The Most Hilarious Photo Bombs Ever


Whether it is a selfie with a last-minute background friend making faces or having a bit of fun at your expense or pictures of your trip, there are some hilarious photo bombs that happen every day. Vacation photos are fun to take as mementos of a really fun trip. Sometimes, something or someone shows up in these pictures that is purely unexpected. Sometimes, a careful and intentional pose can turn an otherwise basic family photo into a work of wonder. It takes the perfect timing or maybe a bit of sheer luck, but these 50 photos captured people in the background who completely stole the show.

Hoisting Up The Monuments

What a surprise when this photo showed up in the viewfinder. You’ve seen those well-planned and extremely carefully positioned photos that make the subject appear as if they are holding the moon in their hands or spinning a far away object on their finger. Well, this girl took some time to make sure she was standing just right so as to look as if she is propping up the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Little did she know a passer by tourist was watching the entire photo shoot in the distance. He had a little carefully planned propping up photo of his own planned.

Oh, Dad! Caught In The Mirror

Ah, those special moments and rites of passage that teenagers go through. It seems there is often a parent waiting to embarrass the teen. This young lad has a story to tell that will make anyone who looks through his prom photos blush. All dad had to do was take a picture of his son looking sharp and all dressed up in his tux ready to go off to prom. This dad, however, seems to have been caught off guard. As his son stands handsomely smiling solemnly into the lens, dad’s reflection is seen in the mirror. It could have been the making of a very touching photo. There was just one problem. Dad wasn’t wearing any pants.

Look At My Reflection

Ever feel like someone is always watching over your shoulders? When you’re trying to capture a buff moment of flexed muscle, maybe don’t take the picture with a mirror behind you. This guy was ready to show off some brawn. The trouble is he stopped to pose for a picture without noticing the reflection behind him. He was standing in front of a bathroom mirror, and when the lens shutters closed, it captured a woman photographing him over his shoulder. Maybe it’s mom reminding him that no matter how built his workouts turn him into a muscle man, he will always be her little boy.

Daddy’s Little Girl

She may have felt all grown up and ready for prom, but dad had something else in mind. Never forget that you’re always going to be daddy’s little girl. Don’t stay out too late, because dad is keeping a close eye looking over the shoulder of his little princess. Worse yet, he’s doing so in a way that is sure to humiliate any growing teen girl. He hides behind her, out of sight, on the other side of the window. The best part is that he’s not wearing a shirt, and the goofy toothy grin tops the cake bringing it in for the win.

A Private Moment Exposed

The timing on this one was captured at a very awkward moment. What should have been an intimate and very private moment for these two giraffes got completely exposed for all to see. As this innocent little girl stands in front of the giraffe exhibit to smile sweetly for the camera, the giraffes decided it was mating season. Either that, or the two giraffes have become utterly tired of all of the zoo goers gawking at them that they decided to give them all a show. Of course, the person taking the photo may have seen what was happening behind the child and waited for the precise moment to click the shutter.

Top-Hat Man Steals The Show

During a very serious Equinox Senate Hearing, all eyes were drawn in to focus on one particular man. But, it wasn’t the man on trial or the man conducting the hearing. Rather, a member of the audience was a man wearing a top hat and monocle. He also was sporting a very noticeable white groomed mustache. It is unclear whether or not he intended on being captured in the photo or if he was merely cocking his head to listen. The result of this timely captured picture was that it took all attention focus and drew it onto the top-hat man. Was he an actor that had been staged in the room, or was he really an interesting looking bystander?

A Swing Toppled A Golf Cart

Is this a hole in one or an Eagle? When this man asked a photographer to capture an image of his stance while golfing, he had no idea what would happen next. The timing of the photo happened to capture a golf cart filled with golfers tipping over at just the right moment. The timely picture that was captured on the golf course ends up looking as if the golfer took a swing, and the ball took out the entire golf cart along with the two other golfers. These other golfers will probably think twice before going out on the course again with this precise putter. The question is, did he use a wedge or an iron on the shot?

Is The Jet Skier Part Of The Family?

So, is the jet skier a second cousin, or is he just there by accident? It’s tough enough to get a family full of children to all pose perfectly for a picture on the beach. This family almost had it right, but then this happened. Just as the photographer was attempting to get the entire family focused and smiling for a family beach shot, a Jet skier was trolling in the background. His jet ski was just a bit too close to shore where the family was standing. In an effort to steer clear of the unaware family, the jet ski flipped the man overboard just as the camera caught the action.

A Stalking Glare

This single image captured in a split second of time seems to tell a complicated story. Is the glaring stalker in the background an ex girlfriend, or is she just a creepy bystander who happens to be keeping an angry watchful eye on the couple. And, does the guy in this relationship know the glaring girl is there? Maybe he sneaked out of a shopping trip with the background girl to go grab the number of this other girl outside. Or, was the whole thing captured by a private investigator who has been hot on the trail of the man in the black tee-shirt?

When A Dog’s Gotta Go, Don’t Stand In The Way

As this woman posed for a sweet photo showing off her baby bump, the dog in the background had another idea. Was this just a random dog that happened to have a sudden urge to do his business in the background of the photo? Or, maybe it’s the woman’s dog showing us how he really feels about adding a baby to the family. Either way, the dog stole the show to ruin an otherwise happy mementos occasion captured on film. Let’s just hope that the woman had another opportunity to capture her sweet moment before the baby was born, because it looks like her due date was rapidly approaching.

Picked Up A Scent

As this dog stands innocently looking adorable and ready to play on the bank of the water, the dogs behind him are hot on the trail as they seemed to have picked up a scent. When a dog wants to get to know another dog, they do some strange things. One mannerism is to sniff the other dog’s behind. What terrible timing for this dog, front and center in the picture, to have a photo taken. Although, we get the feeling that as soon as the picture is snapped, this dog may join the other three in socializing with the scents.

It Takes A Stunt Man To Ruin A Tender Moment

You may kiss the bride, just don’t look behind you. As the bride and groom stand in front of the church posing for a sweet moment and a lasting photograph, one groomsmen was off trying to steal the show and make for a lasting memory. It appears that he went to great lengths to do so, too. He is seen lying on his belly with arms straight down to his side and feet pressed against the brick wall. His nose is also facing down against the wooden backdrop. Maybe this is why the groom chose him for the best man.

Bad Time For The Stomach To Revolt

Look at where the red arrow on this photo is pointing. As disgusting as it is, the picture could not have been captured at a more precise moment. Unless, of course, it would have captured what happened next. Seems like the boy in the back row had a little stomach bug. As the lens snapped the team photo, there was one kid who wasn’t being a team player. Let’s hope he didn’t spread the stomach ailment to his other team mates at least. There were probably no more photos of the team taken that day, either, unless it showed them heading to the laundromat to clean up the poor unsuspecting boys in the front two rows.

Kangaroos Gone Wild

If you’re used to being the center of attention, then it is not going to cross your mind that an animal could shift focus away from you. This photo went viral after Paris Hilton posed to be the center of attention next to a kangaroo in Australia. Little did she know that the two kangaroos behind her were about to get romantic. The animals obviously had no idea they were dealing with a well-known celebrity. Or, did they? Maybe they are clever photo bombers who plotted to take over the attention and steal it away from the star. Not to mention how bored the kangaroo posing next to Hilton looks. It’s a wonder nobody got boxed.

Look Out!

As these unaware ballerinas posed for a backstage picture, it looks like somebody was posed and ready to leap into action for a hilarious photo bomb. The girls don’t even seem to be aware anything is happening behind their backs. Maybe it was a fellow cast mate who likes to play tricks. Or, maybe it is a stage hand who is fed up with his hourly wage. Either way, it made for one of the best photo bomb pictures that the ballerinas probably didn’t even notice till after the show. Let’s just hope he isn’t a disgruntled ticket holder trying to get his money back.

Just Give Me A Beer!

No matter what chaos ensues around you in life, stay calm. If nothing else, it may just be the great making of a funny photo bomb. It’s not a professional wresting match. This man was tackled and pinned to the ground by security. Meanwhile, the guy captured in the background doesn’t seem at all fazed by the situation. Maybe he has confidence in the security guards. Maybe this isn’t his first beer of the night. He just remains sitting there chilling, smiling suavely, and holding a beer. While the Sylvester Stallone lookalike gets strong armed out of the auditorium, the man in the casual suit just keeps calm and collected and never spills a drop of that beverage.

A Date With A Chip Bag

Like the old Sesame Street song used to ask, “One of these things is not like the other. One of these things just doesn’t belong. Can you tell me which thing is not like the other?” While a group of girls are posing in their beautiful prom gowns, there is someone in the background thoroughly enjoying a bag of chips. Not only is she happily munching down on her snacks, but she looks like she didn’t even bother to change out of her pajamas. Maybe she was bitter that she didn’t have a date to the prom, so she figured she would just sit there photo bombing the prom pics of her friends.

Don’t Drop The Kid

This picture was photo bombed at just the right moment. Hopefully, it wasn’t just in time to call the paramedics. The guy who is the focus of the picture gets completely blindsided as anyone who looks at this photo is going to focus full attention straight back on the upside-down kid. The guy in the background is playing with a small child, lifting the kid over his head. Then, something goes terribly wrong. At least, the split second that was caught in the back drop of this guy’s photo appears as though the child is about to plunge head first onto the ground. Let’s hope this scene didn’t end poorly.

Nothing To See Here

Just keep moving. There’s nothing to see here, folks! Seriously, when your favorite baseball team wins the World Series, fans are not allowed to rush the field. It may have been allowed once upon a time in some stadiums, but it wasn’t allowed at this one. This team was headed to the World Series to compete while a fan who attempted to run onto the field to share in the revelry got apprehended by the team security. As the team jumps around freely and gleefully congratulating each other for the win, one spectator was being tackled and stopped from breaking the rules.

Do-It-Yourself Photo Bomb

If something needs getting done, a little do-it-yourself job is often in order. If someone is going to show up photo bombing your very important news update, it may as well be you. When Palestinian activist Mustafa Barghouti appeared on television during a news update, viewers quickly noted that on the television behind him, the same image was being viewed. Not only that, but the image on the TV in the background TV also seemed to have his image. It was almost as though his image continued forever like a shadow behind his head. The video clip quickly became an internet sensation taking it by storm.

Driving In The Sea

Maybe it was the ultimate Blue Screen mishap, but it proves one thing. Even the most skilled producers overlook some very important details now and again. Still, nothing takes away from the fact that one very astute viewer noticed a flaw that was quickly pointed out and shared to a host of fans ready to make the critique. There are some things that Game of Thrones fans just won’t slip by. When a truck appeared in the background of a scene, it was quickly pointed out and shared across the internet. What was a truck doing driving in the middle of a raging sea?

A Celebrity Photo Bomb

When Judge Judy was being filmed, a couple of the onlookers seated in the courtroom are some familiar faces. Just sitting there was not enough camera action for this top celeb, however. Amy Schumer sat in as an extra in the courtroom during a filming of the show. Her sister Kim was there too. The two sat behind the defendant. When the camera zoomed into a very dramatic moment capturing a very serious defendant appearing to be deep in thought and filled with worry about the judge’s impending decision, the two sisters thought it would be a good time for some levity. They both showed up on camera peering over the defendant’s shoulder.

Chewbacca Optical Illusion

When this group just wanted a nice picture of their dining experience, they had no idea that they were about to become an internet meme. As soon as they posted it, friends started asking if that was Chewbacca lurking behind them. They had no idea that they may be been in the presence of stardom. Then, they looked again and realized that it was really the back of a woman’s head. Her hair was pulled back with curls in all the right places to look like the front of the Star Wars furry character’s face. Or, maybe it is the next blue/gold/black dress sensation. What do you see in the picture?

Where’s Waldo?

Remember the strange seek and find game craze where there were pictures of tons of people in a crowd, and one of them was dressed in red and white stripes and a hat. The hidden guy was named Waldo. The game was to find him which begged the question, “Where’s Waldo?” When this family was out celebrating a birthday, they had no idea that a guy dressed like Waldo would be hidden in the background of the birthday photo. They didn’t even realize it until they posted the photo to social media and friends started going wild with comments about how they had found Waldo.

A Tantrum, A Happy Ostrich, Or A Camel?

Maybe the obvious hilarious focal point is the ostrich who is happily munching on the feed. But, when we look a little closer, there is so much more to this picture. First of all, there seems to be at least one camel lurking in the rear view mirror. Be careful, because objects may be closer than they appear. Yet, that’s still not the only hidden gem captured in the photo. Look in the back seat of the car with the young girl wearing an orange shirt. She appears to be either traumatized or caught in the middle of throwing a fit.

Harry Potter Photo Bomb

Is it the mystical magical act of wizardry or just a really odd camera angle and lighting? Whether or not these girls are Harry Potter fans, do you think they realized who was lurking right behind them? The guy in the back of the picture looks a lot like Voldemort. Maybe he purposely had on a costume, or maybe the lighting and angle were just very bad. Or, maybe it’s really Tom Riddle splitting his own spirit into a total of eight fragments. He’s no doubt abandoned his Muggle name. Regardless, “He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named somehow showed up in these girls’ afternoon selfie.

It’s Not Will Smith Being Bombed By A Brilliant Slogan

First of all, no it’s not Will Smith. Though, he may arguably be a dead ringer for a good lookalike if Will ever needs a good body double or stunt man. While showing off one slick advertising campaign as words on a can, they accidentally showed off another. These two may have been showing off how their soda cans display the names or slogans they want, but it is the guy’s tank top in the background that has onlookers talking. The guy behind them clearly displays the idea that Weights come before dates. In other words, this man wants nothing to do with a relationship until he is completely ripped.

Get The Cat A Drink

Maybe he should rethink the idea of taking his prom pics in the bathroom. Or, maybe next time he should get the cat a clean bowl of water before looking into the mirror. This guy was all decked out looking great and ready for a special event. He sneaked away to snap a selfie of how slick he looked in his white tux with blue accents. It looks as if he was simply looking into the mirror admiring himself without paying any attention to what was going on behind him. It’s bad enough that the shower curtain is pulled back, but the cat takes center stage as it felt the need to attempt to get a drink out of the toilet at just the wrong moment.

Princess Tiana?

Whatever high-class black-tie event this was, these three stopped to snap a photo of themselves dressed to the hilt, especially the one in the glamorous beaded dress. But, wait! Who is that behind them coming out of the restroom? Could it be the real Disney Princess Tiana? So, perhaps the three chose a poor spot for a photo seeing as how there was a high possibility of someone coming in and out of the restroom while the picture was being taken. However, what makes the picture all the more questionable is that the sign on the door behind them doesn’t match the fancy princess coming out.

Just Warming Up The Hands

When these two stopped for a photo after what looks to be a sporting event on a chilly day, they could never have imaged what would show up behind them. It appears that the woman had been either cycling, rowing, or running a race as onlookers tried to stay warm. The guy in the background seems to have found a way to warm his hands in a very awkward manner that was captured as a photo bomb of these innocent bystanders. At least whoever saw it funny enough to post online had the privacy decency to blur out the faces of all involved so no one can humiliate the man.

Hey, There!

As these girls posed for a selfie in a crowd during a sporting event, the young boy sitting right behind them saw it as a perfect opportunity to get into the photo. He looked up at the perfect time making a raised eyebrow, “Hey, there!” style of look. It clearly looks to have been posed and on purpose as he saw his opportunity to step in to get noticed. The girls and everyone else in the crowd seem to be completely unaware that anything is going on other than the game they came to cheer on. That is, no one seemed to notice the young man until the girls posted the picture on their social media accounts. Friends began to comment, and they realized they had been had by a young lad.

Snatched Up Just In Time

While the player on the field may be trying to keep an eye out to make a catch, there is a parent in the background who snatched up their child just in time. Or, maybe he’s purposely slowly lowering the boy to the field head first. It’s not really clear how the child ended up on the opposite side of the wall with his dad holding him by the ankles. The only people in the background who seem to notice are a group of three other young boys. It’s unclear if these boys are cheering on the dad or trying to help, but no one else seems to give it a second glance.

A Choke Hold

While this happy family poses and smiles kindly for the photograph, there is a very interesting scene happening behind them. Zoom into the kid behind them. The boy wearing a Number 12 shirt is looking slightly concerned as a woman has a choke hold on his throat. Is she trying to keep him quiet or checking to see why his throat is sore? He seems to be stuck in his tracks and not appearing to even be attempting to get away. Maybe he should be screaming for help, or maybe his mom was aware of a secret plot to attempt an even more severe photo bombing scene.

Empty Nesting Not So Soon!

Off to school, and the house will be quiet. Not so fast! How about replacing the pitter-patter of little feet with the pitter-patter of four-footed tiny puppies as pets. The first day of school is a very important rite of passage. These parents captured their children headed off to school. As they posed for their exciting moment, there was something else going on. They also captured another very important moment. Turns out their family pet decided that it was too soon to experience an empty nest. Later, the family discovered that this very second caught on camera may have been the one to produce a litter of puppies.

Here Kitty, Kitty, Kitty!

This adorable little photo bomb picture was captured at the most precise moment. Just a split second before or after, and it would not have come out the same. The adorable little baby was experiencing some tummy time play. Already dressed in the perfect white outfit with pom poms placed on the knit cap to look like ears, the family cat added to the look. At just the right moment, the white cat, matching the child’s outfit, wandered behind the baby and stuck up its tail. When the photo was snapped, the tail is positioned perfectly to look as though the baby is morphing into a kitten.

Creepy Clown

Was the circus in town? How did the clown captured in the background know when to look at the camera at just the precise moment to perfectly photo bomb the group? Maybe he was just curious. Or, maybe Ronald McDonald was jealous that this trio of teens snubbed his restaurant and opted for a sit-down restaurant instead. Whatever the reason, it’s probably never a good sign to turn the camera around and notice what is lurking behind you. And, who drives around town in full clown makeup and mask. Maybe it’s a good lesson to be learned. If you are out eating and sitting by a window, look over your shoulder first before taking a picture.

Shameful Dog Pose

A sleepover selfie is nothing new, but what the family dog did to these girls when they decided to snap a fun pic is unforgettable. Big smiles, and bright glowing faces look as if they were having the time of their lives. These two girls were having a fun time at a sleepover, but apparently the dog felt shunned. The look on the dog’s face is sad enough, but it’s very evident how the dog feels as he chooses to pose with his back side to the camera as he looks over with a sad glance. Maybe next time, they will invite the dog and include him in the sleepover fun and games.

Headlines Are Deceiving

It seems that all a news crew has to do is show up with lights and cameras, and everyone goes wild. This broadcast, however, was captured with the wrong headline. As they were trying to report how the party was over, party goers were behind the reporter reveling to their heart’s content. The crowd appears to be raucous and partying with no plans of ending anytime soon. There is even a hand that flashes across the front of the photo and surrounds the mouth, blocking out the nose of one attendee in a humorous manner. There is also a strange face looming over the crowd.

Toddler Giant

When this pic was snapped of a toddler having fun and eating snacks on the beach, they probably had no idea how the final result would turn out so funny. It looks like this giant toddler is grabbing a hold of another beach goer’s head and playing with him as if he is a toy. The angle couldn’t have been more perfect, and the timing was impeccable. It looks as though the toddler is about to take the man and fling him about like a rag doll. Let’s just hope the baby has had plenty to eat and not mistaking the man for a chip.

Is That A Hair Piece?

Does listening to Barack Obama’s speech make him lose hair or grow it? The top picture looks like the man in the blue jersey has a head full of curls. Look again! As the girl behind him moves slightly to the side, and he tilts his head a bit, suddenly his hair is gone. He’s left sporting a cropped shaved look. It’s funny how a head full of hair appears as the lady behind him positions her face as to disappear with only her hair remaining and seemingly swapping places with the man’s hair. Turns out it has nothing to do with how interesting or boring the former President’s speech may have been.

Are You Looking At Me?

Take a step into reality, or walk onto the set of a television show as it’s being filmed. It seems one or the other just happened in this picture. What are the odds of this happening at just the precise moment in time? This TV viewer was just kicking back enjoying the show, when the actor seemed to be stepping inside her apartment asking about her choice of footwear. The man on the television seems to be asking, “What are those?” complete with subtitles and stare positioned at the perfect moment the photographer placed her slipper-clad feet up against the screen.

Basketball In Your Living Room

This picture of these basketball fans could not have been taken at a more precise moment to create a very interesting optical illusion. It looks like two fans enjoying a game and their new spiffy jerseys got visited by a special photo bomber. On the television behind them, one of their favorite basketball players seems to be coming in for a neck snuggle against his best fan. To top it off, it looks as though he is really there live and in person since the hand of the Lakers fan is positioned perfectly to look as though it is the hand of the on-screen basketball pro.

Beach-Ready Rabbi

It’s doubtful that this is proper dress attire for a rabbi. Though, it’s humorous to say the least. He seems to be completely unaware as to how he looks properly lined up with the beach-ready bikini-clad bottom half pictured on the gate. On top of it all, another hidden gem of a photo bomber got in on the deal slightly as well. The guy in the casual shirt to the right of the picture seems to be whooping it up at a rodeo with heels kicked high as the three unsuspecting passengers wait at an airport gate for a plane to arrive.

Half And Half

This picture will have you doing a double take. Something’s just off about it, but it takes a while to figure out just what it is. Whatever sunscreen he uses for his legs is really working great. At first glance, it appears as though this guy has only been sunbathing with his top half. The legs are also a bit more feminine to be true to the biceps on his upper half. Obviously, there is a woman slouched down next to him. The angle catches the picture to leave off the man’s legs and not capture the top portion of the woman. The end result is a very interesting combination that happens to be perfectly lined up for the photo shot opportunity.


On a cold, snowy day there is nothing quite so warming as a nice hot cup of coffee. Is that a dog driving this car? It looks like the canine is getting himself a little cappuccino, or in this case more like a “puppaccino.” Apparently his paws were a little too short to reach the steering wheel, so he grew arms. This picture couldn’t have been framed more perfectly. It completely looks as though a dog is reaching out a human arm to accept his warm beverage of choice. The lines are seamless in connecting man and his dog to look as though they are one in the same.

Stick Your Head In The Sand

It just may be time to pull your head out of the dark and embrace the world around you instead. If you see a group of people doing yoga in a park, it is probably a bad idea to join them right about now. It’s one thing to be completely clueless or to choose to stick your head in the sand. This picture takes this concept to the extreme. The woman in front of him probably did not mean it literally if she angrily told him where he could stick it, either. Nor would she have expected this to be the result. Thankfully, the truth of the picture is just a yoga pose caught at a very bad moment.

Don’t Drink The Fountain Water

On a hot summer day, there is nothing more refreshing than splashing around in a splash pad of clean, refreshing and cooling water. Sometimes, there is a refreshing stream that is the perfect spot to quench your thirst. A pool filled with sprays of water that you can splash around and puddle jump in. This little innocent girl may not want to drink from this fountain, however. At least not how the picture positions it to look. Dad may want to become a bit more aware of his surroundings before he takes his daughter out in public the next time around.

Guarding Your Own Statue

Do you think this man realizes the resemblance, or is he paid to watch out for his look-alike monument? Either way, the picture gives the impression that he has met his match. This police officer may have sworn to protect and to serve the public, but it looks as though he is guarding his own statue. The back of the statue is a dead ringer for the back of this officer’s head. Even the profile and stance are identical. It doesn’t appear that this police man will ever leave his beat far enough to leave his twin in marble unattended.

Part Way From Frog To Prince

It looks like somebody told this woman that if she kisses a frog it will turn into a handsome prince. But, something got lost in the translation, or she chickened out at the last minute. Whatever it was, something went apparently terribly wrong. Instead of the frog turning into a prince, it appears that the woman is morphing into becoming a frog. Who would have thought one innocent attempt at finding Mr. Right would have turned out so wrong. We can only hope the process can somehow be reversed, and she can be human again. Otherwise, she better learn how to croak and hop.

Down For The Count

Is there a medic in the house? Anyone have some smelling salts? The bridesmaid fainted and hit the floor seconds before the camera could snap the photo. Was she nervous? Did she lock her knees? Was she sick or hung over? Maybe it was the heels on her shoes were too high, and she got a little dizzy. Whatever the reason, this bridesmaid stole the entire show in one downward motion of a moment. She completely hit the floor passed out right as the minister was pronouncing the bride and groom to be husband and wife. The biggest question is, does she still count as a witness for the union?