must have taken a lot of efforts for the man to prepare this eye-catching setup. The pink flamingos placed on either side of the table are also very thoughtful. Looks like the man is just determined to get famous!

#4. This Alien Does Know Fashion!


While the scientists have been doing their researches on the aliens, Google just found one taking rest somewhere on the earth! Looks like this alien has done a lot of hard work and is exhausted. Although exhausted, the alien does have a strong sense of fashion and doesn’t take fashion lightly. It makes us wonder if all the aliens dress this nicely or does this one has adjusted himself according to the requirements of the Earth. Whatever the case may be, this alien is surely an inspiration to other aliens and a lot of people as well! But, who is the other chair for? Is this for another alien or some human friend? Well, we would never know, will we?

#5. When Google Camera Managed To Capture A Prisoner!


Is this actually a prisoner or just another man trying to grab the attention of the Google camera? Well, if this is an actual prisoner then he might not be too happy to have caught by the camera. Although this image is taken in an unpopulated area, the prisoner surely won’t go far in this bright orange outfit. Even though he has hidden his face with a mask, people would notice him when he reaches a populated area and it would only take some time for the police to notice him and take him in for some questioning. So, he might need to change his outfit into something more appropriate!

#6. Why Is Santa Looking Unhappy?


This picture shows a Santa standing in the middle of the road. By the look of it, he doesn’t seem too happy but looks rather crossed. Is it possibly because he has lost his reindeer? Or maybe this is not Santa at all! He can be a man in a red suit standing in the middle of the road! But, even if it is a man, what is he doing standing in the middle of the road? Maybe he is a homeless man and doesn’t have anywhere to go. If this is the case, we feel sorry for the man and sincerely hope that he finds a better solution!

#7. What Did They Do Officers?


This can be a scene from anywhere in the world as we find most of the policemen doing the same thing. The officers seem good at what they do! Although we don’t know what the people might have done to gain this treatment, they must have done something terrible to get this punishment. Just as disturbing as this photo looks like, this is something that happens regularly in most parts of the world because a lot of people don’t take the law seriously. Therefore, you should abide by the law strictly to avoid any such situation as you surely wouldn’t want Google photos to capture you in this condition!

#8. The Designer Baby!


A lot of questions come to our mind when we look at this picture! What is the baby doing alone here? Where are his parents? Is the baby lost? So many questions yet no answer to any of the questions! We can only assume what might have happened here. Maybe the parents of the child are busy shopping inside while the baby decided to take a stroll himself. The parents would have been so occupied with the shopping that they didn’t notice the baby crawling away! Well, whatever the case may be, we sincerely hope that the child is safe with his parents now!

#9. Where Are They Headed?


This image is really a confusing one! A lot of things must be going through your mind while looking at this picture. Google photos perfectly captured this funny moment of a man riding his penny-farthing bicycle along with his stuffed penguin. The penguin is placed securely in the basket and the two are headed somewhere on the penny-farthing bicycle. This bicycle went out of fashion a long time ago. It was popular during the 1870s when a lot of people used to ride it. We are just as curious as you to know where the two are headed as this is not something we might witness daily.

#10. Is Bigfoot For Real?


Is this Bigfoot in the picture or just a hunter or a twisted tree stump? Does this picture proofs that Bigfoot is for real? For those of you who don’t know, Bigfoot is a legendary creature that is spotted by people in the regions of the Pacific Northwest. These sightings were witnessed around 1818 to 1980. Although a lot of experts claimed Bigfoot to be just a myth and a creature of people’s imagination, around thousand of these people have sworn to have seen Bigfoot. Well maybe the rumors are indeed true and Bigfoot is for real! This picture can be proof!

#11. You Go Old Man!


This picture shows an old man chasing a huge brown bear! What is the bear doing on the property or how he got there is another story! But, we are truly amazed by the strength and the courage of the old man who decided to stand up against the deadly bear! The man can be seen chasing the deadly man with just a wooden bat without fearing for his life! From what we can deduce, even the bear got scared and decided to hunt for good elsewhere. While this is indeed a courageous act, we would not recommend you to do it as this can turn out to be pretty dangerous as well!

#12. When The Tiger Decided To Take A Stroll In The Middle Of The Day!


This tiger is surely very fearless as he is not scared to take a stroll on the street in the middle of the day! So, brace yourselves for the huge surprise if you find a tiger approaching you from the shop’s window or staring at you in the parking lot. Although the tiger is brave and fearless, you might not be as strong and fearless as him and a tiger walking casually on the streets might scare you! This is why no human being can be seen in the photo. They must have been too scared to come out of their houses when they spotted a tiger in their street.

#13. Hope You Are Safe Man!


No doubt this picture was captured at the perfect moment when the cyclist met an accident right in the middle of a very busy road. Even though the cyclist is seen to be wearing a protective helmet, he must have faced a lot of other injuries as well. His palm must have been badly injured because of coming in direct contact with the road. Looking at the state of the road, the cyclist should get out of here quickly as any other vehicle can be headed toward him. We sincerely hope that it was only a minor accident and the cyclist is safe!

#14. All The Bird Wanted To Do Was To Enjoy His Meal In Peace!


The bird in this picture can be seen shocked when he noticed a camera capturing him. Since birds have a very sharp eye-sight, he would have immediately spotted the camera lens that was taking its picture, and he doesn’t seem too happy about it. We can see a piece of food in the mouth of the bird that he wanted to enjoy in peace while the camera caught its attention. Looks like the bird is an introvert and doesn’t like too much attention. This is why he seems to be in a rush to get as far away from the camera as possible.

#15. We Feel Sorry For The People Living Here!


For those of you who have seen the movie Birds, this picture gives us a flashback to the famous classic. Looks like these birds have entirely taken over the place and have forced the people in the area into hiding. We do feel sorry for the residents of the area because of the difficult situation they have to face because of these birds. Just imagine the mess that these birds would create. How annoyed would the people be when they would have to clean all the mess created by them. Thus, this may be a good picture for the viewers but it would create a very difficult situation for the residents!

#16. What Are They Trying To Do?


There seems to be no logical reason as to why these eight people might be wearing a pigeon mask in the broad daylight. The picture is just as confusing as it looks. Maybe the people are trying to catch the attention of the Goggle lens or maybe they are actually this weird! If they are not trying to catch the attention of the camera, then what are trying to tell us? You can even see a couple standing behind these people who is pretending to ignore the situation. Maybe they are too embarrassed to be a part of such an odd situation!

#17. This Man Surely Likes To Have Fun!


Is this a human version piñata in the picture? This picture was taken in Pennsylvania and there is no denying the fact that the man clearly knows how to have fun! We are not sure why the man is in this costume. Maybe he is returning from a party or maybe it is his job to entertain people wearing this costume. If this is the case, the man must be pretty good at what he does because he surely looks like a human piñata. Whatever the case may be, this picture certainly makes an interesting Google photo and we are actually glad that someone took it!

#18. And The Award For Creativity Goes To This Man!


The award for creativity should be given to this street vendor for sure! He certainly knows how to attract customers. His posture looks like he has not yet able to sell anything but this has not de-motivated him. Instead, he came up with something creative! He has placed the rubber ducks with extreme care and thoughtfulness that would surely get him a bunch of sales by the end of the day. After all this creativity, we will be actually surprised if he didn’t manage to get any sales. This picture even gives a lesson to many of us that we should not give up and continue working hard to succeed.

#19. The Balance is Too Good To Be True!


No, this is not a scene from an action movie! It is a perfectly timed picture captured by Google photos. What great timing and what great balance! The perfect balance in this picture is too good to be true! But, what led this but into this situation is a question that many of us must be wondering. Maybe the bus slipped on some ice and ended up hanging there. Whatever the reason was, it could have resulted in a big tragedy but thankfully this did not happen. There were no casualties or any deaths. Well maybe, this wouldn’t have been possible if the balance wasn’t so great!

#20. What Could Have Happened Here?


This is a very confusing image! What would have led this car into this position? Maybe the car could not drive in a straight line. This is the only possible answer that we can come up with. As there are no skid marks either, we assume that the driver hit the accelerator instead of the brakes and the car ended up in this situation. We can even notice a passerby in the background who doesn’t seem much interested in the situation. So maybe the accident took place a while ago. This is why no one seems surprised by the strange position of the car anymore!

#21. This Is A Real Head-Scratcher!


Well, it is surely one creative way to pile up scrap cars! Although a lot of you must keep them in the junkyard, why not try this? There are eight cars in total and it must have taken a very tall lifting truck to place the cars in this position. If we look closely, we can even spot a car sandwich! Or maybe it’s just the hunger speaking! But, why would have someone park cars like this? Maybe it is a marketing technique to lure people to a nearby mechanic shop or maybe it really is a car sandwich advertised by a restaurant to attract customers.

#22. A Scene From The Movie Or An Art Installation?


This one looks like a scene from the movie Inception where there are now laws of physics and the world can fold up and revolve just like this! The Google photographer must have been very pleased with himself to capture this one! But the question is how this is even possible? Maybe the residents of the building are the fan of the movie and they created this art installation inspired by it. If it really is an art installation, then we must say that the artist is a very talented one! But, if you are a perfectionist then it must annoy that the car is not parked perfectly between the lines.

#23. Hard To Decide Who Was At Fault!


We cannot decide whose actual fault it must have been! But, this would surely cost the car owner a lot. Was it the fault of the gate that came crashing down when the vehicle was trying to get out or was it the driver’s fault? Perhaps the driver was in a hurry and pressed the button to lower the gate too soon. Whatever the reason was, the car has been damaged really badly! It would cost the car owner a large sum of money to have it repaired. This is why we should follow the old saying better safe than sorry!

#24. Nice Prank To Be Honest!


Well, this is surely one hell of a prank! With the American flag lying on the trunk of the car and crime scene tape wrapped around the vehicle, the prankster must have given this prank a lot of consideration. The parking cone on the roof of the car is like adding a cherry on the top. But, the car owner would not be too pleased when he will spot his car in this condition. We hope that he must have taken this prank lightly and with the right spirit! Whatever the case may be, the prankster should brace himself because there might be a lot of pranks coming his way too!

#25. Trick Of The Eye Or Great Balance?


Is this actually true or just a trick of the eye? Well, if it is true then hats off to the guy and the cat for achieving such great balance. They must have a real understanding to achieve this kind of balance! Or maybe the man is wearing two hats. The first one is the common baseball hat but the other one is what catches our attention! Is this really a hat or a cat sitting on the head of the man peacefully? It might be possible that it is just the trick of the eye and this is neither a hat nor a cat sitting on the head.

#26. What Was The Man Thinking?


Well, this is surely an odd image! This man has no concern for his safety at all. It is completely dangerous and any accident can happen because of a lack of precaution. The man must follow the safety rules while performing a dangerous job and this looks like one hell of a dangerous task. But, instead of following any safety measures, he is not even wearing a necessary outfit to do the job! We really don’t know what the man was thinking cutting the tree logs with a chainsaw! If the chainsaw gets slightly misbalanced, then we all know what would happen!

#27. When Did The Cows Learn Spanish?


This picture is taken at a roundabout in Mexico City. We didn’t know that cows can now read Spanish, did you? Well, it looks like these cows certainly can! We think that these cows must have attended school because they have very well obliged to the Spanish sign ‘Alto’ which means to stop. They have chosen a perfect spot to relax and take rest because of all the grass around! We are truly very impressed by how intelligent these cows are! This picture gives us a huge lesson as well! If cows can follow the signs then why can’t we?

#28. We Wish This Image Was Captured A Few Minutes Earlier!


You can see an interesting collision between a car and a set of traffic lights in this picture. Looks like it is not a favorable situation for both of them. Even the firefighters look shocked in this picture. Maybe it is just as confusing for them like it is for us. While the Google photographer did manage to capture this epic collision, we wish that he was at the place a few minutes earlier. We would have been then able to see how the incident took place. Nevertheless, it is still a great picture and we sincerely hope that no harm was caused due to this accident!

#29. This Must Be One Hell Of A Hangover!


We bet that this was one hell of a party! This is why the man is still suffering from the hangover! He seems so intoxicated that couldn’t even return to his house and decided to spend the night here. Or maybe he is not done partying yet! When the party finished, he must have continued his own private party here. We can see beer bottles lying right next to him. We actually feel sorry for the liver of this man that has to go through all of this! The man is even wearing a silver crown! His Highness is surely going to have one hell of a hangover!

#30. Did Someone Steal This Car From The Movie Sets?


For those of you who have seen the movie Dumb and Dumber, there is no mistaking this Mutts Cuts van. But, what is this vehicle doing in the middle of a road? Did someone steal it from the movie sets? Well, looks like they must be a great fan of the movie as well! Or maybe an actual fan bought this car because they were so obsessed with it. But, why is the policeman following this car? Did the car break some traffic rule or even the policeman is a fan of the movie and wants to see who is driving this dog car.

#31. When Someone Decided To Throw Away The Mannequins


We certainly feel sorry for these mannequins that are being thrown away so ruthlessly because their services are no longer required. Well, this looks like a scene near a clothing store. The store must have thrown away these mannequins because they are damaged and cannot be used anymore! The placement of these mannequins is what makes the picture more interesting! Are these mannequins will actually be taken up by the garbage collecting van or will someone pick them up for their use? We certainly are curious about what fate holds for them and hope that they come handy to someone else!

#32. Not A Good Marketing Idea!


This picture looks like from outside of a shop that sells shoes! But, what is the rabbit doing outside the shop? Maybe the shop owner thought of it as a good marketing strategy to attract more customers. But, if the owner is trying to copy the white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland, then they are doing a very bad job at it because the waistcoat is of the wrong color! Also, the bunny and the rabbit don’t look very happy either! So, if it is a marketing strategy, then it is clearly not working well and the store owner needs to come up with something else!

#33. This Perfect Picture Is Not So Perfect For The Kid In The Picture


The timing of this picture is just perfect! The Google photographer must have been very pleased with himself upon capturing such a perfectly timed picture. But, this is picture is only for the viewers as it is definitely not a very good timing for the kid in the picture! He must be cursing himself for his bad luck! Imagine how you would feel if you are walking down the street and the fire hydrant decides to explode all of a sudden. Anyone would be scared! This is what must have happened to the child as well. But, it does make an interesting picture no doubt!

#34. When The Dog Found The Perfect Shortcut!


For anyone wondering if a dog can fit in an oval-shaped hole, Google photos has the perfect answer for you! It certainly can! Looks like the dog in this picture was not in the mood to take the long way to reach his destination. This is why he decided to pick up this shortcut! It must have taken a lot of effort from the dog to squeeze his way through the small hole. But, looks like he managed all right! Apparently, this struggle is not much for the dog as compared to taking the long route. This is why he must have opted for this!

#35. Poor Girl!


Friends can be really mean sometimes. Who needs enemies when you have such mean friends! We really feel sorry for the poor girl in the picture that has fallen and her friends are making fun of her. The friends are clearly being mean to her by not helping her get up but mocking instead. Imagine all the physical and mental pain this girl would have endured at that time! Youngsters these days have clearly no value for friends and don’t know the meaning of empathy. This is really sad because they should at least help their friends in times of need instead of making fun of them!

#36. When Aliens decided To Invade The Street!


Are we dreaming or have the aliens actually invaded the earth? Looks like that the aliens really like the attention that’s why they want the Goggle camera to capture them. Well, this is surely an interesting sight for the photographers and the viewers as well. But, are they really aliens? If not, then why are they dressed in this strange metallic gold outfit? Maybe they are just headed out to attend the Comic-con or they are extras from a movie set. We will never know who they really are and why are they dressed in this strange attire. But, we truly salute them for their creativity!

#37. Are Hazmat Suits The New Golfing Attire?


We didn’t know that the hazmat suits are the new golfing attire these days. We bet you didn’t know as well! Now you must be wondering when did this actually happen! When did someone at the golf association change the rules about what to wear while playing golf? Well, even if the rules are changed now, they should announce it at least! Another thing to notice in this picture is how the golfer’s foot is bent. What must have happened to him? Did he face some injury? But, even if he did face injury, he is still ready to hit the ball. Hats off to his spirit!

#38. A Bunch Of Google Street View Cars!


Well, this is surely an amazing sight to capture! The Google photographer has very thoughtfully taken a picture of a parking lot that is filled with a lot of Google Street View cars! We can even spot the black cameras perched on top of the cars. These cars would go to every corner of the earth to capture the world on their camera. Looks like the cars keep on multiplying themselves. Maybe some of the pictures that we are analyzing here are taken by one of these Google Street View cars! These cars are not very difficult to spot. This is why we can see a lot of people trying to grab the attention of the Google photographers when they spot this car near them.

#39. Things People Do For Attention!


Looks like this is another case where a man has spotted Google photographers trying to do their job. The man has left no stones upturned for grabbing their attention. We can clearly see that he is doing his best to get famous! He is trying to multitask by operating the lawnmower and striking a pose together. But, why this pose? He could have picked any other pose to catch their attention as this one seems a little creepy! While his face is blurred, we can clearly see how happy he is to have been captured by the Google camera!

#40. This Guy Must Be Too Tired To Even Get Inside The House!


Looks like this guy has done some serious hard work! That’s why he has passed out on the back of the car. Clearly he doesn’t have enough strength left in him to even get inside the house. This is why he must have decided to rest here. While most of the people like to drink a cold beer inside their house after a long day at work, this man couldn’t even wait for that and started drinking right at the back of his car! We wonder why he doesn’t want to go to his house. Maybe the other two men are trying to talk some sense into him. Will he listen to them or not?

#41. There Is No Escaping The Police!


This is another picture caught by Google photographers just in the act! The police seem to have got hold of some mischievous teenagers. We are not sure if they are serious criminals or just some teenagers who have annoyed this policeman. Why are they wearing soccer T-shirts? Maybe they are a football fan but it couldn’t keep them away from the wrath of the police. We can see that the officer is staring at Google Street View car. Maybe he is not in the mood to be photographed right now. We hope that it is not something serious or the boys would be in serious trouble!

#42. When The Kids Decided To Show Their Skills At The Traffic Signal!


These kids surely know how to use their talent to earn some extra pocket money! Well, this is a rather unusual sight to be seen at a traffic signal. We might have seen many things at a traffic signal such as vendors trying to sell their items, people asking for loose money but we have never seen this sight ever! Maybe the kids have spotted Google camera and trying to show off their skills or maybe they are just trying to raise some extra pocket money for themselves. Whatever the reason was, these kids are for sure very talented and we hope that they are doing great things in their life.

#43. Are They Going On A Heist?


What is the deal with all these people? What are they trying to do? Are they going on some heist? Is a crime about to happen here? Or are they doing it just for attention? Maybe they are doing some sensitive work and this is their protective outfit. Whatever the reason was, they have caught the attention of Google photographer for sure! Even if they are doing it for attention, the entire scene looks rather scary with the black masks on. We sincerely hope that it was nothing serious and they didn’t break into anywhere.

#44. A Tricycle Google Street Vehicle!


This picture proves that a Google camera is present everywhere and a Google Street Vehicle can take on all the forms. Whether it is a car or a tricycle, you can spot a Google vehicle in any form. You wouldn’t know but Google employees even carried their duties on environmentally friendly tricycles when cars weren’t that common. They would cycle around the city and take pictures of all the streets. We are truly impressed by how much effort the photographers used to put up back then. They truly deserve our respect for all the hard work they do. Hats off to them!

#45. Is This A Horse On A Mission?


Another bizarre picture captured by Google photographer! We cannot deduce what this man is trying to do. Is he trying to catch the attention of the Google Street View car or is he going out on a mission? Why does he have a horse masked put on? Even if he is going on a mission, why does he have this mask put on? Whatever the reason was, this scene clearly makes one hell of a picture! It is always good to know that there are some people out there who are a reason to bring a smile to someone’s face!

#46. Why Does This Poor Guy Look Upset?


Why does this poor guy look upset? Has he forgotten where he parked his vehicle? It might have happened to all of us once in our life. All of us must have parked our vehicle somewhere and forgotten where we parked it. If this is the reason, the man in the picture seems rather upset with his forgetful memory. Or maybe there is some other reason behind his sadness. Was he ditched by his friends and he is still waiting for them? Is he a power ranger who has been separated from his crew? Or maybe he is a part of a racing crew waiting for his teammates.

#47. Searching For Water Maybe?


This is another strange picture captured by Google photographers that forces us to put on our thinking caps. What are the men doing in the middle of the road with all the equipment? Are they practicing for Kayaking before actually going to the water? But, there is no water to be seen around here which is what makes this picture more bizarre. It might be possible that they are waiting for their bus to arrive. Whatever the reason was, it would have been really uncomfortable to sit in the middle of the road with all these helmets and jackets.

#48. This Would Have Hurt!


Ouch! This must have been really hurtful. We all must have faced injuries while trying to ride a bicycle. Although a common thing, it surely is very painful. It is common that kids face injuries now and then when they learn to ride a bicycle. These bruises are proof that they did not give up but continued learning. Something similar would have happened here as well! We think that the kid must have lost his balance and went right into the house. But, this should not lower the spirits of the kid and he should continue the learning process.

#49. When The Gumby Was Assaulted By Kids


Aww, the poor Gumby! Nobody would have imagined a Gumby being assaulted by the kids in the middle of a road. This character who was a big hit from 1950 to 1980 wouldn’t have felt much importance when being hit by the kids in the broad daylight. Why would someone walk around dressed like a Gumby is a question that puzzles us. But clearly, these kids are certainly not happy with someone impersonating a Gumby. Maybe they are a fan of the character and don’t want anyone disrespecting it like that. Or maybe they are just trying to catch the attention of Google photographer!

#50. Are They From The Lawnmower Mafia In Slovakia?


The photographers captured this picture in Slovakia and it raises many questions. What are the men doing on the streets? Why is one man sitting comfortably on a chair while the other is trying to take the support of the fences? Even the fences look like they are about to fall. Are these lawnmowers for sale or rent? It looks like these two men are running some kind of business on the streets of Slovakia. Maybe they are the lawnmower mafia who are trying to attract some customers. But clearly, they cannot gain any customers as they are sitting alone in the picture.

#51. Casual Gymnastic On A Boring Day!

It’s not every day that we get to see someone performing gymnastics on the street corner, especially when they don’t seem like a professional. This man felt the need to showcase his talent on a busy street in London by doing a mid-air split on a signboard pole. Maybe it was the coffee that fueled him up as he laid the cup on the ground and went for the maneuver. He definitely caught the attention of the people walking by and provided them with a brief moment of entertainment. Lucky for us, his adventure was caught by Google for us to see.

#52. Catch Us If You Can!

Teenagers are known to do annoying things and pranks. This, however, doesn’t look like either of those things as they are seen running away from some sort of trouble coming their way. In a full mood to get away from the area as soon as possible, they have some things in their possession that they want to run away with. The one in the red shirt is looking at something or someone around the corner as they make a run for their lives. Maybe the cops or shop owners are on their back to reclaim what they have. We’ll leave it on your imagination.

#53. Hope You Feel Welcome In The New Town!

Imagine driving through the highway to reach a rural area or a town only to be welcomed by a group of men in gothic and scary masks. Don’t think about stopping to greet them. The red car driver did the same and tried to get away as far as possible from the creepy scene where 4 men just stood on the road with these masks. Whether it was a prank or if they are trying to scare some unwelcomed people away, it is indeed a scary sight to withhold. So, don’t move your foot from the accelerator and keep driving away from this place.

#54. Horses Don’t Always Comply!

This is not a sight you see every day but thanks to the Google Street View camera, we can see the tussle between this horse and its owner. A beautiful black horse decides to not comply with its rider’s wishes and resists him. The rider, however, has no intention of letting go and decides to put up a good fight with the beast for control. Thankfully, this took place on an empty road so neither of them got hurt in any way by moving vehicles. Unfortunately, this was the only moment captured and we will never know how their dispute ended.

#55. This Kingdom Belongs To Me!

This is a surprising and entertaining picture with two individuals sparring with fake swords to determine who the one true king is. It would be pretty normal if we were living in medieval times but sparring in the backyard beside a car park area early morning is both, unusual and funny. The best part about this is that they are fully dressed in warrior clothes and one of them even has a shield. Hope the traffic passing by on the road nearby won’t be judging these two fearless warriors. Can an unexpected picture caught by Google’s camera get any better?

#56. A Perfect Place To Go!

Shetland is a small area near the UK where fewer people have their houses and are living. Looking at this photo we can clearly state that some kind of show is about to begin. Some people are dressed in superheroes costumes others are wearing casual clothes to have fun and watch the entertaining stage show or enjoy the costume party. However, nobody can fully confirm what will happen inside the Pierhead Restaurant & Bar. People are waiting outside maybe so maybe it’s the opening hour getting close. The bus can also be seen which could mean that more people are coming to have some fun.

#57. Dress According To The Weather!

This woman in the middle of the road in her skirt and bikini top must be waiting for her car to take her on a beach or she may be walking to her house nearby. If we think about it, another possibility could be that she is on her way to the shop which can be seen in the picture. She may need to wait for the vendor who is missing. The women must have gotten a lot of attention from people passing by on the road. The heels and the dress look pretty on her and seem perfect for a hot sunny day.

#58. Do You Want To Work Here?

After seeing this image, many people will be dreaming to work here. This is an office where hundreds of jolly people work. The environment of this workplace will be friendly. They must have known that Google’s Camera will capture this moment which could be why they all dressed up and welcomed the camera by photo bombing the picture. All the people in the picture are wearing colorful and bright color clothes to get noticed. Some of them are even carrying props for the picture. The lady in the front row in a blue dress seems to be happy and excited.

#59. Keep Yourself At Distance!

This angry young man is not happy at all with the camera flashing towards him. When he sees the camera passing by, he loses his temper and throws the bottle towards the camera in order to show his feelings. The camera may have passed without even noticing this man but his act has caught our attention. He may not want the publicity but now thousands of people have seen him throwing his bottle that is caught halfway through the air. He looks well educated through his dressing. The other person walking behind him is in complete shock of what is happening.

#60. A Brilliant Idea!

Google camera captured this image of a toilet and a van nearby. Someone had placed this toilet under the tree for the people passing by or maybe they’ve just thrown it away. Anyone passing by may need it in case of an emergency. The person who owns the van may want to go to the toilet but decides against it with privacy concerns. Maybe that is why the van is parked inappropriately in a hurry. Whatever the reason, this picture of a toilet right next to a tree by the road has caught Google’s attention. The idea of making toilets in public areas and roads should be encouraged for people’s ease but of course, privacy should be taken into account.     

 #61. Are They Waiting For Bus To Poultry?

Ever seen how children wait for their school bus at the bus stop or some adults sitting on the bench at the bus stop waiting for their next ride. This captured image is just like that but instead of human beings, here are some chickens. The bench is full of them that there is no space left for the rest of them as they are standing on the ground. All of the chicken and turkeys are looking something behind that fence. Assuming something interesting is happening that has caught the attention of these farm animals. Maybe they are just enjoying the view while waiting for the next ride out.

#62. Fast And Furious!

These two men in the vehicle seem like big fans of classical country racing which is why they are driving a car of this type with the goggles to look cool. From the first glance of this picture and looking at their faces, we can say that it doesn’t look like they are enjoying their ride in this cold season with the wind annoying them. This could be due to the small windscreen on this model. The man on the wheel is focused on the road and is driving without any distractions. His friend in the passenger seat doesn’t seem to be enjoying this ride and is hoping for this to end soon.

#63. Fire In The Van!

You should always keep your eyes and ears open but this man seems not to take this phrase seriously. The man in front of the lawn doesn’t seem to care about the fire in the white van or maybe it’s still unnoticeable to him. The fire looks like it has just started and hasn’t, yet, spread all the way to the back. The red van parked next to it is also in danger of fire along with the items stored on it. The owners of the vans should have noticed it at once as the fire can spread and destroy the vehicles and items. Hope someone noticed it on time and the vans along with the stuff are saved.

#64. This Boy Has Got Some Amazing Skills!

This image shows the coolest boy on the road showing his talent through his motorcycle. Thank god the road seems empty and he is riding carefully. He must have had an experience of pulling the front wheel up and driving on the back wheel like that. This requires a lot of attention and if your mind gets distracted for only one second, any fall or misbalance would be imminent. He can cause a dangerous injury to himself but he really looks like he’s a professional at it. Protecting yourself with pads and helmet is an important thing to be safe. He seems to be in a jolly mood and is enjoying his own performance.

#65. The Perfect Costume For The Picture!

This surely reminds us about the book series where’s Wally. Waldo is a good choice for getting dressed up when the Google Camera is around you. The man is dressed in a red and white striped shirt with the matching hat on his head. For more attention and a cooler look, he also decided to wear glasses and included a walking cane. A Waldo costume isn’t famous among many people but he decided to rock this one out on the street, confidently, in front of the camera. He must have got a lot of attention from the internet and this picture must have gone viral when uploaded by Google.

#66. Better Be Careful Next Time!

The later screaming and crying of the boy are not shown in this picture but we all can assume how painful that fall must have been. The boy must have gotten a good scolding from his parents followed by care and love for not being careful. He is seen in the middle of falling on the road while doing skating. Unfortunately, he is not able to balance himself but has saved his skateboard which means he doesn’t need to buy a new one. Perhaps, it’s the only positive thing from this picture. However, it is astonishing how the camera perfectly timed his fall.

#67. Hitting Rock Bottom!

This picture is another one that brings many thoughts on our minds about the background story. This woman is seen laying on the floor and having a good view of the garden. It could be she is lying on the ground like that to have a view while being unnoticed or maybe she had a bad fall and the Google Street View camera caught the moment. Another possible scenario is that she could have fainted due to the hot summer day and if that is the case, we hope someone noticed her and got her the medical help she needed.

#68. Bad Luck Of The Girl!

This girl must have had a bad injury as she is seen falling on her arm and that could be dangerous for her shoulders as all her weight and force will be on her right arm and the bone. The reason for her fall can be a slippery floor or her footwear. She could be running got her ankle twisted resulting in a fall like that. Whatever the reason for her fall, there is no changing the fact that a fall like that on a hard road hurts bad and she may have ended up with bruises, if not any serious injury.

#69. Driving A Truck To The Beach!

For this Image, there can be many different views because no one can be sure of the actual scenario. It is a bit weird that this woman is dressed up in a pink beach dress for driving a truck. She could be the owner of the truck dressed to go somewhere with her ride, even though driving in long heels like that would be difficult. Another possibility could be that she is waiting for the driver of this truck. However, the hand on the handle is, indeed, confusing all of us into having different thoughts of the scene. Maybe yours is true!

#70. Good Luck Criminals!

Google Street view camera has caught up the culprits this time. It can be seen in the picture of how they have rolled up a dead body or someone who’s fainted in a blanket and is carrying it out of their home. In broad daylight, they are easily spotted carrying a person without any fear of being caught up. This shocking moment must have been reported by Google and the authorities may have asked them for an explanation. Whatever the full story is, we hope they were caught by the authorities and put on trial if they were the culprits behind something.