The Ultimate Guide To Sex And The City Revival


The year 2021 has been all about revivals of our favorite shows. Earlier this month, finally, the Gossip Girl Reboot made its debut. In the winter, another hit show of the past, Dexter, will come back on the screens with new episodes.

However, the most awaited revival is Sex and the City. The reboot is titled And Just Like That. If you’ve watched the original, you would have realized that this was a catchphrase of the series.

Below, you can find everything that has been released about the show so far.

Story Of The Original

The original show was about four ladies being open about their sex and love lives. It was seen as a revolutionary series due to its liberal content. Many people praised Sex and the City for its open-minded scenes and content.

Some people criticized the series too. Many don’t perceive Carrie’s pursuit of Mr. Big to be a good example of independence. Nonetheless, the original show still had the best ratings back then.

What Will The Revival Be About?

Not much has been released about And Just Like That except for a one-minute teaser. According to it, the reboot will revolve around three of the four original ladies. Carrie, Miranda, and Charlotte will be seen trying their old tricks in NYC.

So far, we know that Carrie and Mr. Big have separated. Since the show is set in the new era, the main lead will play a podcast host. It is reported that the pandemic will be referenced.

Who Else Is Reprising Their Roles?

It is reported that the following characters will be reappearing. However, we don’t whether they will be series regular or are doing cameos. Here is the list.

  • Mr. Big – Carrie’s ex-husband
  • Stanford Blatch – a friend of the ladies
  • Harry – Charlotte’s husband
  • Steve – Miranda’s husband
  • Anthony – Standford’s partner

Is Kim Cattrall Returning?

The only main character that won’t be appearing is Samantha Jones. Kim Cattrall portrayed her. This comes as a blow for many fans since she was the powerhouse of the show.

Samantha Jones is a character that many people related to. She was fierce, strong, and cared the most about her friends. Besides that, she always prioritized her needs over men.

Why Is Kim Cattrall Not Returning?

Ever since news of reboot broke out, this question has been on the minds of many. But, as per reports, this decision has been taken by the actress herself. However, for some of us, this is not a surprise.

Back in 2017, in an interview, Kim talked about her time on the set. She said that she wasn’t friends with her co-stars. Cattrall also claims that her relationship with co-actress Sarah Jessica Parker was toxic.

The co-star has reported that allegations made by Kim are fabricated. Nonetheless, Kim has ruled out the possibility of reappearing in the franchise.

Final Thoughts

The first season of And Just Like That will feature ten episodes of thirty minutes each. We don’t know the release date, but the production has begun. So most likely, it will debut in mid or late 2022.