The World’s 50 Most Magnificent Bridges

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Bridges around the world are no less than marvels of civil engineering. Some of these bridges are so amazing that they cover the distance of entire rivers and seas. Over the years, remarkable work has been done to develop bridges over the most dangerous of areas – only in attempts to make places more accessible. It is truly a challenge to ensure that these enormous structures are not only safe but can also withstand the unpredictable hold of traffic. For those who are scared of bridges, traveling along these bridges might be the scariest experience of their life. For others, bridges can be an adventure to explore the unknown.

From stone bridges to historic bridges, and rope bridges to moving bridges, here are the 50 most magnificent bridges in the world.

1. Crashing Waves: Storseisundet Bridge – Norway

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If you have ever seen waves crashing against a bridge on TV, then it was probably the infamous Storseisundet Bridge in Norway. Since this massive structure is built right above treacherous waters, drivers are told to remain wary of attracting some strong waves if they pass by on a high speed. In images, this famous Norwegian bridge appears to have a sloping shape which is not true in real life. The bridge is built like any other, with simple structural curves here and there to withstand the weight of vehicles.

2. Over the Grand Canals: Rialto Bridge – Italy

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Back in the 15th century, it took three full years to build this small bridge over the Grand Canals of Venice. The architecture was finalized by Antonio da Ponte, but even Michelangelo notably offered his own design for this structure. With a slope on the bridge, ships can easily pass from underneath without disrupting the pedestrians who are often found capturing Venice from the Rialto Bridge. In terms of size, the Rialto Bridge is built 24 feet above water and is 75 feet wide in total. For anyone who visits Venice, paying a visit to the Rialto Bridge is essential since it offers the best view in the city.

3. Driving through the Clouds: Millau Viaduct – France

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Before the Sidu River Bridge took over, the Millau Viaduct was famously known as the tallest standing bridge in the world. With a height of over 1100 ft, this long bridge will make it a breeze to travel through France. On the Millau Viaduct, you can expect to go from Bexiers and Montpellier right to the heart of France, Paris. However, be careful if you are driving through this 8000 ft highway during the winter. In heavy snowstorms or strong winds, it can become quite difficult to maintain momentum and stability on this incredibly tall bridge.

4. Tallest Bridge in the World: Sidu River Bridge – China

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If you want to travel from one mountain to another, you can count on the Sidu River Bridge in Yesanguan to give you the perfect highway to drive through. The Chinese Road authorities have truly outdone themselves with the Sidu River Bridge with the structural foundation and safety that this road promises. Holding the record for the tallest bridge in the world, the Sidu River Bridge is actually built 1600 feet above the Sidu River Valley. If you are afraid of heights, then we don’t recommend driving through this bridge. One look at the ground below and you could be feeling nauseous immediately.

5. Suspension above Water: Skippers Bridge – New Zealand

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Suspension bridges are some of the magnificent works of civil engineering. As for New Zealand, the Skippers Bridge is the highest one of these suspension bridges with its impressive 90-meter height above the river. While the Skippers Bridge was first inaugurated back in 1866, it fell victim to numerous floods within the first five years of construction. Later in 1871 it was rebuilt and has sustained thousands of travelers as well as natural disasters over the years. Since the Skipper Bridge is only 2 meters wide, it can only handle one car to drive through at a time. You can rely on the sturdy timber structure for safety though.

6. Nothing but Oceans: Seven Mile Bridge – USA

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To experience a true Floridan life, you must drive through the Seven Mile Bridge that gets you to Florida Keys. For the entirety of the seven miles, you can expect to be surrounded by nothing but the ocean – giving you scenic views that you cannot get on any other bridge in the world. However, traveling on this bridge can be especially scary during a storm since the winds can get quite rough. While the Seven Mile Bridge has been around for ages now, the modern version is actually a reconstruction of the original that was severely damaged by the hurricane.

7. The Confusing Slope: Eshima Ohashi Bridge – Japan

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When you look at the bridge from ground level, you will be confused at what you see. This beautiful work of art connects two cities in Japan: Matsue and Sakaiminato. Since it extends over the river, enough space is left under the bridge to ensure that ships can pass under it without a problem. While the bridge is steep enough to scare even the most experienced drivers, it is actually a rather smooth ride with travelers going both upwards and downwards on the bridge. However, if you get nauseous easily, then we recommend staying away from the Eshima Ohashi Bridge due to the terrifying slope.

8. Connected by a Cable Car: Langkawi Sky Bridge – Malaysia

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Langkawi is a popular tourist destination for anyone who visits Malaysia, and the sky bridge is yet another sight to enjoy there. Built over the large mountainous forest, the Langkawi Sky Bridge is actually situated 2000 feet above sea level. While the original structure was made back in 2005, there have been multiple renovations to cater to the changing mountainous region. Visitors can always be seen taking pictures all across the 410 feet that this sky bridge extends through, since the only way to access the bridge is to take a cable car up to the location.

9. Perfect Tourist Destination: Royal Gorge Bridge – USA

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If you are a US resident who wants to explore some magnificent bridges, then you can head down the highest bridge in the country – the Royal Gorge. Up above the Arkansas River, the Royal Gorge Bridge is actually built 966 feet above the ground. For anybody who is planning to travel through the Royal Gorge, you must check the weather conditions first. In stormy winters, driving through this bridge can be terrifying and almost life-threatening. Despite the dangerous conditions, the area surrounding the Royal Gorge bridge are still popular amongst tourists with a range of attractions including rollercoasters and zip lining.

10. Views of the Ocean: Lake Ponchartrain Causeway Bridge – USA

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The USA has many bridges, but Lake Ponchartrain Causeway Bridge stands unique. This enormous structure that connects Louisiana with New Orleans extends over the water, giving drivers a beautiful view as they drive through. Lake Ponchartrain Causeway Bridge extends up to 24 miles, making it one of the longest above-water bridges that is only built 16 ft above the ocean. In case you are driving through this bridge during unfavorable weather, you might see police escorts around to ensure that drivers stay in the right lane and don’t bump into each other. Accidents are common on this highway bridge, so we recommend staying far away from Lake Ponchartrain if weather conditions are expected to go south.

11. Straight Out of the Movies: Deception Pass – USA

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If you take a look at this magnificent bridge in the Washington state park, then you will notice it being surrounded by the most beautiful scenic views. With a river running underneath and the incredible view of trees, the Deception Pass is often featured in movies and TV shows. This massive bridge has a steel foundation, making it one of the safer bridges on our list. While the Deception Pass connects Whidbey Island with Fidalgo, it is often known for scarier reasons too. If you decide to pass through this bridge for the culture, we recommend doing it during the daytime.

12. Slightly Rough History: Sunshine Skyway – USA

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Right above the Tampa Bay in Florida is the incredible Sunshine Skyway. Currently, this Skyway holds the record for being the longest cable-stayed concrete bridge in the world. With a slope that rises more than 400 feet above water, this concrete bridge can withhold the traffic that flows in from Florida. While the term ‘sunshine’ might be deceitful, things haven’t always been all sunshine at this highway. Back in the 1980s, a ship unfortunately collided with a column of the bridge, resulting in 35 people dying on the spot as they drove off the bridge. Since the Tampa Bay is known to be prone to extreme storms and high winds, the Sunshine Skyway is often closed under unfavorable weather conditions.

13. History and Risky: Austrian Road Bridges – Kazakhstan

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The award for the most historic bridge goes to the Austrian Road Bridges since it was built back in the era of World War I. This is not a single bridge, but actually 16 bridges in total that extend over eastern Kazakhstan and the infamous Altai Mountains. Since it was built such a long time ago, each bridge is made of wood in order to withstand the load of passengers trying to cross the Kara-Koba River. However, we do recommend staying vary of these structures. A few of the 16 bridges have already collapsed, and the rest are becoming weaker and weaker with each passing day.

14. The ‘S’ Road: Hangzhou Bay Bridge – China

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If you are on the search for some of the most beautiful and aesthetically pleasing structures of civil engineering, then we recommend paying a visit to the Hangzhou Bay Bridge. As the name suggests, the bridge stretches across the Hangzhou Bridge and forms the shape “S” over the river. In case you want to stop in the middle of your journey and want some exhilarating views of the Bay, then you can rely on the 476-foot tower built at the middle of the 23-mile bridge. Since China is a sizeable country, the Hangzhou Bay Bridge successfully connects the northern cities with the southern ones – making the country far more accessible for both residents and visitors.

15. Bridges Can Be Haunted: Wabash Cannonball Bridge – USA

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To enjoy a scenic view as you drive over a bridge, you need to check out the Wabash Cannonball Bridge in the US. This single lane bridge has a wooden surface and is surrounded by the most beautiful trees. If you are one to believe in paranormal activity, then be warned as the Wabash Cannonball Bridge is rumored to be haunted. Even if you are not scared of a ghost or two, you should be wary of the weight of your car since the bridge only has a wooden structure, and the Wabash River underneath is known to be quite brutal.

16. One at a Time: Khurgan and Khoton Lakes Bridge – Mongolia

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While the bridges that we have mentioned so far are incredibly long, this wooden bridge is only about 100 meters long. However, you should note that only one car can pass through it at a time. The Khurgan and Khoton Lakes Bridge is constructed at the northern end of the Altai Mountains, making it a shaky structure to drive on. While safety is a questionable aspect on this bridge, one can easily make it through 100m by staying focused on the road and maintaining a good momentum.

17. Between Heaven and Hell: Danyor Suspension Bridge – Pakistan

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The Gilgit-Baltistan area in the northern region of Pakistan is known for its scenic views. While the place is incredibly beautiful and certainly worth a visit, driving through the Danyore Suspension Bridge can be quite the task as it extends over the Hunza River. Many desperate drivers are known to get stuck on this bridge, so we don’t recommend stopping on it for any reason. The locals even call the Danyore Suspension Bridge ‘the road between heaven and hell’ as it is one of the few ways to get to Gilgit. Once you do cross the bridge, you will be welcomed by a 10-meter-tall tunnel that is far safer than the previous road.

18. Circling Through the Mountains: Kawazu-Nanadaru Loop Bridge – Japan

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Speaking of amazing civil engineering, one cannot deny the beauty of this Loop Bridge that connects Kawazu and Nanadaru in Japan. The reason behind the ‘loop’ is that this bridge connects two extremely uneven mountains, making it a task to let drivers travel upwards and downwards. If you are looking forward to finding this quirky bridge yourself, then you can expect to find it as you drive south from the capital, Tokyo. If you cannot see the bridge from miles away, don’t worry – the Loop Bridge appears out of nowhere since it is surrounded by the mountains.

19. Destroyed Bridge: Ponte Sobre El Riu Segre – Spain

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This concrete bridge was once spacious, travelable, and an easy way to get through the Segre River. Over the years, however, nature has proven that building bridges just a foot above water probably isn’t the best idea. The guardrails of Ponte Sabre have been torn down by floods and other natural disasters – making the concrete roadway impassable now. Take a look at this picture and you can easily see just how dangerous it is to drive over this bridge.

20. Slow and Steady: Kuskulana Bridge – USA

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If you are looking for some thrill and adventure, then you can find the Kuskulana Bridge in Alaska, USA. Built in the rural area back in 1910, the Kuskulana Bridge needed some serious transformations in 1988 due to collapse and damage. The bridge now rises 238 feet above the water and extends over 520 feet in total. Anyone who drives over this part of the McCarthy Highway must be careful since experts recommend staying at a maximum speed of 15 miles per hour. Every time you take a peek below, you might be frightened to imagine the worst-case scenario of this bridge collapsing again.

21. Wood Creaks: Quepos Bridge – Costa Rica

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Located right on Costa Rica’s central Pacific coast, this bridge is singlehandedly one of the most terrifying roads to pass through. Not only is the structure old, but it is also wooden – making it vulnerable to collapse at any time. As you drive on this bridge, you can expect to hear some loud creaking noises from the wood. If that doesn’t scare you already, then you should also know that the bridge cannot withstand a motorcycle. Ironically, though, large vehicles traveling from Jaco to Quepos tend to pass through this bridge every day.

22. Travel at Your Own Risk: Ghudar Bridge – Afghanistan

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Experts don’t recommend travelling through the Ghudar Bridge in Afghanistan. Instead of being built by a team of professional architects and civil engineers, the Ghudar Bridge was actually made by hand by the residents of the area. Since this is a hanging bridge, it is known to fall victim to the numerous floods in Afghanistan – often adding to the death toll of floods too. However, the bridge only extends about 50 meters and locals use it on a daily basis for commute. If you are looking for a short yet risky adventure, the Ghudar Bridge sounds like the perfect destination.

23. Highest Bridge in Asia: Jinshajiang Bridge – China

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Modern construction is more reliable, right? If you believe in that statement, then you should head down to the world’s largest suspension bridge in China which was only completed in 2020. As you drive over this bridge, you can experience the scenic views of the river underneath as well as the mountainous regions that it connects. However, the high altitude is certainly prone to earthquakes – making it a risky ride for every traveler. The Jinshajiang Bridge in China’s Yunnan Province actually holds the record for being the highest bridge in Asia and is also amongst the longest bridges in the world as it extends over a 4500 feet distance.

24. Road of Horror: Vitim River Bridge – Siberia

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When you transform a railway into a bridge, all you get is a scene right out of a horror movie. This former railway is now covered with wooden planks, and people have started calling it the Vitim River Bridge. Since railways don’t have guardrails, neither does this bridge. Driving through this bridge can be a nightmare on any kind of vehicle, but we especially don’t recommend trying to make your way through it on a motorbike. One wrong turn and you could find yourself in the ice-cold waters underneath. Speaking of ice, you should also steer clear of this bridge in case it is snowing.

25. The Abandoned Bridge: Captain William Moore Bridge – USA

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While this bridge was incredibly popular back in the day, it is too dangerous to travel through it now. The name of this bridge pays homage to a local tradesman, pilot, and boat captain who was the first to discover most of the Skagway Alaska region in the US. Built above the water and between uneven ranges, this bridge has served its lifetime already. While it is not recommended to cross this bridge today, you can still enjoy looking at it from afar in the Alaska region.

26. Swaying Bridge: Mackinac Bridge – Michigan

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While this bridge is sturdy enough to withhold large amounts of weight, it can actually get quite terrifying for atypical reasons. Under unfavorable weather conditions, crossing this bridge can make any driver nervous due to the thick fog and strong winds. You can probably judge from this photograph that the Mackinac Bridge provides scenic views to drivers, especially during sunrise or sunset times. However, the bridge can sway up to 35 feet on windy days – one of the biggest drawbacks of building suspension bridges over the ocean.

27. Replica of the Golden Gate: Longjiang Bridge – China

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Remember when we said new bridges are more reliable? The Longjiang Bridge in China was recently completed in 2016 and has some uncanny resemblance with the iconic Golden Gate Bridge. While China has many long bridges, the Longjiang Bridge is not too far behind with its 10,000 ft height and a length of over 4000 ft. While this bridge is often treated as a highway connected Baoshan and Tengchong, the greatest risk is when earthquakes hit the region. Most of the bridge is built without a ground foundation, making it prone to structural damage in case of high magnitude earthquakes.

28. Longest Suspension Bridge: Akashi Kaikyo Bridge – Japan

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Japan’s Akashi Kaikyo Bridge is visited by travelers across the world due to the magnificent structure. This bridge actually holds the record for being the world’s longest central spanning suspension bridges. The Akashi Kaikyo Bridge was able to replace ferries that previously carried people from the metropolitan city of Kobe to the Awaju Island. While the bridge offers the scenic beauty of the water underneath, it can become difficult to cross occasionally during heavy rains, especially in the typhoon season of Japan. The Akashi Kaikyo Bridge extends up to 6532 feet, seamlessly connecting the city with an island.

29. Country Roads: Linn Cove Viaduct – USA

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If you want to look at some colorful trees as you pass through a highway then we recommend the Linn Cove Viaduct in USA. The best part about traveling through this road is that the bridge structure can withstand even the roughest temperature and even landslides that are unable to make their way down to the road. All this can be accredited to the remarkable concrete structure made along the side of Grandfather Mountain in the USA. For safe travels, you can head along the Blue Ridge Parkway and enjoy a peaceful drive on the Linn Cove Viaduct.

30. Pop Culture Star: Lions Gate Bridge – Canada

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This suspension bridge might seem familiar to you as you have probably seen it before in various movies and TV shows. The Lions Gate Bridge is known as the largest suspension bridge in Western Canada ever since it was inaugurated in 1938. Owing to the extreme temperatures in Canada, the Lion’s Gate is no exception to foggy days and frozen winters. Although the Lion’s Gate Bridge was certainly needed to make traveling across Canada easier, it is often a place known for suicide attempts due to the incredible height. Accidents are also common on the unmarked lanes of this bridge as cars collide with one another at top speeds.

31. The Eroding Bridge: Annai Indira Gandhi Road Bridge – India

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While the corrosive land of India is not very nice to bridges, this magnificent bridge was necessary infrastructure to connect the town of Rameswaram with the Pamban Island. To maintain the structural integrity of this bridge, authorities are often called for maintenance, especially after the heavy rains in monsoon season. While the Annai Indira Gandhi Road Bridge has a large steel structure, it still allows ships to pass from underneath. For travelers driving through this bridge, spotting a sea going under is a sight for sore eyes.

32. Submerged in the River: Nadym River Pontoon Bridge – Russia

A car on a flooded road

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Bridges are not supposed to have water on them, right? Well, the makers of the Nadym River Pontoon Bridge would beg to differ. Since the Arctic Circle is frozen for half of every year, you can only drive through this bridge during the summertime. Even then, you can expect to find certain portions of the bridge being submerged in water up to 1 foot. As you cross this remote town, you might have to risk getting your car damaged if you run into the water. While you may think that water is the only hazard on this bridge, you might be surprised to hear that the crossway also moves and floats in the water underneath.

33. Like the Eiffel Tower: Cuyuni River Bridge – Venezuela

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Looking at this magnificent bridge only reminds us of one popular structure in the world: the Eiffel Tower. Rumors suggest that this bridge was constructed by the same person that built the Eiffel Tower, Gustave Eifel. While the Cuyuni River Bridge is located in the more remote area of Venezuela, it still makes the eastern end of the country more accessible and extends to about 170 meters in length. As you pass through this bridge, you should beware of bandits and smugglers as remote areas often have higher crime rates than metropolitan cities.

34. Walking Through the Swiss Alps: Trift Bridge – Switzerland

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For those looking for thrill, the Trift Bridge in Switzerland is likely to satisfy all their cravings. Instead of a traditional bridge that you can take your car on, the Trift Bridge is actually a foot bridge. Located in the Swiss Alps, this terrifying bridge can give you mountainous views that no other place can. While the original Trift Bridge was built in 2004, it was reconstructed in 2009 with a sturdier foundation. To reach this magnificent bridge, you will have to board a cable car, and then embark on an hour and a half long hike.

35. Beauty of Steel Bridges: Rakhi Gaaj Project – Pakistan

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Steel bridges can withstand a considerable amount of traffic, which is why Pakistan decided to build the infamous Raakhi Gaaj Bridge. The bridge connects two major highways in the Punjab Province and was especially designed to cater to the large volumes of traffic that flow through the area. With eight separate bridges that form the Raakhi Gaaj altogether, this steel bridge allows you travel safely through a largely remote area through the ranges. The project was recently completed in 2019, making it a fairly newer bridge on this list.

36. Beautiful Renovation: Kinzua Bridge – USA

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Would you ever go over a bridge that was destroyed in the past? The Kinzua Bridge in McKean County has an interesting history. The original bridge was built back in the 1880s, but was unfortunately wiped out to nothing by a string tornado in 2003. In 2011, the authorities in Pennsylvania decided to rebuild the bridge right above the fallen pieces of the original construction. With a fully glass skywalk, the new version of the Kinzua Bridge promises more safety than the one that was destroyed. As you travel through this bridge, you can clearly see the remaining bits and pieces of the old one underneath.

37. Tale of Two Cities: Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge – China

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In terms of world records, this magnificent bridge is the longest sea bridge to exist. In 2018, the Chinese built the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge to connect both Macau and Hong Kong to the central areas of China. Being the longest sea bridge, the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge extends up to 34 miles. To give you a little more perspective, 34 miles means about as long as 60 Golden Gates of San Francisco – that is how magnificent this bridge really is! Building it wasn’t easy either, especially since the weather conditions are not very favorable and the entire structure took about 400,000 tons of steel to construct.

38. Views of the Canyon: Hell’s Backbone Bridge – USA

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Instead of extending above water, the Hell’s Backbone Bridge is actually built above the Sandy Creek Gorge of southern Utah in the United States. The bridge extends over a distance of 110 feet and is 15 feet wide, but it is the height of the bridge that can be terrifying for some. At 1500 feet above ground level, the Hell’s Backbone Bridge gives you scenic views of the canyons. We recommend visiting during the summer, since the low guard rails and concrete structure tends to get extremely dangerous during winter storms.

39. Between the French Alps: Aiguilli Du Midi Bridge – France

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For anyone who wants to enjoy the scenic views of snow-capped mountains, the Aiguille du Midi Bridge is the place to be. This bridge is built at 12,500 feet above sea level amongst the magnificent French Alps. To give visitors a unique experience, the bridge recently renovated to a glass floor that makes you feel as if you are floating above the mountain ranges. While the bridge is not too long to get across, it is definitely not for those who are afraid of heights.

40. Only 50m across: River Cannich Bridge – Scotland

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If you prefer short bridges over longer ones, then the beautiful River Cannich Bridge is perfect for you. The bridge can only hold about 17 tons at a time and extends across 50 meters only. Despite the short distance, you would be surprised to know that this bridge can sometimes become uncrossable for those traveling from Liatrie to Cannich. We don’t recommend passing through this bridge during the winter, especially due to the winter storms that can get rough in an instant.

41. Only for the Adventurous: Hussaini Hanging Bridge – Pakistan

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If there was an award for the world’s most terrifying bridge, the Hussaini Hanging Bridge in Pakistan would easily be the winner. Located in Pakistan’s underpopulated Hunza region, the Hussaini Hanging Bridge is a foot bridge with only a few wooden planks to walk on. The ropes that suspend the bridge are thin, so there is no relying on the structure to keep you safe. Despite the dangerous nature of this bridge, thousands of tourists visit the Hussaini Hanging Bridge every year only to experience the physical challenge themselves.

42. The Big Screen Celebrity: Golden Gate Bridge – USA

Golden Gate Bridge - Length, Facts & Height - HISTORY

If there is one bridge that almost everyone in the world has seen, it has to be the iconic Golden Gate. Whether you were fortunate enough to visit this beautiful bridge in San Francisco or have only seen glimpses of the bridge on TV, it is safe to say that the Golden Gate is no less than a celebrity. Back in the day, the Golden Gate was both the world’s longest and the tallest suspension bridge as it extended over 4200 feet. While other bridges have taken over those records now, the Golden Gate still remains iconic with its ‘International Orange’ paint.

43. Markets on a Bridge: Ponte Vecchio Bridge – Italy

The Rich and Fascinating History of the Ponte Vecchio - Italian Dual  Citizenship

A few centuries ago, it was rather normal for bridges to have whole marketplaces on them. To preserve this old tradition, the Ponte Vecchio Bridge in Italy still has shops that are built right above the bridge that spans over the Arno River. The historical significance of this bridge is interesting too, especially since it is the only bridge that actually survived World War II. Since then, there have been multiple renovations and reconstructions of the bridge, yet the spirit of the original Ponte Vecchio remains alive.

44. Water on Water: Magdeburg Water Bridge – Germany

The Incredible Magdeburg Water Bridge in Germany - Charismatic Planet

Speaking of unique bridges in the world, here is one concept that might surprise you: a water bridge. Connecting the Elbe-Havel Canal to the Mittelland Canal, the Magdeburg Water Bridge is essentially water above water. Since each canal goes in its own direction, it was essential to construct a bridge that could connect the two canals without having to take a 7.4-mile detour and a lot of hassle. While it is obviously not possible for visitors to take their vehicles on this bridge, you can still opt for a ship ride to experience this magnificent architecture.

45. An Incredible Representation: Sydney Harbor Bridge – Australia

Sydney Harbour Bridge - Wikipedia

No list of the most magnificent bridges in the world is complete without mentioning the Sydney Harbor. After eight long years of constructing this beautiful structure, the Sydney Harbor was made open to the public back in 1932. Ever since, it has been the most iconic bridge of Australia and every tourist makes sure to take a look at it. Considering the extreme temperatures of Sydney, this bridge was built with steel hinges that were resistant to expansion and contraction. The 160 feet wide bridge is certainly the first place we think of when someone says ‘Australia.’

46. Design of an Apostrophe: Scale Lane Footbridge – England

Hull's new Scale Lane Bridge by McDowell+Benedetti swings into life |  Wallpaper*

If you are looking for some interesting architecture, then you can head up to Hull, England for this Scale Lane Footbridge. Instead of being open to vehicles, the Scale Lane Footbridge is actually made for pedestrians to enjoy. As you walk through this black steel bridge, you will find views of the city as well as enjoy a crossing of the iconic River Hull. If you are wondering who designed such a unique bridge, then it was McDowell and Benedetti who proposed the idea, and it was finally made open to public in mid-2013.

47. Iconic yet Historic: Brooklyn Bridge – USA

Brooklyn Bridge - Length, Timeline & Facts - HISTORY

Perhaps the Brooklyn Bridge was the longest bridge construction ever. After 14 long years, the infamous Brooklyn Bridge was opened to the public in 1883. The magnificent structure was able to connect two metropolitan cities of USA: Manhattan and Brooklyn, with a span of over 1500 feet. The remarkable design by John A. Roebling along with some help with his son and wife is still a sight to behold in the US. Even with such a rich history, the Brooklyn Bridge stands tall today with multiple renovations including the 5434 parallel steel wires and the limestone and granite towers.

48. Driving on Water: State Route 520 Floating Bridge – USA

SR-520 Floating Bridge and Landings Project - YouTube

Floating bridges definitely have their own charm. The State Route 520 Floating Bridge in Seattle holds the record for being the world’s longest floating bridge. The bridge has five lanes to cater to vehicles and extends over 7710 feet over Lake Washington. This new bridge was inaugurated back in April 2016 and currently has over 70 concrete pontoons to ensure a strong foundational base. Since the weight of the water displaced by the concrete pontoons is exactly equal to the total weight of the bridge, the entire thing is able to easily float 20 feet above water.

49. Pont Jacques Chaban-Delmas – France

Pont Jacques Chaban-Delmas - Wikipedia

Bordeaux, France is home to the longest vertical-lift bridge in all of Europe. Extending up to 252 feet above the Garonne River, this bridge ensures protection against the highest of tides. The vertical lift also acts as a signal indicator for travelers, with the green light indicating a low tide and a blue light indicating a high tide. This magnificent structure can give you a view of the entire city of Bordeaux – something that both residents and tourists can enjoy.

50. DNA Structure: Helix Bridge – Singapore

Helix Bridge / Cox Architecture with Architects 61 | ArchDaily

If there is one bridge that truly stands apart from the rest on this list, then it is the Helix Bridge in Singapore. Pedestrians can travel through the 918 feet length of this remarkable bridge that is certainly a work of art. With five viewing platforms, this artistic Singaporean bridge has used various styles of steel to make the structure resemble that of DNA. During nighttime, this magnificent bridge is lit up with blue lights that make the entire scene far more captivating. As you walk through this bridge, you can enjoy views of the blue water underneath or the skyscrapers on Singapore’s skyline.